Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Samantha and I went 'thrifting' Monday and had a wonderful time together.   We did about 4 stores total.  We made a visit to Winners and a fabric store and two thrift outlets. It was a very long day but I came back full of a delicious lunch and with a bag full of stuff some of which I have here...  These 1"x1" acrylic photo cubes can be opened down the centre and can be clicked together like Lego.  I would like to use them as 'ghost'
end tables a la' Philippe Stark.

Here again is the work island that I've positioned atop of some scrap-booking  paper  that  I found in a pack.  I love the muted colors and I think that I have enough of the floor paper to do the Kitchen in the Arthur.  The entire package of these papers was $3 and
All of it was American Country!  Score!!!!  Further DOWN  in this posting, I fanned out the rest of the pack of papers to give you and over-view of the collection.  Now I'm getting a" Arthur-itic  Direction."

These are cards of Snaps.  There are small, medium and LARGE ones and most of them are made in England.  The cards I can reduce on the copier and use in sewing baskets but the reason I bought them was for the BIG hooks and eye fasteners that were included.  I have been looking for them all over without success and now here they are. $2, YES!

These tupperware type containers are ideal  for storing some of the very tall cakes  on the pedestal plates. 5 for $1.99

What's all this???  A tin of mat board frames that are used for scrap books  and  will make  lovely dollhouse mirror/ picture frames once the corners are mitered and then embellished.  The punch-out centers can be transformed into platters, pictures. cutting boards or the bases used for boxes or baskets or trays etc. All This...$2.99

Now, I debated over this Chinese silk tie.  I decided to get it because the quality of the silk and the vibrant floral pattern seemed to propose a miniature dressing gown for another project I have on the go. ( I have many on the go's going nowhere, at the moment, hehe).  Even so, I am going to try it out and will hopefully have something to show for it in the end.  $4

At the fabric store, I ended up purchasing some  small cuts of  fabrics to decorate the Arthur with.  I already have mountains of fabric that I should been sorting thru but NOOOO,  I must bring in yet more.  I paid about $30 for these fabrics!  They are pretty... and... oh, well....
I want to make a very mini quilt again.  I made one perhaps 25 years ago.  It was a scrap crazy quilt and I had it in a roombox of a fishing shanty.  I was embarrassed  by it when, at a miniature show, I compared it to really beautifully stitched and finished  miniature quilts but so many pro quilters told me how much they liked mine.  It had no square corners but it had PERSONALITY!

And finally, these are the scrap book papers that  I found at the  thrift store.  The one that has a blackboard look with the alphabet in upper and lower case script is how I remember grade 5 penmanship class exercises. The teacher use to walk the classroom aisles and examine our workbooks as we copied line after line of letters that had to fall exactly between the solid parallel lines on the page.  Do kids still have to do that in school?   I think that this paper chalk board could be scaled down and utilized within the Arthur as a bit of nostalgia.  We shall have to see if the house agrees.  12 sheets for $3 Not too shabby.  The ideas on the back burner are beginning to simmer...

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  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    Great finds. I particularly like the chalk board paper with cursive letters. I know I can go through a whole Thrift Store and see nothing and you trail behind me and emerge with a cart full of the most interesting finds. How do you do it!
    Re the silk tie.... did you see the amazing silk upholstery that Josje applied to a chair. I would not have thought the scale appropriate but it is entirely suitable on that chair.
    Re your bead collection, remember the ivory tray you made for my Empire Room.
    So happy I can see what you are doing!
    Struggling with foliage for courtyard.