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STOCKING UP for Christmas : a couple of cheap- n-'easy tutorials

I just happened to be in 
a couple of weeks ago and chanced upon a package of Christmas Stocking stickers which I thought I could use for miniatures. 

If I remember correctly,
there are are at least 16 stickers in the package. 

Of course the stickers were, 
far too shiny and  artificial looking, 
as they come in the package
 I thought that if I tried covering them with fabrics, 
then they'd be usable.

I found an old Christmas tea towel 

in with my fabrics,
 and began experimenting with the stickers.
I was having a grand old time with this project, 

when suddenly
the thought occurred to me 

that perhaps the stocking stickers 
would make a good
for anyone else who might require 

some mini Christmas stockings.
Since I'd already made quite a few stockings
before I'd decided to write the tutorial,
 quite a few were already used up. 

Even so, 
the leftovers you see in the photo below,
  represent all the various sizes and shapes 
inside the package of stickers.  


here's what I did...

These stickers from 

come in either red or green, but either colour works,
 since they'll be completely covered over 

with a fabric of your choice. 

You can see that the stickers are composed of 
shiny foiled card on the front 
but backed by a thin and sticky foam.

For my first demonstration
I'm using the longest and simplest sock sticker 
in the package. 

There were 4 of this shape in my pack. 

I've chosen to use a medium weight tie silk
to cover this sticker.

For glue,
 I chose to use a permanent clear  adhesive, specifically designed for fabrics.

THIS GLUE doesn't Bleed through fabrics when it's allowed to get tacky, although you still have to be careful with it on very thin silks: AND 
it works Great on synthetic materials as well! 
An additional PLUS is that it won't dissolve the foam. 
Railroad modellers use it when constructing their complex landscape bases from pressed insulation foam which was why I started using it. 
Equally good is the 
( although it's a little more expensive)
 look for them at Walmart and/or Michael's

Step 1 

coat the TOP SURFACE of the stocking sticker
with the glue and let it get just a little tacky
and then place it face down onto the fabric

cut A GENEROUS allowance all around the stocking shape
as shown in the photo below

add small cuts from the outside in towards the sticker
an 1/8th 'seam allowance' around the perimeter of the stocking form.

Add glue along the edge of the foam and onto the fabric itself
then work your way up to the top of the form.
Begin by
pulling the fabric up around the foot to the back of the stocking.
This procedure takes the most time.
It is also the most messy and you'll need to constantly clean the glue and loose threads from your fingers as you go!
Cut away the excess fabric as needed
 but don't cut off too much! 

The back of the stocking is relatively unimportant to me, since it will be the side facing the fireplace,
which means that
I don't worry too much about what it looks like. 

  I focus more on keeping the front of the stocking  smooth and neat as I continue gluing 
and pulling the fabric taut at the back. 

The sharp points on the foot of the sock
means that the fabric needs to be pulled in 

a little  tighter 

Keep checking the front of the stocking as you are pulling and smoothing away the sharp points;
ensuring also 

that the sock doesn't become twisted or distorted in the process. 

Once you have finished gluing around the foot;
begin gluing the fabric up the leg of the stocking,
trimming away the excess fabric as you go.

I folded over one side of the leg of the sock and then overlapped and glued the opposite long flap onto it.  

Here was my finished fabric covered stocking 

Step 2

  Remove the foam inside the top of the sticker
This is achieved with a pair of sturdy tweezers,
 or needle nosed pliers. 

Insert the tool into the foam and begin
tearing and pulling the foam out  from the top 

of the sock
 to a depth of no more than 1/2 inch. 

 The remaining foam left inside,
will act as a support for whatever you insert.

The foam free cavity 
is now ready for the teeny tiny presents!

Step 3

If you intend to hang your stockings onto a fireplace,
then it might be a good idea 
to sew or glue a loop to the top of the sock 
you begin to add your decorative trims.  

To decorate this stocking 
I used some matching twisted cord,
 glued around the perimeter of the form.

Then I added a cuff of grosgrain ribbon around the top of the sock with some lace trim overlay. 

I decided to give this model a
"Romantic Victorian"

I used metal NAIL DECALS to decorate this stocking along with
these peel and stick cameo decals.

After a little bit of holly and extra lace:
the stocking was finished! 

Below are the same stocking sticker shapes
which I covered using sections of an
old cotton tea towel

 Here are some of the other Stocking shapes

from the same package


with gold "jingle bell" beads 
on the curly toe and cuff


The CURLY TOE Sticker 
was the
shape to work with:
for a repeat of the sticker stocking tutorial,
I'm going to use the nefarious 
curly toe sticker,
 as outlined above.

this time with 100% cotton fabric.

 I cut out a rough shape from the fabric.

I added glue to the front face of the stocking shape

and allow the glue to get a little tacky

I pressed the sticker face down 
onto the back of the fabric

I Snipped small cuts around the foot of the stocking 
to within an 1/8th around the form: 

I put the glue onto the sides of foam back
 and onto the fabric. 
Beginning at the foot,
I pulled the fabric taut around the form; 

making additional tiny cuts as needed,
smoothing down the sharp points around the foot 
and toe as I went along. 

the curly toe is a challenge 
and it DOES take some extra time, 
but just "stick" with it! 

I used tweezers to help pull the fabric snuggly 
around the curly toe point

Front side

Backside = Ugg

okay, now for the FUN PART! 

For this stocking
I'm using
squiggly Nail stickers
Organza ribbon
narrow Silk ribbon
and a pale pink loopy trim

I decided to ruche the narrow silk ribbon.

To ruche the silk ribbon;
grab a thread from the center of the silk and gently
pull and gather it along its length. 

It forms a lovely ruffle! 

Initially I was going to use the ruched silk along the top edge of the stocking
but changed my mind 

and gathered it into a rose shape instead.
If you're using self adhesive nail stickers,

they'll need to be GLUED onto the
cloth with Fabric Hi-Tak

they will eventually dry out 
and begin to  lift away from the fabric. 

I glued white cording to the outline of the sock, 
then made a cuff of pink organza ribbon and glued the loopy pink trim to the bottom edge of the organza ribbon. 
I trimmed the top edge of the stocking with more cording, tied a pink bow for the corner and used the darker pink ruched ribbon as roses with two leaves under it. 
For a bit of glitz I used gold nail decals as embroidery on the toe, 
on heel and on the organza cuff.

Then the stocking was stuffed with Christmasy stuff!

The tiny package is a foil wrapped flat bead 
which I ribboned with pink metallic nail tape.
The snowman is a polymer nail decal,
as is the red and white candy cane.

Most of the NAIL ART that I've featured here,
was purchased from 
there are THOUSANDS of nail appliques 
for you to choose from- 
The green candy cane is a paper clip

I saw the paperclip candy canes featured on a blog 
a number of years ago. 
 can't remember whose blog it was

These are easy and fun to make. 

 The Paper Clips 
were purchased at a local dollar store.
I used the red and green ones

This is how you cut them apart.
Trim both of the cut ends of the cane

 to the length you want, 
then bend the rounded end in lightly 
using a pair of pliers.

You'll get
3 Candy canes from 1 paper clip,
but save your offcuts
to use as peppermint sticks!

Below are some repurposed resin Christmas earrings 
which I recently found at a thrift store.  
I clipped off their posts and used them to fill 
some of my Christmas Sticker Stockings
as already seen in the photos above.

                                           END of TUTORIAL #1


 I REALLY enjoy making Christmas Wreaths
Here are a few which I've constructed in the past:

the Ball Wreath below was a gift to Fatima for the front door of her VITORIA Christmas dollhouse.

The next one is a Frosted Holly/ berry wreath using holly wire from my stash

And this one is an overstuffed 
APPLE /WALNUT wreath using preserved lycopodium as its base

The one I am going to construct for this particular tutorial is a really simple evergreen wreath
using basic holiday evergreen wire.

I loosely form the size and shape of a wreath,
then thread through the form with a second circlet of evergreen wire to bulk it out.  

first layer above

second layer below
This wreath is approximately 1 1/2 inches diameter

I cut a length of silk ribbon (about 7 inches +/-) 
to wrap around the circumference of the wreath. 

I put a little glue on the end of the silk ribbon

Then I wrapped the ribbon over the frame and back it onto itself

then I wound the ribbon loosely around the wreath
until I returned to the start. 

I gave the wreath a light trim,
then I removed some of the holly leaves from the holly wire and glued them into the evergreen, by tucking them under the silk ribbon using the same Hi-Tak fabric glue to keep them in place. 

I'm using up what I already have on hand,
 but you could just as easily use 
a holly leaf paper punch 
or hand cut your own leaves from folded paper . 

Since the colours of the holly and the evergreen,
are nearly the same,
I decided to paint the leaves a lighter green for more contrast.
I used a Leaf Green acrylic paint and a tiny brush and carefully painted each leaf of the holly. 

Once the leaves were painted,
I added the Christmas coloured
NO HOLE beads 

which Fatima had recently given to me.
(I think she bought them at Michaels) 
Gluing the berries onto the wreath:

I first painted the leaves with a light coat of 
still using the wet paint brush,
I lifted the berries with the brush tip and placed them onto the still damp Podge at the base of the holly.  

Using the wet brush as a tool to pick up and transfer the beads to the wreath, 
worked BETTER and FASTER
than trying to apply them with a pair of tweezers. 

To add some additional texture to the wreath,
I used dried Cardamom seeds
purchased from the spice section of the supermarket.
I broke them in half using pressure from my fingers and then I glued the halves onto the wreath
with the
fabric adhesive. 

after looking at a photo of the wreath
I decided to lighten the holly up a little more by using a thin wash of
yellow fabric paint mixed with water. 

I carefully went over each leaf once again
with the paint and water mixture.

 I added a silk bow to the top of the wreath
 and then

  It was Done! 

Below are a couple more
Christmas Wreaths. 

The resin Santa heads were removed 
from a cheap pair of seasonal earrings

I made the diameters of both wreaths
wide enough to accommodate the Santa heads.

Then I threaded the evergreen wire through the existing metal loop 
on the top of the hat
 to secure the heads to the frame. ❄️
❄️ ❄️  The Santa wreaths measure about 2 inches across
and were super quick and easy to do!

❄️ Well, this brings us to the end of 
Tutorial # 2
 I'll probably be making a few more wreath since I'm currently on a roll 

and perhaps I'll make some Christmas swags too-

❄️I'll keep you posted IF I do!
so until we meet again❄️
hO hO hO! 



  1. What a super fun way to get into the miniature spirit of Christmas!

    1. Thank You Robin and I'm Glad to hear that you've enjoyed this post! :D
      During the process, I found that making these Christmas minis really put me in the mood for the holiday season.
      So I'm hopping to make a few more Christmas related items before that 'mood' suddenly disappears! ;D


  2. I am always amazed how creative you are to make miniatures. Your stockings are wonderful and the wreaths too. I love the one with the cardamon seeds and the other one with Santa.

    1. Thank You for your encouraging words, Genevieve! I Appreciate your comment Very Much :D
      I like to challenge myself to try and find a new ( cheap and easy ) ways to make the tiny things, I admire but often can't afford. Finding the stocking stickers at DOLLARAMA was an unexpected bonus: they were the right size; the right shapes; and The Right Price!
      The cardamom seeds on the wreaths were a lovely to use as they smell wonderful as soon as you cracked them open and the look like walnut shells. They would also look good displayed in a nut bowl, or scattered around some Christmas baking in progress in the kitchen. :D


  3. I LOVE this post since I am into decorating the mini houses this year--like I don't have anything else to do for the holidays. I love the stocking, especially the curled tow one and I've searched for tutorials and now here you are this morning with this fabulous tutorial. I never find good stuff at the $Store, so I am wondering if I am going to the correct one. I must have those striped paper clips and I am so thankful that you posted the link to nail decals. I think the my little golden deer would look nice in one of your stockings or on the wreath. Thanks for this great tutorial.

    1. Hello Ann and Thank You Very Much for your Lovely comment! :D

      I've found that not all dollar stores are created equal, however there's usually something usable to be found in all. The stocking stickers used in this tutorial are from DOLLARAMA here in Canada, so I'm assuming that the stock for this retail chain is distributed to all, alike. If not then perhaps you could put the word out to someone you know who could pick up a pack for you. :)

      The striped paper clips were pretty easy for me to find, however, what's there one day, can be GONE the next! which is why I don't hesitate in always getting extra merchandise at the $ stores .... just in case I never see it again.
      The Nail Art Fairy is a virtual treasure trove of usable minis and I have ordered from their store several times already.
      The delivery is Fast and the products, Great, BUT MAKE SURE you read the description regarding the SIZE of the nail embellishments that you're considering, as some are bigger than they look in the photos!
      Have Fun Christmas shopping! :D


  4. Christmas is coming! Nice idea for making Christmas stockings, thanks for the tips. The Christmas wreaths are ready to hang.

    1. Thanks Faby! :D
      Christmas IS coming and probably quicker than I realize, but this year I am more prepared! :D
      I"m Glad that you've enjoyed the tips, the wreaths and the stockings, and I also hope that they put you into the Christmas spirit too! :D


  5. Dear Elizabeth, you are a Genius with converting trash to treasure! I am always surprised at the sources of your brilliant creations! I don't have the courage to try the mixing and re-painting you do...! But someday I will try to make a few little wreaths for my many mini homes!!! (Maybe even this year! LOL!) I love the variety of styles you achieved with your mini stockings... and all started from foam stickers! The nail art sources are something I need to look into.... and the model train glue techniques are also a great tip! When I have/find/make some TIME... I will surely enjoy these tips!!! Thank you for sharing your expertise! :):)

    1. I must tell you Betsy, that ever since I saw your EXQUISITE miniature needlepoint Christmas stockings, which you recently featured on one of your posts, I have had mini Christmas stockings stuck in my brain so- THANK YOU Betsy for planting the seed! :D
      This "trash to treasure" project is my substitute solution, seeing that I have absolutely NO talent for sewing or for needlework: but give me a bottle of glue and LOOK OUT! :D
      The nail art suppliers offer worlds of interesting tiny things for miniaturists so I'm happy to share the link. I can only imagine how one could make use of some of the charms and 3-D nail art for Christmas tree ornaments, book jackets, labels, clothing, cakes, cookies -you name it... the possibilities are endless! :D


  6. WOW! you are so creative. I love the ideas and the results are lovely. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    1. Thank You for your Lovely comment Carrie,and I'm VERY GLAD that you like the results! :D
      Each year I promise myself that I will make something mini for Christmas and usually I'm too lazy or too preoccupied, and then before I know it the season is over... But not this year! ;)


  7. I'm definitely going to be visiting my spice aisle!

    1. Glad to hear it Sheila and don't forget to check out the link to the Nail Art Fairy too! :D


  8. Has tenido una sesión de creatividad navideña genial. Me encanta todo lo que has hecho.

    1. Thank You VERY Much Isabel! :D
      Being creative with the Christmas Stocking Stickers was a bit of a mini adventure for me and so I was Very Happy that it all worked out, as intended! :D


  9. Me has dado grandes ideas para adornos en miniatura,los tuyos han quedado estupendos!! Viva la imaginación!!

    1. I've enjoyed reading your comment Pilar and I THank You for both enjoying this tutorial AND for finding my ideas useful! :D


  10. WOW, Elizabeth, you are a STAR in making/inventing miniatures out of almost nothing, what a great way of making Christmas stockings and wreaths, thank you sooo much for these clear tuto's!! Whilst I was reading I already did wondering how you made the walnuts in mini, this is truly an awesome find!!
    I can't wait to see more of these ;).
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. I'm SO GLAD that you've enjoyed these tutorials Ilona as well as liking the Cardamom/ Walnut idea, and so I Thank YOu for your Very Encouraging comment! :D
      The seed is such a realistic looking "mini nut" especially when cracked open AND BONUS..... it smells Heavenly too-
      just like Christmas! ;D


  11. Elizabeth you never disappoint me in coming up with the most clever ideas that turn into the most delightful mini props! And you present them in a way that assures every person giving them a try will be successful and grateful to you! Now I want to delve into making Christmas minis, though I have no time I think this year! Thanks for letting me enjoy your creativity and photos instead!

    1. Awwww Shucks JOdi!!! :D
      When I look back at EVERY MINI-THING YOU"VE ACCOMPLISHED this past year; I am IN Absolute AWE- therefore I feel that this little post
      Tain't Nothin aTall ;D
      Even so, it gives me Great Pleasure that you have enjoyed my post and found the information useful. AND I'm hoping that the time spent on your Real Life home makeover, turns out to be ALL you've ever dreamed of. 😘


  12. Oh, my goodness! What a treat to read. I love your stockings! I never would have guessed they started as foam stickers if you hadn't given such a great tutorial on how you made them. And that wreath! With cardamom seed pods. They to look just like little walnuts. I have some spare Christmas earrings (I buy sets from Joann's but cannot wear the post ones due to severe nickel allergies); I had not thought of converting them to gifts and decorations! brilliant! Thank you for posting this.

    1. Thank YOU So Much for your comment Deborah! :D
      I enjoyed reading your Lovely words and I'm glad that you've enjoyed both the stockings and the Christmas wreaths!
      I too, am super sensitive to nickel plated earrings, and so I rarely look at them in the department stores, however I just happened to see the set above, on the rack at my local thrift store and thought they might come in handy- for something, but I hadn't thought to use them in the stockings until after the stockings were made.
      I am Delighted to hear that you've now been inspired to repurpose your Christmas earring too: because THAT'S what minis are all about! :D


  13. This posts makes me SMILE! And it is extra special as you have gone to so much length in the detail description of how to make the stockings. I'm the proud recipient of the one you demo here as well as another victorian one at the bottom of the stocking post. I'm truly lucky that your generosity extended my way. Thank you so much...and if that wasn't enough yes, I also have the amazing bauble wreath you made for my "Vitoria". It is has added so much character to my front door. Thank you ...and may this be the beginning of a Wonderful Christmas Season which I am now really looking forward to thanks to you! Boas Festas!

    1. YOU make ME smile Fats and I am still grinning from ear to ear over my recent Birthday gifts from you and Janine! :D
      It give me Great Pleasure to know that you are enjoying your Christmas stockings and the bauble wreath, and YES INDEED, "may this be the beginning of a Wonderful Christmas Season which I am now really looking forward to thanks to you!" -

  14. As always, your ideas are mind-boggling. I would have seen those stickers and walked right past because they look so tacky. As it turns out, tacky is useful for dollhousing sometimes...
    The wreaths are also beautiful and I will definitely make some using your instructions in future. This year, however, I intend to finish some of the Christmas projects I started last year, and the year before, sigh, it's always so tempting to hare off to the next thing.
    Thank you for being a great inspiration, once again!

    1. Thank You Very Much Megan but may I caution you not to look too closely at the BACKS of my sticker stockings because you'll see plenty of 'tacky' there too! hahahhaha ;D


  15. Great tutorials!! Thank you Elizabeth! What a fun way to use this easy to find materials. I especially like the idea of using the earrings and the nail appliques, I have ordered myself a few of them! Have a nice week :)

    1. HOORAY!!! I am glad to hear that you've enjoyed these tutorials, Alexandra and that you have been exploring the link to the Nail Art Fairy as well.
      It is one of the better merchants I've ordered from, yet I know that there's lots of uncharted territory regarding nail minis, still waiting to be discovered!
      I'll look forward to seeing how you'll put yours to use! :D


  16. Thank you, Elizabeth for these inspiring tutorials tutorials. I love turning easy to find items into lovely miniatures.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Thank You Drora and I just came from visiting your blog where once again I had the pleasure of seeing how you've TRANSFORMED your mini "waste" into miini 'WANTS"! :D


  17. These are all wonderful ideas and as always, great tutorials and photos. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Troy

    1. Glad that you have enjoyed these Christmas tutorials Troy and I Thank You for your Encouraging comment, too! :D


  18. How wonderful, I already feel a Christmas atmosphere! (in miniature: D)
    The Christmas stockings are really beautiful, but I feel that I would never have the patience to make an object so small and so complicated! Coat, decorate and ... fill with tiny Christmas items! The very thin curled ribbon pulling a thread is really a mini-master stroke! You are really good and the result is beautiful.
    The wreaths seem to me more suited to my inaccurate hands, and it made me smile to see the cardamom seeds, because I'm using them for miniatures these days too!

    1. Making the Christmas Sticker Stockings as well as the Wreaths, quickly put me into the spirit of Christmas, so I'm glad to learn that it has had the same effect on you too, Elene'!
      The stockings might look complicated but once you do one, then the rest are pretty easy.
      The ruched ribbon, is a technique that I learned from another miniaturist from back in the 1980's, which has now come back full circle- so make sure to put it to good use and Enjoy your results! :D


  19. Dear have once again put the 'magic of miniatures' into your projects and at the same time given us the detailed steps so that the most timid of miniaturists would be willing to give it a try. Your creative expertise at producing these lovely projects and your generosity at sharing the steps is truly a gift of Christmas! You continue to amaze and delight with all the beautiful details and I thank you so much for sharing your talent. I plan to use the ribbon roses you have created for a stocking to decorate the sash of a Victorian ballgown currently being made in 1:12 scale. Merry Christmas to you and yours...Alayne

    1. Thank You Very Much Alayne! :D
      As I've just mentioned to Elene' in her comment above, I learned the ruched ribbon technique from another miniaturist from back in the 1980's. I'd basically forgotten about it until I began decorating the pink curly toe stocking, so you just never know when an old idea decides to become "new" all over again.
      The ONE THING I will caution you about when pulling the thread, is to give yourself LONG lengths to ruche because if the ribbon is TOO SHORT you will end up pulling the thread out of the middle completely and it will all be wasted. In other words, cut off the ruffle after you've made it the tightness you want.
      AND If you look back at the stocking photo, you can see there is still a tail of unruffled ribbon on the left side of the ruffle. I CUT the tail leaving about a 1/4 inch of the tail attached, and then folded the tail to the back of the ribbon rose, and secured it with glue.
      Hope this additional information helps with your Victorian ruffle roses: and wishing you A VERY Merry Christmas, too!


  20. Thank you for sharing these wonderfull ideas, Elizabeth! I love the stockings and especially the one with the jingle bells. Enjoy the Christmas atmosphere!

    1. Thank You for your Most Welcomed compliment on my Christmas stockings Monique, Much Appreciated! :D
      BUT may I return to you, the compliments regarding your AMAZING Vintage Gas Stoves- WOW!
      They are Absolutely GORGEOUS and appear to ready to prepare a mini home-cooked Christmas Dinner with a Pie already in the oven- DELICIOUS!


  21. Thank you for these great tutorials, dear Elizabeth! Your stockings are after transformation so beautiful! Love the wreaths also! Have a good weekend, Elizabeth!

    1. Thank You Very Much, Nono! :D
      Making small things for Christmas was especially enjoyable since half the work was already done thanks to the preformed shapes and sizes of the stickers! So the decorating of the stockings was the marzipan on the Christmas Cake! ;D


  22. You are officially awarded my legion d'honneur for the pointy toe stocking alone... you do make me smile..... anyone else would have taken one look (well maybe two) and said.... nah, skip that one. All of the things are just lovely and full of Christmas joy.

    1. Ah Marilyn, you DO know how to turn a phrase! :D
      I'm probably going to have another go at making the pointy toe stockings since that one is the most interesting of all the shapes, however, I think my favourites are the simple ones that look like socks.
      But as a matter of fact I DID look at them in the store and say "nah" then picked up a couple of packs, then put them back on the rack and then decided to buy one, just for the heck of it, so your assessment was not too far off the mark- you clever girl!
      Wishing you HEAPS of Christmas Joy this year, EM!


  23. Your tutorials are so exciting!! Anyone who loves searching in dollar stores for that perfect miniature like I do gets the highest ranking from me, LOL. So many wonderful finds there. You are a genius. Loved all of your ideas and the stockings and wreaths are beautiful. Nail art stickers are so terrific too. You found such a great use for them. I found some at a bizarre recently and was so pleased. I have not been around for ages because I had an operation and before that my energy disappeared. So glad to be back!! Your blog made me extra pleased. Wow!! Merry Christmas. Mini and Dollar Shop Hugs, Jjean

  24. Thank you for these wonderful tutorials, as always very well explained and shown. My favorite part was the "advice": Stick to it! *LOL* Using these stickers as the base for terrific Christmas stockings was a brilliant idea and the way you've done it and making them even be "stuffable" is awesome. Btw I suppose Villa Leone is getting in the mood for Christmas too? One of your stockings was shouting "I need to got there" to me. ;O)

    And thank you very much for the idea with the cardamom seeds, I really need to get me some. Have fun with more Christmas stuff, just stay in this swing... and put visiting a dollar store on your to-do-list for next week because this brings me the joy of reading such fantastic posts. ;O)


    1. Thank You VERY Much Birgit! :D
      I have to say that when I wrote "stick to it" the thought crossed my mind that YOU above all, would appreciate the pun, and I was Right! hahahhahha :D
      And since one thing leads to another, it wasn't until after I had made the socks that I decided that I wanted them stuffed. Pulling out the foam was easy peasy, but the best part was that the stocking still kept its shape which made me VERY HAPPY indeed!
      Glad that you like the cardamom seed Walnuts! I learned that tip back in the 80's but forgot all about until just recently.
      Sadly I haven't been paying very much attention to Villa Leone since my last post about it, as I have been DEEP CLEANING and reorganizing the unbelievable chaos in my Studio, so the thought about Christmas at the Villa hadn't crossed my mind, until you mentioned it. Have to give that some thought.....
      Even so, I have another LITTLE project waiting in the wings which I WILL be posting about in the very near future, so please Stay Tuned. And as for visiting more dollar stores for MORE mini Christmas Projects; my answer is a Resounding 'YES!'


  25. Hi, Elizabeth - I SO MUCH enjoyed the stocking and wreath -making tutorial! I'm always amazed (and downright envious) that you have such a talent for finding fabulous miniature ideas in the most mundane, unexpected objects! The tiny stockings all turned out beautifully - no surprise there! - as did the lovely wreaths. Your tutorial is excellent - very detailed, but with clear, concise instructions that make me believe that maybe I can do this! And best of all, I think it might even be FUN to try!

    1. Hello Marjorie and Thank You for enjoying the Stocking and Wreath tutorials! :D
      As I was composing this blog tutorial, I was simultaneously taking additional 'fill in' photos of more of the in between steps for both the stockings and the wreaths to fill in any gaps, so your compliment regarding the "clear and concise instructions", is VERY GRATIFYING feedback, indeed! :D
      They might look more complicated than they actually are, yet in fact they are dead easy. And since I am probably the Most Lazy and Sloppy miniaturist I know- If I can make them; then EVERYONE can! :D


  26. Thank you for these beautiful examples, it looks great, the wreaths I find very beautiful.

    1. It makes me Very Happy that you've enjoyed these examples Gonda:Thank You! :D
      The wreaths gave me much pleasure as I made them and in fact I'm busy making MORE of them, Right Now! :D


  27. Heavens, so many tutorials in one little post! :-) These are great ideas and it just goes to show that inspiration can come from anywhere, and some stuff can be used in ways unimaginable. I mean paperclips as christmas candy canes? Sublime!

    Thank you, Elisabeth.


    1. Thank You Very Much for your Encouraging comment Huibrecht and I agree with you 100%, that inspiration, Can come from anywhere and usually does, Especially with miniatures! ;D
      And I have high hopes that some or all of these tutes will be put to use this holiday season, because as luck would have it, I happened to revisit the Dollarama store AGAIN, and there was NOT ONE package of stocking stickers to be found...
      ( so I hope that they were bought by miniaturists! ) :D


  28. Elizabeth this is just what I needed! Thank you for sharing! I've been putting off making stockings but now I'm going to try. And I love the more unexpected items like apples and nuts for the wreaths. Beautiful!

  29. Hello Kristine and Thank You for your Sweet comment!!! :D
    I've assumed that many people would prefer quick results when it comes to making mini Christmas stockings and wreaths for their mantles as well as a little bit of variety, so that's where these very easy tutorials have stepped in.
    What I've most enjoyed when constructing them, is that I could make each project, as simple or as elaborate as I chose, but using apples and walnuts for one of the wreaths, also gave me an opportunity to encompass more seasons.
    They were Lots of Fun to make AND I'm still making them! but I'm Very Happy to know that you've enjoyed all of these tutorials, too! :D


  30. Those stockings and wreaths came out so beautifully! I love them. And that nail art store is going to be DANGEROUS. I can't wait to try both tutorials. Thank you for them! And the title of your post is also spot-on :)

    1. Thank You Very Much Penelope! Your comment is Greatly Appreciated! :D
      I am also Happy to hear that you have and enjoyed these tutorials and found the Nail Art store as Fascinating as I have! There are so many tiny things to see there but the fact that it is (ALMOST) all to scale for our minis, is what I like Best of All!
      So as they said back in the 70's : Sock it to YA! :D


  31. Oh Elizabeth, everything is absolutely gorgeous.

    1. Thank You VERY Much Polly! :D
      I really enjoyed making these Christmas miniatures as well as putting the tutorials together, and let me add that I have had so much fun throwing myself into minis this season, that I still haven't stopped!


  32. You have made really amazing Christmas Stockings and wreaths.
    I love the wreath with apples and walnuts. I learned also that you had cardamon seeds. They looked perfect in a wreath.Maybe I steal this idea for my wraths. Ha, hah

    1. Thank You So Much for your Sweet comment Sirkka! :D
      I enjoyed making all of the stockings and the wreaths and am Happy that the Apple/Walnut wreath has caught your attention, and I hope that you DO take the idea with the cardamom seeds, for your own wreaths:n and don't forget that they look good in a nut bowl too! :D
      Wishing you a VERY MERRY Christmas this year!


  33. Loved the stockings and wreaths, Elizabeth. Your posts always give me so much inspiration. I can hardly wait to give some of these ideas a try. - Marilyn D.

    1. Thank You Marilyn! I am Always Glad to hear that my posts are inspiring and I hope that you DO give some or all of these projects a try!
      Let me know if you do, as I'd love to see them! :D


  34. Fantasticos tutoriales ,me los guardo para la próxima navidad ..!!

  35. Thank You Teresa I Really Appreciate your comment and Glad that you've enjoyed these tutorials too!