Tuesday, 5 May 2020

CATCH OF THE DAY: What's been cooking @ LAND'S END

Hello Again Everyone!  
 As Promised, 
is the kitchen at 

I wish I could say that I'm finished with this room 
but I'm not.

I'm still fixing certain things I'm unhappy with-
but I say this on every post don't I? 


The main thing which has bugged me 
right from the start, is
 the Kitchen's countertop which I've already  remade 
The last 3 'Final' attempts were made
 using a "self-stick' metallic contact paper, 
😫  refuses to Stay Stuck!

First it's Down 
then it's Up!  I've repeatedly wrestled with it, 
trying to subdue it,
but between me and the contact paper; 
 it's still a waiting game.


Now back to the kitchen-⛵️
In the process of changing the countertop,
 I also changed the drawers and the hardware. 
  I also added a couple of heat vents at the base of the lower cabinet,
which I faced with 'grillwork' 
using cut filigree sections from a sandalwood fan. 
sorry no photos 

While I had the countertop off, I was going to try to reposition the sink because it isn't properly centered
 but I couldn't detach it without completely destroying it
so in the end I left it alone. 
IF I DO end up redoing the metal countertop,
then I'LL DEFINITELY remake the sink.

In some of the following photos you'll see either a  textured surface which is 
the crappy OLD countertop
mixed in with photos showing ones with a smooth surface which are one of the 3 versions of  
the newer contact paper counters
My purpose for using both old and new pictures in this post are for the following reasons : 
a) the general clarity of the photos 
b) I liked the composition!😎

FYI #2
For better close ups of the food and accessories, the wall and sink unit were removed from the dollhouse,
however, once the counter and the wall are permanently glued into place, 
zooming in on anything in the kitchen
 will become almost impossible, 
as you enter the kitchen to grab your plate,
 make sure to take a good look around cuz
you may not get this close to the food again!

 and with all that said-

Let's Get This Party Started! 

There's LOTS of food covering the counter, 
most of which I've had for a while.
Each of the ingredients have been selected to 
prepare a New England fish stew recipe, 
destined for that copper pot sitting on 
the stove top.

When researching a New England style fish stew, 
I came across several recipes using assorted seafood along with fresh as well as canned tomatoes. 
Posted at the end of one recipe
was the following indignant comment
"This chef must be from New York because 
no TRUE New Englander would ever use tomatoes in their fish stew"

and then I read this-

"This recipe must be from New York. We don’t use tomato anything in our stews.🤨
well, I guess that settles that!~
on the mini menu is a
 Nouveau New England New York style fish stew 
with tomatoes  
moving on...
I've installed a task lamp on the kitchen counter
 not only because I like the soft ambient light 
it casts, 
but also because it feels more homespun and cottagey to me.

Altogether I have 5 different light sources 
in this room, including a small overhead lantern in the passageway which leads into the bedroom. 

In the corner of the (old) counter are a set of 
blue and white porcelain canisters.  

A red metal tin is filled with a collection of kitchen utensils.
The rolling pins and wooden utensils were made by
me, but the rest were collected over a period of time from various sources. 
The copper colander was a recent online purchase but the mussels were bought 5 years ago  
from Bel's Mini World .
(sadly she's no longer selling.)

the dish of red ripe tomatoes were made by 
Monica of

they're Perfect! 

The single yellow onion was made by Fatima of
 and the bell peppers and Amazing celery were made by 
Twin Heart Miniatures

I bought mine at the Seattle Show but she also sells
on her Facebook page 

The measuring spoons were from 
an earlier tutorial of mine 
Measure for Measure

The open can of tomatoes and the fish filets
are miniature show purchases.
The salt and pepper grinders I made 
 from wooden
Tiny Turnings

  an overview of the prep area

(sorry but the 2 photos below 
have locked together and I can't separate them)

In the center of the counter
is the utility sink with the 'embossed' undersea scene 'etched' into the front panel.
(a print I cut from a design magazine) 

 Inside the sink 
is the catch of the day
destined for the fish stew.

These rubbery fishing lures were 
Very Carefully 
removed from Real Life fish hooks 
before they were placed in the dish. 

the cheater string beans in a bowl
are snippets of green florist tape 
which look much better 
from a greater distance!😉

On the other side of the sink is
a Ruetter stainless steel drain rack.

Fatima made 
the store bought  bag of organic lemons

I've displayed Fatima's bag of lemons with a Delightful little Hand-Painted Pitcher of blue hollyhocks; 
a Much Appreciated Gift 
from Linda Park

The pitcher itself
 was made by 
Margaret Crosswell
of Tasmania
a Very Talented  porcelain artist 
sorry no website available.  

FYI #4

I'm going to try my hand at 'growing' miniature hollyhocks for the future seaside garden of 
Land's End.
I've never made them before, but I'd like to try.  

The sailor statuette on the countertop
 props up a telescope- 
conveniently at hand
for a bit of friendly neighbourhood watching 

A closer look at
Captain Tennille kept lovingly together 

with his trusty spyglass! 

On the wall above the captains head
are a rope of garlics and one of red peppers
from the creative hands of


Looking now at the wall 
at the other end of the kitchen...

The split doors lead into the bathroom,
which I'm simultaneously working on 
in tandem with the kitchen. 

Not only is the bathroom very close to completion 
I'm actually REALLY happy with it!! 🎉

The kitchen door leads out to the water,
and is to the left of the bathroom.

The kitchen door had been originally intended 
for Villa Leone, so the door frame was
 heavily layered with my homemade 'stonework'.
which you can see featured in the link below.
It required a lot of hard scraping to remove most of the plaster in order to salvage the door for 
Land's End.   
Needless to say, it's been through a lot and is  
still looking pretty rough, 
once it's sanded and repainted 
it's appearance should improve.  

The split doors were an extra set 
I already had on hand. 
They've worked out better than the single door 
I'd originally planned

to the right of the bathroom door
 is a peg coat rack with a 
sou'wester rain hat
made specifically for Land's End
by the 
Linda Park
Linda's Mini World blog. 
Linda also made me a matching raincoat to go with the hat
a lobster trap 
a hand tied net! 
Linda's Many Talents are as varied as Fatima's 
Linda's been stitching NON STOP
 this entire quarantine,
making a plethora of floral, shell, and canine petit point cushions, as well as tea cosies, and slippers which she plans to sell at the
Vancouver Dollhouse and Miniatures Show 

Her fingers are Lighting Fast 
yet her work is consistently 
so we are All in for A TREAT next year! 

I've displayed Linda's rain hat next to a bundle of real miniature rope.

The navigational chart above the rack 
was cut from a design magazine 
and glued onto card stock.
Eventually, I plan to hang a flyswatter 
on the peg rack too.  

Further to the right 
is the entry into the bedroom 
previously detailed in
A Long Day's Journey Into Night

Above shows the Rough-looking open back door of the kitchen and the direct sightline 
into the bedroom. 

The photo below circles around the bedroom door
to the wall directly opposite the kitchen counter.

Initially, I wasn't sure how to dress the narrow wall
 behind the bedroom door but then I found this 
TALL 9 inch LADDER in my stash; 
probably a Real Life bird perch?- 

 in any case,
it happen to be the right height for water side of
 the cottage 
if the owners should ever need 
to access the roof to replace a shingle. 

 On the floor next to the ladder,
 a red fire extinguisher- 
(every kitchen needs one)
and a broom, and a 
 collapsible step ladder for accessing 
the overhead shelving in the kitchen.

The top of the blue cupboard stores the mixing bowls and a couple of his and hers pewter tankards 
 which are great for sipping piping hot toddies 
on cold winter nights!  

5 years ago, I actually made 
this narrow shelf unit from heavy cardstock 
and scrap wood
which I lined with sections of a road map, 
and Hallelujah!- it turned out BETTER than I'd expected!
Who'da thought? 

The top shelf of the cupboard holds a selection of vintage cookbooks, spice jars, dishes 
and a storage tin.

On the 2nd shelf are a couple of mugs 
holding additional kitchen utensils,
a 'hunny' pot, and a bottle of vanilla.

The woven placemats were originally from a pair of thrift store earrings. 
Each earring had 3 drops of small, medium, 
& large sized woven circles, 
which were joined together with jump rings. 
Once the rings were snipped off 
- hey Presto!- 
from jewelry to mini placemats within minutes! 

The stack of dishes were made by Sam Dunlap; 
they were a lucky find at The Seattle Show
which Janine, Fatima and I attended together 
a number of years ago- pre covid: 

back in the Good Old Days! 

On the 3rd shelf are stacks of kitchen towels 
and a couple of oven mitts. 
Most of the towels were made either by me 
or by
Plushpussycat  blog

The box of Saltines are from
and the clear box of 
Ferrero Rocher chocolates 
(top right corner behind the crackers)
 are more tiny treasures 
from the multi-talented Fatima
The orange Kitchen Aid was a giveaway win from
Kristine of
Paper Doll Miniatures

and the vintage toaster I've had kicking around 
in my stash.

I placed a small basket of potatoes and a Red onion on the floor under the shelf unit.
These of course,
essential ingredients 
for the 'faux' New England fish stew being prepared. 

The yams are actually PEELABLE
and also made by 
on FB 
The regular spuds I made by following a 
 Victoria Miniland tutorial 
on youtube

The cheater 'red onion' 
is a berry snipped from a stem 
of commercial silk flowers.  

As you can see from the photo above,
I've now installed a curtain panel between the living room and the kitchen which visually softens both rooms and acts as a "room divider" between 
these 2 spaces. 

The photo below illustrates how the overhead beams increase the difficulty of getting a clear photograph of the interior of the kitchen. 
Once the ceiling is installed it will be almost impossible to see anything up high 
which is why I'm planning to install 
2 huge skylights in the ceiling; 
for light and for viewing 
that part of this project 
is still away down the river.

I purchased the harpoon on display back in the 1990's but happened to find it's twin on the website of 
where I also found the PERFECT 
kitchen light fixture for 

Storage is at a premium in Land's End 
and so the top of the fridge displays the overflow of the most frequently used condiments. 

A wire basket holds the cooking oils, 
cooking wines and vinegars; 
grated cheese; ketchup; and another jar of honey which I've recently replaced with a box of 
 Sunmaid raisins.  
A jar of homemade jam is next to the basket
and a glass canister of spaghetti
are both leftovers from 2 of my earlier tutorials.

The vintage transistor radio I've had in my stash.
 I've added a straight pin 'antenna'
for better reception.

In behind the radio
 is a glass container  
 filled with original recipe
New England Toll house cookies


Over the stove hang an assortment of copper and iron cookware purchased on ebay. 

The wood slaw cutter is by Sir Thomas Thumb
I bought this back in the 90's too,
 but it's good to see 
that they're still being made today.

The electric stove I made
and although it was meant to look old; 
it looks VERY, VERY OLD!
I should have put the controls on the front of the stove, or made the back control panel higher  
I must 
leave  it  as  it  is

Here's a close up of some of the copper ware and cooking utensils hanging above the stove. 

The little fridge I found at the thrift store, 
and was originally intended for the kitchen of
#43 Green Dolphin Street
but it was too big! 

It opens and has shelving 
but I prefer it closed.

5 years ago, I installed a long display shelf directly above the appliances and this original arrangement hasn't changed much. 
On the left side is:
 a life preserver, 
a sailing ship
(which I'd freed from a glass bottle),
a diving helmet,
a seagull, 
a bottle of Cutty Sark whiskey
(used for 'Medicinal Purposes' only!


The other side of the shelf 
holds 'American' pantry items 
which I specifically purchased for Land's End. 
The home preserves and especially the 
Iodized Salt 
are a loving reminder of my Great Grandmother who used to use Morton's Salt in her kitchen because-
"When it Rains It Pours"

My sister's suggested a jar of peanut butter for the shelf -  good idea!

The Quaker Oats; Mayonnaise;
chicken noodle soup; tomato sauce, canned fish and canned vegetables,  
all came from
Photo below illustrates  the inside corner of the overhead shelf 
what the ceiling will look like once it's installed

An overview of the Prep side of the kitchen.

The LED stove light was a gift 
from my friend Pearl Johnston
Initially, I wasn't sure how I was going to use it but once I saw how Janine incorporated an LED over her wood stove in her Swedish House,
I wanted to do it too, 
so Pearl's gift was put straight to work! 

Uh oh
Looks like rain

winds picking up
Feels like we're in for a storm
better batten down the hatches

Nothing like a blazing fire in the fireplace
while the wind and the sea are raging.

Storm's beginning to clear

dark clouds have passed

 blue skies 
smiling at me!

and it's back to work on my stew

Hope you enjoyed this 

'cuz that's what's been cooking in 

thank you so much for stopping by

stay healthy and be strong 





  1. Oh wow! You fit a lot into that kitchen! I love the light fixture and the measuring spoons. And the sink is gorgeous.

    1. Hi Sheila!
      I have a lot of stuff I've been collecting and I wanted to use as much of it in this kitchen as possible!
      The light fixture is a favourite feature of mine and although at first I wasn't going to install one, later on I felt I needed more than what was over the sink, and I'm glad that you like it too.
      The little measuring spoons are easy peasy to make and I hope you'll give them a try!


  2. HOW FANTASTIC!! I love every single piece - thanks for a truly wonderful blog.

    1. Thank You Very Much Robin!
      Every single piece inside this kitchen holds a special memory for me and being able to have them on display where I can see them allows me to relive those memories as well as to share them now with you!


  3. Elizabeth, you have done it again!! Land's End's kitchen is SO perfect. The detail is just amazing! I can almost smell the stew ingredients. It will be so yummy on a cold, blustery evening! And thank you for the kind words on my needlework. I will once again attempt to put some photos on my blog. Can't wait to see beyond those split doors into the Land's End bathroom.
    Hugs, Linda

    1. Good Morning Linda and Thank You for comment and for your Expressive Enthusiasm regarding my Land's End kitchen- MUch t Appreciated! :D
      It was a LOT OF FUN matching my miniature ingredients to a Real Life recipe associated to an Actual Location on the U.S. Eastern Seaboard!
      And being such a small cottage, I expect the aroma of the fish stew will quickly permeate every single inch of it! :D

      I think your needlework is Incomparable Linda, and I'm VERY HAPPY that you were finally able to post your Exquisite Embroidery onto your blog- HOORAY HOORAY!!!!
      Meanwhile, I'm eagerly awaiting a particular order so that I can "complete" the bathroom, so it shouldn't be too much longer before I can reveal to all my friends; what lies behind Door # 2! ;)



  4. Dear Elizabeth..... I really hate to tell you that the commenter was right... New England fish "chowdah" has no tomatoes! Milk onions potatoes sometimes corn and maybe a bean or two and fish fish fish! Nothing gourmet about it! But in the New Age... anything goes! And the kitchen at Land's End is so homey and compact and Filled with perfect details... I just don't know how you manage it!!! there must be 2000 tiny things gathered in perfect harmony in this tiny room! And they all look exactly at home, within easy reach, right where they "should" be and nothing missing! Not even the slaw grater and the step stool! (Short person that I am, I use one to stir bowls on my counter top and knead bread too!) The assortment of basic foods are all familiar to me... (Yes, I am born and Bred tenth generation New Englander!) We had a cabin on The Cape with a "galley" kitchen... appliances in a row and shelves overhead and a table in front of them for dining. Brooms in the corner beside the fridge... booze on top... spatulas and frying pans hanging over the stove.... just the basics! Because outdoors was where everything happened... unless it was foggy chilly New England Nor'Easter and then the Morton salt mostly poured... but only if you added rice to the shaker! Gosh..... thanks for taking me there! I Love your Lands End!!! :):):)

  5. Uh oh... I thought of something you need... A Bread Box! And old Metal Bread Box... rusted at the corners...! *Sigh* Never mind... nobody uses them any more! :)

    1. My Dearest Betsy!
      I just want to let you know How Much I have enjoyed reading your comment!!!
      I had no idea that you were a 10th generation New Englander or that you could easily relate to so many of the items I've included in my Land's End Kitchen- HOW MARVELLOUS!
      This is what makes miniatures such a universal language- they can immediately place us back into our childhood and/or with the people who shared a Very Special Time with us!
      My Great Grandmother's use of Morton's Salt, has found a common thread with your memories of your Cabin on The Cape, Morton's Salt and rice in the salt shaker! :D
      Much of what is on the pantry shelf is what I immediately associate with my summer visit with my Great Grandma, which has carried over into my adult life, but it gives me Great Pleasure to know that seeing them in Land's End has resonated with you as well!
      Thanks entirely to your comment, I shall have to make sure to include a small BBQ so some of the cooking can be performed outside!
      I've so enjoyed reading your personal recollections Betsy, and learning of how many of them coincide with what you've seen here and so I Thank You not only for affirming my work but also for sharing many of YOUR treasured memories with Me- Thank YOU!
      And before I forget, I HAD thought about a Bread Box and if I Could I Would but there's not a empty spot left in the kitchen to put it in! ❤️


  6. What a treat! So many lovely littles to admire and be transported to a sea side retreat. I can truly imagine being there (especially now) and content. Thank you for being so determined to make it perfect and sharing. Question- what do the letters stand for under your name? I think I have a good idea but curious. Judy

    1. Welcome to Land's End Judy, and Thank You for your Lovely comment! :D
      It makes me Very Happy that you can imagine yourself in my little seaside retreat which is always what I hope for: that people can feel transported and a part of the picture!
      And thank you for asking about the letters below my name- they stand for "Where We Go One, We Go All" a definition (especially at this time in history), which we can all relate to in one way or another! ❤️


  7. These pictures are fantastic! Had me hankering for fish stew. What an exciting project. Never being satisfied makes for a lot of fun!

    1. Thank You VERY MUCH Linda! :D
      I've taken HUNDREDS of photos of this kitchen during various stages of its "Becoming". Some were Great but most weren't, however many of the earlier photos were easier to see the details of, than some of the newer pictures- hence the mix of both old and new.
      Sorting through them and composing a comprehensible story for the blog was an exciting process for me, and (knowing me) I expect more changes will follow throughout the entire cottage, before I'm actually "satisfied" 😉


  8. Lawd Hammercy! What a feast for the eyes and soul! Thanks for a wonderful how detailed you are and the way you always try to give us links--I end up going down about a hundred rabbit holes- then I look up and 2 hours have passed- teehee!

    1. Gee Willikers- Thank You Michelle!!! And may I add that Your expressions sound just like my Great Grandmas! :D
      I'm Totally Stoked that you've enjoyed this post along with the various links I've included and it IS very easy to get lost down a rabbit holes! I KNOW this because it happens to me ALL the Time, so although I "feel your pain", look at the links as an unexpected pathways to new adventures as well as a great way to pass these self-isolating yet nessesary 'Covid Times' ! 😉


  9. Elizabeth,has creado una cocina francamente maravillosa,donde cualquier amante de la buena comida anhelaría ponerse a cocinar! Repleta de utensilios,de comida fresca,real,para preparar platos deliciosos.
    Y además,siempre logras la atmósfera perfecta para que cada rincón sea atrayente y confortable,me encanta!!!


    1. Thank You Very Much Pilar, for not only enjoying my little kitchen but also for enjoying todays menu of Fish Stew! :D
      I've had many of the ingredients you've seen, waiting on standby for a very long time, and it felt good to bring them out to where I could finally get cooking with them in earnest!
      I honestly believe that every kitchen should reflect the personality of its 'chief cook and bottlewasher' so whenever I build a miniature room I try to ensure that the residents are able to easily access every corner as well as enjoy living and working in their tiny homes- so I Greatly Appreciate your comment and hope that I've whetted your appetite for a second helping of my miniature home cooking ! :D


  10. Dear Elisabeth. I know that I can be quite snobby on the subject of food and wine… But to my humble, yet prolific, culinary experience, New England fish stews don't get much better unless they're Nouveau Faux!

    I wouldn't want it any other way. ;-)

    In France the same goes for the French bean stew called Cassoulet. It is one of those recipe's where every families grandmother has the one and true version of the dish and everything else amounts to culinary heresy. :-)

    A French friend of mine was quite displeased to find tomatoes in my cassoulet a few years ago. He still thinks i am a decent cook for a Dutchman but still a Dutchman. When I showed him that the recipe used was a French recipe, from good friends of my parents who shared their families recipe for that dish, he shrugged his shoulders and said 'Ah yes, but they are from Toulouse you say?' Apparently that explained everything. ;-)

    That being said, what lovely kitchen! I love the choice of miniatures that you have put in. The atmosphere in here fits perfectly with the rest of the house. And I can almost smell the stew. delicious!

    Just one word of advise, and please take it to heart. Néver use 5 year old mussels for a dish. :-o



    1. Your comment had a surprise ending which I didn't see coming until I read it and had to LAUGH OUT LOUD!- VERY FUNNY Huibrecht I Thoroughly Enjoyed it!!! 😂
      Yet of all the edibles on display in the kitchen, my favourite are The "5 Year Old Mussels", because they remind me of some of my most enjoyable meals of mussels in garlic and white wine sauce which I always ordered at the same hotel restaurant during regular work related visits to Victoria, British Columbia.
      So when I saw Bel's AMAZING miniature versions of open and closed mussels I was SOLD! I know that I haven't done them justice in displaying All of them all together because their tiny details are lost in the colander, but thankfully everything is so Well Preserved that there's no need to worry about Accidental Poisoning age or Red Tide! ;D


    2. Than you have put my mind at ease. :-) I love musselles with white wine and a bit of garlic and parsley. Little more is needed to enjoy a good meal.

  11. Replies
    1. Thank You Very Much Mirel! :D
      I've been collecting these treasures for years but many of them had remained in storage for such a long time, that it felt like I was meeting for lunch, with old friends again!
      And needless to say, but when the CV19 quarantine finally ends; meeting for lunch with my RL treasured friends, will be one of the first things on my MUST DO list! :D


  12. Like I love to do seeing a post on your blog is getting a cup of coffee and enjoy what is new. This time I enjoyed what was cooking.. I love the clutter in the kitchen, it looks so real and used. I do like the way you fill the spaces.

    1. Thank YOU Kleine Vingers, for letting me know that you Enjoy reading my posts AND with a Cup of Coffee too! :D❤️
      And just as some projects are easier to construct than others; some of my posts are easier to write than others, but CATCH OF THE DAY was a Breeze to compose and fun from Beginning to End! :D

      I find that having a goodly amount of clutter in the kitchen or in any miniature room; not only helps sets the stage, but fills in the details of the backstory far better than my words can do, so THank You for your Lovely Comment and Encouragement and keep your coffee- Hot, because there's much more to come ;D


  13. What a treat to see your kitchen and I appreciate a lot the way you show all the details and give us a lot of explanations. It's absolutely fantastic and as always we can really feel that real people live in your house. The food is amazing and I like the cupboard very much too. I don't want to repeat myself but I love the view of the sea through your windows (the first picture of your post is great with the people outside) and I think I should do the same with my house one day. Well, I would feel at home in your house.

    1. I forgot to talk about the rain hat, it's just perfect and just waht you need when you live in a house by the sea. I can't wait to see the bathroom.

    2. Hello and Welcome to Land's End, Genevieve! :D
      I'll tell you about the backdrops I've used throughout this post.
      In 2015 at the thrift store, I found a small painting on canvas which depicted waves crashing against the rocks at twilight: it was PERFECT for Land's End and the wood stretchers around the canvas allowed the painting to stand upright on its own, without additional supports.
      The backdrop with the man and his dog( I thought it was a person too!) playing on the beach, was from a junk mail calendar, and the pictures used for the rain, was part of an advertisement inside a grocery store flyer.
      Finding the appropriate landscape scenes, with the right perspective and horizon line, is often quite a challenge but they'll can also show up where you least expect to find them so don't give up looking!
      I think that they've added A LOT to this post so THANK YOU Very Much for your Lovely comment regarding them! I KNOW that your Nina and little Lucie, would be THRILLED to look out their windows and see the sea just as your perfect little seagulls would! ;D
      And YES! Isn't Linda's rain hat Marvellous!!!!?
      I have some Extremely Talented and Generous Friends, Genevieve and their Timely contributions to my various miniature projects, helps to keep them feeling close even though we're a great distance from one another, but it makes me HAPPY that you would feel AT HOME in this house, because for me, that's what it's all about! ❤️


  14. Una cocina impresionante, es para estar semanas disfrutando de cada detalle. Mi admiración ,yo me siento incapaz de planificar un proyecto de esta magnitud y más reformarlo, sustituyendo la encimera.Gracias por toda la información que nos facilitas, buen día:-)


    1. Thank You for your Compliments Rosa Maria!
      I agree that the kitchen at Land's End has become a bigger project than I had originally thought, but you know it is - first you get your feet wet; then before you know it your in deep and then remaking the kitchen counter becomes just one more thing, on an increasing list of MUST DOs! ;D


  15. There are just some kitchens that have a soul of their own. They must get awarded that soul after achieving a certain number of meals which have been made with love. And when they are loved and made use of by happy people, they imbue that feeling into the very walls. You can see and feel it the moment you walk in. You have managed to capture that soul into the kitchen at Land's End and I absolutely ADORE it! Every corner has efficient purpose which belies the very size of the space, yet you've managed to infuse oodles of charm into every crevice. From the perfectly curated gadgets to the charming yet useful decor, it is a jovial place where delicious meals are made and happy memories are born. I am always so tickled to see your creative use of space and materials, and your dedication to working out every detail until your soul is satisfied. You, amazing Elizabeth, pour your soul into these incredible little homes, and we can see and feel you in each one. It is marvelous!

    1. Oh WOW Jodie! I am deeply moved by your BEAUTIFUL comment and Thank You So Very Much for each and every word! ❤️ especially this: "it is a jovial place where delicious meals are made and happy memories are born" which perfectly describes the essence of any place a wandering soul calls "Home".😙


  16. A gazillion wonderful things so I want to say a gazillion things about them... how to do it in ine word. Perfection. It is absolutely gorgeous.....
    OK for future reference I have the most fabulous work surfaces and hearths from
    Lovely man makes a 'real' granite in a range of colours and will cut to any shape, size or pattern you want. Look at Decrastone on his site. UK though so maybe postage makes it prohibitive.

    1. Hello Marilyn and Thank YOu for your Compliments on my little kitchen AND for the link to the tiles and the countertops; they are indeed GORGEOUS!! but,
      I think that if the homeowners were able to afford a granite countertop then they would be able to afford an entire remodel of this kitchen including an upgrade of the old appliances too! Then Oh dear- where would the $pending end? 😳


    2. That I understand for sure. Two other countertop thoughts. Are you trying to fold sticky back plastic around the front edge of the countertop? It will not stick ever. Either score a line with a sharp knife where the fold will be, dot teeny tiny spots of gel superglue along the front edge and get that settled in place. The superglue helps to sort of pull it into place while the rest sticks. When really fixed fold over and cover the top of the work top. Even easier and usually a better fix is to glue down the front edge it used to be ironed on in real life on the cheaper formica tops, cut off excess, then do the same on the work surface top. Another thought and would suit the cottage is a wooden countertop either shiny like your ceiling or scrubbed like old fashioned draining boards and work tables. My mom's was bleached to within an inch of its life.

    3. The answer to your first inquiry is YES I was folding the sticky backed plastic over the edge and No it wasn't remaining stuck! I never thought about scoring it or about crazy glue but both suggestions make perfect sense, so THANK YOU for both of those suggestions!
      And I did think about a wood countertop but I wanted something semi-shiny to offset the otherwise flat finishes in the room but I hadn't thought about varnishing them ( DUH) which is ANOTHER good idea! :D👍🏾

    4. Big smile this end. It is lovely to help an artist in even a teeny way.

  17. Una cocina de esas que son útiles. Llena de estupendos utensilios y productos frescos.Me encanta el realismo de todos ellos.

    1. Thank You Very Much Isabel! :D
      I have enjoyed accumulating each one of the tiny utensils as well as all of the fresh produce and it feels good to finally anchor them in a home of their own rather than tucked away in storage boxes.
      And being able to discover the perfect accessories online, has been an enjoyably productive Treasure Hunt as well! :D


  18. comme toujours, Elizabeth ce dernier post est stupéfiant !
    Que de détails, la nourriture, les conserves.. Les habitants de cette jolie maison, ne manquent et ne manqueront de rien pendant un certain temps ;)
    Les changements apportés sont toujours importants et satisfaisants.
    Les cadeaux et achats se trouvent mis en valeurs.
    La vie est très présente ! Bravo Elizabeth ! Bonne continuation. Je t'embrasse. Joce

    1. Hello Joce! :D
      I Thank You for mentioning the highlighted gifts I've received from so many of my friends! ❤️
      The gifts and their givers, have contributed immeasurably towards the final incarnation of this kitchen and it wouldn't look OR feel the same, if their AMAZING miniatures gifts weren't also a part of it!


  19. Gorgeous, and fantastic work! What a very nice tour de cuisine, Elizabeth, I loved seeing all of your detailed work (and of other miniaturists, of course), there's a lot to see in that little kitchen of you. And still it's not overcrowded at all, but snug and a nice place to be.
    I love seeing every miniature and I love reading about it's story behind it. What a treat and a feast for the eyes on a early Thursday morning (at least here it is ;O))!
    Stay healthy and take care!
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Thank You Very Much for your comment and for your Generous Compliments Ilona, AND also for calling this kitchen "snug" because you've chosen the Perfect word to describe this room! :D
      And because the roof slopes downward towards the back of the house, it emphasises the close compactness of this kitchen along with it's obvious storage limitations, and yet despite it's smallness, when the owners begin preparing their meals, they've told me that they feel as "snug as a bug in a rug!" ;D


  20. I am pretty sure that I've said this before but I have never problems with repeating myself, so... Your work is always amazing, but your decoration skills blew me away once more, the way they always do! You have a hand for details, using every space but never stuffing it and always adding life and realism to your scene. Everything tells a story and fits to the whole scheme of your house project. And all of these amazing decorations among them so many wonderful gifts from friends as well as stunning purchases (btw I own some fruits made by Monica which are dedicated for the cake preparations of my Christmas House, so nice to see that you've bought from her too) are so thoughtful, well chosen and perfectly displayed. So sad that shipping of spacious stuff is so expensive and risky (and of course at the moment even impossible) - otherwise I would send my Beary House over to you and ask you to decorate my kitchen. *LOL*

    Wonderful work, I've really enjoyed this post (as I always enjoy your posts) with all the stunning photos and your humorous text. And I've even learned something new - so far I did not know that New York was related this much with tomatoes! *teehee* But it's always amazing how different recipes are in different regions.

    Enjoy your stew, stay safe and healthy and keep on crafting!

    1. I'm Glad to hear that I'm in good company when it comes to Appreciating Monica's Fantastic Foods, Birgit but your right about shipping cost in general as they factor into the equation more so than ever, these days :D
      All that being said I, I was THRILLED with her tomatoes and was so glad to be able to feature them in this kitchen where they stand out so well.
      I love their detail and the simplicity of their arrangement, in amongst all the other food items on the counter.
      I always have more fun decorating my rooms than building them, but often I do both at the same time in order to make sure that what I want to display will fit. It's usually a long process but as I've said in my last post, but I've been working this way for so long that I'm used to it! :D
      I think what I love about this room are the gifts from so many of my friends which I've been able to showcase. They make the room come alive for me and make it feel very personal and add that extra bit of flavour or garnish to the final presentation.
      And by the way, I learned some new things as well, when writing this post. I learned about the controversy between Tomatoes or NOT in a New England Fish stew, ( Betsy says 'NOT' and she ought to know!) and I learned about the Morton Salt slogan and the origins of Toll House Chocolate chip cookies- AIN'T MINIATURES the MOST WONDERFULEST HOBBY?!!!! 😄


  21. I had (as always) such a lovely time taking my time meandering through your room, Elizabeth. This wee kitchen is just so fabulously crammed full of as it is of exquisite little bits and pieces. I am always intrigued and inspired by your knack of piecing your little scenes together - everything just magically fits.
    Thanks heaps for taking the time to share so much detail and fabulous links.
    Stay safe,
    Anna X

    1. Thank You Very Much Anna and Your Welcome! :D
      THIS post was a lot of fun to write and it came together very quickly considering the Hundred plus photos I had to sort through so I'm VERY GLAD that you have enjoyed your time spent meanderings through this room, and I hope you'll like the looks of the bathroom when it finally gets finished! :D


  22. I love that kitchen, this little house is turning out well. I know I would live there if it came with cutty sark and I was a dollperson. youd probably find me on the floor with smoke coming from the kitchen. living in San Franciso when I was younger I used to go to the wharf and get Irish coffee to warm up. get too many of them and you have to go to those damn meetings that everyone goes too in San Francisco. one this a two story house? or is it going to be I don't remember seeing a bedroom ( could be because of the Irish coffee from my wicked past ) happy lockdown, we might be free later this month cause dewine is opening up a bit ...oh and load up on tonic water and zinc unless you can get that malaria drug *ya only need 10*

    Marisa :)

    1. Thank You Very Much Marisa! :D
      It took me 5 YEARS before I thought about trying to tackle this house again and I'm glad it has earned your seal of approval! :D
      This is a single storey cottage although at one point I was going to make a lookout tower but I've scrapped that idea and I'm keeping it all low level, because stairs can be a real nuisance when your older.
      But IF you did decide to live here, Marisa, it would DEFINITELY come with the Cutty Sark, because I hear it gets colder on the Northeastern Seaboard than it does in California so make sure to bring a sweater! ;)

      elizabeth :D

  23. Tu cocina es entrañable, llena de encanto y muchísimos elementos preciosos !!!!

    1. Thank You for Your Lovely comment Eloisa! :D
      It makes me Very Happy to hear that you have enjoyed this little kitchen and all the little things in it! :D


  24. Dear Elizabeth, I spent such an enjoyable time in your kitchen that I almost forgot about supper although the fresh vegetables and preparation for a great stew should have reminded me it was time. Wow, what details and what fantastic miniatures. I can't believe some of the items were purchased over 20 years ago and still look good as news.
    Fantastic kitchen and great, great work! Thanks for sharing.
    Take care, stay healthy!
    Hugs, Drora

    1. I'm DELIGHTED that you've enjoyed your time here Drora and Thank You for saying so! :D
      I rarely forget to have supper but I have to admit that I got extra hungry while researching the recipe for the fish stew and then the cookies. Then the time spent arranging the miniature ingredients only intensified the hunger pangs, so I was glad to get the food display finished so I could move on!
      Re: the 20 year old items- they have been waiting patiently inside their storage boxes, but they heaved a sigh of relief when I not only remembered where I'd put them, but that I took them out to play with, too! :D


  25. Oh my. I am always so impressed and overwhelmed with all of the wonderful accessories that you add, wondering where you found such amazing and authentic pieces, especially the beans (-:. I an anxious to see how you fashion holly hocks because I am wanting to make some, too and the SDK kits add up. Thank you for your kind comment on my hydrangea. Next, I am going to tackle YOUR geraniums. I will probably tweet your method, but yours is a good instruction. I'm impressed, too, by your lengthy list of sources. I'll be back to visit them all.

    1. Hi Ann! :D
      First let me Thank You for your Wonderful comment as it give me Great Pleasure to know that you've enjoyed seeing some of my miniature collection being put to good use in this kitchen!

      Re: the Hollyhocks- I spent HOURS yesterday searching the web for tutorials on how to make them from scratch, ONly to find out that there aren't many and those there are don't alway have ALL the required details.
      I DID however find one which seems pretty comprehensive so I am including among the links below so that you can check each of them out for yourself.
      I know that there has to be MORE hollyhock tutorials still out there, and if I come across any more I'll put them in your comment section on your blog.
      In the meantime, if you have ANY QUESTIONS regarding my geranium tutorial I will be happy to answer.
      Unfortunately, I had to remove my contact widget from this blog because I was getting swamped with Spam but if you leave a comment on the geranium post I'll make sure to respond. :D

      P.s. After pasting in the links, some of them went off in another direction - not sure why but I'll keep hunting because I'll need to know how to make them as well! :D

  26. Uf! que cocina tan completa has creado! No le falta detalle y desde luego está bien surtida de comida, sin duda podrías resistir toda la cuarentena sin salir a comprar nada. Me gusta todo y sobre todo el aire general de la cocina. Preciosa.

    1. Many Many Thanks for your Lovely comment Matxalen! :D
      Indeed, quarantine hasn't stopped me in the least from working on the Land's End other than waiting for some additional supplies to arrive by mail.
      But I've been collecting minis for decades, and it's gratifying to get them out and on display, and I'm Happy that you've enjoyed them too! :D


  27. I am sure your New England fish stew is delicious with tomatoes and all! What a wonderful trip around your kitchen. I think kitchens are one of my favourite miniature rooms and this one is packed with all that´s necessary and so much more. It´s cosy, warm, charming, it makes me want to become a good cook and believe me I am so far from it. I want to shrink myself and spend hours there cooking and looking to the horizon. I don´t know what I love the most but the appliances are certainly one of my favourites. And I don´t know how you do it but you created the most real old looking magical spaces. Take care.

    1. What a Beautiful Comment Alexandra and Thank You!!!:D
      Looking up recipes for New England fish stew was an interesting adventure although I've never actually made it myself. Maybe one day I will, although my success in cooking fish, is hit or miss. ;)
      Building and filling miniature kitchens is a lot more rewarding BECAUSE every meal is guaranteed to be 5 STARS! :D


  28. Your posts always make me smile Elizabeth. As ever, your ideas are truly inspiring. Love it! Celia

    1. Oh Thank You Very Much Celia! :D
      I've enjoyed building the kitchen and then writing and taking photos for this post, and so it is Very Gratifying to know that my results have been inspiring to read: Much Appreciated! :D


  29. Wow thank you for showing all it's like a magazine to look over and over again so many things so very beautiful and I love your inkeeping with the theme with all the food and ooo that hat we say a ZuidWester and rope great you can feel the vibe of the sea...
    Thank you I had a wonderfull time with visiting your blog!!!
    have a nice day,
    groetjes van Marijke

    1. I Really Enjoyed reading your comment Marijke- Thank YOu! :D
      And I'm Glad that you've mentioned the "ZuidWester" rain hat that Linda made for Land's End, as it immediately adds the feeling of the sea for me too! Linda did a Fantastic Job on getting all the right details on the hat which even has a slide on the tightening strap for under the chin!
      Linda's work is Amazing and I can't wait to showcase her FAB lobster trap, when I get around to constructing the exterior! :D


  30. This kitchen is full of many useful things. And the photos are perfect for showing every detail.

    1. Thank You Very Much Faby and I am Delighted that you have enjoyed seeing the kitchen and all the tiny items in it! :D
      Taking the photos was A Fun pastime for me, and I'm Satisfied that they've turned out so well for this post! :D


  31. Here I am again for another look and I hope that I'll be successful with leaving my comment this time.

    This isn't just a whale of a tale (with lots of drama even just taking into account the bench top!) it's a whale of a kitchen!! The fact that you manage to squeeze so much into such a small space is evidence you started your career as a designer on the Tardis ;) There is so much to see and take in that even in this second visit I feel I've only seen a little portion of all the delights. Some of my favourites are the fish from the lure (your bravery knows no bounds when it comes to getting just the right detail for your scene); the shelf unit/pantry; the design on the sink front that looks carved; the tin of utensils - and so much more!! I'm itching to get to work on a cottage once I finish the French apartment and I'm telling you now I'm going to be stalking Lands End and Dolphin Street kitchens for HOURS!

    1. Happy to have you here again, Norma and Thank You for your LOVELY comment - Much Appreciated! :D
      Removing the fish from the lure wasn't as difficult as it may have sounded and I think I only got nicked once!
      So many of the things you've mentioned were serendipitous finds which had been waiting in the wings for just the right time and place to get used. I remember buying the entire design magazine for the photo of the "embossed" sink panel- miniatures can make you behave in strange ways but I'm HAPPY to know that you'll be "stalking" Land's End and Green Dolphin Street when the the time comes for you to build your cottage, Norma because finding inspiration and sharing in each others work, is what makes this hobby as enjoyable as it is! :D


  32. Elizabeth, your attention to detail is exquisite! Every little thing speaks such a story and I'm drawn in by the thought of fresh fish stew! I love how you use real life things (the earrings and fish lures) so creatively. I'm going to draw much inspiration from your little Land's End kitchen! I especially love that little canister with the cooking utensils! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank You VERY Much for your Encouraging Words Teresa and for your special mention of the earring and fish lure conversions! :D.
      I always scour the jewelry sections of my local thrift stores because earrings often have baubles that are right in scale for 12th scale projects however finding the woven drops were indeed, an Exceptional find!
      And as for the canister filled with the cooking utensils; it proved to be the perfect colour, and height, and diameter for the rolling pins which was my primary reason for using it: So Glad that you like it too! :D


  33. Hello Elizabeth,
    I think that these dollhouses look the best when you stuff them. I especially love a miniature stuffed kitchen. I love how the counters are full and especially the stove area. The detail shown from the adjacent room is amazing - it looks like the kitchen is small cause you do not see the stove and refrigerator.
    Great job!!!
    Mini huggs,

    1. You and I seem to be on the same page when it comes to loving the look of a "Stuffed Mini Kitchen" so Thank You Very Much Conny, for enjoying Land's End's Kitchen with all the Fixin's! ;D
      Outfitting mini kitchens is always a Fascinating and Enjoyable pursuit, and finding adequate space to display all of our treasures, is usually the end goal. However, every space has its natural limits ( visually/ physically) and selective editing without sacrificing the storyline, continues to challenge me, so it gives me Great Pleasure that everything that has remained:
      gets your Approval! :D


  34. Oh wow, I really love the detail you put into all your work Elizabeth. Every item is perfect. I could look at it over and over and still find something I hadn't seen before. It's lovely.

    1. I Greatly Appreciate your comment and Thank You Very Much for your Lovely Compliments Polly! :D
      I LOVE adding the details( as we all do) because they fill in the background story and speak on our behalf.
      For each viewer the story may vary, but as long as it's cohesive and people are able to relate to what they see, feel, or remember, then the inclusion of specific details was certainly worth it! :D


  35. I love the infinity of beautiful details.They are to stop at each of them and enjoy them one by one .I admire the "lived "cooking homespun , with tomatoes or not ,ha,ha,ha.The soft ambient light reached is great and it's funny to see "the catch of the day " inside the sink.The play of lights and sky, lovely.A stunning and funny post as always.A delight to enjoy , Thanks Elisabeth .

    1. It makes me Very Happy that you've enjoyed reading this post just as much as I've enjoyed reading your comment! Thank YOU!!!! :D


  36. I so enjoyed this post that I've looked at the pictures 2 or 3 times. The quality of the food items is just excellent, so much detail and I was inspired by your close up pics - something I'm not very good at and will definitely have to practice! You have so much going on in each setting but yet it doesn't looked over done - a true skill.

    1. It's always a Great Pleasure to be able to find dedicated artisans who are able to make those Extra Special accessories which contribute so much to our individual miniature scenes, and I felt Privileged to be able to include some of their Amazing works in this seaside cottage kitchen. I LOVED taking the close up photos of them almost as much as I enjoyed writing this post and I Really Appreciate your thoughtful comment Irene; Thank YOu! :D


  37. I love all the stuff and details! Its all so homey.

    1. Thank You Brandy! I'm So Glad you've enjoyed it! :D
      I tried to make the seaside kitchen, appear as homey, eclectic and as happenstance as possible, and I'm pretty Happy with it too! :D


  38. Replies
    1. SO GLAD you've enjoyed my Land's End Kitchen, Carmen- THANK YOU! :D