Friday 3 April 2020

A Long Day's Journey Into NIght: the LAND'S END Bedroom

I know that I'd promised to show the kitchen 
at Land's End next, however, since I still needed to finish the kitchen/corridor/ bathroom interior wall, I opted instead to build the bedroom which was the lynchpin connecting each of the remaining spaces to each other and so, by default; leave the kitchen tour for MY NEXT POST-  Cross my heart!😇

And So....
As usual, the bedroom project was nothing like I expected it would be.  I kept running into problems from the jumpstart.  
The first one was with the 2015 wallpaper template I'd made.  
The spray glue I'd originally used on this REAL LIFE vinyl coated wallpaper, had begun to 'unstick' and was literally coming apart at the seams.  
But when I tried to remove it altogether, it still stuck tight to the template in certain places, so to avoid tearing the paper and making an even bigger mess, 
I reglued it using LOTS of Fabri-Tac and a brayer, which thankfully worked like a charm- HOORAY! 
I did however, manage to cleanly remove and replace the 2015 wide blue stripe with a lighter narrower stripe, which I liked better. 

the replacement paper for the in progress bathroom,

is shown below.▼

I'd like to mention right here, that one of them more challenging features of this HBS Denise Kit,
was trying to cut clean curves at the top of the interior walls in order to measure and cut the adbutting walls which needed to be at different heights due to the downward sloping curve 
of the roof; 
lets just say that there were 
plenty of Do-Overs! 

Land's End Bathroom under construction

once the template was glued onto the wall,
 I cut out the window opening and inserted a plastic sash window retrieved from my drawer of homeless windows of long discarded projects. 

At one time, the plastic casings must have been bright white, but it's yellowed over time: 
 I'm okay with that, 
since it adds to the general OLD COTTAGE vibe.

I popped the window in place and
then made the interior wall between the bathroom and the bedroom.
My original idea was to position the bed as illustrated above,
and have the chest of drawers
against the long wall.
But there were a few problems regarding the sight lines of this particular arrangement.

When I look through a window, or door, 

from either end
I wanted to see through the ENTIRE length of the house
 so the blockage of the chest of drawers in direct line with the bedroom door needed to be changed 

and since there was no where else for it to go 
other than where the bed is;
they had to switch.  

 The bed immediately dominated the room! 
To visually balance it
I chose a bigger wardrobe. 
and I liked it! 😎

But then another problem presented itself.
The inward swing of the door
would bash right into the bedside table.


There's never enough room when you need it! 

So to fix that problem, 
I reversed the swing of the door
to open OUT into the corridor 

rather than into the bedroom.
because extraordinary times call for 

extraordinary solutions!🧐

This cottage is quirky to begin with 
but now I'm also IRRITATED with the 
porthole window! 

ah yes,
the porthole window which
 seemed like a good idea at the time. 

It's an interesting feature from the living room side
but a waste of valuable wall space
 on the bedroom side!

Why Oh Why 

did I ever do it!?????


 I decided to dress the bed.

I had some 2nd hand books of antique quilts.

I cut out a couple of pages, 

resized and photocopied them,
then laid the paper over the bed as a spread to see which I liked better with the folded quilt. 

I decided to go for the more floral one, 
and colour copied it again 
but this time 
I printed it
onto a printable iron-on cotton sheet.

I sprayed the printed cotton, with hairspray to set the ink, cut it out,
 then peeled off its protective backing. 
I turned the raw edges and secured the hem with Fabri-Tac.

The aged patchwork quilt came from an estate sale that Fats and I attended a number of years ago,

but the bed warmer is a recent ebay "lot purchase" 
of assorted miniatures. 

The bedroom was slowly taking shape

The roomy wardrobe came from
M for Miniatures on etsy
and I'm still in the process of filling the shelves
  and the bottom drawer. 
 I'll probably move the spare blankets and sheets into the drawer and fill the 3 shelves with 
folded faux"clothing". 

There were some MUST HAVE items I'd hoped to include somewhere in the bedroom:
 a sailing ship, (which didn't stay long)
Lidi's Fabulous Fishing creel,
and a 1776 estate sale snare drum.
I placed them all on top of the wardrobe:
and then kept changing them around.

I also made the area rug for the bedroom
using a photo from a book of contemporary area rugs which I resized and re-printed onto a sheet 

of velvet paper. 

I found this wall map in a design magazine which I cut out as is, glued to some cardstock, then added a top and bottom rod along with a thin cord for a hanger.  
I LOVE the effect!  

The vintage black doll I've had for YEARS 
(90's Seattle Show)
and so she went onto the bed.
By the way, 
it came pre-stained so this doll was actually 
"born this way"
and not an unfortunate casualty of my infamously damp garage.

I had purchased the Uncle Sam doll at the same time as the black doll back in the 90's, and only wish I could remember the name of the artist.
I had placed them both on the bed but then felt that the bed looked crowded so eventually I moved
Uncle Sam onto a chair in the living room. 

And as you also see above,
I've changed the lamp shade from
the larger white one to the smaller parchment coloured shade.  
the larger white one to a smaller
parchment coloured one.
The reduced circumference of the shade 
allowed the lamp to be a millimeter closer to the wall.
Even so,
 I may audition another 'shade in waiting'
before I'm fully committed to this one.


the decorative wall plate was included in the same lot purchase on ebay as the copper bed warmer.

The bedside table originally was stained a mahogany which to me, looked too formal for this cottage bedroom. 
So I painted over the stain with a white chalk paint and then applied a series of thinned paint washes
until it looked like "driftwood" as pictured below.

Later on I felt that it needed a bit more colour
so I used a diluted blue ink and gave it a few more ink washes, and blotted off the excess until it looked like the photo below.
I'm pretty happy with the final results so I'm leaving it alone! 

the dyed and stained bedside table

I made the lace edged curtains from a vintage cotton hanky which I wet with water then sprayed with Plaid Stiffy after which, I pleated in the Pretty Pleats rubber mat, until they dried.

The Carte Postale throw cushion was made by Norma of
Make Mine Mini

Outside the bedroom window, peeking between the curtains, grows a patch of mature
 self-seeding red poppies 
made by our own Dear Betsy of 
All About My Dollhouses. 
these were part of an earlier swap which Betsy'd made especially for Land's End.  
Eventually I hope to make an entire garden surrounding this cottage, 
filled with a variety of bold, vivid summer flowers
but the poppies will live exactly where they've now planted themselves!  

On a rather sad note: 
I decided to retrieve my 
Monica Roberts sailor dress and cap 
which was one of the worst casualties of those 
12 years of neglect in my garage.
The cap absorbed the worst of it and is badly stained 
as you can see in the above photo. 
The dress has a couple of tiny brown spots on the back.  I've tried a Tide to Go bleaching pen on both without much success.  
Even so, I've hung the dress on the wardrobe door and it makes me smile to see it there. 

The top of the wardrobe

The Popeye doll was also purchased back in the 90's and he's made his way into Land's End. 
The stack of books is a mix consisting of 
one that I made;
one that Jodie made:
My Miniature Madness
and the top two came from 
Andrea Thieck 
of Andrea Thieck Miniatures

Time for one last look around: 

The sun is setting

The tides come in

An ocean breeze blows in through the window
and it's time to get ready for bed

so it's Lights OUt @ Land's End,

(until I decide to change something else!)
sweet dreams 

May GOD Continue to Bless and Keep Us All Safe
and may HE in HIS eternal wisdom,
bring something GOOD,
 from our world's current state of chaos and confusion.
Keep the Faith!



  1. oooh- just beautiful! Love it all, but vintage hankie curtains are a favorite. Yes, please stay healthy and safe!

    1. Thank You for your return visit Michelle and also for enjoying the vintage hankie curtains! :D
      They were such an easy peasy project to do after overcoming all of the other assorted challenges with this room so I'm Very Happy you like them too! ;D


  2. You've worked your magic again. The bedroom looks so incredibly cosy! Love what you've done to the bedside chest of drawers. Just wondering if you have thought of putting the whale picture over the door (transom style) and the larger one,off center over the bed, to cover the porthole?
    Keep safe and let's all hope and pray that the vaccine will be found soon.
    Hugs, Linda

    1. Hello and Thank You 'Linda of the flying fingers!' ;D
      After I read your comment I immediately tried moving the whale picture over the door but it was just okay, then I tried the picture of the schooner over the bed and it was way too big, however, I think that I Shall be moving the whale to another room because I just don't think over the bed cuts it anymore, so Thanks for the jump start. :D
      Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to seeing a new blog post from you soon, because I KNOW you have some BEAUTIFUL NEW ITEMS to showcase which will instantly put smiles on all of our faces- like MAGIC ! :D
      talk soon! ❤️


  3. Querida Elizabeth,de nuevo has creado una atmósfera entrañable con tus manos mágicas en este dormitorio! Cada cosa parece estar,donde siempre estuvo,en su lugar exacto,cada detalle te lleva los ojos a admirar primero una cosa,después la otra como siguiendo una melodía,en éste caso marinera
    La habitación es un lujo para la vista,agradable,acogedora,como si al refugiarse en ella,se desvanecerán todos los problemas! Gran trabajo de nuevo!!!
    Cuídate mucho y pasa un buen fin de semana.


    1. Dear Pilar! Thank You so Very Much for your lovely comment and especially for referring to this room as a "refuge", which is exactly the way I see it too; a comfy, cosy place you can curl up in, smell the water, listen to the birds, feel the breeze blowing through the window and daydream all of the cares of the world away! :D


  4. As always, such clever ideas and inspiring photos Elizabeth. You do make me chuckle, as I think we all experience the same kind of trials and errors in our miniature world. I actually like your little porthole:) Very quirky indeed. Hope you are ok in your part of the world. Stay safe. Celia

    1. Thank You Celia, for enjoying the photos and for your comment which made me chuckle too! :D
      I don't doubt that every crafter comes face to face with what seems like an insurmountable problem yet they feel the fear and do it anyway. What bugs me is that even though I try to pre-prepare for those inevitabilities, I still seem to end up with a Double Dose of misfits! AYE YAAAA!
      If I could learn to measure twice and cut once then I'd be like a cat in catnip, but since I pretty hopeless at that too; I can't say enough about the salvation of wall patch and having a good putty knife! :D


  5. me encanta, has conseguido una ambientación perfecta y un juego de luces y sombras que crea una atmósfera muy evocadora ...te felicito". Cuidate ...

    1. Oh I'm SO GLAD that you have enjoyed this room Carmen and for your compliments about the atmosphere!
      That's my main objective within every room. I work to evoke an atmospheric space that will tell a personal story to each viewer; and it makes me Very Happy to hear that it has done so with you! :D


  6. It's amazing what you managed to do in such a small space. This bedroom is very cosy and as usual you found the perfect accessories to create this gorgeous atmosphere with a seaside touch. I love the viw of the sea through the door and the light breeze coming through the window.

    1. I know how much you ( and the children) love the sea Genevieve, and so your compliment means A LOT to me! :D
      I remember when I was first showing the kitchen back in 2015 when you asked if you could see the water from the kitchen window and I showed you that you could; well.... I think of your comment each time I setup the camera! And so I'm DELIGHTED that you've again mentioned loving the view of the sea through the windows which puts a HUGE SMILE on my face because you've noticed! :D


  7. Every time I see you have written a new post, I get myself some coffee or tea and just enjoy the pictures and stories. I do miss working on miniatures, but work on life size quilts at the moment. sometimes I wish I could just cut myself in two and do both

    1. I am SO GLAD to have you visit again AND to have read your Lovely comment, Thank YOu Kleine Vingers! :D
      I totally understand the desire to be able to do two things at once because I feel like that between my miniatures and my garden. When I'm involved with one I have little time for the other, so right now my garden is paying the price of neglect.
      I love quilts and admire anyone who is able to make them. I still have a quilt my great grandmother made for me when I was a teenager, so keep doing what you're doing because you're not only making something practical but also a loving memory within every stitch! :D


  8. I really like how it looks, porthole window and all, because a lot of houses have those crazy things that we have to work around.

    I love the curtains delicate looking

    1. Thank You Sheila! :D
      The porthole window is like the heads and tails of a coin. I love it from the living room side but not so much from the bedroom, and if I had to do it all over again I probably wouldn't but, as you say, I'll have to find a way to work around it more effectively.
      I was actually thinking that if I did a picture gallery and tried incorporating the window into the mix, I might like it better; so we shall see what we shall sea! ;D


  9. Es encantadora, acogedora, muy hogareña.
    Me encanta el juego de luces y como has pintado la mesita de noche, está preciosa.
    Un gran trabajo como siempre.
    Cuídate mucho

    1. I am Very Happy that you find the room cozy and that you like the looks of the bedside table; Thank You Eloisa! :D
      It was so much fun to paint this piece of furniture because the chalk paint base, made all the subsequent paint washes, visible without becoming too opaque,
      AND it was very relaxing after wrestling so long with the doors! ;D


  10. Me encanta como ha quedado a habitación. Con la luz se ve un ambiente muy acogedor. Las cortinas y los cuadros genial- Al final has hecho un buen trabajo con la mesilla. Por cierto, el detalle del calentador es precioso. Me ha recordado a una que tenía mi abuela y que en alguna ocasión aprecié lo calentito que era acostarse después de haberlo pasado por la cama.

    1. Thank You for your comment Isabel, AND for relating your memories of your Grandmother's usage of the bed warmer to heat the bed when you were a child! :D
      Our lives are enriched by fond memories such as yours!
      We can easily forget those extra special things from our youth, yet when we see reminders of them in our miniatures, it's as if we're reliving our childhoods all over again! :D


  11. Oh ! Elizabeth c'est magnifique, chaque changement opéré est à chaque fois absolument bénéfique !
    Ce petit espace est fort bien transformé, là aussi les objets et vêtements sont des preuves de vie !
    Je suis sous le charme de cette pièce ! Bises. Joce

    1. Thank You So Much Joce! :D
      I agree that striving to produce "Proof of Life" is 'what makes a miniature room (as well as a 1:1), an interesting challenge, so I'm Very Happy that you're enjoying the various signs of life you've found within this bedroom!
      As I'm writing this more changes are taking place and Items continue to come in and go out, as the room develops and becomes even more specific.
      I'm also updating the living room a wee bit too, so I'm pretty sure that you'll be getting another bedroom and living room update before this project is totally completed.
      Meanwhile, I Greatly Appreciate each and every one of your Very Encouraging Words; they're what keeps me going AND growing! :D


  12. Wow what a story amazing your journey of making all of it... I know now.. those doors... are really difficult... I'm making them much worse to hang them in ggrrr!
    I love your nautical room, that quilt and those curtains blowing up from the ocean breeze (I can almost feel it) and then that view ooo!
    Have fun, stay safe and healthy,
    groetjes van Marijke

    1. Thank You Very Much, Marijke! :D
      But If you have been making your hinge pin doors without a threshold too, then you've found an Easier and Better way to go about it than I have, since your building skills are SUPERB! :D
      I'm So Happy that you like the effect of the curtains blowing into the room: my friend Janine gave me the idea and so decided to see if I could exaggerate it, and when I did- it worked! :D


  13. What a challenge to pick up where we left a project, especially when we've been out of touch with it for an extended period, but when things start leading us into such a promising direction our weary hearts are thrilled again! And this half of the cottage is thrilling! I love that you can see the view from the back door while daydreaming on your pillow! And I really love a doorway with no trippy threshold! Your sheer determination will make middle-of-the-night- bathroom visits less wakeful and much more pleasant! And you know how I love a house with quirky and clever room arrangements, exciting the viewer to crane, bob and peek to see just what's where and how it all flows together! Magical!
    I love how each detail in the rooms you create gets your undivided attention, becoming the star of the show until it is just right for your overall vision, achieving harmonious flow with all of the other stars in the room. Repeated stripes and colors in different patterns, visual layering, skillful eye directing and finishes with depth of character are among the things I love about this bedroom! The peek of poppies through the delicate, flowy curtains, the sailor dress, the basket, the fishing creel and Popeye - your unique and charming accessories always thrill and inspire and it's so wonderful to have you posting again!
    I can't downplay all of the challenges you've had to overcome to achieve such an outside-the-box vision, and more may well be ahead of you, but you've got the vision, the gumption and all the moxy you need to make Land's End a true work of Americana art!

    1. Oh Jodi of 'the one cookie'- THank YOu Very Much for your Beautiful Comment! :D
      It gave me a good chuckle to see that you've read my mind with regard to those midnight bathroom "trips" which might endanger the toes of the sleepy-eyed occupants encountering those forgotten raised thresholds: OUCH! It's Marvellous being on the same page as you! ;D
      And I must give you credit for INSPIRING ME to look for ways to add extra nooks and crannies within a room, all because of the SPECTACULAR job you did in your Storybook Cottage and the New Orleans House- Unforgettable!
      But my desire to be able to see through the house was in a great part due to the difficulties I had with seeing all the way through Villa Leone. There are places where I should have had a window but didn't and places where I should NOT have had one yet did; which was why ( for Land's End) I'm determined not to make the same mistakes twice.
      And although the bedroom is still a work in progress, it feels good to hear from others that what I'm doing right, is outweighing my obvious fails so once again Jodi- I THANK YOU! :D


  14. Dear Elizabeth, I don't know where to Start! You go from a pile of "rubble" to an amazing, immaculate, perfectly coordinated room in just a few "waves of your magic wand"! :) Well, it looks that way from here.... I know you struggled with the doors... but WOW it worked! And the bed... that Amazing brass bed... of Course it had to take pride of place! What a beautiful bed! And the quilted "quilt" folded at the foot is just Perfect! Not to mention all the other carefully thought out accessories that you have been collecting for so long... you are so good at knowing what to keep! And the window curtains... oh what a beautiful and PERFECT pair of "breezy" curtains! I adore them! And not just because they show a lovely glimpse of those Poppies! (I had all but forgotten them until I saw a glimpse of them in the "rubbble" of your last post!) But because breezy curtains at an open window are SO incredibly evocative of Summer.... sweet, salty fresh air.... dreams and endless afternoons...! Need I say more? This is a room meant for dreaming and sleeping to the sound of waves on the shore.... Well done!!! And I can only say about the porthole window.... what would you put there if that window was not there? Would it not change everything too much... or is there a perfect something? A round map? A moon light? A "dream catcher"? Our rooms do become very personal.. so you will know! As always, I can't wait to see more! :):):)

    1. Dearest Betsy! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading as well as thinking about your comment! :D
      I already KNEW that you would appreciate seeing how I intend displaying your FABULOUS poppies for the future wildflower garden surrounding this house but I love the imagery you've evoked with your Incredible Gift of Storytelling "Summer.... sweet, salty fresh air.... dreams and endless afternoons..." is SPOT ON so Thank You for painting the PERFECT Word Picture as I couldn't have said it any better! :D
      Re: the Porthole window and your question about "what I would have put there if the window wasn't there?" has given me plenty of food for thought. My first response is some kind of shelf unit, and then it was a wall of pictures both of which I've tried but neither were satisfactory.
      So I agree with you that that PERFECT SOMETHING has yet to present itself but when it does- I'll know just who to Thank! ;D


  15. Wonderful pictures. My English is not good enough to tell how much I love your work. Hugs.

    1. Oh THANK YOU So Much Meli, for your Lovely comment which I Greatly Appreciate and by the way, there's Nothing wrong with your English! ❤️ 😘


  16. Hi Elizabeth, it seems that you have a few challenges to conquer in this bedroom but once again you found very clever solutions and we learned a few things in the process. It´s funny, when I read your posts I'm always like ohh, wow, that arrangement is wonderful, and then you changed it and I´m like ohhh who would though? You are always right, I love it even more, what an eye to place the right accessories on the right spot. I love the processes you go through to decorate a room and I´m loving so much this bedroom, I can even smell the sea from here!

    1. I'll tell you a secret Alexandra, I often look back at certain arrangements I've radically changed and wondered WHY didn't I just leave it that way?, so I'm not "always right" but I look at my work as a the whole being more than the sum of its parts, which often involves sacrificing items or arrangements for what I think at the time is "the greater good". ;D
      Accessories come and go as the room takes shape and I've had to remove many pretty things that I would have REALLY prefered to keep; it makes me sad to say goodbye to them, but if I don't miss them then taking them out, was the right thing to do.
      It's a LONG process but I am SO GLAD that you have enjoyed my telling you about it and that you are Loving the Bedroom as much as you do! which makes me feel it was all WORTH IT! :D


  17. Oh Elizabeth - once again you've managed to capture such a beautiful, lived in look that makes me want to curl up in that bed to read a good book while sneaking glances over at the incredible sailor's dress hanging from the wardrobe. You inspire me so much. I want to be just like you when I grow up. At my age, it had better be soon!!! Bravo, Elizabeth. Thank for sharing this wonderful eye candy. - Marilyn D., New Brunswick

    1. Haahahhahha! You never fail to make me Laugh Out Loud Marilyn and so Thank You for your Most Welcomed comment and your unfailing humor! :D
      I have the same idea of curling up in that bed with a good book which is why I piled them up on the nightstand, so you might be forced to scoot over! ;D


  18. Beautiful bedroom it looks so real, great!

    1. Thank You Very Much Gonda! :D
      The bedroom turned out better than I'd expected, despite its challenges and I'm So Glad that you like it! :D
      All that's left is just a few more finishing touches and then comes: The Ceiling!


  19. I'm really liking it. The bed warmer is so cool! Lots of fun stuff :)

    1. Thank Your comment Linda and I am So Pleased that you like this room! :D
      The addition of the bed warmer into this scene was all thanks to the Ebay and the entire lot proved Usable which isn't always the case;
      AND this time there WAS indeed "lots of fun stuff!" :D


  20. Ah, I've so enjoyed this post... and I'm really aware of the fact that it's a great arrangement that you're in charge of the working, deciding, struggling, planning part while my part is simply to enjoy your newest work and to get lost in your fantastic photos. ;O)

    It's stunning how you've managed to arrange all these things and especially the big pieces of furniture in a way that this small room doesn't look stuffed and heavy at all. And what a view through the corridor... how great would to look at the sea while lying in the bed. The combat of the giants (In the left corner of the ring: Elizabeth the Great! And in the right corner: The door!) ended with a stunning result.

    And what always amazes me is your talent for decorating your fabulous scenes, it's not only the items you have in your stash and how you're placing them, but it's always a balance of a good amount but not too much. And bravo for the quilt and the whole bedding, it looks so real and vivid... and the curtains... and the match of rug and lighthouse and... you know the pattern by now, add in everything you've shown. But I must confess it - my biggest amazement came out of the fact that you have a "drawer of homeless windows"! *LOL*

    And how beautiful the view out of the window with Betsy's poppies popping through. It's so promising that Land's End will also have a garden - and if you're going to use the kits you have from Ebe I promise you to have loads of fun and fantastic results. ;O)

    Take good care of yourself and keep on crafting!

    1. I THOROUGHLY Enjoyed reading your Wonderful comment Birgit; and you might also be "amazed" to learn that the drawer of homeless windows sits beneath the drawer of homeless doors! hahaha! ;D
      For Years, whenever I needed a particular style of door/window, I would buy it and then find out later that I already had one mixed in with other homeless items, so last year, I bit the bullet and I went through Every Storage box and container and found that I had enough loose doors and windows to fill 2 separate drawers- Yikes!
      The back door of Land's End was one I had previously removed from the bedroom of Villa Leone when I'd replaced a left swing with a right swinging door.
      So now I had a homeless French door, with all the Leone"Stonework" still clinging to its frame which I needed to scrape off before I could use it for this seaside cottage. Normally I wouldn't have bothered but I am trying to change my old habits and reduce reuse and recycle and I must say that it felt mighty good to stick to the plan and repurpose some of my Hoard.
      But when it comes to the future garden, what better place to begin than with Betsy's Glorious Poppies! :D
      They're the Perfect height for outside the bedroom window and they've got me chomping at the bit to get busy on the rest of the garden although, I must finish the bathroom first.
      Yet when I saw how BEAUTIFULLY you made up Ebe's flower kits for Fluby and Rosy's gardens, I felt inspired by what you've done and how pretty those flowers you've made will look that I got Super Excited about them all over again! Ahhhhh we are so BLESSED by caring, sharing and making things that the joys of this hobby brings! :D
      GOD is good!


  21. I love the drawers makeover. In fact, I love everything in this wonderful seaside bedroom including the view from the window. I don't see anything strange with a porthole window in a seaside house, It just belongs there.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Thank You Drora for your VERY Encouraging words Especially regarding the porthole window!
      I have been experimenting with different accessories on that wall and after many fails I think that I've FINALLY found a solution to making the porthole appear less of a nuisance!
      And I'm Delighted that you Approve the drawer makeover! That WAS fun and I'm Very Happy with the results too! :D


  22. I don't think I'll ever tire of reading your posts, especially all the trials and tribulations that you go through! So many miniaturists jump straight to the finished article, so you miss out on the creative process and what steps led to success or failure!

    1. Thank You Very Much Christine for your Lovely comment which I'm Greatly Encouraged by! :D
      I often think that it's pointless to post all my numerous ups and downs and perhaps better to just cut to the chase. However, I have learned that when I can't remember how I made something or how I worked out a problem, it is because I've documented it in my old posts.
      So by relating the "trials and tribulations of my "creative process" it's not only for my reader's entertainment, but also to refresh my own faulty memory! ;D


  23. So the magic does not happen in the kitchen? ;-) No freshly baked cookies?

    I love the bedroom. and it is so good to see that the same room gets a totally different feel when you change the position and look of the furniture.

    And I'm sorry, but I want to talk about the port hole... You said enough about regretting the decision to put it in and such. and apart from that you tried to ignore it as much as possible, but you did not try to hide it or cover it up. And if I am honest, looking at the last two pictures of the room at night, I must say that I really love the port hole. :-)
    I really do. For some reason it somehow fitted itself into your decoration scheme. If you take a break from it for a few days, and look at it when you finished the kitchen, perhaps you have grown to like it (again) as well. I hope you will.


    1. What an INsightful comment Huibrecht which I Totally enjoyed reading-Thank You! :D
      Let me tell you what has happened since I posted this chapter:
      I was weeping and wailing about the porthole window because I didn't want to leave the rest of the wall empty, yet I was at a loss as to what would work with it. Although I used the whaling picture, it was more that I was resigned to it rather than loving it.
      After I'd read Betsy's comment about what I'd use if the window wasn't there and it got me rethinking, and so I tried out all the things that I thought I would have used had the porthole not been at issue and none of them looked any good either. I kept searching until I found a picture that was the right size, colour and subject and BY GEORGE IT WORKED! It actually compliments the porthole rather than competes with it, which means that- As Of TODAY; I'M LIKING THE PORTHOLE Again!
      and so YOU got your wish! ;D


    2. Well, who knew. I never knew my wishes to be granted so speedily. :-) I am happy for you, and look forward to reading your next post on Land's End when it arrives.


    3. I often take the good advice of my readers since it's usually far more objective than mine! :)

      and I should have the kitchen posted sometime next week

  24. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful, I love it all. It looks so cosy and lived in, as if the owner has recently woken up, made the bed and gone downstairs for breakfast :-)

  25. I am left wondering if you will find my comment since I am so late with it. When I first got notification of this post, I couldn't open it. Glad I checked back. The room is amazing. I am always in awe of the wonderful accessories that everyone finds. I have a hard time finding good stuff because there is only one show in Denver once a year, plus the Little Show in February. The Denver Doll and Toy museum has been closed while it relocates and sponsors both of these shows. Love the dolls. They are priceless. And the little sailor's suit. Did you try oxy-clean on it? or Borax laundry powder? The stains don't show, still you know that they there. I love to see how other builders struggle and do unconventional things like remove thresholds. You give us permission to make mistakes and change. I've used the printable cloth for rugs and left the backing, but I like the idea for a beautiful quilt. So Elizabeth, the room is wonderful. I am glad that you are liking the portal window. Maybe you could a stained glass in it? It's comforting to have our blogs to keep each other company--a wonderful way to social distance. It's normal for us. Stay well.

  26. Thank YOu for your Lovely comment and for your Return visit Ann! 😘
    I must officially apologize for my first false notification. I'd accidently hit the Publish button while still in the midst of editing and so I had to withdraw the post but the photo remained behind. It was confusing to everyone, however I'm So Glad that YOU found me again! :D
    Re:the Oxyclean on the sailor dress: no I haven't tried it because this dress is very delicate and because the black trims are glued on and its pleats precisely pressed, so I didn't want to get the dress too wet and perchance disturb what's left. But maybe if I tried dispensing the Oxyclean from a drop dispenser to the stains, do you think that technique might work?

    And as for the porthole window, YES, I'm finally reconciled to it since I changed the artwork on the wall and so now I'm Very Happy with both! HOORAY!!!! 😄
    When I installed the porthole back in 2015, I filled it in with real frosted glass from a burnt out kitchen Puck light, so it's quite opaque, however, the stained glass would have been a Really Good Idea for it too! :D
    I hear you about leaving the backing on after inkjet printing which I usually do too whenever I'm making area rugs.... Isn't it FUN?
    I remember when I first got into this hobby back in the late 70's and NONE of this home technology was even imaginable and look at how far we've come!
    Wishing you a Very Happy Easter weekend and hope that your family is not at too great a distance for you and your hubby to fellowship with.
    Blessings! :D


  27. Bliss. This bedroom has turned out to be a perfectly blissful little sanctuaries. The rearranging of the main pieces of furniture completely transformed not just the feel of the room but also the visual size - indeed visual perception is an intriguing thing.
    There are so many things to love in your arrangement of furniture and fine arrangement of your collection of special pieces.
    Such a shame with the wee sailor suit, but then again, the person living in this wee cottage possibly found it a flee market and fell in love with it, stains and all.
    Stay Safe,
    Hugs, Anna

    1. Thank You Very Much Anna, and I couldn't agree MORE with your story about the sailor dress being found at a flea market! It makes perfect sense to me and so THAT'S WHAT IT IS! :D
      And I'm So Glad that you like the way I've dressed the room. We and miniaturists, often begin with a particular idea which we are set on and when it doesn't work out we'll try to push it through anyway, but it's often better to just go with the flow and allow the room itself to dictate its own direction and in this case It Was Right!. :D


  28. je découvre à chaque fois vos nouvelles créations avec émerveillement . il y a tellement de choses à découvrir . il y a beaucoup de détails qui racontent une histoire , un souvenir . tous les commentaires ont dit avant moi ce qu 'il y avait à dire ... je n 'ai pas beaucoup plus de choses à dire .
    ce qui m 'a le plus étonné car je n 'aurais peut etre pas fait cela , c'est l 'endroit où vous avez placé le lit . cela est le meilleur endroit . ceci est parfait . je me pose depuis des années une question bizarre et je n 'ai pas la réponse . pourquoi aux USA , on met souvent le lit sous la fenêtre ??? en Europe , on ne fait jamais cela . Le lit est souvent mis en face de la fenêtre . On aime pouvoir regarder par la fenêtre quand on est couché , comme dans la chambre que vous avez fait . bon , je pense que j 'ai posé une question stupide ... :))

    1. Thank You Very Much Catherine but I had to laugh after reading your comment, because my RL bed IS indeed positioned under the window, but not until I read your comment, had I any idea that that was a North American cultural distinction! hahahahah 😂
      Fortunately for the owners of Land's End, they get a view and a cross current from 2 windows and not just one, so here at least is an exception to the "bed rule!" 😉


  29. You are an artist Elizabeth. You know just how to perfectly balance every scene and every part of a scene. And I love reading the inner workings of your mind, the process you go through to get your end result. And for the record, I like the quirkiness of the porthole wall. Nothing is ever perfect, especially in older homes. Perhaps though you could try putting a small picture or something on the wall just above the wall sconce and whale picture. If it’s all off-kilter, keep it that way. Still waiting to see Villa Leone pics too! Take care. Xx

    1. Thank You for your Great Advice about using a small picture Shannon, and I have indeed done so and the smaller picture works SO MUCH BETTER! The heavy whale picture will be moved to the bathroom so it won't go to waste but I am now RECONCILED to the porthole window and so I'm TAKING BACK all those negative things I'd said about it before! 😎👍🏾

      p.s. I'll be posting Villa Leone update photos beginning with the garden, this summer.


  30. A beautiful room with many details. It's so cosy! The dolls above the bed are amazing.

    1. Thank You Faby, I am SO GLAD that you have enjoyed viewing this bedroom! and I have to say that I love those dolls too and I'm glad that they've FINALLY found a permanent home! :D


  31. Hi Elizabeth, what an attractive room it has become! I think we all want to sleep here and be surrounded by the beautifull miniatures! (love the dolls) You have solved the obstacles (very recognizable!!) you have encountered very well! Take care and I like your posts; they are always fun to read! Monique

    1. Thank You Very Much Monique, for not only enjoying the photos but for enjoying the stories in the text too! :D.
      Each one of the miniatures in my collection hold a special memory for me but when I don't see them for a long time, I often forget that I have them! Sometimes when wish that I had one thing for a room, I'll suddenly remember that I DO have one and then, when I begin searching for it, I'll stumble upon other minis that had entirely slipped my mind which feels like renewing old friendships! :D


  32. This is just such a cozy and inviting scene. I loved seeing it all come together. That bed frame is gorgeous, the perfect show piece for this room. And I love how you can see right out to the french door, it makes the whole thing even more magical! Hope you and your family are healthy and doing well.

    1. I'm So Glad that you've enjoyed your visit here Kristine, Thank You! :D
      The brass bed I was lucky to get on sale at a show a couple of years ago. The entire frame was unstable and went out of square whenever it was picked up. All it took to fix it was screwdriver and -Voila!
      And I'm Very Happy that the view from the bed looks out either onto Betsy's poppies or out to the ocean - not my original plan yet So Much Better!

      p.s. All's good with me and relatively quiet here in the west, however I understand that it's more dangerous in the east so make sure to keep yourself as safe as you can, till arrive at the other side. ❤️

  33. Hi Elizabeth, the bedroom looks fantastic. The bed is very inviting and I love the quilt. I red the comments above. I agree with them. My poor English skills prevent me from expressing myself crearly. I so sorry for that. But I LOVE this room.
    - Sirkka

    1. Thank You Very Much Sirkka! :D
      I love that quilt too as I feel that it makes the entire bed look as if it has a long history of past generations sleeping in it. I don't know who made the quilt but they did a Marvellous job and I'm sure they'd be Very Happy that you like it too! :D


  34. I did get to see the original version of this post (you must have been gutted when lots of it disappeared!!!), thanks so much for all the work in redoing it because it's a delight to be able to look at it again. This little room is absolutely ADORABLE Elizabeth, the result of ups and downs and multiple changes that have all led to what looks like perfection (although yes of course you retain the right to change something to make it even more perfect lol). There are so many elements that have come from such a variety of places (thanks for the shout-out on the pillow) but you have managed to knit them together so that they look like they were all made especially for it. I love the idea of the apparently billowing curtains, brings a touch of life to the scene, as do the poppies. I can just imagine the slightly salty breeze blowing through the open window. Linda told me that it really is a tiny room and as mentioned in a previous comment it's incredible that you've managed to squeeze in so many bits and pieces without making it looked crammed. Instead it looks inviting and deliciously comfortable. I'm so looking forward to seeing more of this wonderful cottage.

    1. Hello Norma and YES I WAS GUTTED! :(
      I still haven't figured out how or why the photos disappeared but yesterday when I saw what had happened, I set out to repair the damage, which became yet another trial by fire. MOST of it has been restored but what hasn't, can repost at later date.
      ANYHOOSIE, I Thank You for your Really Lovely comment and mentioning the billowing curtains and Betsy's poppies outside the window; I love that view too, just as I LOVE your little pillow and its romantic vintage look on the bed!
      As for the actual size of the bedroom, its higher and wider than it is deep which has made it more challenging to work on but making a deep alcove for the room certainly helped a lot!
      So Glad you've made time for a return visit, Norma and HOPEFULLY my next post re: the cottage kitchen, will manage to remain intact! :D


    2. Yes, the alcove is great because it's not only given you more room it adds a wonderful extra dimension to the room. I can't wait to see the kitchen - fingers crossed for that post's digital stability ;)

  35. To be a little room there is great impact here! Love all of the quilts, makes the room look cosy and inviting. Although we cannot keep everything good and new the little sailor suit and hat are adorable. I love the age on them. It shows that someone loved it enough to keep it.
    Mini huggs,

  36. Thank You VERy Much Conny! :D
    I Really enjoyed reading your comment and hearing your observations regarding the conditions of some of the accessories featured in this room "that hat someone loved it enough to keep it." you're SPOT ON! ❤️


  37. Replies
    1. Thanks Brandy! :D
      There's a famous saying that "GOD is in the details" which I always try to remember, because it is those under-layers of little extras which provide the foundation for all the other stuff on top!


  38. The atmosphere in your projects is tangible. By the time I finished this post I was calm, soothed and slightly dreamy which is what every tiny beauty in this lovely room sets out to do.

    1. Thank You Marilyn and as Frank Costanza said in Seinfeld " SERENITY NOW" ;)



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