Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Over the years, I have made many ,many perfume trays and I hope that I shall make many more but I am never satisfied with them.  Partly because after they are 'finished' then along comes more beads, more perfectly interesting than what I've already used  which makes me wish to start over again.  Structurally, I can't remove one bottle without changing the dynamics of the composition.
This then is what I present to you, they are not perfect but they are as good as they get for now.
The photo above is
Girly Pink with some  vintage looking  bottles and then a  contemporary bottle of Chanel no.5 and a trinket box on a gold embossed tray.
A pretty oval tray with an assortment of 'real' perfumes on it;  Shalimar, Chanel no.5  and Chanel no.19, a jar of Beauty creme and a crystal candlestick and mini christmas tree.  I liked the way this tray turned out.

There are 7 bottles on this tray which is a lot.  Average is 5  but  it can vary.  It is always about what looks right.  There is a formula that I tend to stick to but I make myself do somethings different just so the formula isn't so obvious.  This color combination is pale aqua and winter white with gold.


For whatever reason, this tray reminds me of 'Mardi Gras". It is a favorite of mine.
I don't know how or what I did but I think these pictures are better.!!!  As I have mentioned before, I LOVE beads and I have been collecting them for 20 plus years.  There is something enjoyable about putting together a combination that takes on the look of a sculpted perfume bottle.  I always strive to make the individual bottles unique and also the grouping cohesive.  They are fun but they are far from easy.   

I made this tray for myself and specifically for a small shadow box with a french theme  entitled "Confessions of a Drama Queen." It is appropriately  dramatic  and very feminine.  I decided to make the perfume tray as elaborate as I could and so put together this study in blues, teal, aqua and gold to reflect the over the top nature of the setting it will be going in.

Here's a tray of mauve , gold and green

and watery blues and shades of gold

purples and gold

and this one a deliberate collage of discrete colors and shapes; all different but all working together.

I have probably more beads in green than in any other color, I don't know 'why'? but  I DO use them a lot.  This is not my favorite tray but I do like the tall skinny bottles.

There is an iridescence to the purplely beads that are shot with green when turned in the light. Pretty.  The trays used to be the links of a very cheaply made belt that I found at Value Village for $8!!!!
The links are a soft metal that were perfect for this project but if I had wanted it for a belt?????? Are they nuts?  No, I am because I bought it anyway and made 18 perfume trays from it.  I hope to sell them at the M.C.B.C. west coast show and sale in June 2013.  I hope you liked seeing them as much as I enjoyed making them.


  1. What beautiful trays! As usual you do not disappoint. Thank you for mentioning the MCBC show. Will send you a link to post the info and will add your BLOG to the show site as well.
    Keep them coming!

  2. You are a very clever and resourceful lady!

    1. Thank you Fi. Resourcefulness is ANY miniaturist Middle Name.

  3. I wonder how you form the tray itself?

    1. Hi LoveOwiz! The trays actually came from a cheap belt that I found at the Thrift store. I removed the connecting links that were between each little tray and when I had the belt all apart then I gently turned up the handles and proceeded to glue the bottles on to the surface. Belts can be a good resource because there are usually lots of components to fit around a waist. I am always in the thrift stores and make a point of stopping to examine the belts for sale to see if any have potential for miniature work.
      Happy Hunting! :))


  4. You are so inspiring! Thank you for helping me see stuff with fresh eyes!

    1. Hello Hepzibeth! I am glad that you have found what I do "inspiring" because I feel that way every time I view the blogs of others! Everyone has a different approach to a problem and no one solution is ever the Only one either. When I see something used in an innovative or particular way that makes me shake my head and wonder,-
      "Now why didn't I think of that? cause it makes sure sense....",
      then I really appreciate the Wonderful gifts that God has given to us all to see many common and everyday things in new and creative ways.

      In other words, I am constantly learning too! :D