Wednesday, 15 June 2022

MIDNIGHT AT THE OASIS- The Dower House bedroom

🎶"Midnight at the oasis
Send your camel to bed
Got shadows painting our faces- 
of romance in our heads"
 I was in my late teens when I first heard this song
and I guess it stuck in my head all these years
because it resurfaced once again 
during the construction and decoration 
of the Dower House bedroom. 

and once I decided to put a couple of wooden camels on either side of the mantle clock on the fireplace,
the title for this post was a
Done Deal! 

But let me back up a bit and show 
you some of the highlights-
 the slow metamorphosis
 of the Dower House Bedroom. 


As mentioned in my very first posting
of this Glencroft redo,
the original fabric interfacing residue was difficult to remove and even though the majority of it had been stripped off, wispy bits of it
still clung stubbornly to the wood.
Even so,
this time around,
I would be wallpapering the bedroom with paper instead of fabric:
gluing the wallpaper onto cereal box card-stock templates before gluing
the various angled sections to the walls.
This would completely conceal 
any and all leftover resistant bits
 of the previous interfacing. 

I tried out a few different floor plans but in the end
I went back to the exact same room arrangement
I'd had in the 1980's.

Given the low slope of the eaves
there's really not a lot of viable options
with this kit.

 I constructed a very narrow metal bed kit
specifically for this bedroom to try and save on space.  
 I already had a Ni-glo pink fringed 
 brass table lamp in my stash, 
both became my starting point. 

 upholstered arm chair was made by 
Norma Bennett
This comfy chair is a bluish grey
with a very discreet white script in the cloth. 

I also had a rather large
working casement window 
I'd purchased on line from somewhere.

I had to cut out a lot of the window wall
in order to fit it in!  

Here you can see both the upper and lower floors together.

My intent was to make a very dainty 
English Lady's bedroom -

but that's not what it turned out to be! 


Before I could start on the bedroom,
 I had to do something with the 
VERY NARROW stairwell.
But in order to reach inside
I first had to cut out the bedroom wall. 
I used the same type of tool Bruce used 
to cut out a transom in the bathroom of
Janine's French House
It was noisy and scary using this powerful tool 
 but I did it! 
I'll be using this tool again soon when I remove the existing kitchen wall to add the extension.

Back in the 80's when this house was a seaside cottage, 
I had a tall armoire by the staircase
 but this time around
 I wanted something smaller and less imposing. 

In the photo Above
the wall has already been removed 
I set up the dresser as if the wall was still there 
featuring a celadon green table lamp by
I've had this lamp for as long as I've had this house. 
 The swivel mirror with a drawer is a recent purchase from 
Ruby Lane Miniatures
and the 3 drawer chest is a OOAK ebay purchase.
They've all stayed in the same location 
from the beginning to the end of this reno. 

back to the stairwell...
Above is the profile of the bedroom with the missing wall.

I wanted the stairwell to be as plain as possible.
and the easier the better.
So I decided to plaster it
just as I'd done for the kitchen of 
#43 Green Dolphin Street. 

The plastered surfaces in the stairwell
would wrap around the corner of the fireplace wall
into the bedroom.
 I made templates of the walls and the ceiling
in the stairwell
 using regular paper which I folded repeatedly
to get the correct angles.  Then I transferred the pattern onto card-stock which was glued to a Real Life
textured wallpaper. 
When dry,
the excess paper was cut away.  
Then each individual panel
was given a thin coat of drywall patch. 
And after they'd cured,
they were lightly sanded then sealed
with white acrylic paint, then gently aged 
with eyeshadows and chalks.

To set the chalks I gave them a light spray
of a glue and water mix

 I glued the plastered templates onto the wood,
 Fabri-Tac glue💋

then I reinstated the bedroom wall.
 I filled the seams between the panels
with additional drywall-patch
etcetera etcetera ...  

the VERY NARROW and VERY Shabby stairwell
these stairs are so tight 
you'll need to go up and down sideways! 

Pictures are hung in the stairwell 
neither of the 2 hall windows have yet been made. 
Come to think of it-
I don't know how I'm going to get my hand
back up in there? 🤔

I'll have to cross that bridge when I come to it. 

The next step
was to decide on-

I was going to use the same solid pink wallpaper
as in the living room below,
but somehow that felt "too easy!"

I also reasoned
that eventually when all the rooms were done and
the house is viewed  as a whole,
 half of the cottage
would read as a solid block of pink
which could easily look visually lopsided. 

I began sorting through my stash of wallpapers and found some unique Martha Stewart  gift wrap
I'd purchased some years earlier. 

The paper came in 18"x18" sheets
and I had 3 & 1/2 sheets left
of this particular colour-way-
which should have been more than enough
for anybody else  

except me! 

I made a couple of test panels of the wallpaper
before fully committing to it,
using painter's tape to hold it in place
 as I assessed how it worked
with the pink living room below. 
I liked it! 
And to anchor the dresser around the open stairs,
I decided to add a narrow wall return to contain it,
which also meant, another plastered wall panel,
which of course I didn't consider 
until very late in the game. 

I made a mock up
to gage the size for a fireplace surround, 

the fireplace was built from 2 lengths of balsa wood
and ceiling cove molding for under the mantle.  
I still needed something with texture for the middle section,  
so I used some leftover egg and dart trim, from
 the LIVING ROOM WINDOW makeover.  
It was turned upside down
and glued onto the face of the fireplace with
more FABRI-TAC. 

The inverted pattern of the egg and dart trim 
Art Nouveau

I got serious about the wallpaper
and made more templates
along with solid
panels of paperboard wainscotting.

I held everything together with masking tape, 
added more furniture and accessories 
as I worked on a lighting plan. 
I also found a magazine picture which I liked
of the Queen Mother
Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon
during her youth. 
Her portrait in blue, was consistent with the 
 pre-war vibe of this room,
so it was a keeper.
It later became the linchpin
for the rest of the artwork which followed. 

The built in unit under the window 
was custom-made for me back in the late 80's,
 by a fellow member of the 
Miniature Club of B.C. 
 I wasn't going to use again in this reno, 
but then of course, I changed my mind.

One of the drawers was missing
I'm sure I have it somewhere
but I haven't been able to find it when I needed it
 I had to build a new one! 😩
I remade it 4 TIMES before I finally got it to fit right. 


 before I could permanently re-install this unit
I had to hook up

The original tape wire was STILL WORKING! 


I plugged the wall sconces
 into the existing tape runs
in the floor under the built-in,
which is removable.

With the sconces installed, 
then came: the painted trims, 

 beginning around the window and working forward.

But rather than fiddling with trim around the window
I simply reversed the entire window unit and: 
the TRIMS were DONE! 

Eventually, I'll make new exterior window trims
when I get to the exterior. 


Believe it or not
and at this stage
as usual
wasted the Surplus! 

with a bit of  creative fudging,
 it at least appears presentable!

There came a turning point
between the fireplace construction and the wallpaper installation,
where I felt that since the The Dowager
moved into this cottage,
taking many treasured pieces from the Manor House,
 with her
would she have chosen a maid's bed? 

So after
scouring the internet for inspiration,
I found a vendor who made single beds with a
 I order one then kept my fingers crossed that it wouldn't clash with the aqua green wallpaper! 

So now we've arrived at the 


I L💖VE IT!  

I really like it a lot! 

The faux bamboo framed bed is made by
  Anthony Dunham Miniatures
It arrived carefully packaged from the U.K.
 with the tufted mattress included.

The arrival of this bed changed EVERYTHING! 
As you can see it is a olive green
with lots of burnt orange
whilst the wallpaper is an aqua green
with gold patterning. 
Later you'll see how it looks up against the walls
even though the colour combinations between the walls and the bed is "uncommon?"
I was TOTALLY SMITTEN with this piece of furniture

and needless to say
the Dowager is too! 
I didn't want to cover up the beauty of the decorative
side panels or the mattress so  
I've chosen to leave it deshabille.

In my stash I had this Marvellous 
cross-stitched bolster by an ebay vendor.

The bolster was too big and too long
for the tiny maid's bed
but it's PERFECT on this new one!

but- to make it drape better
I carefully removed the synthetic stuffing,
 and re-filled it with tiny glass beads.

I've used several mismatched cushions
because the Dowager likes a lot of different things!

I folded back
a sky blue duvet at the foot of the bed,
which picks up the blue from the QM painting
above the headboard. 
I placed a pile of freshly pressed bed linens
( made from a vintage hanky) 
on top of the blue duvet.
This exposes as much of the bed- frame
as possible
 still allows me to dress it. 

In the photo above is the 
large carpet covered cushion I made.
This pillow is filled with sand.   
The burnt orange picks up the orange flowers of the bolster, and orange in the bamboo 
and the burnt orange in the carpet.  
tasselled "E"cushion 
which Shannon was excited about
was an unexpected Christmas Gift from the AMAZING 
Jonquil Norrie!

Latchkey and Jonquil

I am Captivated by Jonquil's delicate embroidery work 
and this tiny BLUE TASSELED cushion
on my forever unmade bamboo bed! 

Once the bed was sorted out,
I needed to get to work on the floor. 

I made another cardboard template
to glue the wood strips to.

Rather than use more of the leftover siding
from the Willowcrest kit 
I decided 
to use the oak iron-on veneer strips
 which found in a drawer:

This floor was super easy to make! 


 I ironed the strips onto the cardstock
 with a HOT DRY iron over a piece of copy paper.
Then I stained it with a mix of Fruitwood stain
followed by a darker wood stain,
left over from another project. 

Before I glued down the floor,
I connected all the task lighting to the tape runs
and made a tracing paper copy so that I'll know exactly where it is under the wood. 
Once the floor was in,
I installed the baseboards to the wainscotting panels
I'd thought about making the wainscotting more interesting but so little of it is visible
and the walls are so busy that 
leaving it plain made more sense. 

I glued a tile hearth on top of the wood. 

I've also added wallpaper to the built-in drawer fronts
and a pair of faux doors to the centre section
for a little extra storage . 


The acanthus leaf area rug
was printed on suede paper
using a magazine image I saved.  

I ended up printing this rug 3 TIMES
The first time my printer left horizontal lines across it
The second time I printed it too dark.
3rd time was just Right!
but OH MY! 
to think of all that wasted ink!😖

As I'm sure you can tell,
I absolutely LOVE fine embroidery
 but I'm incapable of doing it.  
My fellow MINITEER
made me 
among other Beautiful things-
(to be featured in a future post)

of rose patterned slippers
for the Dowager's bedroom!

I'm Absolutely THRILLED  WITH THEM! 
Thank Y💖u Linda!!!


So here was the Dowager's Bedroom thus far
showing the bamboo bed against the wallpaper,
using sky blue and burnt orange as the unifying links.

But the woman needed a place to take her morning tea, 
so I placed a small black table
at the foot of the bed. 
(later I added casters so she could wheel it to her chair)

On the table is a sterling silver tray with tea service
and a lush bouquet of Pierre de Ronsard roses
another MARVELLOUS gift made by

These ROSES are SO PRETTY!!! 

blue and white tea cosy with a tiny blue bunny 
from -?

I've been waiting for just the right place to display it
and the Dowager couldn't be Happier! 

 The flowers and the tea cosy are constants
but the tea service itself has changed several times over.
I decided to use my Stokesay ware service so now
it now looks like this!↓ 

In order not to ruin the integrity of the china, 
I balled up a bit of tissue 
and placed it at the bottom of the cream pitcher.
 Then I added a couple of layers of white suede paper 
cut to size which I placed on top of the tissue 
as the "cream" 
I put biscuits in the sugar bowl
 because the Dowager likes to dip and sip!
I use a similar method to fill her teacup.
I punched a few circles from yellowed acetate
and layered them inside the cup one over the other
until the strength of the brew was achieved.

No muss no fuss!  

I placed the teacup on the desk next to the bed
which you'll see later

now onto 

Using the portrait of the Queen mum as the centre point, 
I hunted through my stash of pictures and paintings,
 for scenes of ancient architecture and/or ruins
and anything
that conjured up images from 
the movies such as

Indiana Jones, Out of Africa 
you get the drift

I interspersed them with old-fashioned florals
photos and wall plaques

The wall behind the headboard I was easy
but the angled wall took a lot more effort.

The photo below is the angled wall
 still under construction. 

there was too much negative space

Dressing the side wall was frustrating
because I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for.
To get things moving again 
I removed the art from the eaves and started again, 
and this is what it looks like now. 
I would describe the entire effect
over the head of the bed as a  
 "TENT of ART"

And although
I'm NOT planning to fill up the entire wall,
 I do have
 which I've ordered from. 
I'm so excited!!!
It's a photo of a 1930's Egyptian expedition featuring camels, Bedouins and a pyramid in the background-


After I'd decided to use the angled wall
for picture display
I checked to see if you could actually do this in real life
There's special wall mounts which support the artwork
on angled walls allowing them to defy gravity! 

To the left of the bed is a small cloth-covered round table which I purchase as part of a furniture lot on ebay. 
A child's blouse from the thrift store 
provided the fabric for the fringed table scarf.
On the table is the brass Ni-glo lamp which I darkened with some
 thinned black craft paint. 

I switched out the original pink fringed shade 
for the wider one from a different lamp in my stash.
A French telephone was painted green and placed under the lamp.

 A pot of African violets and a photo of the Dowager's mother as a child
 rounds out this display. 

The Oriental screen behind the table
is a kit I purchased from 

The kit comes with 3 panels but I only used 2

each panel uses 2 frames for front and back

I stained the frames with an "Oak" wood repair
felt marker

 2 sheets of floral paper are include in the kit 

I wanted something more exotic.

 I'd saved a magazine tear sheet of a Chinese wall mural
which was the right colour and scale.
 I cut it down to fit each side of the screen
then gave it a discreet bit of aging with some chalks.

The finished screen cups around bedside table

To the right of the bed
I placed a tiny desk with drawers
primarily because 

The corner was very dark so I retrofitted 
a brass wall lamp above the desk
because it made sense to have one.  

The Hollyhock pitcher was a gift from Janine
made by a Tasmanian porcelain artist
Margaret Crosswell
I put a mirror above the desk so its contents 
could be seen.

A small shield back chair is used at the writing desk. 

Between you and me,
I don't know HOW comfortable it would be
to write on this desk under the eaves
but perhaps the Dowager is somewhat on the short side! 😂 


I had an Inspiration Image in my mind
 from a blog post by 
What I liked about Catherine's series of photos was the number of potted plants growing
 on her deep mouse house window sill. 

Two of the plants I used for my window built-in
were African violets:
 one made from a sample gift from
and the other 2 made by me.
Two of the plants were potted in 
 Margaret Crosswell porcelain vases
filled with removable brown plasticine 
which is stable enough to support the plants.

above is the free African Violet Sample from Ebe.


On my window frame 
I used blue tac to "hang" a cardboard cutout 
of a curtain panel. 
At the time I didn't feel like making a real curtain
and I continued to put it off. 
But eventually
 I quit being lazy and quickly made one. 

The new curtain panel is hung on a dark metal rod
with 2 wooden African beads used as rod supports. 

At one point I was thinking about adding a spear to the room but thought better of it.
The curtain rod kinda reminds me of one 
so close enough! 😆
On top of the built-in 
I cut a narrow length of superfine rattan to act as a runner
under the plants.

Along with the violets, 
I included the following items:
A potted fern; 
a stuffed yellow lizard (vintage broach pin);
an old fashioned radio sitting atop a greek stone capitol;
 a couple of framed photos; 
a miniature rose ( made from a half-scale flower kit);
a trailing ivy (it's painted brass) planted inside 
an African bead/vase removed from a thrift store necklace; 
a green plant made of fimo in a terracotta pot; 
a painted plastic watering can; 
a carved bone bead ( behind the chair) 
a collection of mini books; 
a potted palm - 
my Very FAVOURITE THING in this grouping! 

was SO EASY!  
The fronds of the leaves are realistically fine
 which is what I liked best about it. 
The height of the stems and the width of trunks 
is up to the maker
so I made mine as tall 
as the height of the window opening 
to fill this OASIS SPACE on the built-in. 
This palm plant was 
an Absolute "MUST HAVE" 
 It's immediate association with 
Art Nouveaux/ Bloomsbury/ Pre-War/
 Exploration and Adventure theme
is almost cliche' 

I LOVE the look of this humungous plant 
in the window! 

and speaking of the window...
perhaps you've noticed that 
The window itself was modified. 
I removed the  lower wooden crossbars from each side 
then I made 2 leaded glass panels as 
 illustrated in my previous post-
Part 2-The Dower House Living Room 

 2 nickel-plated necklace clasps
became the window handles
which you can barely see behind
the aggressive palm fronds. 

Tucked in under the eaves on the right side 
 are the current lineup of books
which will soon be replaced with a vintage series called
because who could resist such titles as
"A Thousand Miles Up the Nile" 
"The Dark Continent"?
 how cool is THAT?😎

But I had to have a comfy chair for the Dowager to sit and read these ancient tales of daring do
 a place to comfortably doze
whilst listening to her favourite radio programs😴


For the seat of Norma's armchair,
I found a remnant of a an old carpet print 
which I cut to fit the top of the seat. 
I glued a bit of green gross grain trim to the scrap fabric 
then tucked the fabric topper in around the seat.
A knitted throw was draped over the back of the chair
another FAB 
Linda Park
Blue and White embroidered

along with needlework cushion from 
another long time friend 
competed the seating.

I know that there's a lot going on 
with this chair but it was done intentionally.
I've looked at a lot of U.K. interiors and
the Brits are not at all shy
 when it comes to
 mixing and matching patterns
ThIS Dowager isn't either!

I've already talked about the fireplace construction
and you've already seen the wooden camels placed
 on either side of 
mantle clock.
To enhance it a bit,
I painted the dials of the clock black 
then added a "glass cover" made from a large 
plastic goggly eye 👀

To light the firebox 
I did the following:

I used a flickering tea light from the dollar store

I had the end of a red plastic dollar store
flexible arm light clip
from which I removed the arm. 

I painted the top of the clip with black chalk paint

I had piece of metal filigree
from a pair of thrift store earrings,
 which was carefully shaped into a gentle curve
then glued to the front of the plastic clip

I placed the tea-light on its side and placed it
 inside the firebox
followed by the metal-faced clip



The Left side of the bedroom is very busy so I wanted the right side to be a lot quieter 
 I still wanted it to look interesting. 
The Artisan swivel mirror with a drawer 
was lucky find from 

I used these tall skinny vintage looking perfume bottles
I'd made to sit in front of the mirror,
and draped 2 long necklaces to spill out of the drawer.

was another unexpected gift from 
Jonquil Norrie
Latchkey and Jonquil 
 it falls right in with the era of the bedroom

there's a nail buffer and a tortoise shell box 

I hand-painted the
in a tortoise shell finish
but for the life of me, 
I can't remember how I did it! 😂

The doily runner was cut from a vintage hanky

embroidered silk handbag 
another Amazing gift 
Latchkey and Jonquil

close to midnight at the oasis

The English slat-backed chair 
is by Nicole Warton-Marble
but it will soon be replaced by an
Art Nouveaux side chair which has yet to arrive.
I LOVE this chair but the seat is really narrow 
and I'm concerned that although
the Dowager might squeeze herself down into it 
she might not get up out of it! 
And I'm pretty sure that the local fire department 
has more important things to rescue 😅

In the photo above 
you can see the narrow return of the wall
which hides the open stairwell.

For continuity,
I plastered the opposite side of the return
and installed a hand grip for the stairs.
Not that falling down them is even possible since they're so narrow 
best to be safe than sorry!

we've ALMOST reached the end

the first is the BIG SISTER to the little blue bag
hanging on the dresser
Jonquil Norrie
and the second is another gift from
Linda Park
of a 
made by
I was/AM
to have been on the receiving end of both these
Initially I was going to save the creel for LAND'S END 
but I think it works equally well, if not BETTER here! 

the colour goes well with the silk purse
and the luggage

and to borrow an expression of  Fatima's: 

I can't decide yet if the Dowager is coming or going
but the small travel case is stationed by her bed
 and at the ready. 

 a small clutch and a pair of sunglasses
are perched on top of her suitcase
I think I bought this suitcase at our local miniature show but I can't recall when or from whom

A Final Tour Around the Room

we've reached


Important Post Script:   
Often when I'm replying to your comments, I've found that the page eats them up mid-sentence and they suddenly disappear!  It's frustrating to say the least!  I can't seem to figure out why this happens  other than it is still in the process of loading.  So I check that the icon in the tab isn't spinning before I begin responding.  Therefore, if this ever happens to you too, wait for the wheel to stop spinning in the tab- sometimes it takes as long as 60 seconds!   Once  there's no movement in the tab - then it should be safe and good to go!  Meanwhile if someone out there knows how I can correct this problem- PLEASE HELP! 🙏


  1. That was quite an exciting adventure. Everything you do is always so comfy and cozy. I also marvel how well you remember where each item has originated.The Glencroft is perfect Dowager cottage!

    1. Thank You for joining the Dowager on her New Adventure, Carrie! ❤️😚 She is certainly enjoying the process of down-sizing and coming and going as she pleases!
      And to set the record straight, I can't take much credit for remembering the majority of the items featured in her cottage. And yet when I was younger I had a rolodex memory re:who made what, where and when, but these days it's all electronically recorded as "Purchase History" and therefore recalled at the click of a mouse! 😄



  2. Le voyage fut long et même très long, mais tellement agréable ! Que de découvertes !
    Cette chambre est magnifique, chaleureuse et parfois époustouflante.
    Quel merveilleux travail ! (moi, je me balade en forêt , j'adore la nature)

    1. I probably should have told my readers to pack a picnic basket prior to reading this post,,😄 but I'm glad you stayed the course to the very end- THANK YOU! Joce! ❤️❤️ At one point I thought about splitting this post into 2 parts as before, but you already know how easily I can change my mind😜. Even so, I tried to keep it interesting and so I'm Glad to hear that you've found enjoyment in the various discoveries I left for you along the way. 😚


  3. Impresionante como siempre. La entrada es larga, pero hay tantas cosas interesantes que se hace corta. Sin duda ha quedado una habitación con carácter. Me encanta como la has llenado de cosas hermosas y como todo en conjunto hace una atmósfera acogedora.
    Un beso

    1. Such a BEAUTIFUL comment Matxalen! Thank You So Much! ❤️. I tried to use as many of the Treasured Gifts from friends past and present/ both near and far, which have been waiting a VERY long time to FINALLY come out to play! So I'm glad to hear that you, like me, have enjoyed seeing them too! 😙


  4. Thank you for this wonderful tour, it is not only a bedroom but a place where you can enjoy yourself and take time for yourself (having tea, writing, etc...). I really appreciate the way you tell us how you managed to create such a room, for example everything concerning the bed. I must say I love the second one and what you displayed on it is exquisite and delightful. I also love all the plants and flowers in front of the window, by the way I have just finished some flower kits by Moonflower, they are fantastic kits. It's a pleasure to admire all the treasures you've got in the room, like miniatures by Latchkey and Jonquil. What I also like with your rooms and miniatures is that they tell a story, it isn't just a decor.

    1. I can't tell you how much I Appreciate this comment Genevieve!😘❤️
      I think I've mentioned before how I like to have a storyline in advance of any building I do, but the direction for this bedroom ultimately took it's cue from the bed itself! There were hints along the way taken from the wallpaper, then a whisper from the fireplace, but it was the BEAUTIFUL bamboo bed which drove the narrative home; I was just along for the ride.😁
      AND as I was relaying to Matxalan, it was TIME that the embroidery gifts from Jonquil, Linda and Pam, and the bolster lady, were given a proper home and I feel blessed that this room which encompasses so many different pattern, colours and styles, was easily able to accommodate and showcase each of their INCREDIBLE NEEDLEWORK Skills both individually and collectively- and THAT makes me VERY HAPPY Indeed! 😃
      And I'M WITH YOU re: the Miniature Garden Flower Kits Genevieve- they are FANTASTIC kits to work with, as is Ebe. What I enjoy the most about her kits, are the detailed instructions and the quantity of plant materials for the leaves- so crucial when it comes to realism. 😍


  5. A great job with perfect details; every detail is precious. And so, here is a comfortable bedroom with a lived-in air.

    1. I Totally agree with you Faby❣️ it's the Details which are the most Precious ESPECIALLY when it comes to miniatures, so THANK YOU So Much for your Lovely comment!!! 😘.
      In particular, I think that the details of the Embroideries be they on the bed, the tea table, chair, floor, or on the chest of drawers, are those little extra details which have each contributed in a Enormous way towards making this room as comfortable and as lived-in as it finally appears, so what you've said has meant A LOT! ❤️


  6. Very good work. Every details looks very real. And it is very cozy

    1. Thank You Very Much Britt! ❤️. I remember that before I put up any wallpaper how sterile the room looked, which caused me to wonder at the time, HOW I could give it that cosy feeling, so it's Most Gratifying to hear from you, that I have! 😘


  7. I feel like I have just eaten the most incredible feast and it has left me contentedly full, completely satisfied, fat and happy! 😊
    This room is not at all what I expected, and it's delightful to be deliciously surprised! I imagine that is just how the dowager feels about the lovely life she's lived, and is totally contented to surround herself with memories of all the happy places and adventures she's enjoyed throughout her lifetime. A life so rich and full in variety and experiences would lend itself to an eclectic yet harmonious collection such as that encircling her in this room. And yet I don't believe she leaves things stagnant for too long. I imagine there's a secure barn on the vast property someplace where she regularly enjoys "shopping" her treasures, bringing in rediscovered pieces with lovely old memories to redecorate and reminisce on. The only soul who doesn't enjoy this amazing bedroom is the person tasked with dusting it, lol!
    If there was ever a miniaturists who can come up with a way to install a window frame in an impossible space it is you, Elizabeth! I love the retrofitted stairwell and the method you came up with to make it happen, I love the wallpaper, the framed art everywhere, the window full of life and the curtains! There's more and more to feast on wherever I look and I'll be back to sample this buffet again and again until my pants don't fit anymore!

    1. The Dowager has retained a semi-retired cook who comes in twice a week to "DO" for the dowager who once a week, takes her linen to her daughters place who sees to the laundry, leaving the dowager to fend for herself in-between times, which unfortunately for the dowager, includes a little dusting !😅
      Meanwhile, everything you've surmised about the Dowager is TRUE Jodi!, especially your observation of her being "totally contented to surround herself with memories of all the happy places and adventures she's enjoyed throughout her lifetime. A life so rich and full in variety and experiences would lend itself to an eclectic yet harmonious collection such as that encircling her in this room."
      PURE GOLD!
      It gives me no end of PLEASURE to have read what you've written- words which I too will feast on again and again until my head explodes! 🤯💥 yet what a way to go! ❤️Thank you thank you again and again, my friend! 😘😊


  8. What a lovely tour of the dowager’s bedroom! It is so lovely and I am glad you chose that wallpaper, as, although I love pink, the soft green/aqua is so period appropriate. It makes the bedroom feel very serene and restful without being boring! Also a little more relaxed/less formal than the living room. It feels personal! And again, love the initial cushion, plus all the others! They are all stunning. I also love that your dowager grows plants on her window sill and that leads me to think she will also have a beautiful garden outside!! So many beautiful details and so well executed. Thank you Elizabeth for another amazing room AND blog post! It’s all very inspiring! Xxx

  9. The first time around with this house, the interior decoration was primarily pinks and greens albeit, they leaned heavily towards the deeper end of the spectrum, so re-using a green, was a wee bit of a concession to the old colour scheme. 😉
    Even so, I'm glad I chose it too Shannon, because I agree that it not only looks "fresh" as Janine told me does, but less formal and relaxed and best of all "Personal" as you've said in your comment and which Pleases me no end- THANK YOU!!! ❤️😁
    And again you've guessed correctly that the dowager's love of plants DEFINITELY means that she has/ will have a garden outside the cottage! 👍🏾
    All through 2021 I made a plethora of garden plants aimed towards making another mini garden, although at the time I had no idea who for.
    I've probably got way more plants than I'll ever use but since one never knows what direction our mini creations will take, it's better I think, to have too many as opposed to not enough!

    And about all the embroidery in the room; it was pure joy to have been able to include the Amazing Needle Work of so many SUPER TALENTS all within one room, however I'll need to think of a name for the dowager that begins with the letter "E" in order to justify the 2 initialed cushions on the bed and the chair and I'm open to suggestions for names other than mine 😁
    and btw- 😘I LOVED your comment!


    1. That’s great that you are retaining elements of the original build with the pink and green. I guess our tastes change and we want to renovate or refresh but there will always be parts about an old build that we love or made us happy, so I like the idea of retaining some original parts. And yay for the garden! I can’t wait to see that. I can imagine it will be spectacular. As for the initial E, I am watching Sanditon right now, and there is an Esther in that. Or maybe Eleanor, which is a traditional royal name and means ‘light of the sun’ apparently (but that’s from the internet so take that with a grain of salt!). Appropriate for a gardener?

  10. Una entrada espectacular , tanto por el resultado final de la habitación , como por la clase magistral de realización, muchísimas gracias por hacernos disfrutar y amar las miniaturas a través de tus grandes trabajos. La miraré con más detenimiento pues tienes unas piezas geniales. Feliz fin de semana

    1. Thank You Very Much for your Lovely comment Rosa Maria! ❤️ I know that there's ALWAYS a lot to see in the photos and I Really Appreciate that you are taking your time in looking at them. 😊 I often discover things ( usually my mistakes) that I should have seen the first time around, only after having reviewed the photos several times over- I'm my own worst critic, but I'm VERY GLAD to know that you are enjoying your visit(s) 😘


    2. The name Eleanor works for me Shannon not only because of its meaning but also because it immediately brings to mind, Eleanor in Sense and Sensibility a fictional character I like very much!

  11. Hasta se me ha hecho corto el maravilloso recorrido por la habitación, no sabía en qué foto detenerme más tiempo, un sinfín de maravillas combinadas y colocadas magistralmente!! Siempre haces tu magia en cada escena, en cada casa, con tu maravilloso toque personal tan encantador. No sé decirte que me gusta más, bueno sí....absolutamente todo, todo y todo!!!

  12. Hello Pilar! If I could give you a BIG HUG IN PERSON as a Thank You for your BEAUTIFUL comment I WOULD! ❤️


  13. Ha sido una entrada muy entretenida. ¡Como siempre creas una ambientación muy realista y llena de de pequeñas maravillas !

    1. Thank You VERY Much for you comment Isabel😘!
      The overall ambience was a slow development in this bedroom, which at first came about organically and later by deliberate intent. And although I've never "explored" this particular style before, I'm Delighted you consider it to be a success! ❤️ 😁


  14. Uh... yeah.... I got my comment bumped... there was no swirly thing going! :(:(!!! As I was saying, I remember that song! But it could be mostly because there was a local boutique that used the opening for it's advertising. A shop filled with oriental carpets and candle lanterns and jewelry from exotic places.... so like the aura of this room! I am late to comment, but I have been here to read through at least three times and every time I notice five or more new things I didn't catch the previous time! I think I will just move in and stay while the Dowager is off on her latest Safari! (She can't be That old!) :)
    Seriously, you are incredible! I say it every time, there is no-one like you for inventing things out of the most amazing ordinary pieces!!!
    Your fireplace is a perfect example! A piece of a plastic clip, a tea light and an earring back equals a beautiful gas heater!!! I so admire your creativity! And your Vision! That bed!!! And keeping it "unmade" so the details are all visible...! Perfect! And the collection of needlework pillows... Oh Heavens, I am swooning!!! Yes, I am lucky enough to have a piece by Jonquil! (So so Fine!!!) I am practicing to learn how to be tinier in my stitches... And the china cup with "tea" in it that no-one ruined the good china to create! Well done! I could go on and on... your accessories collection is like no-one else's... perfectly eclectic and gorgeous! The window with the plants...! I agree, that palm sets a stage and tells a story! Well, I am coming back for more... but now I'm off to bed to dream of tiny stitched pillows and soft breezes in the palms... and tent flaps wafting in the evening breeze.... The Oasis beckons! Thank you, as always for transporting me to another timeless beautiful romantic place!!! :):):)

    1. Dearest Betsy! I am grieved to hear that once again your comments have been gobbled up by the glitch in this program! It is SO ANNOYING but I don't know how to correct it
      Even so, it causes me to appreciate you Even More for your perseverance and determination to give it another go, so THANK YOU for that! 😘❤️
      I must say that I am enjoying the aura of this room as well, but how gratifying it is to hear that you too, have had a connection with the title of this post's- a blast from the past! 😎 Who knew that we would become those infamous ladies of a "certain age" with eclectic tastes and a proclivity to Daydream.😉And - as to "swooning" over the needlework...
      I have great admiration for anyone who's able to do miniature needlework. It is skill which I don't possess but YOU DO in spades! I have seen what you have done with the intricate embroidery of your treehouse bedroom curtains and the FAb Christmas stockings you've stitched up lickity split which leave me in Absolute AWE!
      I can only stand on the sidelines and applaud the Ultra fine work which you, Linda, Jonquil and my friend Pam can create with a needle and thread - so my hats off to you too, Dear Betsy!
      And Thank You particularly for your compliment about the tea in the teacup! It came to me in a flash after looking repeatedly at that piece of yellowed acetate and wondering what in the world I could do with it. It is one of the tiny details which I like BEST because I can use it over and over in any scene with any size of dollhouse china, and I'm VERY HAPPY about that! 😁. One never knows which direction a throwaway red plastic clip and/or a sliver of yellowed plastic will take you to- could be into the heart of an English countryside or perhaps to an Egyptian Oasis....
      at midnight 😊❤️


  15. Note to myself: Place paper and pen next to the computer for taking notes when reading Elizabeth's posts! *LOL* I fear I've forgotten the beginning of this post by now *grin* However, you've shown so many interesting pieces and shared your amazing methods that it would be impossible to mention and comment everything anyhow so I'm just concentrating on a few things (which is a great way of hiding reading-long-posts-amnesia *tweet*).

    It's amazing to see how the story of your project develops - and how much influence the developing story of the dowager has for your scene. The bed was a wonderful find and all the decorations like the many pictures, the radio, the camel clock etc. etc. - everything tells the story of the inhabitant. It's also lovely to see the many gifts from dear friends you could use now; and all of them appear as if they were made exactly for this project. I also had to smile about the narrow stairwell and the lady having to climb it sideways... I only wonder about the transport of the furniture... *gulp*

    One of the many details you've shown impressed me very much - filling your cups etc. with removable layers is brilliant, even more when using such exquisite miniature art. And I really like the window sill with all the plants and accessories. I'm with you about the palm, it's a wonderful kit which I've already used for my Beary House, so easy to do... but okay, I'm a big fan of Ebe's kits.

    Thanks for all these wonderful, inspiring and impressive explanations and even more for the photos. I've enjoyed this tour to the fullest. But please do me a favor - please pass my greetings to the anonymous teddy bear and tell him a bearmaker dropped by and noticed how very handsome he is - and well done too. ;O)


  16. Ahhhh Birgit! What a Wonderful comment you've written- THANK YOU! ❤️ but (note self: make your posts shorter to avoid causing long blogpost trauma in each of your readers:💥
    yes-I'm guilty as charged! 😂
    But thank you again Birgit for enjoying this post anyway! Your comment/ question about how the furniture got upstairs when the dowager almost can't, gave me a giggle because it was something which I'd thought about as well. There's 2 solutions- one is that it was hoisted up through the bedroom window. The second is that the entire back wall of the cottage was removed then A GIANT HAND came from out of nowhere and lifted each piece up and into the bedroom! 😳
    I know how OUTRAGEOUS THAT sounds, so it's probably the window scenario after all! 😄
    And I a SO GLAD that you have enjoyed the Cup of Tea trick! It has answered an age old problem for me, once and for all! From now on you'll see me use it repeatedly and at every opportunity too! 😜
    AND I think that Ebe's flower kits are THE CAT'S MEOW!
    I absolutely LOVE THEM and I am GLAD that you feel the same!
    Her kits are quality products and so easy to understand and assemble and I never tire of recommending them!
    AND OF COURSE you would be the one to notice that tiny teddy sitting there so quietly and politely whilst I talked about everything else in the dowager's bedroom- except him- mY BAD!
    He was made by FANTINY CRITTERS a local artisan who makes/made needle-felted miniature toys of which I have several. I don't know if she is still producing them or not but I know her web page is still online.
    But after reading your specific mention of him, I took another long look and noticed a distinct similarity in his cute face to those of your Flubby and Rosy's, so perhaps he's distantly related to them but from the wingless side of the family!
    I'll Definitely pass on your compliments to him! 😄 and he'll be over the moon to hear them! 😘❤️


  17. Another wonderful post Elizabeth. So many beautiful things to look at and you are such a master of putting them all together in such a perfect way. I love all of the upholstery choices and the plants are divine. Also, every single accessory just builds layer upon layer to arrive at just the look you were going for. How masterful! I smiled to see your solution for the cream and the tea. I have been using circles of clear plastic for several years now when I need to have a bucket of water in a garden scene, or a puddle or small pond. Miniaturists are nothing if not resourceful! Thank you for such a lovely post. - Marilyn D.

  18. I do hope you find me at the end of this marvelous list of comments. Actually I don't know where to begin. I've been wondering about the iron down floor planks and would love to try the product. I also have wondered about using two shades of stain on the floor. I messed up my Manchester floors by using the wrong stain and wondered if I could stain over them with a darker shade. The catch: I had already used the Johnson paste wax on the floor. Favorite piece--of all things--the fishing creole. We have husband's great grandfather's displayed . It would be fun to have a mini one in a house someplace. I've had many a headache over using the tape wire probes, switching from one to the other, working then not. Operator error most of the time. As for the comment disappearing as the page rests DITTO, but I think you have come up with the reason. On Mac it's not the spinning wheel, rather the URL loading bar. They both have the same function--loading the page. So the page must be completely loaded before we begin the comment process. Problem solved, I do, believe. I love the bedroom. I do admire the workmanship and attention to detail and the knowledge that you share with us. The Dowager must certainly love he bedroom.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Here it is Ann:

    3. Hi Ann! Thank you for your comment which I've not only enjoyed reading but enjoy answering as well! ❤️
      The iron on wood veneers are EASY to use and easy to stain. I purchased mine at the Home Depot. I used 2 different stain colors on them as I think it gives the wood more depth, however I'm pretty sure that staining over a waxed surface will NOT work the stain will sit on the surface as opposed to staining the wood and rub off unevenly once you tried to buff it- ASK ME HOW I KNOW! 😂
      IF in doubt, you could do try a test area before you commit to the entire floor.
      And I think that having a miniature version of a RL piece that means a lot to you is a Wonderful thing, and I think that your husband's great grandfather would find the gesture quite endearing- I know I would!
      The fishing creel in the Dowager's bedroom, is beautifully made and I can't recommend Lidi Strouds work highly enough! I did however recently see a really good fishing creel made in the USA, on ebay. I'll forward the link to you as soon as I find it again! 😘


      p.s. I had to delete my original comment as I had too many awful spelling errors, which explains why it is below the link for the fishing creel. 😁


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