Friday, 3 April 2020

A Long Day's Journey Into NIght: the LAND'S END Bedroom

I know that I'd promised to show the kitchen 
at Land's End next, however, since I still needed to finish the kitchen/corridor/ bathroom interior wall, I opted instead to build the bedroom which was the lynchpin connecting each of the remaining spaces to each other and so, by default; leave the kitchen tour for MY NEXT POST-  Cross my heart!๐Ÿ˜‡

As usual, the bedroom project was nothing like I expected it would be.  I kept running into problems from the jumpstart.  
The first one was with the 2015 wallpaper template I'd made.  
The spray glue I'd originally used on this REAL LIFE vinyl coated wallpaper, had begun to 'unstick' and was literally coming apart at the seams.  
But when I tried to remove it altogether, it still stuck tight to the template in certain places, so to avoid tearing the paper and making an even bigger mess, 
I reglued it using LOTS of Fabri-Tac and a brayer, which thankfully worked like a charm- HOORAY! 
I did however, manage to cleanly remove and replace the 2015 wide blue stripe with a lighter narrower stripe, which I liked better. 

the replacement paper for the in progress bathroom,

is shown below.▼

I'd like to mention right here, that one of them more challenging features of this HBS Denise Kit,
was trying to cut clean curves at the top of the interior walls in order to measure and cut the adbutting walls which needed to be at different heights due to the downward sloping curve 
of the roof; 
lets just say that there were 
plenty of Do-Overs! 

Land's End Bathroom under construction

once the template was glued onto the wall,
 I cut out the window opening and inserted a plastic sash window retrieved from my drawer of homeless windows of long discarded projects. 

At one time, the plastic casings must have been bright white, but it's yellowed over time: 
 I'm okay with that, 
since it adds to the general OLD COTTAGE vibe.

I popped the window in place and
then made the interior wall between the bathroom and the bedroom.
My original idea was to position the bed as illustrated above,
and have the chest of drawers
against the long wall.
But there were a few problems regarding the sight lines of this particular arrangement.

When I look through a window, or door, 

from either end
I wanted to see through the ENTIRE length of the house
 so the blockage of the chest of drawers in direct line with the bedroom door needed to be changed 

and since there was no where else for it to go 
other than where the bed is;
they had to switch.  

 The bed immediately dominated the room! 
To visually balance it
I chose a bigger wardrobe. 
and I liked it! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

But then another problem presented itself.
The inward swing of the door
would bash right into the bedside table.


There's never enough room when you need it! 

So to fix that problem, 
I reversed the swing of the door
to open OUT into the corridor 

rather than into the bedroom.
because extraordinary times call for 

extraordinary solutions!๐Ÿง

This cottage is quirky to begin with 
but now I'm also IRRITATED with the 
porthole window! 

ah yes,
the porthole window which
 seemed like a good idea at the time. 

It's an interesting feature from the living room side
but a waste of valuable wall space
 on the bedroom side!

Why Oh Why 

did I ever do it!?????


so I decided to dress the bed.

I had some 2nd hand books of antique quilts.

I cut out a couple of pages, 

resized and photocopied them,
then laid the paper over the bed as a spread to see which I liked better with the folded quilt. 

I decided to go for the more floral one, 
and colour copied it again 
but this time 
I printed it
onto a printable iron-on cotton sheet.

I sprayed the printed cotton, with hairspray to set the ink, cut it out,
 then peeled off its protective backing. 
I turned the raw edges and secured the hem with Fabri-Tac.

The aged patchwork quilt came from an estate sale that Fats and I attended a number of years ago,

but the bed warmer is a recent ebay "lot purchase" 
of assorted miniatures. 

The bedroom was slowly taking shape

The roomy wardrobe came from
M for Miniatures on etsy
and I'm still in the process of filling the shelves
  and the bottom drawer. 
 I'll probably move the spare blankets and sheets into the drawer and fill the 3 shelves with 
folded faux"clothing". 

There were some MUST HAVE items I'd hoped to include somewhere in the bedroom:
 a sailing ship, (which didn't stay long)
Lidi's Fabulous Fishing creel,
and a 1776 estate sale snare drum.
I placed them all on top of the wardrobe:
and then kept changing them around.

I also made the area rug for the bedroom
using a photo from a book of contemporary area rugs which I resized and re-printed onto a sheet 

of velvet paper. 

The vintage black doll I've had for YEARS 
(90's Seattle Show)
and so she went onto the bed.
By the way, 
it came pre-stained so this doll was actually 
"born this way"
and not an unfortunate casualty of my infamously damp garage.

Later I found my Uncle Sam doll purchased at the same time and put him onto the bed too.  
But although they were happily reunited,
 it was doll overkill 

 so I moved Uncle Sam into the living room
where he has a man chair all to himself!  

I wish I could remember the name of the artisan who made these cloth dolls 
they're both quite unique! 
If anyone knows or has a guess about the artist
please tell me in the comments.

For the window wall opposite the bed,
I found a picture of a school map in a design magazine which I cut out and glued to 
 lightweight cardstock,
 which I then edged with 2 painted and aged
 bamboo skewers. 
I strung then hung the map to a hook
in the wall.
I Really like its gigantic size and especially

the nostalgic novelty of it!

The cramped end table continued to bug me,
 so eventually I moved it over to the other side of the bed and changed the side table to one with more drawers.

But its polished mahogany finish was too formal 
for this laid back cottage 
I painted over the stain using white chalk paint 
followed by multiple layers of watery acrylic washes in tan, brown, and white
to give a 'driftwood' look. 

Then later on,
 when I wanted it to look a little more colourful,
I gave it another wash of diluted blue ink and blotted it off with a tissue

So the drawers went from this▼
to this ▼
To This ▼

And as you also see above,
I've changed the lamp shade from 
the larger white one to a smaller
parchment coloured one.
The reduced circumference of the shade 
allowed the lamp to be a millimeter closer to the wall.
Even so,

 I may audition another 'shade in waiting'
before I'm fully committed to this one.


I've moved the whale hunt picture 
to over the bed
 placed a large framed print of a schooner,

 over the door.
Janine said it reminded her of a window transom, which in turn

appears to make the walls look higher.

It's always interesting to me to see how easy it is to trick the eye,
because even though the bedroom is actually smaller in size than the living room next to it, 
it looks bigger and more imposing
because of the lack of horizontal wainscotting,
along with the larger furniture pieces and 
 limited accessories.  

In other words-
it's a beefy looking bedroom, 
made more apparent by being next door to the more delicate and fussy living room,
 so I may have to TWEAK the living room 
and figure out a way to counter balance it without totally shipwrecking what I've already done. 


Now let me tell you 
the saga of the door(s)!

I'm not a great builder to begin with but
I endured 
while attempting to install them~ 
I'll try to be brief: 

I had removed the standard bottom door threshold which  holds the door inside its frame and allows it to swing open and close. 
I did this  because I wanted a seamless transition between each room without the little people having to step over a raised threshold 
when entering a room.  

Once the bottom stabilizer was removed from the door frame, my next step was to
 anchor the freewheeling doors inside a wobbly 3 sided frame: 
keeping them in alignment with the new bottom hinge pins embedded first into the floorboards, and then (hopefully) up into the underside of door.  
The pins had to be perfectly positioned and standing upright in the floor so that they would go straight up into the pre-drilled holes of the door, thus enabling it to swing open and closed as before. 

 It took me MANY TRIES before I got the hinge pins installed into the underside of the door, 
and then 
I had to carefully slide the stubwall 
(edged in glue), 
down and around the freestanding door frame without getting glue all over everything else.

When that was done,
 I needed to secure the wall insert 
firmly to the adjoining interior walls with cut toothpick pegs and lots more glue. 

OH!  OH!  OH! 
what a struggle it all was!

and then 
I had to repeat the same procedure for the bathroom door -
Mamma Mia! 

 It took A LONG TIME
but I finally got it all done

the door IS still too tight to the floor,
 but it does pivot open and close
 good enough! 

Look Ma- no threshold! 


So here's that all important sight line I'd mentioned earlier. 
With the Bedroom door open,
you can see down the corridor,
through the back french door 
and out to the seashore. 
On the corridor /kitchen/ bathroom wall is a small peg rack with a professionally tied rope 
and a Marvellous sou'wester rain hat which
the Amazing Linda Park 
made especially for Land's End back in 2015
Linda's Mini World

As you can plainly see,
the porthole in the wall

continues to
throw everything off balance
ah me...

why did I do it?

(okay, okay
 enough already!)

get over it! ๐Ÿ˜ž and move on 

 I find that 'self talk' often helps

The decorative wall plate was part of the miniature lot purchase on ebay, the same lot that the copper bed warmer was in. 

the Carte Postale throw cushion 
was made by Norma from 
Make Mine Mini

I made the cotton curtains from a vintage hanky
and hung them on a brass rod.
Outside the bedroom window 
mature, self-seeding red poppies 
made for me as part of a swap
 by our own Dear Betsy of 
About My Dollhouses
are taking over.

Eventually I hope to make a very small wild flower garden for Land's End, 
but it appears that Betsy's Poppies have already chosen their ideal growing spot!๐Ÿ˜‹

And as for the top of the wardrobe, 
I settled on a fern
the drum
and the lighthouse. 

Later on, I realized that the coral stripes of the lighthouse and the rug were a perfect match-

On a rather sad note
I decided to use my sailor dress by 
Monica Roberts 
a physical reminder of what 
12 years of neglect in a damp garage can do! 

The sailor hat suffered the worst of it and it's badly stained.
I've used a Tide To Go Pen on it but the stain 
barely budged. 
big sigh

it is what it is

I copied Janine's Swedish bedroom display 
 and hung the hat and the dress
 on the wardrobe door just as she did. 
You can follow Janine's Swedish House adventures on Instagram
or on 

The beach basket was a gift to me from 
THE One and Only Fatima
and she's also  
 on Instagram

 the tote resides in the corner next to the bed.
 I think I've found a place for my Popeye doll 
"garage storage survivor"
 he's only missing the miniscule bowl of his pipe
which I might be able to duplicate.
Popeye currently sits in front of a stack of books
on the bedside table.  
The bottom book I made.
The middle sized one is from the 
Ever Amazing 
(of the ONE COOKIE fame!)
see previous post ๐Ÿ˜‰
My Miniature Madness
The two smaller books on top 
were unexpected gifts 
 from the generous
Andrea Thieck

Well Blow me down!
it looks like it's getting dark outside
- arrrgh no wonder-
as this has become
truly a LONG Day's Journey into Night! 

time for one last look around

so it's Lights OUt @ Land's End,

(until I decide to change something else!)
sweet dreams 

May GOD Continue to Bless and Keep Us All Safe
and may HE in HIS eternal wisdom,
bring something GOOD,
 from our world's current state of chaos and confusion.
Keep the Faith!