Wednesday, 1 July 2020


As I promised for JUNE, 
(yet here it is JULY)
I'm posting the photos of the side patio garden of 
Most of these photos were taken in the summer 2019
but some of them I snapped in the spring of the same year, while the garden was still in transition.  
As usual with me,
I ended up changing things
 too many times to count,
and taking tons of photos of every new alteration, which made 

 sorting through all of them
labour intensive job.

Using the new Blogger format has been
a wee bit
 challenging for me,
I actually had to go back to the old format, to install the photos then switch to the new format to write the text. EI YAAAH!!!

even so-


Beginning with the exterior house wall:

I placed Jodi's gift of a little bird house,
high on the wall 
and perched a chickadee on the roof, who's 
 cautiously checking out the family cat
sunning himself on the stone bench below!
The birdhouse is next to the side door leading into the cool service entry of this ancient Venetian Villa.
The arched kitchen window is covered by iron grill 
a laser cut gate kit purchased from 
Alpha Stamps. 

Between the window and the door
are a pair of mens clogs (French feves) 
and a garden bench where the well fed cat
lies resting next to a small pot of 
burgundy hydrangeas
another lovely gift from Jodi. 

There are a set of narrow tiled steps which lead up from the canal at the side of the house, 
and into a small walled patio area.

Cat by Sarah Hendry
One of the main features in my garden is
Initially I made it to drape over the patio wall
but later I moved it
to clamber over the kitchen window.

For the climbing rose 
I combined 2 kits from

These kits were easy to assemble
 since I wanted a BIGGER than normal climber
and didn't want to take the chance of running out
of the leaves which came in the package,
I decided to save them for later, 
then I punched out some new ones.

Using the wires in the kit for the armature and the plentitude of red rose petals,
I made the flowers according to the kit's instructions. 
I chose to use the Fabri Tac glue to secure the leaves to the frame which allowed the entire process
to move along quickly. 

the kits red rose petals 
and below are the loose leaves which I saved for later

 The armature for the climbing rose which I painted over with a mix of glue and water 

I used a PUNCH BUNCH punch to make all the replacement leaves for the climber, shaping them with a ball tool before they were glued to the armature.

Early stages!
I wish I could remember exactly how long it took to fill out this shrub
but I'm guessing 3-4 days at least. 

I shaped the leaves and the stems further with the round nosed pliers
 once the climber was completed,

 then I gave the frame and the leaves,
 a light coat of transparent glass paint to give it some shine. 

The red roses add a nice burst of hot colour
against the crumbling, sunbaked walls.


I have hydrangea plants throughout my Real Life Garden and I wanted some
for my mini Venetian garden retreat as well. 

I already had some BONNIE LAVISH plant kits
in my stash,
which I decided to assemble for this garden,
 and I loved them

I had to order MORE!

I have to say that the older Bonnie Lavish kits which I made the blue hydrangeas from,
 provided more plant materials in the packages
than the ones I ordered later; 
even so,
you still get your money's worth.

For the burgundy hydrangea under the small tree in the planter,
 I ended up combining a couple of hydrangea kits to get the fullness I wanted and a different technique to colour the petals but I'll tell you now,
 how I made the blue ones pictured below.

 here's what I did....

The kits come with several sheets of easy to remove flower petals. 
The petals shown above are from
the blue hydrangea kits.  

Rather than paint them,
I gave them an "eye" using a watercolor pencil 
I lightly scribbled over the paper
with a chartreuse wax crayon,
and then a cerulean blue wax crayon
onto both sides of the sheet.   

Then I punched out the petals and laid them onto an eraser. 

I used a ball tool to cup them
and the friction of the metal against the wax softened the wax as it cupped the paper and blended the colours together. 

  I was able to vary the intensity of the petals by scribbling more or less colour onto the paper sheets.

I also used wax crayons on the leaves as well.

    And above are the final results!
With another Bonnie Lavish Hydrangea kit, I used both crayons and inks which produced deeper petal colours.

I still have a few more BONNIE LAVISH kits
in my stash,
so eventually I 'll be making more of these hydrangeas
for the seaside garden @ LAND'S END. 
I've purchased a number of appropriate paper punches
to enable me to produce
some of my own hydrangea shrubs
very similar in style to these kits,
so LOTS OF FUN still to come! 
Constructing the hydrangeas for VILLA LEONE
were mini plant projects which I totally enjoyed! 


There are 3 trees planted in this Italian garden:
2 of them are Cypress trees; one planted outside the kitchen window and the other inside the long planter.
I THINK I found them in the home decor aisle at

( aka T.J. MAXX)
I removed their original bases and sprayed the foliage with Elmer's adhesive and then doused them with a variety of superfine railroad scatter material.
The smaller tree which you'll see a little further down,
is a full-sized plastic house plant which I remove
from its pot, bound the stems together at its base and then planted the trunks as a deciduous tree in the opposite corner of the planter garden. 

sidenote: To this very day, 
I am still moving the trees in and out of the planter 
because I'm still not entirely satisfied with it-

ah me.....
The plants growing between the
tiles are MY versions of a creeping campanula. 

Jodi's gift of Stargazer lilies are in this photo but I later moved them up onto the  front balcony of the Villa so their fragrance could permeate the bedroom! 


I have a reference book entitled 
Venetian Gardens
which feature many private gardens 
 cloaked with green vines clinging to ancient walls. 
I wanted that look for the Villa so I tried out a few different methods to try and achieve it. 

At first,
I used lengths of glue saturated twine for the framework of the vines,
it was okay but very difficult to control.
But what worked the BEST for me, 

was COIR coconut fiber liners
intended for potted plants.

 I found mine in the garden section of a $1.00 store. 

I pulled the fibers apart and glued them to the exterior wall using Fabri-Tac adhesive.

The base for the foliage
was a green rayon hat from the thrift store
which I cut into long sections to grow up the wall
towards the 2 bedroom balconies.

I sprayed the rayon material with Elmer's spray adhesive and then coated them with coarse railroad model scatter materials to bulk them out.
 Then I glued the greenery directly onto the walls with Fabri Tac and threaded more Coir "branches" throughout the foliage,
followed by an additional light spray
of STIFFY fabric stiffener
to keep all the loose scatter in place. 

Using a leftover piece of printed fabric,
I made a crude awning for over the side door and allowed the vines to crawl over it too!
I'm pretty happy with the final look
of both the vines and the green stuff! 

I made a low concrete wall

which encompases my patio garden
on 3 sides using pink insulation foam as its base and layers of carved wood trims from HOME DEPOT for the carved stone.
I coated both the wood trims and the pink foam with a base paint and then several layers
 of drywall plaster. 

The photo below shows the inside of the garden wall and part of the wall return,
 still in the garden's early stages. 

The concrete garden wall behind the table,
 connects to the front of the Villa. 
 I've covered it with green vines to visually soften the surface of it and provide some colour behind the table. 

The greenery for the half walls was purchased from
it's a fibrous material with a variegated green scatter glued to the surface
which you thin by gently pulling the fibers apart.

(There's a photo of the product shown further down which shows the greenery
 as it's sold straight out of the package.)  

 The scatter is not totally secure on the mat,
 so it required a good spray of "STIFFY" as well. 

The Patio Table and chairs was purchased from VICTORIA MINILAND 
however I removed the small marble top and exchanged it for a bigger tabletop fashioned from a large round fridge magnet which I  draped with a crocheted doily I had in my stash.

The pink geraniums you see directly below were from my previous tutorial.

The terracotta urn that they're in
 is the lower half
of a dollar store air freshener
the cheapo kind with the plastic lamp shade on top

and now a quick word about the tiles:

 I used scrapbook paper for the original patio but when I enlarged the space to what it is now,
I had to cut around the tiles themselves and overlap the new tiles over the old prior to aging them again, 
so they'd blend in. 
To conceal the cut edges of the paper,
I added bits of moss over the grout lines
to help disguise the white seams. 

The chair seats I made
and covered them in a hot pink
 silk tie lining. 
I set the table with Limoncello and 
a dish of fresh figs,
a book printed in Italian
 and a display of fresh lemons.
The figs are plastic buds from a fake flower 
which I re-painted
then glued onto a rustic flat ceramic button 

The limoncello came from Michaels craft store,
and the plate of lemons from Victoria Miniland.

Because this entire garden was constructed
with the intention of eating outdoors, 
my original idea was to fill the planter
with a herb garden. 
But as the garden continued to develop,
I scrapped it,
 and went all in for colour! 

I had lots of flower kits in my stash
 along with a few ready made plants
which needed a home,
so I fussed around with it until I came up with a scheme which was colourful
and easy for the current homeowners to maintain.
A small burgundy Hydrangea was planted
in the corner to compliment the one Jodi had sent me, 
and next to the hydrangea
 is the small deciduous tree,
I mentioned earlier. 

In front of the tree and under the iris are pansies,
which I was constructing for the first time
and they turned out
They too were from a kit
but I'd used too much colour on the paper
and the details got lost. 

 The group of iris were also first time tries
which turned out better but not great;
 more practice is definitely required. 

I've tried making more pansies
after I'd made these using 
as a guide
and after making more and more pansies,
 I think I'm improving!

But these first efforts still
 work fine as underplanting infill.  

Included in the planter mix,
 are magenta ornamental Allium
along with chives; 
and another blue mophead hydrangea made from kits
by Lin Morrison a local vendor. 

Lin's kits were easy to assemble and 
her kit petals are precut and pre-coloured as well. 

The bronze statuette in the garden was removed from a second hand candy dish I'd bought at the thrift store.
Below is 
 the foliage of the plastic deciduous tree


Here's the greenery I purchased from 
 straight out of the package.
I LOVE its variegated greens but as soon as you begin to pull it apart some of the scatter will come off so I made sure to use a sheet of paper under it,
 to catch all the fallout for reuse later. 

The photo above shows the mat
 before it's been teased out
and to the right is the same product
after it has been stretched out and glued to the wall.
a view from the outside of the garden wall
 looking in.

The PERFECT  'VL' Villa Leone emblem
was another great gift from Jodi 
along with
 the 2 opposing lion reliefs on either side
of the wall plaque.
I can't thank Jodi enough for all the wonderful things she sent me for this villa!  

Another 'lion gift' from Jodi (shown below),
was positioned on the return wall along the waterside steps up from the canal.
It was originally gold but because it fit so well on the end of the wall, 
I painted and plastered it
to make it appear carved into the stone.  

Below is the full frontal view of the stone planter 

The carving on the face of the planter
 is an air dry clay casting.
The hostas were a very early planting tryout 
 one among so many others which followed ...

I made the pot of lavender and the pot of orange nasturtiums with the blue ''lobelia" 


I installed two coach lamps on either corner
of the lion wall.
I had forgotten that I had these fixtures until the entire structure was built and the planter was filled.
The only way I could properly install and hide the wiring,
was to remove all the plants from the planter
 and run the wires for the lamps down from the inside, then drill a hole through to the underside of the patio, then run the length of wire  through a channel carved out of the foam insulation so I could connect them to the power source attached to the house.  

It was more than annoying
having to retrofit them
after the fact,
but in the end,
it was worth all the extra time it took.


this blurred photo is the only aerial view I have 
of the entire garden with the lights on. 
The garden lights as seen from the canal


Having posted all these garden photos, I am seriously considering making a few more alterations, especially now that I've had time to analyze and rethink some of the choices I've made and how to improve them. 

I'm also on the lookout for a patio umbrella for over the table in the eating area.

I have been busy outside cultivating the plants in my REAL LIFE garden
moving them around just like I do in my mini ones! 
which explains my recent absence from the blogs;
just in case you happen to be missing me!  

So it's Arrivederci to 

I hope you enjoyed this delayed garden tour 
I Thank You All
for coming to visit!

I will try and get the conclusion
of the top floor of the Villa posted before fall. 
Maybe by then I will have mastered this new Blogger format:
only time will tell.
for now


Just wanted to add
that I am currently having a lot of trouble responding to your comments, and not sure how to fix the problem. Hoping my techy daughter can help 
but until then,  thank you individually and collectively for all your positive feedback about my garden. 




  1. Impresionante jardín!!! Una explosión de naturaleza y vida cubriéndolo todo,es espectacular y muy realista,un perfecto trabajo!! Y muchas gracias por todas las explicaciones,me encanta,de nuevo has demostrado ser una maga de la jardinería!!


    1. Thank You VERY MUCH Pilar!:D
      Although I can't claim any skills as a magician,I do become emotionally involved with my tiny gardens so I love growing plant 'explosions' in miniature, since it is always a struggle getting my Real Life gardens to grow the way I want! :D
      Having the reference book on Venetian gardens was a Great Help as well, which allowed me to see how things grow in that specific environment and how the plants interact with the water and the homes surrounding them. ❤️


  2. Ooohhhh ! Elizabeth, ce jardin luxuriant, est empli de magie,de poésie. Cette profusion de verdure, de fleurs ...
    Le regard oů qu'il se pose est comblé par ce qu'il voit !
    Ce jardin est extraordinaire et magnifique !

    1. Thank You Joce for your Wonderful comment and for your Compliments which I Totally enjoyed reading!:D
      My objective was indeed, to try and duplicate some of the "poetry" and "lushness" I saw in the ancient Venetian gardens and scale it down to fit into mine.
      In some areas I feel I've been more successful than in others but this is me regarding Everything I do! hahaha


  3. ¡Que te voy a contar! ¡Espectacular! he disfrutado paso a paso, foto a foto. Toda la vegetación está en su sitio apropiado¡que maravilla! felicidades por este trabajo y gracias por ponernos tantas fotos, es un espectáculo para la vista.Besos:-)


    1. THank You Rosa Maria for your VERY Gracious compliments regarding Villa Leone's garden!❤️
      There were many challenges along the way and So Many Photos to sift through that I could have posted 3 times as many and I still would not have covered ALL of those in-between transitions! Information Overload!!!!
      Nevertheless, it was an interesting experience exploring how to make an Italian Garden,look Italian rather than English,and it had me re-thinking every single plant choice, several times over.
      But I am SO GLAD that you have enjoyed the final results!


  4. Have I enjoyed the tour? OM... I am in AWE!!! WOW, seriously, what a STUNNING garden. Can I move in please? Elizabeth, you have done it again, I am so in love with this garden that I found myself wanting to do a garden/patio/terrace project just like this, exuberant and with a decadent (in a good way) vibe. But, come on, let´s be honest, I can´t imagine achieving something even a 1% as magnificent, so I better just keep visiting Villa Leona´s garden any time I feel like surrounding myself with this kind of beauty and nature. THANK YOU.

    1. My garden is ALWAYS OPEN TO VISITORS Alexandra and it gives me GREAT Pleasure to not only Welcome you but also to Thank You for your Wonderful comment and your Very Generous compliments!!!❤️
      The friends I have made within this ever-growing community and the TALENTS which everyone has and their willingness to share their special gifts via their blog/ videos/ instagram etc. is what continues to inspires me and IF I in turn have inspired you to make a garden/patio/terrace then I say GO FOR IT GIRL!!! :D


  5. Oh Elizabeth! I am just in awe at the magic and realism that you are able to achieve in the foliage of this garden, and of the time worn textures of your exterior finishes! Villa Leone's side patio is an amazing place to imagine sharing a meal with friends. I can hear the sights and sounds of the canal, water lapping the walls, gondola bells clanging and all the while enjoying the lovely scent of the life growing all around! The climbing rose is just gorgeous and I really appreciate the time it took to make it look so full and lush! I am so intrigued with the waxed crayon look on the hydrangeas and I think you perfectly captured the variegated hues of blue that one loves in the real blooms! You must have closely studied your real life versions to achieve such perfection! The coir makes such wonderfully scaled vine material that I want to run right out and get some to play with!!! The plastered garden walls are so charmingly authentic in texture and color and so enticing in the way they are warmed by the variety of flowers and foliage. This little spot in the project, day or romantically lit night, is true perfection! I am so excited to see the rest of the project and hope that one day you will share it at a show so that I can appreciate it in person!

    1. Dearest Jodi! I want to personally THANK YOU again, for all of your gifts and your MANY contributions to VILLA LEONE'S garden!
      Your MAD SKILLS, your INcredible Generosity,and your Innate Kindness (which many of us have been the recipients of), sets you head and shoulders above the crowd.
      All of the Magnificent flowers including the pots of Lilies and the potted hydrangea, the birdhouse(s) and the Medallion and each of the lions; are just a FEW of the many gifts you've forwarded and later I'll be posting more photos of the lilies on the front balcony, so you can see where they're now living.
      I hope you can tell that I not only admire your work but I'm one of your Biggest Fans! ❤️❤️
      AND I am SO GLAD that you have enjoyed the way I did the hydrangeas! It was such a cheap, quick and easy way to get the gradations in colour which I was looking for and I highly recommend trying it- a real no brainer which is just the way I like it! hahhaha
      It makes me Happy that you think that this little garden "romantic" Jodi because that's the way I choose to see it too-life in a garden shared with all the ones you love❤️



  6. The exterior and all the green of Villa Leone are amazing. Everything looks perfectly real. I cannot imagine how long did work on it, making each single tree and flower, arranging them, moving some, redoing part of the work for the electrical part... and the result is a true Venetian garden!! You are incredibly talented and patient!!
    A big hug from Italy

    1. Thank You VERY MUCH Ersilia!:D❤️
      The entire process was an Adventure along with an exercise in patience since I knew nothing about Venetian gardens other than they are different from gardens in Tuscany. Having the reference book which featured photos of SO MANY waterside gardens proved to be an Enormous help in trying to capture the appropriate atmosphere and growth patterns of the climbing plants and vines.
      I am SO GLAD that you have enjoyed touring my Venetian garden AND I have enjoyed your Wonderful comment too!:D


  7. Oh, what a beautiful garden! I so wish I could come and visit it. The flowers you have made are so lovely. Thank you for sharing your techniques. I honestly can't think what you would want to alter. It is so lovely, and so well done, I'd take one just like in in real life if I could.

    1. Thank You VERY Much Deborah especially for your compliments regarding the flowers! ❤️
      The roses and the hydrangeas were a lot of fun to assemble but I struggled with the iris and the pansies to the point that I had to un-mangle them before I could use them. Following printed instructions is not my forte and I always seem to learn the hard way.
      Nevertheless, I'm Tickled Pink that you like what you've seen and I Appreciate your comment VERY VERY MUCH!:D


  8. Improve on your choices??? I don't know how that is possible! ELizabeth, I don't know that I have ever seen anyone who can create a perfect atmosphere and realistic setting, whether inside or outside, than you can. Absolutely breathtaking and so real looking I expect to see you and your friends sitting around the table sipping your lemonade and sharing all the fun times. I can't thank you enough for sharing not only the pictures but the methods you used to create such a gorgeous scene. Good luck with blogger. I am going to continue with the legacy version because it won't load pictures for me on the new one. Bummer! Big hugs. - Marilyn D.

    1. Hi Marilyn and I THANK YOU so VERY Much for your Generous comment, which I Greatly Appreciate! :D
      Building this side garden was an educational experience for me, coupled with the enjoyment I felt in constructing some miniature plants which I'd never made before.
      The most contentious part of the process though was deciding on The Look for the patio itself, how to make it look 'Italian', how to enclose and make it private without blocking critical views and then how to fill it and make it appear real and user friendly for 'sipping lemonade with friends'! :D❤️
      And I hear you regarding sticking with Blogger Legacy. I don't think that this new program has all of the kinks worked out of it yet and it's Frustrating to the point of hair pulling which is why I had to switch back and forth between the old program and the new, which may be the reason why I'm having problems responding to my comments which I hadn't experienced with Blogger- until now.


  9. Que maravilla de jardín, me perdería ahí durante horas descubriendo todos los rincones. El resultado es maravilloso. Gracias por todas las explicaciones.
    Un beso

    1. Your comment is MOST APPRECIATED Matxalen and I Thank you for your Beautiful Compliment and that you've enjoyed visiting "every corner" of my garden- It make me So Happy that you have!❤️


  10. Your garden is so beautiful. I felt like I was wandering through it as you described all of the lovely details. I am craving lemonade now! Congratulations a job well done.

    1. I am not only Delighted that you have enjoyed wandering through my Mediterranean-style garden Carrie, but I GREATLY Appreciate your Beautiful comment and your Congratulations as well!❤️
      It feels good to have gotten the job done however, if it wasn't for all the photos there to remind me, I would have entirely forgotten how I'd done it at all! :D


  11. Elizabeth this garden is magnificent! I am in awe - as always- of your ability to fill such tiny spaces with so many beautiful things and have it all seem so real, natural and inviting.
    I so admire your patience and ingenuity for adapting the most mundane items into objects of luxury and beauty.

    1. It makes me VERY HAPPY to have read your VERY Generous compliment and your comment and I can't tell you how much I Appreciate them both. ❤️
      YetI never think about the "patience" aspect of my projects unless I've Royally screwed it up, and then have to back-track as I figure out how to correct it!
      This happens to me so often that I've learned to become as 'adaptable' as the 'mundane items I'm continually gathering, but it's gratifying to the Max that you consider my work- Beautiful - THANK YOU!:D


  12. I adore Villa Leone’s garden Elizabeth! And those cypress look perfect! I must look some up for myself. Well done with all that flower making, they came out gorgeous too. I am in awe of flower makers. There is just so much work in them. And I always come back to your plaster nd painting techniques. Theyare always perfectly imperfect. I just don’t know how you do it! You are a mini marvel. Oh and love the night photos!! It’s magical!

    1. Hello Shannon!:D
      I have been saving the 2 cypress trees for YEARS, waiting for the right garden to install them in and it was either now [in Villa Leone] or never!
      The making the hydrangea kits was more fun than a barrel of monkeys however, I'm hoping to do better once I get a bit more practice under my belt, AND I'm Super Happy that you like what I've done Shannon. I'm Encouraged by your praise and I THANK YOU! ❤️
      Building up the stone-work was quick and easy but the painting took FOREVER primarily because I had to match it to the main house which I'd painted the year before with a custom mix which [wouldn't you know] I'd run out of. Nothing is ever without its share of trauma and drama but in the end: all's well that ends well! :D


  13. Your garden is so beautiful and realistic. I wish it was my real garden.
    Huge hugs from Britt

    1. I Appreciate your Beautiful comment VERY MUCH Britt! ❤️ Thank you for your compliments about my mini garden because I too, have wished that it was my Real Life Garden which would make garden maintenance so much easier! :D


  14. Wow so beautiful realistic and great your Italian items, I hope I learn to make such of your realistic greens for my Bramasole, mine are to clean not realistic... Must tell you I was very down this morning and your blog lift me up thank you!
    Arrividerla Elizabeth!
    groetjes Marijke

    1. Hi Marijke! :D
      I am DELIGHTED that you have enjoyed my Venetian garden AND the greenery growing on the walls- THANK YOU! ❤️
      I must admit that they were instrumental in transforming the garden into appearing more believable and helped to visually soften the hard surfaces and make them more inviting.:D
      AND I think you would find the same benefits would be there for your Incredible Bramasole too!

      p.s. I am glad that your spirits were uplifted by reading this post! These are trying times for sure,with lots of stuff bringing us down, but try to keep in mind "that this too shall pass"-GOD BLESS! ❤️

  15. Every detail is incredibly thought out and well done! Such a wonderfully beautiful scene!

    1. Hi Brandy!:D
      Thank You VERY MUCH for enjoying the details of my Venetian Garden!❤️
      It is the part of the construction which I ALWAYS enjoy and fuss about with the most, and it makes me VERY Happy when fellow miniaturists also Appreciate the results! :D



  16. I so enjoyed your magical garden tour, Elizabeth, your garden is awesome!! There is so much to see and all of it is so very detailed (and described by you, thank you ;O)), so, I had to go back several times to look up of what you described, because I didn't see it at first ;). This time I truly wish I was a teeny tiny gnome, than I would come over and visit you in this fairy garden for enjoying the garden but also for having a Limoncello drink ;).
    I see that the deciduous tree has the same plastic foliage as my privet hedge has got, so it looks good at a tree too!
    It was a pleasure to visit your blog and see whith what you're up too, thanks for the tour!
    Stay safe, take care, dear Elizabeth!
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Hello Ilona!:D
      I Always feel HONORED by your Beautiful Compliments regarding my miniature gardens and I can't THANK YOU enough for the Generosity of your Lovely comment Ilona! ❤️
      I'm so Glad to have those within our community (like you) who are legends in their own time and Masters of their craft whom we can learn from and try to emulate. AND ALSO that you have used the same plastic foliage for your privet hedge as I have for my tree- So nice to be on the same page as MY Idol! 😎


  17. What a wonderful garden!!! it is a dream. I love gardens with an abundance of flowers and plants. Thank you for posting so many photos, this way we can really see all the details. As always I love reading all the explanations. The scene with the table and chairs is very welcoming. what a treat it could be to sit there drinking limoncello!!! The garden at night is fantastic. Well, once more you made me dream with your amazing work.

    1. Thank You VERY MUCH Genevieve!❤️
      I felt Rewarded in being able to plant as many flowers into this confined space as I did, and not have it appear confusing/ overkill!
      My only wish now, is that there was still room for MORE!

      I also have imagined myself in the scene; sitting in the table; drinking limoncello and gazing at all the flowers, and so my plant choices were those that I actually enjoy growing in my Real Life garden! ❤️
      Providing the close-up photos serves as a reminder to me of its multiple transitions along the way, and I'm THRILLED that you have enjoyed viewing each one of them because it alleviates the guilt I feel about MY VERY LONG POSTS! :D


  18. I love the garden but ive watched too many italian slasher movies like Deep Red and Dario Agento's Demons, your outside drinking your lemonaid and Bam out jumps the Killer to chase you around the garden. of course since Ive watch the movies Id be drinking lemonaid with a shot gun handy and Lilly keeping watch for the killer. the world needs more old ladies and dogs :)


    1. Hi Marisa!:D
      Thankfully I've never heard of either of the slasher movies you've mentioned which means that there's no danger for the current homeowners as they're sitting outside drinking lemonade. And given the size of their "killer" guard cat- he's so much BETTER than a shotgun! ❤️ :D


  19. Hi Elizabeth, I simply love your gorgeaus venetian garden though haven't seen one ever before! I love the way you build your diorama with multiple layers of different materials and meticulously selected objects. It is like a three-dimensional painting. Thank you for sharing so many diy-ideas like blending the wax crayon colours with ball tool for delicate flower petals. I have to try this too and study your post(s) and photos multiple times :) Use of light in your pictures is enchanting.

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH Ritta! :D
      I have never seen a Venetian garden before either and so it certainly was an Adventure trying to capture the essence of what I saw in a book and translate it into miniature. But despite the obvious challenges, I'm pretty Happy with the final results and I'm SO HAPPY that you have liked them too! ❤️
      Discovering the ease of using wax crayons for the hydrangeas was a BIG Step forward for me and I think that once you try it out, you'll be hooked on it too! :D


  20. A fascinating garden full of plants. Great work.

    1. THANK YOU VERY MUCH BurSel!❤️
      Constructing this Venetian garden took a lot longer than I had thought and presented many challenges along the way, but I AM Happy with how it all turned out and making the various plants was a worthwhile experience which I Highly recommend! :D


  21. Me encanta el jardín. Es espectacular.¡Con ese colorido y ese realismo en las plantas!La ambientación de las luces hace precioso.

    1. What a MARVELLOUS Compliment and I THANK YOU VERY MUCH Isabel! :D
      I remember how BLOWN AWAY I was after viewing your Mediterranean streetside garden with its paving, arbour, fencing and lighting; its Incredible plantings AND the romantic intimacy of the entire enclosure, so I totally TREASURE your Wonderful comment!❤️


  22. It really is a masterpiece! Many many perfect details.

    1. Awwwww THANK YOU Faby!!!!
      In retrospect; this Venetian garden was a FUN project to make and although I KNOW that there are a great many mistakes I've made along the way, it still turned out better than I thought it would.
      AND it makes me VERY HAPPY that you have enjoyed viewing it as much as I've enjoyed reading your Beautiful Comment!❤️


  23. Dear Elizabeth, I have to confess I was so Blown Away by this garden that I could not leave a comment! I had to come back and read through again and look at all the details that you have added that conjure such a Perfect Old World Garden Atmosphere in this little space! Euro Gardens tend to make such great use of tiny spaces! There is a tiny terrace with just enough room for a table and two chairs... a low wall planter that is so restrained and elegant and Useful.... small narrow steps leading up that are perfect for planters and pots and creeping growths... the better to rearrange with the seasons or the Fashion of the day! And all is overflowing with the most Beautiful Plantings ever!!! The Rose... Ahhh... I have just been admiring the "Blaze" rose at my door that has begun to let go all its petals... and my Endless Summer hydrangea that is just starting to bloom... and you have created these wonders in perfect miniature... using your signature incredible basket of ingredients.... Wax Crayons!.... Transparent Glass Paint!.... who ever would have thought to try these??? I bow to the Master of Invention!!! Wow! Wow! Wow!!! I am going to try these techniques! :):) And not to mention all the awesome "stone" details that have nothing stone about them.... and "vines" made from coconut fiber mats and greenery from the model railroad world....! You are a Magician! The atmosphere is so Romantic and Hushed and old.... and with twilight the lamps come on and the view of the lit kitchen window where a superb meal is cooking just makes me Ache with nostalgia! I Love Your Work!!!!! :):):)

    1. Dear Betsy! WOW- such a Wonderful Comment and Compliments!!! My head's swelling by the word! hahahaha :D
      But I THANK YOU for each and every one Betsy, as our mini endeavors are DOUBLY ENJOYED when they are so enjoyed and appreciated by all of our friends! ❤️
      It makes me SO HAPPY that you think of this terraced garden as "restrained and elegant" since that was an objective of mine. Trying to find a balance between the unrestrained roses and greenery and the clipped and potted plants was definitely an adventure which is why the planting changed as often as they did, but it is gratifying to me that this space has won the Approval of Ye Of the LILAC TREES Fame! :D❤️
      Constructing the hydrangeas using the wax crayons was like striking oil for me.
      Colouring the petals was so easy and the kits went together so quickly that I wanted to make more and more! And if you decide to make them, Betsy then I think you'll feel that way too!
      Just about everything else was trial and error and often by accident but I AM happy with the way it looks and your pronouncing it "Old World, Hushed and Romantic"means all the experimental efforts have been worthwhile!❤️


  24. I could write a whole chapter about how wonderful I think your garden is.....but maybe 'just perfect' sums it up.

    1. From someone who is as knowledgeable and as passionate about Real Life gardening as you are Robin: I take your Lovely Compliments as HIGH PRAISE Indeed!!!
      and I Thank You VERY VERY MUCH Robin! ❤️ :D


  25. Believe it or not... but exactly the same thing Betsy mentions in her comment happened to me too! I was here yesterday and enjoyed your post to the fullest... but I was so full of impression, admiration, beauty for the eyes and whatever positive nouns you can think of that I did not know what to say/write. Well, I don't know still but I try and if needed I could take advantage of the fact that I'm not a native English speaker. *LOL*

    I've so enjoyed this tour and discovering all the details. You are for sure a master when it comes to creating an atmosphere and telling a story in 3D and miniature. Everything looks so real and "lived in" as if the people of Villa Leone have just left the terrace for doing some stuff in the house. The pictures you've shown some time ago of the whole project already gave a hint of this splendor, but now in detail it blew me away. Not to mention that I will have a hard time understanding that you managed to assemble this stunning climbing rose in 3-4 days. It would take me 3-4 months... well, I always work at snail speed. ;O)

    And it's amazing how you're doing your "decorations"... some things in a surprisingly simple way like the creeping campanula but with a stunning result. And even on kits you leave your own signature - the hydrangeas turned out beautiful. Wonderful, wonderful work - this garden is a piece of miniature art and a true inspiration.


    P.S.: Remember what you wrote in your comment to my fishy post where you agreed to Betsy's remark about the gable looking like the sky with fish shaped clouds and wondering whether Fluby and Rosey were also cloud gazers? Well, count on them to see things in the clouds, they were made by me! *LOL* But your remark reminded me also of one of my favourite Peanuts' strips. Imagine Lucy, Linus and Charlie Brown lying in the grass and looking to the clouds... and the van Pelt siblings are talking about spotting something like cumulus and cirrus formations and Lucy asks Charlie what he's seeing. He says he was about to say something about horsies and sheep but he would now prefer to stay silent. Well, I've always thought he should have insisted on seeing cloud horses up there! ;O)

    1. I well recall the Peanuts gang lying on their backs and looking up at the clouds, Birgit and what a great reminder of how each of us will see different things in the same things, which is what makes this hobby of ours, so darned interesting! :D
      it gives me GREAT PLEASURE that you have been able to see "the people of Villa Leone, who have just left the terrace to do some stuff in the house" because that for me, is the bottom line: being able to see ongoing activity even when there's no one physically present, so I THANK YOU SO MUCH for your Beautiful Compliments and comment! ❤️
      The teaser photos last autumn, of the entire Villa, were right after the Vancouver Show and I was too tired to post more at that time because I had been CONSUMED by this project and I felt I needed an emotional break.
      Waiting until summer to post about the Villa's garden worked out better as I was able to get reacquainted with the mini garden and write about it with a renewed enthusiasm.
      But I must say, Birgit, that my REAL LIFE Roses are not nearly as Spectacular as YOURS, and with such GORGEOUS specimens to draw from, and with the dedicated assistance of both Fluby and Rosey as your helpers, you could 'grow' a miniature Climbing Rose for their seaside cottage in 3-4 days too! :D

      p.s. I'm HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY to learn that the package finally arrived AND that you have enjoyed its contents as much as I have enjoyed mine! ❤️

  26. Es espectacular, todo un regalo para la vista !!!!!
    Jamás saldría de tu jardín.

    1. MANY MANY THANKS for your Wonderful comment and Beautiful Compliments Eloisa! ❤️ I REALLY Appreciate your Enthusiastic enjoyment of my little garden and I feel Encouraged by your visit! :D


  27. Me again... ;O) I need to tell you something... guess what? Today Santa sent one of his elves disguised as a DHL employee to surprise me with gifts of joy that can only be described as "Christmas in July". But as it is often with good stories - they can also be told in different ways so let my try it another time this way: Your package arrived safe and sound today and all the things inside blew me away. I could not find your e-mail-adress anywhere that's why I'm doing it via this comment: THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful surprise, but even more for your kind words and the gift of friendship!

    Thank you so much, dear Elizabeth, for all these well chosen and lovely gifts and all the joy and happiness that came along with them!


  28. Oh Elizabeth your garden is stunning. I love the patio table and chairs and all the beautiful plants. The lighting looks very atmospheric.

    1. I am SO GLAD that you have enjoyed viewing my Italian garden Polly- THANK YOU!!! :D
      This entire project was a labour of love although there were definitely "moments" when I didn't want to be friends with it anymore! hahahah! :D
      Even so, in the end it all turned out, Better than I'd expected, AND I was able to use the patio table and chairs which made the patio space practical, whilst the variety of plants and the lighting, made the garden feel liveable- and I'm So Glad you like it! ❤️


  29. As always Elizabeth, your handiwork is so stunningly beautiful, inspiring and realistic. Many thanks for sharing. Celia

    1. I Appreciate your comment SO MUCH Celia,and I THANK YOU!!!! :D
      I'm ALWAYS the most critical of my work and I'm perpetually finding fault with it, however your Positive Compliments never fail to Encourage! ❤️


  30. Mind blown! So beautiful and perfect (as usual) You have done a fantastic job with everything :)

    1. Hi Linda!!! :D
      THANK YOU for Your BEAUTIFUL Compliment which has certainly "Blown My Mind" ❤️:D
      I wish it was "Perfect" but no garden even in Real Life remains ideal for long which is why I've been in the mood to make a few more minor adjustments!
      Perhaps THEN it will have finally arrived? ;)


  31. The whole thing is utterly beautiful but your magic touch with all the plants is outstanding. Absolutely the best work I have ever seen...... and I have seen a lot. 😊 You can positively feel and smell them, indeed I would Constantly be worrying about whether they need watering if they were mine. As an avid gardener I can recognise you are too. Beautiful work. I take comfort in that yu too are wrestling with Blogger - evil little designers that feel they have to keep tweaking so they remain in work..... ah well that seems like a good reason to torture us I suppose.

    1. What an WONDERFUL Compliment-THANK YOU Marilyn!!! ❤️
      I DO like to garden and I did try to make this mini garden grow in imitation of my real one with plants growing through and around each other, so I Really Appreciate your gardener's eye and observations! :D

      As to the New Blogger... it has messed me up but good!
      Writing the post, and inserting the photos is more labour intensive than it was before.

      Then after clicking to reply,the entire page deletes itself takes & 90 seconds to reload, before I can even begin to respond.
      It is incredibly frustrating and even more so since my techy daughter has been able to resolve it.
      It's very off putting, but perhaps as you've said, their intent IS to "torture" us! :(


  32. I was especially amused by your saying you move plants around. I am famous for having four trees (only about four years old) that spent their first two years with me being shunted around the garden as I couldn't quite decide what I wanted where. My nearest and dearest were used to seeing perennials being bobbed about hither and yon but decided moving trees around was a step too far. I too love the accidental muddled look which takes lots of careful thinking to achieve. Google Hidcote and Wollerton Old Hall. They are probably two of my favourite gardens

    1. HA! I have moved so many plants around in my RL garden that I can feel them cringe whenever they see me coming! And although I'm forever moving them from here to there, more often than not the plants seem to find THE BEST LOCATIONS, all by themselves!
      funny how that happens! :)

  33. Gah! I thought I'd managed to leave a comment over a week ago, but to no avail! This time I'm using my phone, so fingers crossed...

    I can't think of a better miniature gardener than you Elizabeth, right from my first views of the Arthur house, you've continuously managed to nail it. I went for an explore in few shops for greenery and had a play around, but I just don't have this particular magic in my finger tips *sigh*. Thank you for taking the time to let us explore this garden and providing, yet again, tip top miniature inspiration! May it be perpetual springtime in your garden!

    1. Greetings Jonquil and THANK YOU VERY MUCH for you MOST WELCOMED exploration!!!! ❤️
      I have to say that making miniature gardens feels incredibly gratifying in as much as none of the plants ever die back or become overgrown! Having them remain static forever means that I'm never needing to prune and shape them because once they're installed that's it- Perpetual Peak Performance and what gardener [Real or Mini], doesn't wish for That! ;D


  34. I could look at your pictures again and again (and did!). It's really quite amazing what you've put together and so realistic. I love it and refer back to your blog repeatedly for inspiration.

    1. Oh THANK YOU Irene!!! :D
      Your comments are Totally Inspiring to read, and I Appreciate them VERY Much!❤️
      Developing this garden was an interesting experience as I know very little about Venice but just as you do with your Amazingly Detailed Period Interiors; having books and as much reference material on hand for guidance- helps-
      A LOT! :D


  35. Dear Elizabeth - it has taken me all this time to properly meander through the garden of Villa Leone. Like in R.L. gardens, I had to stop several times, take a few steps back, smell the roses before moving again. It is simply wonderful. The layers of texture, colour and incredible detail is overwhelming (in a very, very good way).
    Thanks for always including so much detail of how you make things. I have now managed to conquer my first few plant kits. I what love to do a flower shop in the future and following your fabulous links, my bank account is now considerably 'lighter' - oh, well you can't take it with you, can you?
    Enjoy your big garden.
    Anna X

    1. What a TREAT to read your BEAUTIFUL comment Anna-THANK YOU! ❤️
      Building up this garden was a unique experience for me which I really enjoyed, however there were moments when I felt completely out my depth especially regarding how to get the garden to flow and how to connect the the terrace to the water. Once I was able to figure that out, then filling up the planter and adding the greenery to the walls became the FUN PART!
      Your idea for a Flower Shop sounds like the perfect way to showcase the plant kits you'll make and so be prepared to become addicted Anna, because just as you've said-
      You only live once! ;D


  36. Truly there is a magical event happening in this lovely venetian garden! I took my time exploring thru a walk in the garden. You always do a fantastic job!!! Love this!
    Mini huggs,

    1. I'm So Glad that you've enjoyed your walking tour of my Venetian GArden, Conny THANK YOU! ❤️
      Making this space was something I'd been looking forward to for a long time, although it looks completely different than what I'd originally envisioned but that is how our mini projects ALWAYS go isn't it? 😉


  37. Elizabeth! This is a dream garden! I love every aspect of it from the roses (which are to die for!) to the lemons on the table. It's all absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing how you created this beauty. I'll be going back over it again . . . and again! {{HUGS}}

    1. Thank You VERY MUCH for your lovely comment Teresa! ❤️
      I have to say that constructing the garden was a unique experience for me as well as a learning curve but in retrospect- I wouldn't have traded a minute of it and I'm
      So Glad to know that you have enjoyed it too!:D


  38. What a beautiful garden you have made it looks very real, all the plants and flowers look great, love it!

  39. Thank You Very Much Gonda!
    Constructing this garden was quite an experience in trying to make it look as real as I could and I'm Very Glad that you like it as much as I do, which is Very Encouraging to hear! ❤️


  40. estoy impactada, boquiabierta increíble el nivel de detalle y la atmósfera que has conseguido! decir que te felicito es muy poco impresionante tu trabajo!

    1. It makes me VERY HAPPY to read your Beautifully worded comment and I THANK YOU Carmen!
      I tried several times to imbue this mini garden with an atmosphere peculiar to Venice, without ever having been there and it pleases me Greatly, that it has won your Approval! ❤️


  41. Elizabeth, what an amazing garden! Beautiful! I definitely have to do the tour again to make sure I've seen it all. Thanks for sharing your experiences about the different flower- kits. Whishing you a nicee time in your 1:1 garden as well en hope to see you here soon! ps. Cookie settings can be the reason of having troubles with responding on other blogs.

    1. Hello Monique and Thank You VERY MUCH for stopping by to visit my mini Venetian garden and for re-taking "THE TOUR!" ❤️:D
      I had a lot of fun putting it together ( several times) and hope to share more reviews regarding various flower kits as I begin to assemble them to share with you.
      I have been spending as much time as I'm able to get my 1:1 garden under control after neglecting it for several years and what a mammoth job it's been! The time and physical exertions have been worth it, and I'm hoping for good things by next spring, which should explain my absence from the blogs. Will be getting back into it again as the weather cools off.

      Still struggling with this new blogger but Thanks for the Tip! I'll get my techy daughter to investigate the cookie settings next time she's over-


  42. I wish I had such a dramatic flair for details as you do. When I visit your blog I dont just enjoy the fabulous mini scenes. I feel like I have entered an art class with tricks and skills I never imagined using.

    1. THANK YOU Very Much Grandmommy! ❤️
      I suppose that I should respond by saying that being a Drama Queen in Real Life definitely has it perks in miniatures! 😜
      fyi- Just kidding about being a Drama Queen however "a Princess"? 😁
      I Really Appreciate your comment Grandmommy, and wish you a Very Merry Christmas this season!


  43. The garden is very beautiful. I had to watch all the photos many times and read over and over again the texts. I loved all the details. You have super skills.
    We learn always new ways to do things. And you are ready to share all the information abount your project.

    Today we have the first of May,but the weather has been cold here in Finland and we got also some snow but it melted.

  44. Thank You Sirkka for you lovely comments about my Venetian garden. ❤️ I enjoyed constructing it however, I originally had different plans in mind for it, so as each detail and layer developed, it became something unique and rather unexpected, but as you already know, that is what makes this hobby such a fun one to be involved with. :D

    It is the middle of May as I am writing this and the weather here on the Southwest Coast of Canada, has been very wet and often COLD but there have been enough sunny days to cause the flowers to bloom even though they are blooming later than normal.
    Thankfully though, No Snow! 😄


  45. Truly there is a magical event happening in this lovely venetian garden! I took my time exploring thru a walk in the garden. You always do a fantastic job!!! Love this!
    Mini huggs,

  46. Thank You Very Much! 😊. I've discovered that assembling mini plants and constructing mini gardens is a gratifying pastime which allows me to successfully grow a variety of plants, that I have less success with in Real Life!



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