Friday, 4 January 2013


I was able to take up Janine's offer to have Bruce instruct me on how to use the Canon digital elph, that was handed down to me via my son after he got an upgrade.  It sat in the drawer until I needed to get photos for this blog.  I have NO SKILL with electronics but I needed to acquire some basics if I wanted to showcase my work.  Enter"Bruce Almighty," who has saved the day once again.  Janine  has the most generous knight in shining armor who has rescued the readers of this blog. from photo sensativity.   Janine put out the S.O.S. (save our sight) and Bruce responded and schooled me on what to do and how to do it. Bruce took the photo of the peaches above.  The stem is preserved oregano.

I took this shot and jiggled the table which jiggled the camera so it is a tiny bit blurry.  Still need practice.

Bruce took this photo.  He was giving me a quick tutorial on how to use the camera that I have.  Janine was quick to forestal my desire to get a new one after so many photos of mine have come out fuzzy.  So glad that it was ME that was faulty instead of the camera! Just look at how close it CAN get.  Yahoo!!!!

Bruce demonstrated different ways of lighting.  This one is lit from the left side primarily, but is still clear.  I made everything on this table; how do you like it?

Another overview by Bruce using the light to create mood.

 Here is the same little table top taken on the real table top at the home of Bruce and Janine.
I had a so much fun visiting them.  I got a chance to look at the garden extension that Janine is posting on her MINWORKS blog. (go to  The garden is AMAZING and it's still in its early stages yet.  Just call them the Dynamic Duo!  Thanks you two for all your help.

Bruce, is my HERO.


  1. Yeah! Bunny that is great! And so good of Bruce to help you out! The photos are so much better and you will get better as you experiment. All the items are simply amazing! So real! So perfect! Love the peaches. I'm trying to make them from tiny Styrofoam balls. Saw a YouTube video on it. I forget what you said you used to make the peaches. Create away!

    1. Hi Fats Thank you for noticing the improvements in the pictures, and I am happy that you like how I dressed the table. I also made peaches from styrofoam balls. They were fun to do and fun to pick up off the floor! Every time I squeezed them a little too tightly.....BOING away they flew! The peaches in the photos above are made from air-dry clay, ie Model Magic or Play-doh.
      The Model Magic is lighter and colors beautifully. The Play-Doh dries harder, but can crack as it dries but it is cheap and mixes easily to achieve good color. Good luck making peaches and I look forward to seeing what you' PRODUCE.'