Saturday, 11 July 2015

PLAN B: where are you?....... #HBS Denise Kit

You may be wondering about the title for this posting.  I chose it to describe my ongoing challenges and continuous moderations of
I have been attempting to stick to my original plan of making a seaside bungalow using only the original blueprint for the kit,  and without the use of power tools. 
(Not that I would have used power tools in the first place, but that's besides the point)
every idea that flows in on the tide, flows out with the next.
I looked for help in a book which I
 found at my favorite thrift store
Country Style and Design

Some of the furniture that they feature in the photos, I happen to have the equivalent of in miniature. And even though the book is about farm houses, much of the americana atmosphere, is transferable to what I still hope to achieve with LAND'S END.

But I'm getting ahead of myself,
Let me begin by showing me assembling the kit.
Since I have a lot of catching up to do I hope that you'll bear with me and this extra long post.
In retrospect, assembly of the Denise Kit was pretty simple but as usual I didn't read the directions before starting, so there was a lot of initial confusion about 

what went where.
When I finally broke down and actually read the instructions, it  was much easier. 
*duh * 
Even so, I do wish that the pieces were better labeled.
I am one of those who prefers to look at the pictures and if enlightenment fails then I revert to the text.  
More detailed Diagrams would have saved me time, but hey, that's just me.
I got the floor secured to the foundation, then the walls went up; and everything was glued and nailed into place. 
hooray for me

This is the extended deck area that is part of the same foundation.  Since the piece of fiberboard that is included for the deck is not suppose to be level with the floor of the cottage, I cut a substitute section of foam core board that equalled thickness of the floor to  level it.  My purpose is to extend the living space of the cottage right out to the edge of the deck.

I used the kits deck floor as a template for my new one.
The original fiberboard will be used later for the roof extension *when I get that far.*

Having added the new floor insert, I sealed it with wood glue and let it dry, then it was time for a mock up.

I cut two pieces of foam board to infill the back wall around the french doors, which just fits under the low ceiling beam.  The wall inserts are only temporary.
From front to back, the space is quite deep.

I did a spacial test of where the fireplace and over-mantle would sit and how wide the living/dining room would be and cut a piece of heavy mat-board to fit the dimensions. 

Now a looooong time ago, 
just prior to
Sir Giac 
being crowned
 see his blog: Late Victorian English Manor in 1:12 scale from scratch  
 he demonstrated a Brilliant technique using iron on wood veneer.
I had rushed right out and purchased two small rolls of iron-on Natural Oak, which I had assumed would be plenty!

and of course I was wrong

however, I didn't know that at the time, so I outlined my designated dining area  

and proceeded to cut the strips to size.

No sooner did I get them cut, than I decided that I didn't like the pattern that I had decided on, so I switched it to something different and then began ironing the wood strips onto heavy mat board, using the highest heat and with the Steam OFF

 It works like a charm! :D 
I purposefully left gaps in between the planks so that the wood stain would deliniate them.
WRONG Thing To D
The adhesive that oozes from the undersides of the planks, repels the stain.
 enter PLAN B; 
*the first of many*
 Using a black felt pen, I colored the glue between the planks and highlighted the nail holes. Then while working on the living room portion of the floor, I of course, ran out of the wood.  Had I not wasted all of those precut strips for the dining room, I might have had enough.
I was left with a BIG gap in the center of the living room, so
off to the HOME DEPOT
for more wood and this time I bought 2 LARGE ROLLS,
 just to be on the safe side.

I filled in the missing wood only to discover that the new rolls had a noticeably different grain pattern and frankly

it looked rather odd.
*what a bummer!*
perhaps it wouldn't be as noticeable once it was stained and aged.
and I'm Wrong again!
My deliberate INTENTION was to make this floor look like old reclaimed wood so I had stained it with a dark walnut gel stain, then using a black acrylic chalk paint I worked it into the stained wood.  YIKES! ...The paint actually lifted off some of the walnut stain as I was buffing it, making it very splotchy.
I re-stained and buffed it again and again, but all to no avail.
I had a floor with different grains and also different colors, and for me, it was either one or the other
 but not both!
I did NOT want to make another floor. 

That meant pulling out yet another Plan B 
in an attempt to salvage this one.  I gave the entire floor a very thin wash of white chalk paint, which resulted in a pickled grey cast over my very splotchy floor.
Once that was dry, I gave it a light brush coat of liquid floor polish.

I would describe this look as very similar to that of a 
scarlet runner bean

It may not be pretty but it certainly IS unique! 
Okay, I will admit that it's far from perfect, 
but just wait until I lay a rug over it!
The night before, I had tried to choose a wallpaper and interviewed at least 8 different candidates.  

It took but a couple of hours to reject them all.  
Back and forth,...
 this one? .... NO?.... well how about that one?... NO!... 
until at last I had eliminated ALL of the patterned contenders and chose a very safe SOLID blue.  
However, I had to be extra careful because I only had 2 large sheets of this solid blue which meant that I had to stretch it as far as I could, which is what made me decide on adding the rustic wainscoting.

I repainted the green fireplace an antique white and added horizontal planks to the over-mantle.  I still have more finishing trim yet to apply but this was where I stopped-...  to seriously consider my newest idea of turning 
the dining room area into the kitchen. 
This Plan B was better than my original Plan A!
I had some old kitchen appliances that I used as props to see how to lay out the space. I had temporarily papered over the small side window, but if I choose to have a cupboard on that wall I may opt to plug the opening and forfeit that window altogether. 

At this point I was very tired and extremely frustrated in trying to figure out what to do next.

when all else fails, call in
 my daughter Sam!

Always practical and wise beyond her years, Sam suggested that I reconfigure the floor plan by moving the bedroom door out of the living room and re-located it into a hall connected to the kitchen and then position a second door adjacent to it, leading into the bathroom.
This will better illustrate Sam's proposal showing a door leading from the kitchen into the bedroom.  And below shows a door that would be on the adjacent wall leading into the bathroom.
It made far more sense that way 
I liked it!!
Thanks Sam! :D

The wardrobe that you see above, is proping up the wall for now  but I kind like it there too.
But where is the fridge going to go?
Unlike the mini kitchen of #43 Green Dolphin Street,
 Land's End NEEDS to have a Fridge!

channeling Scarlett O'Hara  so read the following with a southern accent

"Oh,  What'll I do?!!!

I can't think about it now; 
I'll go crazy if I do...

  I'll think about it Tomorrow
at Tara
Because, after all, Tomorrow, 
Is.... Another.... DAY...!"

(are ya'll  feelin' my pain yet? cause my struggle is real! )

A couple of years ago I bought 4 narrow bookshelves which I'd thought to use.  I base-coated them white spray paint, then glued them together one on top of the other.  They will serve as room dividers, and the backsides will provide some additional wall space for the newly designated kitchen. 
( aI continue to ponder on where to install that fridge?)    
The table lamp which I think I have settled on, is a hybrid of a homeless silk shade, attached to a brass Ni-glo lamp base which I have had since the 1990's.  I tried out many lamps in many styles, shapes, colors and configurations and found that the lines of this lamp combination satisfies the atmosphere of this room. 

The oval mirror came from a miniature victorian
chest of drawers which also never had a home. I've removed the swivel pins, turned the mirror on it's side and added a chain to suspend it from a nail in the wall.  The seagull was purchased in June at the 2015 West Coast Miniature Show from a local vendor- Judy Lawson.  This diminutive gull sports real feathers so I decided to display him as a taxidermy specimen under glass.
And this is my "writer's corner", dedicated to my son Elliott, who is- ( you guessed it ... )
a writer! 
This arrangement was inspired by the American Farmhouse book that I mentioned earlier, and although this corner is only a mock up, I am 99.9% certain that this is how this corner is gonna stay.  
But the fireplace and the over-mantle are still in a state of flux.  I don't know if you can see but on the over-mantle I have used small brads which was a cool idea that I borrowed from 
Doug (Miniature Endeavors).  I am not sure if perhaps I shouldn't have used smaller brads but no matter as I have to take them off in ordrer to re-sand then re-paint both it and the fireplace.  The acrylic that I used was old and lumpy and didn't go on smoothly. 
There always something that I DO that really irritates me
 Norma, ( "Make Mine Mini") made the stack of books atop of my drop leaf table, which she forwarded via Linda Park,
Thanks Norma! :D  
And speaking of Linda Park,
(Linda's Mini World)
feast your eyes on these nautical niceties....
Linda made this rain slicker and the sou'wester rain hat which
I simply adore!  The hat has all of the stitching that you would find on its full-sized counterpart, it's PERFECT! 
if that wasn't enough, 

I recently received yet another parcel from Linda containing her hand-made lobster trap and a fishing net which she has hand-knotted herself.
What a Talented lady she is! 

What can I say? except that I am THRILLED TO PEICES by her over-flowing generosity
Thank You Linda! :D
last but not least, 

another offering from my local thrift store.
I found a bag of 10 of these brass picture frames that reminded me of portholes as soon as I saw them

Still working on the placement, but my plans are to use these as porthole windows above the white wainscoting on the sofa wall.
 Right now, they are too high and too far apart, but it gives you an idea of what I think I would like to do. 

But my plans keep changing from one minute to the next.  
I have second guessed myself every step of the way. I have decided... then un-decided,... then decided.... 
over and over again. 
until My brain hurts
And after expending all of the above sweat equity, 
all I have to show for it is an overly long blog post and one incomplete room.                      
which I hope explains why I'm currently feeling 
Plan B'd out!

time for a nap

Plan ZZZZ...
where are 
- - -



  1. I love the wooden floor, it's beautiful! and the rest is being great. Congratulations for your great work, I want to see more!
    A big hugs :0)

    1. Good Afternoon Monica! Thank you for liking the wooden floor!!! :D I'm not really very good with floors but this was the Easiest Wood Floor I've ever done.
      I was disappointed with the way I stained it, but the laying of the wood was a Super Fast.... and I have no problem with that! :D


  2. I love it when you post! First there are fantastic pieces of eye candy demonstrating your talent and tastes. Then, just when I think I am the most unproductive, indecisive miniaturist around you show what it takes to get to the beautiful structures you end up with which always leave my mouth open.
    This in turn of course stimulates my brain and turns into inspiration!
    I really like this project and I'm settling in for the ride till the end!

    1. Thank You Grandmommy you say the Nicest Things! :D But let me be perfectly frank when I tell you that I feel like a doofus nearly 90% of the time, the other "confident" 10% is just a front. Most of the time I don't know what I'm doing and I'm just making it up as I go. And you can believe that I"m always SURPRISED when something actually goes RIGHT the first time around, because it usually doesn't.
      It makes me happy though, that you are enjoying this project Grandmommy. Your encouragement is fuel to the fire!:D


  3. Elizabeth, looking great! Glad I'm not the only one who relies a lot on plan B's!

    1. Good Afternoon Wanda! Gotta Love those Plan B's!!!! :D I have two sleeves and I've learned to keep a ready supply up both of them! :D


  4. Frustrating, I am sure, but the floor turned out wonderfully! You have a great eye for details and all the minis you add. Great work so far! :D

    1. Good Afternoon Brae! :D Frustrating is Right but I am resilient if nothing else. Thank You for your very encouraging words.

      And thank Goodness for RUGS! :D


  5. Looking good, Elizabeth! I'm like you, changing, thinking for a while, changing again, living with it, changing again. It's just part of the process for me. I'm looking forward to seeing more! xo Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer! A True Kindred Spirit! :D Over the years, I have learned that this is the only way for me to get the job done, and it is just as you have stated. There is little point in trying to stick to a plan when the only plan that works, is making it up as I go. :))

      p.s. I LOVE your mini Blythe collection and I shall inform my "Dolly", that many of her well-dressed "American cousins", like living in Oregon! :D

  6. I agree, the floor looks used and I like it too! Love the seagull, portholes and rain wear.
    Great eye catchers!

    1. Greetings Gee! :D The floor looks "used" AND abused! But at least it is NOT 50 shades of grey! hahah
      I am so glad that you like my Catch of the Day, Thank You! Linda's rain wear, her net and lobster trap, couldn't have pleased me More! :D


  7. Malgré la traduction, le texte est savoureux, une fois encore.
    Faire, refaire, mais ce qui ressort de tout ceci est BEAU !
    Sam, bravo, vos idées sont bonnes !
    Que de jolis objets dans cette petite maison !
    J'attends la suite, qui j'en suis certaine me plaira beaucoup !
    Actuellement, je refais l'escalier du mas troisième fois :(
    Bon dimanche Elizabeth, et bon courage pour la suite du projet ! Bisous. Joce

    1. Good Afternoon Joce! I must apologize for truckload of the American SLANG that I've inserted into the text. I knew it was going to be a difficult task for Google to translate and I can only imagine what some of the text became in the process. :0 I promise that next time around I shall not to get so carried away. :))
      Meanwhile, Thank you for enjoying the process and I shall pass on your praises to Sam. She is my right hand, and being an artist herself, she and I are usually on exactly the same page. :D

      p.s. I am Very Happy to hear that you are still working on the new stairs for your Provençal Farmhouse, Joce! As you know, I hate making stairs but I think that they are a Must to achieve the realism when there is more than one floor, and I look forward seeing yours when you have them finished. :))


  8. Tener un plan B o incluso C creo que nos pasa a muchos miniaturistas,no te preocupes!!!
    Un gran comienzo en el montaje,el suelo ha quedado maravilloso,me encanta su tono envejecido y estoy segura que lograrás el estilo que tienes en tu mente!!
    Grandes y maravillosos regalos!!!

    1. Good Afternoon Pilar! Thank You for your comment about having a Plan B as well as a Plan C!!! :D In this hobby one must always have a Back Up because things are bound to go sideways somewhere down the road. I am so pleased that you like the way the floor has turned out because I was calling it a Failure until the whitewash was applied. Which proves what a difference a fresh coat of paint can make. :))


  9. Hi Elizabeth,
    I think some of the best ideas come from plan B's and happy accidents. The floor looks great and I much prefer the white wash over stain colour. It looks like it has more age to it. I also like the layout and especially the idea of using the book shelves as dividers between the rooms. It's coming along really well =0)

    1. Hi Pepper! You would have thought that I would have learned by now that with such a large area that it would be WISE to do a Test Board FIRST rather than sacrificing the floor to both impulse and chance. The white wash saved the day, and I TOO prefer it over the brown stain, but it was all of the drama that proceeded it that I could have lived without. :/
      I am hoping to finish the bookcase dividers this week and I Thank You for liking the new layout as well as for your encouraging words! :D


  10. And I love that old wardrobe next to the dining room :-). Elisabeth, isn't it exciting that nothing ever works to plan? I think that this is as creative as making a plan - and you did super well!

    1. Thank You Marion and what a Great TWIST as to how to look at all of those many min! problems!!!! I would have never considered them as "Exciting" but you have certainly given me Food for Thought!.... Tastes GOOD!!! :D


  11. Toutes ces amusantes anecdotes et ces jolis objets à découvrir font que c'est un grand plaisir de suivre votre nouveau projet Elizabeth. Bonne continuation pour la suite.

    1. Good Afternoon Jean-Claude! I am Delighted that you have enjoyed the story of my progress thus far, and I hope that wasn't too unintelligible in Google Translate. Thanks for wading through to the end and also for your words encouragement. :D


  12. Hello, Elizabeth,
    It's always surprising and pleasant to discover your new projects!
    (I see I'm not the only one not to read the manuals ... ^^ that's reassuring! ^^)

    All your genius lies in the fact that a complication you make it an asset and finally, you succeed in your purposes! (Certainly after much weariness and discouragement ... but it is always worth to persevere, isn't it?).

    Good luck for the future that will surely make of "Land's End" a very nice cozy place! (The name makes me think to "Howards End" — to do a short parallel, I hope there are not as many conflicts in your mind between your ideas and they will eventually agree ^^))). Hugs ♥

    1. Hello Lea! Howard's End is one of my Favorite movies! :D
      And NOT reading the manual First is a way of life around here and it is comforting to know that in this, I am not alone! :))
      I'm sure that I don't feel like a "genius" when I paint myself into a corner with some of the choices that I've made, but I would have to agree that most of the solutions have made the projects far more successful than they would have been otherwise.
      And Yes Lea; Persevering is ALWAYS worth it! :D


  13. Oh, Elizabeth, I DO feel your pain! You have so Many wonderful awesome little treasures for this project.... and the "shell" won't cooperate!!! I think I never "finish" my projects because I can't decide Exactly how I want them to look! Besides, I want to be able to "live" in them and move things around or decorate for the Seasons..... Not a static thing! Your vision of Lands End will emerge in it's own time in it's own way... or the Elizabeth Way... which is to put it all in and Tear it all out... except for one tiny part that you do like... over and over again! I think part of your dilemma is trying to combine the "Country" look (which is truly an inland Pastoral look)... with the Seaside look which has to be a totally different "flavor"! Add to that the tricky layout issues of such a deep floor plan.... Yes, I CAN feel your pain!!! And I will humbly add that I do look forward to seeing What you do!!! (Sorry! Not really wishing you more pain!) :)

    1. Betsy Dear, I am so glad that you have mentioned that you enjoy "living" in your little houses because that is what I like to do too! But although I thought that I had A vision for this cottage, it is already wanting to do it's own thing, and go its own way. But you are right in that I am not adverse to "putting it all in and then taking it all out again except that one tiny part that I do like"... oh Betsy, we could be TWINS! :D
      And since you mentioned it; it has also been in my mind to make Land's End seasonal. I wasn't able to with #43 but I think that this cottage has far more potential. Meanwhile, email me Betsy because we need to talk further about your Hungry Bearys! :))


  14. Elizabeth, you are so clever! You managed to salvage your floor and turn it into something worthy. It will all turn out beautifully no matter how many plans you go through. You have the imagination and the ability to make this cottage as wonderful as No. 43. And thanks for the praise for my humble contributions. You are completely deserving of gifts.

    1. Dearest Linda! WOW I LOVE EVERYTHING!!! Truly I am as THRILLED to have them become a part of Land's End as I was with the stockings that you made for the clothesline of #43! :D

      Whew! I am so glad that you like the way I salvaged the floor. It was touch and go there for a while but I DO like it better than my original idea; yet I am truly FLOORED by your Delightful Nautical contributions and I am anticipating the day when I will be able to settle each of your wonderful gifts into the cottage!
      They make me feel HAPPY- Thank You again Linda! :D


  15. I hope Plan Zzzzzz made you go on with another Plan B - I just love Plan Bs... must be the letter... *grin* I can truly feel with you when some things didn't turn out as you had planned them - I bet anyone of us can tell a story like this... or two, three, four... But you made something wonderful with Plan B - and especially your floor looks great now with the grey shade on, so old and worn. I'm really looking forward to more Plan Bs!!!


    1. Greetings Birgit! :)) I had a nice long nap and now I'm Ready to Roll again. So BRING ON THE PLAN B's!!!!! :D
      The floor was probably one of the fastest and easiest wood floors that I have ever laid but the complications were a result of my own impatience and impulsiveness. The next challenge will be to duplicate the same procedure for the hall leading to the bed and bathroom..... and That should prove interesting- deliberately attempting to make Exactly the Same mistakes!
      oh boy.....


  16. Fantàstico todo lo que has hecho hasta ahora, el suelo me encanta.

    1. Good Evening Eloisa! I am so Pleased that you like the results of the floor! It was a Very Happy Accident and I am relieved that it had a
      Very Happy Ending! :D


  17. I love the floor, Elizabeth! I think it's really special! It's always so fascinating to me to read about all your experiments and your trials. But in the end, I know that everything will come together!

  18. Good Evening Lucille! :D Thank You for liking the floor and you know, I am so Surprised that so many people do!? I get distressed and disturbed when my projects go belly-up especially when I know that I have only myself to blame; but when they somehow right themselves and become something Better than I had expected... well it makes me feel BLESSED and I can only say "Thank You GOD!" :D


  19. It's fascinating to see how you work through a build, our methods are so different. I plan around furniture placement, but I don't pull out accessories and fiddly bits until the end, it would overload my brain.

    I like the floor!

    1. Good morning Keli! :)) Thank You and you bring up a good point. Everybody that I know that does miniatures, has a method that works best for them. Mine has always been to fill the space immediately with not only the furniture but the accessories as well because it allows me to see the personality that will eventually occupy the rooms. By the time the project is completed, it looks as though they have already been in residency for ages because in fact, they have! This however means that everything single item has been moved in and and out countless times. And THAT as you say, often "overloads my brain" too!
      But that's how I Roll! :D


  20. Elizabeth, you are so entertaining! This post was so much fun to read.

    I REALLY like the end result of the floor...I know it may have been hard to bear the process (I'm currently struggling with a project too....I think I am on Plan E about now!) but what you ended up with was exactly what you needed! It really reminds me of a weathered seaside bungalow floor. It is perfect!

    Isn't it funny what fresh eyes and minds can do? Sam came up with a great idea, adding the door. It also adds to the bungalow effect, with the cozy corners it introduced. Overall, I see success in the brewing!

    I love seeing your creative process, even the trials and tribulations! I identify with them...believe me. You should see the head scratching and woeful faces I manage to add to every project.

    Keep up the good work! As usual, I am excited to see where you take the project!


    1. Thank You So Much for such positive feedback Doug! :D The floor is Interesting, if nothing else. This was my first try and I hope that the floor for the bedroom will be better. The connecting hall will mean attempting to duplicate my original mistakes, On Purpose! :/
      I agree, that it is often when we are wallowing in the quicksands of our minds that getting someone with "Fresh Eyes" helps us to see our way out of a problem and towards a solution. Sam opened my eyes. God bless her! :D
      I am glad that you enjoy seeing The Process Doug. When I read your blog I can easily relate to what you are describing as well!
      I don't know about you but I find it comforting that I am not alone in feeling confused and misdirected in this "FUN" hobby, but right now, the vision of your "Woeful Faces" making me chuckle! :))

      Hey! "Plan E" would have been a Terrific name for this blog! Rats! I wish that I had thought of it!

      elizabeth :D

  21. Hello Lady Elizabeth,
    I actually love the finish on the floor. It gives off such a feeling of painted wood aged by the sea air. I see many home renovations on HGTV in which people work hard to get exactly that look. I think it works beautifully in the cottage.
    I hate to throw another idea to the multitude of things that are going through your mind, but in regards to the fridge did you ever consider a small under the counter model. I think amny people use them as bar fridges, but in Europe we have seen many homes that only have a small fridge that sits comfortable under the counter. You would lose a little storage space, but I think it could work in your kitchen.
    Go sam, the idea of changing the doors was a terrific one. Sometimes someone else's input can really point you in the right direction. I am loving the feel of the cottage and your nautical accessories are just perfect. It feels appropriate but not too theme-ish. Well done my friend!
    Big hug,

    1. Good Morning Sir Giac!:D The under counter fridge may be just the ticket! I am going to finalize the floor plan for the kitchen this week and much of it will depend on whether or not I extend the window wall into the hall. Space is at a premium in this cottage, but I love the openness of the view too.
      Since I have you to THANK for the flooring idea, it makes me so happy that you are enjoying the end results! :D This is one of those Gold Mine DIY projects that requires little skill to do, but will deliver a BIG return! I highly recommend it to Everyone but encourage purchasing the Big Roll rather than a small one.
      You are so astute Giac! As I'm currently trying to achieve a balancing act of Nautical and Americana, BOTH can very easily become Theme-ish so I know ExACTLY what you mean- so Thanks my friend! : ))
      a Big Hug Back


  22. Hello, Elizabeth,
    I really enjoyed reading every word of your long, long post. I love those long posts! The floor turned out beautifully. You have a special knack of working through a problem in different ways until you hit on the perfect solution, even though it turns out to be Plan B. You're moving in an exciting direction with Land's End, and I'm looking forward to the next steps. I can't wait to see how those porthole windows turn out; they're wonderful!

    1. Thank You Marjorie! :)) I am quite excited to install those porthole windows. It will allow in even more light as well as add to the overall Nautical feel. :D
      Installing the wood floor was so fast and so easy but finishing the floor was an initial disappointment. The white wash and the rug have made it look a whole lot better, and is what Saved the Day for me, and I am Delighted that you like it too! :D
      Always the purpose in showing all of my Quirky Plan B's is that those others who wrestle with their own projects will be encouraged to stay hopeful. Because--- if I can eventually do it; then I am Quite Certain that
      they can too.

      ( However it also helps when you have a smart daughter like, Sam! ) :))


  23. Hi Elizabeth,
    You are making great progress. Recreating the floor for the hallway will be a challenge as I know that even if you wrote down all the steps you took to create the original (which you didn't ) it would be so hard to do.
    Go straight to making rugs!
    I'm with Giac, go with an undercounter fridge.
    Your character shows through so well in your posts. I always love to read them.
    Talk soon.

  24. Hi Janine! :D Thank You My Friend! Your suggestion along with Giac's is a Good One!
    An under-counter fridge is a practical idea that may be just the ticket to fitting all necessary appliances into this space without losing the openness of the floor plan.

    Consider it Done! :D


  25. Dear Scarlett - oh no, sorry - Elizabeth:)))
    Thank you so much for this post. It gave me a lot of smiles. Don't we all know about the struggle with wood, glue and all the other materials, that don't do what we want them to do:))) But this result is worth the struggle. It's a beautiful house and I can the hear the ocean waves and smell the salty air. Wonderful as always.
    Keep us up to date - there'll be a plan B (or C or D)

    1. Good Morning Andrea! Scarlet and I are new friends! :))
      I was certain that most who read this post would be able to relate to some degree only it does FEEL as if I am the Only One who makes these Big Gaffs and then has to figure my way out of them, even though I know that this cannot be true. But I am Glad to know that you are able to "smell the salty air and hear the ocean waves." That of course is my ultimate goal Andrea. To have this cottage take Everyone on a vacation by the sea! :D


  26. I love all the twists and turns your build is producing its a good read and ride for me!! Haha..oh Sorry :p

    Its looking great so far, just like a large house (1:1 ratio that would be) you have to change around this or that till it feels right. Whatever plan you end on, it will be fabulous!

    1. Thank You Lady Jane!:D This really IS proving to be a wild ride with many Twists and Turns, and it has only just begun! So far some of it has been fun but there have been moments when I have wanted to shout "Stop the ride, cause I want to get off!" :O
      But then the crisis will pass.... so I buy another ticket :D


  27. Your wooden floor is beautiful, Elizabeth! And I love to read your posts! Very funny!
    Your Plan B is excellent! Like your new project!
    Have a nice week.

    1. Hi Nono! :D I am Delighted that you like the wooden floor and also that you have enjoyed reading this post! :D If I didn't try to find the humor in the midst of all of these troubles and trails then I would only feel GROUCHY about the whole thing. Laughter is the Very Best Medicine I think and it pleases me that you think so too! :D

      p.s. Congratulations Nono, on Your Spread in MINATURAS magazine!!!! How Wonderful to have your work in print and not in just One feature, but several!
      Marvelous! :D

  28. You're very busy with this project. Everything is well made and I like the details.

    1. Thank You Faby! :D Yes indeed I am Very Busy with this project and I have a LOT of catching up to do over the summer. Most who are involved with this kit, have been going strong on it since the beginning of the year. And even though I am not involved in the HBS contest, I would like this project to be completed by the middle of December too! :))


  29. Dear Friend, seeing a storm of emotions in your post, I already know that this project will incomparable with others... voilà true creative process! when you know what you want, but you grope for something new! I believe your intuition doesn't fails you. Warm hugs!!

    1. Good Morning to you Magda! :D Yes, I HAVE been going through a "Storm of Emotions" with this project! This is my ART and this is what I do and Intuition plays a great part of it as you have so rightly guessed.
      Thank your encouragement, Magda. Your words have accurately hit the nail on the head! :))


  30. I love the way you think. If something doesn't work out you just move on. Love it! This is such a great post. I'm glad you are showing the beginning of this project. This is so interesting. I'm soaking it all in.

  31. Thank You Caroline! :D I am so pleased that you have enjoyed this post!:)) I have often thought that my way of thinking was faulty and that my approach is unconventional and therefore must be Wrong.
    But I have learned over time to accept my methods because I have found that they work for Me. AND, as frustrating as they are; for better or for worse..... I am stuck with them! :))


  32. Hi Elizabeth, love what you've done so far! Especially the floors! I know you aren't happy with the colour exactly...funny because its just the kind of colour I've been struggling to re-create myself!! I too have been slicing little veneer sheets and trying to avoid disaster, so I commend your persistence! The grey wall with the white wainscotting looks fab with the floor too, let's your pieces really shine :) Hopefully things go a bit easier these next couple of days!

    1. Oh and I forgot to mention, I am so so impressed with how you have altered the kit without power tools! High-five!

    2. Thank You Kristine! and A High 5 Back!!!! :D
      It always confounds me at how that which I think is the most irritating and unsuccessful project, can become the most interesting and popular amongst my readers!? It makes me scratch my head. I honestly felt "apologetic" when I posted the photos thinking that the floor was a Loser and yet so many people like it. WOW! ... it is so very encouraging and it makes me feel more hopeful for the outcome of this HBS project.
      Thank you for your kind words Kristine; I've certainly appreciated Every Single One and I look forward to seeing the results of Your veneer floor soon! I am sure that it is As Superb as the rest of the work that you Consistently produce. :D


  33. Your Lands End cottage is going to be another magnificent achievement I am sure Elizabeth, old floors often have timber running in different directions, where various owners have added rooms here and there. Will so enjoy seeing your progress, (need to spend less time on FB).

    1. Good Morning and Thank You Margaret! :)) Yes, I quite agree that the floorboards going in different directions gives the appearance of an older style home. I found an article that I have had filed away where the new owner left the exterior weathered and renovated the interior retaining some of the character but adding her own contributions to the configuration of the layout. What I saw impressed me greatly and I hope that I can achieve some of the same style with Land's End. :D


    2. P.S. I forgot to add that YOUR French Furniture collection that you resently showed on Facebook, had me Drooling, Margaret, and Truly, the only word for it is - WOW!!!! :O
      e :D

  34. Привет Элизабет!
    Замечательный и интересный пост! Я люблю наблюдать этапы превращения! Я уверена, что вы добавите еще 100 поправок, и каждый раз это будет прекрасно! раз. Мой сын является моим главным критиком и помощником! Я рада, что ваша дочка подарила вам прекрасную идею.
    Я люблю ваши иллюминаторы. Я восхищаюсь вашим упорством.
    Имейте хорошую неделю!

  35. Heeheeeheeee! Tenacity steps in when Mojo steps out! :D There is without a doubt 50 of those "100 amendments" that have already been used up, between the time I posted till now! This is proving to be a difficult project and so you had better increase the number to "thousands" Tatiana, because I have only just begun! :))


  36. :) :) :) Хорошо! 100000 +1 поправка!
    Я уверена, что каждый раз это будет новый шедевр! Я с удовольствием приду к вам 100001 раз в гости! :) :) :)

  37. I'm very late but I wanted to say I love how your beach house is turning out, of course I love the can just imagine sitting by the fire during a new england nor easter wailing at the windows drinking tea with a touch of brandy to take the chill off ...can't wait to see where you put the fridge


  38. Hi There Marisa! :D It makes me happy that you like the way this beach house is developing. I have debated whether or not to light the fireplace or just leave it filled with Fatima's hydrangeas. You have now given me food or thought. I like the image of a "Nor easter wailing at the windows" and a cup of tea with a little tipple included "to take the chill off".... Well Put! :D


  39. I feel silly! Never saw this post before today when you made reference on your most recent post. Hubby is off racing while I finally have a few hours to myself on the boat. The Internet is horrible but I find that I can tether to my Iphone and I went looking for minis. I miss not looking on every day. And so here I could find some delicious eye candy. Never do you let me down my dear friend. I love love all that you are coming up with on this challenge. Like the Americana and nautical to boot.
    Can't wait to go look closely at the next post....

  40. Hey Fats! I am soooo Glad to hear from you and so happy that you found some time whilst you are away to get in some MINI-TIME! :D
    I hope that you've noticed the treasured gifts that you blessed me with popping in and out of the photos. They certainly help to make this doll's house a little mini Home! :D