Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Fuzzy Wuzzy Arthur

my apologies for this poor shot AND  the ones to follow.  Just wanted to show the beginnings of the rehab of the Arthur.  This is an ugly stage but a necessary one.  I plugged up the 2 little portholes' that were on either side of the house and also the stairwell opening and will later cut a new one.

This is the stuff I am trying out for the  first time on this mini home reno.   It is autobody putty and   it is good because it dries rapidly and sands really smooth and there is not a lot of shrinkage.  It also dries really hard  and seems to be moisture resistant too.  There are some fumes like that of nail polish remover and I had the over head fan going as I worked inside on it.  I have used this on other small projects when I had a hole to plug and found it to be ideal but this is a whole lot different. I had some pretty big holes to plug and gaps to fill.  Dry wall filler can crack and shrinks too but This stuff for cars is a whole lot stronger so that is why I decided to try it out on this project and so far so good.
I bought it at LORDCO an auto parts store but it may be available elsewhere too.  It's called 'Evercoat' ever-glaze and Spot Putty  

This just shows the pallet knife that I applied the putty with.  The blade is very flexible  which came in handy when I was trying to smooth out the putty on the inside of the house. 

Yes, I know its fuzzy but the 2 stinky windows are gone and that is what I wanted you to see.  This is the last of the bad shots the next ones are clear.  I promise.

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