Saturday, 21 September 2019

M.I. A. Villa Leone

M.I.A. = Missing In Action


YES! It has been a VERY LONG time since my last entry- would you believe 7 months!?  
(how'd that happen?) 

To be frank; back in February/March, I was still thinking that I had plenty of time to get the Villa completed: so I goofed off; sat looking at it; waited for Mojo; made other little things; and for 3 months, I basically just twiddled my thumbs.   
When I did feel like working on the villa, I often felt compelled to redo what I'd already done and so I messed up finished work only to regret having tampered with it in the first place- DUH!

Then before I knew it; July and August, were on my doorstep and for no good reason, the electrics wouldn't work anymore... MOMMA MIA!!! 
MORE UNDOING and Rewiring amid extreme hot flashes and long sleepless nights. 
So now it's done and here I am again- 
Tired but Happy!:D

VILLA LEONE's been completed, 
(with MOST of its lights still working)
 AND it also 
the Vancouver Dollhouse Miniature Show 
which took place last Sunday -

The photo above
was taken by photographer
Bonnie Morrison
who also won
 Best In Show 
for her
Main Street
(an entire street of detailed specialty shops)

Bonnie took photos of all the show entries,
 and I Absolutely LOVED how she shot mine,
 so I asked her permission to use it for my blog:

a Big Thank you to Bonnie,
 A Congratulatory Shout Out to you, too! ❤️ 


here at Studio E,
  I have lots of catching up regarding this blog,
so over the next few weeks 
I will be posting updates on each finished room of the villa, 
as well as introducing its side garden,
which has its own little story to tell.  
And although it has been quite a long 
while since I last posted,
  me and 
  Villa Leone 

no more!

ciao ciao for now