Thursday, 10 October 2019

A Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody
Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide,
No escape from reality.
Open your eyes
Look up to the skies and see,
I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy,
Because I'm easy come, easy go,
Little high, little low,
Any way the wind blows doesn't really matter to me,
to me

For the past couple of weeks, I have been feeling at loose ends and in a creative limbo.  
I have promised my sister that I would begin working on her bedroom roombox project so I've been mulling that over in my head, whilst simultaneously considering what I will be working on for myself.  
One thing I knew for sure- 
I didn't want to do another long term BIG DOLLHOUSE project; 
any time soon! 
Villa Leone is still sitting on my only work table in the middle of my Studio with nowhere else to go.  The updated interior photos I took of it using my phone are stuck somewhere inside my computer and I can't seem to get them onto my blog: I need my techy daughter to come here and show me all over again what I'm still doing wrong.  
I currently have no more room in my studio to do any work, although I have been trying to thin things out, and getting things organized in order to make the space I have, more USER FRIENDLY rather than the Hoarder Horror that it currently is. 
ALSO #2: 
 I'm Unable to DO ANY major clean up of it until AFTER our Canadian Thanksgiving which is this weekend, which explains to me, why I'm feeling   STUCK creatively.
In the meantime: 
 I've been re-organizing my collection of mini furniture pieces which are stored on a couple of high shelves so I can SEE them and remember what I have. 
It was during the course of shuffling and grouping, that I was inspired by some of the furniture to play and to rough out a loose living room scene on my already messy desktop using some of my favourite and usually forgotten pieces.  
One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was flipping through reference books, rifling through storage boxes, and tearing through stuffed drawers: re-discovering many minis which had been tucked away for "safekeeping" never to be seen again!
It was like shopping second-hand- at home! 

And so, as things began taking shape, I started thinking of a story behind my one room scene which  could reasonably explain the presence of the various disparate furnishing as representative of a salvage/ bargain / and thrift-store shopper lived; 

mixing both old and new found items together as she saw fit- 
"Little High, Little Low" 
...doesn't really matter to me"

As it happens, I've been playing around with this scene for a few days (when I SHOULD be doing some REAL HOUSEWORK, i.e. vacuuming and dusting- for when my company comes for dinner this Sunday
But Hey!!! 
"I'm just a poor [girl],
 I need no sympathy" 
because doing 1:12 scale housework is much more fun!    

Scrapbook Wallpaper is only held upright by kleenex boxes, stacked bead containers, and Blue Tac, so if the paper "walls" of the room appear to be leaning funny-
 it's because they actually are;
now on with the show- 

I began my scene with an
old brown leather sofa
 clawed to shreds by the cat;

[naughty kitty!]
There are assorted old rugs 

which had been found languishing 
in the corners 
of various charity shops.
They're layered one on top of the other, 

in a bizarre mix of colours and styles
 a blue Chinese 

on top of a graphic Arts and Crafts rug,
on top of a
multi colored
Persian carpet

a narrow drop-leaf mahogany table
 sits behind the ruined sofa. 
(I've balanced the unstable Victorian window frame by seating it on the table, 
which was the only way I could get it to stay upright,
so my green lamp from the early 90's
 is currently shadeless for lack of tablespace)  
A tatty lace shawl, is draped over the back of the sofa which the cat likes to sit on and chew on
Assorted needlepoint cushions
are casually strewn about.
 A lush bouquet of fragrant old-fashioned roses 
(from Linda Park's garden), 
are temporarily displayed in a handmade blue pottery bowl 
 and are positioned

a reclaimed bust from the city salvage yard 
and a
wire nest of blue eggs by a local nature artist.
The view outside is of a misty country morning.
a peeling tea table on rusted casters 
was rescued from a city sidewalk.
It holds a collection of well-loved,
 mismatched china. 

A tiny ornament 
of a dog in a basket, 
was a gift from one of the homeowner's friends.

by the front door sits a
rusty milk can:

(garage sale find) 
soon to store   
 canes and/or wet umbrellas. 
 The owner's

sits silently beside it
waits to go out-

What! AGAIN?


Fading vintage mismatched wallpapers 
adorn the walls

 Very expensive 
side chair 
was a
bequeathed gift

 from a great aunt

A "new" unfinished  bargain desk 
was purchased from 
 a local discount dealer. 

 still waiting ...
the cat moves off of the battered old sofa 
and is later replaced 
by an exhausted toddler with his tiny teddy tucked underneath him.

( this house must be well insulated!)
I have had this boy doll since 1984/85  after my son was born.
 When he was a baby,  he used to sleep in the same way 
with his bum up in the air which was why
 I bought this little guy from  
 Jean Day 
who was making Wonderful porcelain dolls 
back then, 
and believe it or not;
it's the first time I've used this doll in a scene!

The huge and badly cracked 

stone fireplace surround,
is yet another of the thrifter's,

 "salvage rescues!"
*** fyi #2
I really did salvage this fireplace!
It was originally a tea-light candle holder 
I'd found at Value Village.
 I hand-sawed the thick resin hearth from the base of the fireplace surround -
and let me tell you-
was a job and a half! 

An ever evolving
 display of second-hand treasures
on the mantle.


The mishmash of  items you can see 
in the foreground below,
are just some of the many rejects on my desk 
which I haven't put away yet.
I don't dare show you the entire desk with its
piles of
papers, books, fabrics, boxes, minis,
 missing tweezers, 
my glasses...


finally found them! 

And so there it is-

Bohemian Rhapsody

along with a tiny glimpse of
  the chaos 

Behind the scene!

after I'd played with everything for a couple of days,
I began to wonder
I could actually find a solid home for it. 

What about....?

...this old HERITAGE 
which I bought for $20 
at a garage sale last year?

It's in really rough shape-
it's filthy dirty-
it's badly damaged with parts missing.

the wood's very dry and quite brittle
in other words
  I think that with some concentrated 
this wreck could be given a new lease on life  
what could be better 
for a second-hand house which has seen better days,
 than to be filled with beloved, 
Old Stuff 
from an inveterate and unrepentant mini collector;
[such as myself] 
wink wink! nudge nudge!


as QUEEN says

"Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?"

"caught in a landslide,
no escape from reality"

"Open your eyes
look up to the skies
and SEE....

that it's

for me! 😎



  1. Hooray! Yippeeee! I see it will come together! I knew you would and what a wonderful start to the next House adventure. After all you are the "QUEEN" of the Dollhouse Rhapsody!

    1. Hello my dear Fatima! :D
      This was a fun interim project to play with; to imagine a storyline for; as well as record for future reference before I have to pack it all back up again.
      As you well know, enjoying a bit of play therapy; blunts the edge of our impatience.
      Have a Happy Thanksgiving Weekend, and I'll see you next week! :D


  2. Wow. You really are unbelievable! And what a great idea to use up some of your vast collection of treasures, some more pristine than others. And you just happen to have another dollhouse sitting there! What you have done already might take others years!
    Go Mojo! And Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Hello dear Linda! :D
    I have had This Old House sitting in a dark corner of my garage for over a year and prior to that it was in someone else's dark garage for several years, so this property hasn't been in circulation for a very long time!
    It will be interesting to see what can be done with it AND if my thrifting storyline continue to hold once the renos begin yet only time will tell! ;)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Linda and may YOUR MOJO
    Keep Mojo-ing! :D


  4. No wonder you felt at loose ends after finishing Villa Leone. It's always like that after a big project. Your new project is a big one, seeing the state of the house, so many things to do... I love the scene you've created, it's full of charm. It's like in real life houses, they are furnished with all kinds of things, old new, etc...

    1. You're so right about how it feels after completing Big Projects Genevieve, as there is always a sense of relief and jubilation when it's over; followed by "Now what'll I do with myself?"
      The remodelling of the Heritage will be a Huge Undertaking and will need some careful planning prior to diving in, but I think that it's big enough to hold a lot of my eclectic collection especially if I stick with a Second-hand Addict's Bohemian theme, where the unifying principle is that it doesn't have to match: only be appreciated! :D


  5. What a fantasy. Did you make the room out of the tune, or did you get the tune in your head after finishing it? Either way, I think it's brilliant - and now I have the melody in my head all the time.

    1. hahhahahha What a GREAT question Jette! :D
      And my answer is that it was a little bit of both!
      As I played with the arrangement wondering what to call it; Bohemian came to mind and then ( just as you've experienced) the tune GOT STUCK in my head and it has definitely influenced the "finished" scene as well as this blog: AND
      It's still looping in my head OVER AND OVER even as I'm writing this- HELP!!!!


  6. Can't wait to see what you do with the Heritage! Love your parlor! Especially the cat. My couch sympathizes.

    1. Hi Sheila! Restoring the old Heritage will be quite the challenge which I'm both dreading as well as eagerly anticipating- either way it should prove interesting.
      And before I deliberately aged my mini "leather" sofa, I had my own RL cat clawed one in the basement, to refer to, 😬😖
      your "couch sympathies" are Greatly Appreciated 😫! 😫!😫! 😫!


  7. Marvelous! I know exactly how this house and it's future furnishings feel Elizabeth! You have whispered to all of them that you see their potential, and made them believe again! This is better expressed in this song by Rob Vegas & Kyle Bourke.

    I can breathe again
    I can see again
    I can feel how it feels to be free again
    I can dream again
    I believe again
    I see angels looking down in astonishment that my heart is beating
    I'm still breathing
    My body was freezing
    You stopped the bleeding
    You bring me to life
    You bring me to life
    I'm alive

    Link to the YouTube version:

    More creative magic is coming out of that little Studio and I can't wait!!! Now hurry and have a Happy Thanksgiving and then get to work!!! :O)

    1. GREAT LYRICS Jodi which go a long way in expressing how I am currently feeling about The New Project looming just over the horizon! ❤️
      It's built into our DNA to be occupied and working towards our life goals and building and making things using our hearts and our hands is VITAL to our sense of well-being regardless the size and/or scope of our projects.
      I have always thought that the arched working windows of the Heritage were
      its most beautiful feature and so with this new project I am going to be doing my best to highlight them as well as increase the amount of natural light coming into the house, so that it can 'Breathe Again! '
      Isn fact, it will be the polar opposite to The Villa where the spaces are shaded and the light is filtered.
      I have HIGH HOPES of bringing my Bohemian Rhapsody, 'to life' again
      and if I'm successful 🙏🏿; I'll be just as "astonished" as the Angels! 😇


  8. Years ago, I had an old dollhouse that I thought I would rehab into a second hand store with outside stairs and an apartment above. I flitted off to do something else and it never happened. I am soo excited to see where you will go with your new fantasy. Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. The challenge for me Cynthia, has always been getting up enough steam to realize my dreams and not get distracted or side-tracked by something else.
      Like a magpie, I'm attracted to the shiny stuff, therefore, I tend to focus on that instead of the labour intensive prep and/or construction.
      Even so, I am wanting this new project to be able to go the distance so that it doesn't end up in another dark garage - somewhere in the future.

      And I DO hope that YOU haven't given up completely on your dollhouse rehab dream of a second hand store with living quarters above, since dollhouse projects, no matter what their direction; is where our RL dreams come true! ❤️


  9. Hi Elizabeth. This is exciting news! I love the Heritage (I once bought the kit and later discovered all the walls missing....). I kind of think you could do minimal to moderate amounts of reno on this and it will look great because it will retain its rusticness which fits your theme. And it is a bit smaller than Villa Leone, so hopefully not quite as intimidating. I look forward to seeing this develop (and seeing Villa Leone pictures!).

    1. I can't imagine buying a kit wherein all the walls were missing!!!! and what a major disappointment for you Shannon: I hope you got your money back! 😢
      I applaud your original willingness to build the Heritage from the kit, as I know I wouldn't, nevertheless, I am looking forward to demolishing some of what still stands of this house in order to realize my ambition.
      AND I Agree with your observation that it wouldn't take as much time or effort as the Villa did; to get it to fit the 'rusticated' theme! 😃
      Meanwhile, I've been studying all of the Heritage builds I can find on Pinterest and collecting getting ideas. Villa Leone IS a lot bigger than the Heritage and was more intimidating since every inch required constant research which often proved difficult to find.
      However when it comes to North American thrifting and love for second-hand shopping: I have PLENTY of first hand knowledge/ experience about that!-WHOO HOO!!! 😜


    2. It was a long while later that I discovered the walls missing. I do have all the roof parts and various other bits so one day it will become a French art nouveau home. I put a photo on my blog years ago of it. And not sure now that I would want to build one from scratch either! Duracraft seemed to be fairly ‘hands-on’ kits! Anyway, bring on the mini thrifting! X

    3. Your future Art Nouveau project using the remaining scraps from your wall-less Heritage sounds Quite Intriguing, Shannon.
      Your current expertise of creating your own laser cut dollhouse kits will stand you in good stead once you begin which means that you are already light years ahead of all the rest of us! :D

  10. En las condiciones en las que está esa casa, tienes un gran proyecto por delante.La escena es encantadora.

    1. Yes indeed Isabel, there IS a lot of work ahead, and I am already looking forward to doing it, and have been spending time looking through old magazines and Pinterest, collecting scads of potential ideas for it!- LOTS of Fun! :)


  11. Mama Mia! You sure are creative. I love the toddler napping, he is exactly perfect in his tummy down bottom up position.The heritage is a great house. The beginning stages are the the most exhilarating!
    P.S. Real housework is for the birds!

    1. 'Mama Mia' is RIGHT Carrie! :D
      And will agree with you wholeheartedly that the beginning stages ARE the most exhilarating- when you realize the potential of a build and are busy envisioning the finished product.
      But once you actually begin the reconstruction; then it's "Mama Mia" from start to finish! :D


  12. Ah, ah, oui, je ris car voici et j'en suis ravie, un nouveau grand projet qui pointe à l'horizon *Les minis d'Elizabeth* Enfin des minis qui en réalité ne le sont pas !
    Tu vas retrouver ta sérénité puisque tu sais quoi faire de tes trésors retrouvés.
    Bon week-end Elizabeth!

    1. All So True Joce! Regaining my serenity by putting myself through the mental gymnastics of another Big Project, right on the heels of my last BIG one; doesn't really make a lot of sense to anyone except to another miniaturist- HA!
      Thanks for your ❤️ understanding !


  13. I am jiggling around on my seat in excitement. I cannot imagine a more perfect house for an imaginative, curiously creative and possibly slightly eccentric , salvage shopper and bargain hunter with a dog, cat and toddler in tow to settle in. I can see her roll up in front of this place in her beaten up old truck, ready to get stuck into making it a home.
    This is going to be quite a ride....
    Anna x

    1. When I read your comment Anna, I have to say that it got me "jiggling around in my seat in excitement" too!!!! ❤️
      Your synopsis is So On Point that it felt like you were reading my mind! Your idea of an old truck is a grand one although I actually have an old VW beetle convertible which is in a box somewhere in my RL garage. That'll serve for her to "roll up in" and I can see it all so clearly now that you've spelled it out- WOWEE! "Quite the ride Indeed!" :D


    2. Oh Boy - a VW beetle is even better!! Such a VW fan - we used to take out VW bus bush when our boys were little. Miss that van so, so much :D

  14. Mrs. E, your fantasy and choice of musical support are exactly of the same choices for me, I'm a big fan of Queen ;O! I also LOVE what you combined and mixed together in styles, and your sweet toddler is too cute!!
    For me in person: I LOVE making miniatures, used, old and most of all NOT perfect, so that's we've in common ;). I would love following this next to come project, so I hope you decide to do this whenever it comes to you, dear Elizabeth, I can't wait.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Hello to a fellow "Queen" fan!!!! :D
      And just as Queen liked to mix it up musically,blues, rock, and opera, all within the same song; I decided to give it a go with this parlour scene.
      I have ALWAYS been a Huge Fan of your style of work Ilona and so when you speak of it as "NOT perfect" - I would express it as PERFECTLY IMPERFECT!
      To see the inherent beauty in the midst of obvious decay may not be to everyone's taste but just like you:I personally LOVE IT too!
      So I hope that as I get on with the restoration of this 'Fixer-UPper' dollhouse; I shall be able to leave just enough of its original tattines visible on the outside; to explain its combination of mixed up styles within.
      Any way the wind blows; I hope you (and Queen) will approve! ;D


  15. oh Elizabeth, all those gorgeous mishmash items, and that lovely house, I'm excited for you, what a glorious time you're going to have putting them all together. I love the dog waiting at the door. Your chair from your great aunt is beautiful, all your items are treasures. I'm still working on number 2 dollshouse, number 3 is waiting in the wings, but now I want to make a mouse house that I saw recently at a dollshouse exhibition!!

  16. In truth Polly, this wasn't a project I thought I'd be tackling so soon after the Villa, but I'm Happy and Relieved that I am! I have so many things in storage or on shelves which I've bought or which were given to me, that I can't bear to part with; yet I didn't know what to do with; until now.
    Purposefully mixing them all together at this moment, was Very Satisfying Experience and hopefully, the Heritage will provide plenty of room to showcase many of them in.
    The dog by the door was inspired by my dog Sadie Bear, who like the mini one does the same and thus my usual response. hahaha! :D

    p.s. it is always good to have something "waiting in the wings" and a mouse house sounds like a WHOLE LOT of Fantasy
    and FUN!!! ❤️ :D

  17. Phew, for a moment you had me shocked when I read "One thing I knew for sure- I didn't want to do another long term BIG DOLLHOUSE project; any time soon!"

    So good that another decision "bites the dust" and it was only blog "Ga Ga" in the end. This new project gets its deserved "Breakthru" and all your oh-so-well-safely stored stunning miniatures don't have to ask themselves anymore "Who wants to live forever" on high shelves, they really "Want to break free" and will keep you now "Under Pressure" that with a "Kind of Magic" they can proudly say of themselves "We are the Champions" in a "Bohemian Rhapsody" type of house some day. Yes, "It's a hard life", but you're the "Killer Queen" and you will say in Pluralis Majestatis "We will rock you" and the others and I (because "Friends will be friends") will be here to follow your progress because one thing is for sure: "The show must go on!" ;O)


    1. Birgit what can I say other than you got me LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!!!! :D
      WELL DONE YOU! ❤️

      p.s. I especially liked the "GaGa"
      and now I've got the giggles :D

    2. I love dollhouse rescues! Very fun. Your scene is wonderful, real atmosphere. Oh and I love finding cool stuff at home, yeah it's like shopping but its already yours! I did this in moms garage. Found the coolest stuff, and it was MY stuff!

    3. I Love Dollhouse Rescues too Linda and I only wish that I had infinite time and resources to rescue more! :D
      Even so, it was the windows on the Heritage that has always had me intrigued and every time I went into my garage I would look at it with sad puppy eyes and sigh....
      Now that I have a plan, it has moved from my garage and into my basement - a step up or at least in the right direction! ;)

      p.s. What cool stuff did YOU find of yours inside your mom's garage; inquiring minds want to know! :D

  18. Unwilling Elizabeth, it seems you've got yourself another long term big project. All the amazing ingredients, long time dormant on hold, deserving a good home have finally found it. I know I'm going to have fun just following your work here.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Thank You Drora for your Encouraging Words, and I hope that the Heritage Rehab will go somewhat smoothly although I anticipate a number of obstacle even before I begin.
      Even so, the house still calls to me to get busy and get started! :D


  19. Ha, ha! You totally had me fooled at the beginning--no more big dollhouse projects. 😉 Isn't it amazing how miniatures call to us and beg to be used. I really liked the story around your room, especially the cat clawing the sofa and chewing on the tatty lace shawl. You have made such a lovely, eclectic, inviting room, and now I can't wait to see the rest of the house!

    1. You know Deborah; It never ceases to Amaze me at how these projects take on a personality of their own and begin forcing your hand to make it all happen, just as soon as you recognize it.
      The scene itself has been dismantled and stored away, but it's image lingers on inside my head as it waits impatiently to live again inside the Heritage.
      And although I wasn't planning on using any dolls, I can't imagine the cat clawed sofa without that little guy on it- so NOW I need to squeeze a nursery too! 😳
      Already the project is growing like Topsy before it's even begun 😩 what else is new? 😜


  20. Replies
    1. Thanks Pam! :D
      I quite excited about it as well and looking forward to breaking ground on the Heritage before too much longer, so stay tuned! :D


  21. Playing around, rediscovering long time forgotten minis, second-hand shopping at home... it sounds fantastic!! I bet you had a wonderful time. Well, your "temporary" scene is just gorgeous, I agree with you, it deserves a permanent place as it is soooo beautiful. And who knew!! Starting from..." I don´t want a big project" to...let´s give this adorable house a second live and fill it with eclectic stuff!!! Lol, you made me laugh. But I get you, it totally makes sense and I LOVE the idea of filling it with eclectic stuff, just right my alley plus your undeniable talent, oh my, I can´t wait!

    1. Thank you for your vote of confidence Alexandra! :D
      The more I think about the Heritage, and its Second Hand theme; the more anxious I am to get started on it.
      But in the meantime, I am constructing some Much smaller projects just to keep my mind and hands busy until I'm able to get to it. :)


  22. I love your scene it has a bit of everything which makes it sooo interesting. I cant wait for you to turn it into something magical and permanent. Beautiful items.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Thanks Maria and I think that by it having 'a bit of everything' is what I find so appealing too!
      Now, every time I make a trip downstairs I head over to the house and begin imagining it becoming something "magical" too! :D


  23. Dear mrs. E. The lovely scene you have composed was one large honeytrap, designed by your subconscience to lure you into a new large project. Happily enough this little ploy has worked. :-D

    I look forward to the future updates. I too like to built around the inhabitants of a place. Their characters are fun to think up and they are a useful backdrop for the decisions you make on rooms and miniatures. The new owner of the Heritage sounds like a wonderful person. I wish you a lot of fun!

    1. Hahahahha A "Honeytrap" it certainly has become, Huibrecht: and I'm THE BEE! :D


  24. I love old houses and second hand furniture, this is going to be fun I cant wait to see it come together


    1. ME TOO Marisa! :D I'm a fan of Heritage Homes, Derelict buildings, Antique furniture, Vintage china, Old fashioned flowers (especially roses) and just about anything rusted! Not that I'm surrounded by any of the above but I enjoy small representations of them in Real Life as well as in Miniature, so I think that I'll be able to slide right into this project; like hand in glove! :D


  25. How exciting - personally I just can't wait to see this characterful 'new' house emerging!!!

    1. I get excited when thinking about this project too, Robin! :D
      But it occured to me after I had begun responding to the comments, that I REALLY want to keep the kid on the sofa so I will be needing to make a nursery something I haven't made since the late 80's, so I'm excited about THAT too! :D


  26. I loved this post.. I can totally relate. I need no new projects, yet I picked up another house at a garage sale last weekend. I need to figure out a way to cram more into my studio space!

    1. OH the PLEASURES and the PAIN of squeezing in another new/old house!!!!
      I feel for you Troy- I REALLY do! ;D


  27. Oh Elizabeth - I wish I could say I sympathize with you but unfortunately, I actually empathize with you! In other words - I match your "where did I put that??" and raise you two "I didn't know I had that". I can hardly wait for the update pictures on your Villa Leone and wait in glorious anticipation of your journey with the Heritage House. Congratulations on your win in Vancouver. I didn't doubt it for a bit! - Marilyn D.

  28. Thanks You Very Much Marilyn! :D
    Re: the Villa-I am wanting to get the photos from my phone onto my blog but they are STUCK in a file, and my daughter is not available to [YET], to help me get them out. (sigh) Technology is NOT my forte'... so I wait...
    Meanwhile, the reorganization of my studio continues to be ongoing project as is the rediscovery of tiny things I'd forgotten I had, which is ALWAYS fun! :D
    The Heritage is out of the garage and awaits in the basement, so it's now a Defiinete and in line TO DO.
    Smaller mini making projects which I can start and finish; all in the same day ARE being done!
    So time IS being well spent until The Big One!:D


  29. Dear Elizabeth, I am so sorry to be SO LATE getting here... but better late than Never! I must say that Only YOU could begin with such a certainty that you wanted to do a small project.... and then to Waltz yourself down the Garden Path of lovely Romantic Bohemian seductive Creativity... and end up with another Large House as your project!!! LOL! I can't tell you how Glad I am that you are going there!!!! Your rough start turns into a dreamy and divine World of Possibilities! Digging out all those amazing treasures... WOW... what a wonderful collection you have! I LOVE LOVE LOVE where you are going with this... and all I can do is say Don't stop! Hooray! Elizabeth is Going to Town!!! I can't wait for more! (And I am trying to get caught up... really I am!) :):):)

    1. I knew You would understand probably better than anyone, Betsy, of how one small idea often leads to a project 4 TIMES the size of what was originally intended! ;D

      And no doubt, it will become something like an archaeological dig when it comes to uncovering all of the mini treasures currently lying buried inside drawers and storage boxes, yet I am resolved to REALLY TRY to make better use of the things I already have, and so the Romantic Bohemian style seems like a very good way to do it! :D


  30. Oh my word, that house looks like my RL one and everything has a story too! Your next project is going to offer unparalleled opportunities for doing whatever you want, and using as many minis from your stash as you can. Even in mock-up, your photographs are inspriring; I can't wait to see the build.

    1. I must admit Megan, that I get excited all over again too, whenever I look at the photographs of the proposed Boho living room!
      This is look is right up my alley as I am an unapologetic and longtime thrifter since my early adulthood, with no signs of slowing down! :)
      This "desire to acquire" has carried over to my mini life as well and so I have quite an assortment of unrelated items (both High and Low) which (if I'm able to pull it off) will all learn to live In "Perfect Harmony" under one dollhouse roof-
      but only ( LOTS of) time will tell! ;D


  31. Hi, Elizabeth - I'm sorry to be so late in commenting on your wonderful post. I was so happy to see another of your inspired scenes; I LOVE your SCENES! You've created such a fascinating storyline for the Bohemian Rhapsody scene, and already it's taking shape beautifully. The layered rugs look fabulously casual, and the toddler doll is precious! You've made all the disparate objects fit together so companionably, and each "found" piece has its own interesting story to tell - just like in real life! The Heritage house is going to be a fun challenge, and I'm looking forward to seeing your amazing progress on this new Big House Project.

  32. Thank You Marjorie; the scene makes me happy too! :D
    and rather than waiting on Mojo to appear, I was actually able to inspire myself, and what a surprise that was!!!
    My own RL home is rather traditional, yet I think that I can make the forthcoming dollhouse an expression of my inner "wild child" by mixing and matching to my heart's content, AND get more of my minis out where I can see and enjoy them, because "Time's a-Wastin!" :D


  33. I love all the worn out pieces with the fancy ones! So lovely!

    1. Thank You Very Much Brandy! :D
      I think that most people live with a mix of New with Used stuff in their homes too and so this project should come together a lot easier than the Villa did! ;)


  34. There are times when I would like to be 12 times smaller ( I wouldn't mind being two times smaller in dress size ! ) This house looks a lot like my real house except it's more tidy ! Love your little dreamscape dear Miss E, sending huggs

    1. Thanks Stephanie! :D
      You're Right in that while it is yet only "A Dreamscape" ( as I'm working things out in my head); the physical hunting and gathering process continues forward, full steam.
      And re: dress sizes:
      being 2X's smaller is something I wouldn't mind for myself either! ;)


  35. I am soooooooo looking forward to being on the journey with you and your Boho house. You are the person for the job!

  36. I'm soooooo looking forward to it too, Marilyn! :D😘
    Currently still working out the floor plan for the Heritage, before I make the First Cut!😲


    1. Loads of not being able to get to sleep ahead then. Bon chance.

    2. Ooohh, sorry, forgot to say how much I love your tiny tot. Why do they sleep bottoms up I wonder.

    3. I've wondered about that bottom's up position myself ;)

  37. Lol, fantastico!!! XD
    Ero corsa a questo post convinta di trovare tante foto di Villa leone, e invece vedo che - anche se non era in programma - sei pronta a partire con un nuovo, grande progetto!
    Sospetto che io e te siamo simili: anche io dico sempre: non devo iniziare cose complicate adesso! E poi mi faccio conquistare da una idea e... mi metto nei guai!
    Mi piace molto questo tuo nuovo progetto, con questa atmosfera disordinata e piena di storie di famiglia! Ora ci sono due case che aspetto di vedere con ansia! ^__-


    1. Many Thanks for your support on my new "messy' project Elene' :D
      I felt as though I HAD to do something or I would burst, and the Vintage style house filled with castoffs and collectables, will be a good way to use up more of my stash and give them a new home, rather than the minis being stored on shelves or buried in boxes. :D


  38. I am so honoured you mentioned me!! Thank you so much. I remember you mentioning that about you son when you bought it. My youngest used to sleep with his head curved like that. I'm so pleased you are still enjoying him. What a gorgeous house and the colours are so warm and welcoming, just beautiful!! Love the chairs and furniture. I could see you sitting in the scene with a layered Boho dress and lots of precious beads (that you could later use in miniature scenes of course). You really must get right in the scene when you are making them because you bring them to life so well. Mini Boho Hugs, Jean

  39. Hi Jean and how sweet of you to remember when I bought this doll from you Oh So Many Years Ago! :D
    I have quite a few of your dolls from back in the "day"( pun intended) , which I have been saving for a very special project. My idea which will feature your dolls in my collection, has been on the back burner for literally decades. When you see it, I'm sure it will feel like a trip down memory lane.
    Big Secret for the time being but I'll keep you posted when the project gets underway. :D

    p.s. I am VERY glad to learn that you are feeling better, and more like your old self again too! ❤️