Monday, 17 December 2018


This Post IS NOT about Christmas! 

In fact it is all about

enjoying a lazy day
 Breakfast in Venice 
at Villa Leone.

WHY summer you ask? 

and WHY now


it's because last week
 I received an
Unexpected GIFT BOX
 from the
Incomparable Jodi Hippler 


Jodi sent me an assortment of

And this is what was inside: 

First: a box full of Summer with a running theme, 
 which I'm certain you'll see!

I am so Stoked about this tall aged stone planter!
It is absolutely Ideal for my future Italian Garden, 
Fully Loaded with Sunshine!
But wait- 

that was not all
oh no,
Jodi sent me 2 pots of her fragrant white Casablanca lilies.

Her lilies are planted in 2 stone Lion-head pots

Jodi also included
 a small pot of purple geraniums.
Below you can see how Lovely the flowers look when grouped together

between those 2 "guarding" lions!
with the plaque also from Jodi 

But if all this wasn't summery enough-
Jodi sent me a selection of her
AMAZING bird houses as well! 

 I have specific homes assigned to each of them!

But Wait


I also received some of Jodi's tea towels,

 and a tea cup with tea with spoon and
 a used TEA BAG on the saucer! 
 I would have been driven MAD as a Hatter attempting to do what she has so Successfully done! 
She obviously didn't name her blog
for nothing! :D

Inside her woven TEA BASKET were 
her custom tea towels,
a jar of raw honey,
2 tiny boxes: one containing Peak Frean-style tea biscuits 
and the other individual tea bags! 

and still

A golden lion
and an Elegant golden chair
upholstered in a lovely Merlot- coloured
textured fabric!
Jodi included a Fat Square of the same fabric in her parcel and when I reversed the square
I knew that AT LONG LAST- I'd found my drapes!  

I was so excited that
I made the drapes almost immediately using Jodi's fabric
and wouldn't you know it; there was just enough!

 Below are the new drapes-
pleated, valanced and fringed AND coupled with a new set of net curtains behind them.  

The drapes are weighty enough to block the most intense summer heat whilst the net curtains filter the light 
and maintain privacy. 

Once the drapes were up,
the rest of the room really came together.
Linda Park's Incredible "VL" needlepoint cushions were already on the sofa 
and compliment the new curtains so well.

The hefty-gilded mirror was a resin Christmas Ornament
I'd found at a local thrift store,
which I'd repainted and aged to (hopefully) look like old and weathered wood.

One thing led to another.

The 2  black chairs are from a set I'd purchased earlier 

from Celia at
K.T. Miniature Journal

I loved them at first sight because of their shape
and their open backs
 which gives a lighter look to the Morning Room
and allows you to easily see through and beyond them into the main entry.

The 2 original French chairs which used to live 

in the Morning Room,
were moved upstairs to the Music Room.
(see my previous post for details) 

These 2 chairs were re-upholstered in the same fabric as the drapes, then quite naturally,
 I wanted to re-set the entire table.

After looking for an entire day for my missing round tablecloth,
I FINALLY located it EXACTLY where I'd put it so that I could always easily find it. 
go figure? 

 I then set the table for 

I set out my treasured mismatched Sam Dunlap china.

The cups are bigger than average

 but I couldn't resist the fancy scroll-shaped handles on them!

The small blue and white plater depicting an Italian countryside 

is by Carrie Lavender

My Continental Breakfast begins with a hot cup of herbal tea.
On the table is one of Jodi's opened tea boxes containing her UNBELIEVABLE  TEENY WEENY TEA BAGS!
I removed one and placed it on the saucer beside the teacup. 

Each teabag is wrapped with a string and has a label securing it!
I don't know HOW Jodi managed to do this

as it must have been such a fiddly, time consuming job.

These individual bags so cleanly and so perfectly made...


The silver tea pot 
which I purchased last year from the Seattle Show 
holds the Hot Water. 
The Flakey Croissants were made by Valentina of
 Pink Cute Sugar

The jar of raw honey was yet another Wonderful gift from Jodi!

The peeled orange is by Yulia Yakobson in Estonia.

I have her oranges displayed in several locations throughout the Villa and I NEVER get tired of looking at them.  

As the morning wears on, the music teacher is
up and down the stairs,
grabbing a quick bite in between.
She's left her Betsyville handbag with her sunglasses
and shoes as she dashes up the stairs again to get her house keys before she leaves the house.
She's Always forgetting something!
But what she lacks in Organization,
she makes up for is her Dedication and Passion for her art!

The fimo purse was discovered inside a grab bag from the thrift store,
whilst the black mules were formerly wine glass tags

also found at the thrift store.
Janine made me the Hermes shopping bag with their signature  brown ribbon draped over the top.   

The iron statuette was moved out of the Morning Room,
and down into the hall and wears the music teacher's sun hat 
by Fatima

I love the way you can see the assent of the stone staircase
from this angle in the Morning Room

ah me...
it appears that
Breakfast is officially over

The Gondolier is out
and the
music teacher is elsewhere

perhaps checking her appointments for the day.
 I expect she'll be back any minute though,

 because she's forgotten to take her book.

It's by one of her Favourite Authors-

Jodi Hippler

A BIG HUG and THANK YOU to Jodi for 
each and every one of her Marvellous TREASURES! 

is the Season...  ⛄️

even when it's "Summer"😎



  1. Elizabeth! It looks gorgeous! Delicious and so elegant and lush! Those drapes are perfect and the whole room looks inviting. Jodi is awesome isn't she? I'm always been amazed at what she can accomplish.

  2. Hi Sheila! :D
    It was such an UNEXPECTED and Generous gift and I was truly bowled over by Jodi's AMAZING TALENTS which are indeed "AWESOME" :D


  3. What an amazingly generous gift from Jodi! Every single item is incredible and you have made such perfect use of them all. The fabric for the drapes and your working of it is genius. It is timely for us "downunder" as it really is summer here right now.
    Big Hug, Linda

    1. Hi Linda! :D
      Yes Jodi gift has given me so much pleasure and it came at exactly the right time too! The fabric for the drapes was the perfect colour and weight against the windows, the walls ,rug and your Wonderful red VL cushions- Yippeee!! :D


  4. Well after you floated back down from the ceiling, you must have been so very inspired! What a wonderful package of beautiful minis, just perfect I love your sunny photos. Ahhh, summer....

    1. "Floated back down from the ceiling" is exactly right Linda! :D
      I had no idea at how much Happiness was contained within the package Jodi sent to me and I LOVE EVERYTHING! I can hardly wait to begin work on a mini summer garden, to showcase her Beautiful plants and of course- the Lions! :D


  5. WOW tous ces cadeaux sont magnifiques. Jodi est talentueuse et très généreuse ! Noël est déjà chez toi Elizabeth !
    Félicitations pour les rideaux et la mise en scène, comme d'habitude c'est un " pure délice" de regarder toutes les photos ! Bises. Joce

    1. Hello Joce!:D
      I couldn't agree with you more; Jodi undeniable Talent and her Generosity in sharing her Beautiful Gifts with me, was like opening all my Christmas Present early and it has made me Happy to also share them with you! :D


  6. What wonderful gifts!!! They are perfect for your villa. The fabric add a great touch to the room, the chairs are great. The brekfast is very inviting.

    1. Hi Genevieve! :D
      Yes indeed, Jodi's gifts are Perfect for the Villa! :D . She has carefully considered every little detail and crafted each item so Beautifully, that it takes my breath away!
      I LOVE the fabric for the drapes and the chairs- it has literally 'made" the room! :D


  7. that magnificent gifts that you knew how to integrate Villa Leone with a lot of hability. Thank you Elizabeth for this summer creation that makes us hot in the heart of winter. It's beautiful and you can create light and comfort in your scenes!

    1. I cannot express how Delighted I have been with Jodi's Magnificent gifts and you are right about how well they integrate with the pre-existing elements int Villa Leone.
      Love your expression of "hot in the heart of winter", Claude; so true, so true! :D


  8. Wow! Jodi is amazing. Everything she sent is not only beautifully crafted but very practical and useful, including the extra quantity of fabric which you turned into gorgeous curtains. This is what makes Blogsphere so wonderful. Thank you for the lovely sunny photos.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Your comment regarding our " wonderful Blogsphere" is 100% correct Drora! :D
      Jodi's gift has only recently arrived and has already made itself at home not only in the Villa but also into my heart! :D


  9. Amazing and so generous gifts from Jody! and you made a perfect "mise en scène"!!! Beautiful curtains, chairs, all so detailled...Yummie Continental breakfast and amazing little teabags! Merry Xmas Elizabeth!

    1. I have greatly enjoyed the entire experience of staging Jodi's Tiny Treasures Nono, and even making the curtains went smoothly and without a hitch, which for me, was a Refreshing Surprise!;D


  10. What wonderful, wonderful gifts you've received, and what a charming setting you've made for them! The curtains turned out beautifully! I also love when dollhouse scenes are a bit "messy." It gives such an air of realism to them. I can just see your music teacher racing around the house, trying to find where she left something. I also had to laugh at the tablecloth story. Many, many times I've put something in a place so safe it's safe even from me, because I can't find it! :-)

    1. II agree with your Deborah that Jodi's gifts are "Wonderful, Wonderful"! :D
      Each one is soooooo special and fits in so Perfectly with the Villa; even those portions that aren't built yet! :D

      p.s. It's good to know that I'm not alone when it comes to "safe places" , but what a hair-puller, when it happens!

  11. Sorry, Elizabeth... but I really need to disagree! This post was ALL about Christmas!!! You've received the most wonderful gifts and isn't it incredible that it's possible to include joy, happiness and friendship in a package, too?! ;O) It's great to see how Jodi's wonderful and generous gifts have inspired you - and that she even managed to send you the perfect fabric. Your curtains with the matching chairs looks awesome… and so does your breakfast table. But in one special point I can agree with you again... these teabags are incredible!


    1. Hello Birgit! I have a special message for you because I have been seeing the generous gifts of Joy you've been spreading throughout Blogland and I must commend you too ,for the enjoyment you have brought to those on your personal Christmas list! :D
      And a Package of Happiness accurately describes the contents inside Jodi's generous gift box. I couldn't stop gasping at how precious and tiny and meticulous her work is! But you're right Birgit- although it is the opposite season, it was indeed, "ALL about Christmas! " :D


  12. Oh my! Jodi is a magician, these minis are out of this world! So delicate and realistic!
    The drapes you made with the fabric are perfect.
    As always your impeccable styling and photography makes for little artworks. There could be no better recipient of Jodi's minis than your exquisite Villa Leone. I shall come back often to enjoy (I go back to the Arthur's garden a lot too)

    1. So true Veronique! Jodi has the Magic Touch when it comes to her minis and I feel sooooo Blessed to have been on the receiving end of her Incredible Talents and to be able to showcase them both on the inside and out of Villa Leone! :D


  13. Las cortinas y el tapizado de la sillas encajan perfectamente en la casa.Las mesa de desayuno es una delicia. ¿Quién pudiera sentarse ahí?. Creo que has creado un maravilloso ambiente. Todos y cada uno de los detalles son perfecto.

    1. Thank you for your comment about the curtains and the chair upholstery Isabel and I must say that it was such a Marvellous Surprise to have Jodi send me the Perfect Fabric without her knowing it! :D


  14. What wonderful gifts, what a truly wonderful room - and just the perfect blog for Christmas!
    Happy Christmas Elizabeth.

    1. When I bought the chairs from Celia, I had always intended them for this room but the seats had been spray-painted black and were too dark. Even so, I could never seem to find the right fabric or know what colour to re-cover the chairs with, until Jodi's package arrived and then -Bob's your uncle, they were Done!
      And the rest of the room fell neatly into place from that point on.
      a Very Merry Christmas to you too Robin! :D


  15. So many wonderful things to look at, where do I start?! Jodi's gifts fit perfectly with your collection, such a thoughtful present! And I love how you are able to display so many of the miniatures you've collected here. Meanwhile the curtains look beautiful and stately, they're a gorgeous shade of red. It's okay to step away from all the snow and spend time at the villa. I'll take the warmth any day!

    1. Hello Kristine and Merry Christmas! :D
      Yes, the thoughtfulness of Jodi, has totally Amazed me! Her plants in the lion pots and the sleeping lions and the plaque and the fabrics , and her books and the tea treats et al, have demonstrated not only her obvious Talents but also her Generous and WARM Heart! :D


  16. Que maravillosos regalos!!! Imagino que todavía no podrás parar de mirarlos,realmente son pequeñas obras de arte! Disfruta mucho de ellas!

    1. Jodi's gifts are Absolutely Enchanting Pilar, and you are correct in that I can't stop looking at them-
      and they make me smile every time! :D


  17. Elizabeth - This a treat for the eyes! Lots of beautiful eye-candy. The fabric for the drapes is perfect! All of the flowers, bird houses, and food is fabulous. I agree that You are definitely blessed! (Great photos)
    Have a Merry Christmas ~ Troy

    1. Thanks for your comment Troy! Getting the drapes made and installed was a long time coming but I am soooo happy with them. :D
      I'm sure that Jodi had no idea that her swatch was destined for the Morning Room but it was obviously meant to be- God Bless her! :D

      and a Very Merry Christmas to you too! :)


  18. Elizabeth, what great gifts! All of Jodi’s beautiful things add so much additional life and fit perfectly. Yes those teabags are amazing. She has the patience of a saint. I can’t wait to see the garden when it’s ready. And the drapes are PERFECT! And welcome to Christmas in Australia! It will be like a holiday for you! Xx

  19. Hello Shannon! :D
    Jodi has Talents Galore and you can see that everything she's made has been done with great care and an eye for the most minute detail! Her teabags are a testament to her precession and her Mad Mini Skills!
    I realize that Christmas in Australia is not quite the same for you ,as it is over here, but I enjoy the heat and the HO HO HO! ☃️
    it doesn't look like any snow for Vancouver this Christmas, but we've certainly had MORE than our fair share of RAIN! RAIN RANI! :(


  20. Ох, я вновь и вновь просматриваю вашу историю! Я слышу легкие шаги, шелест платья. Ароматы чая и мандарина переплетаются и соединяются с запахами знойного лета. Ох лето! Я скучаю за теплом и солнцем... Спасибо за тепло и солнце в вашем блоге. Вы получили прекрасные подарки! Я чувствую, как ваша душа переполняется радостью, и вы делитесь этой радостью с нами.
    С Рождеством, дорогая Элизабет!

    1. Thank You for your Beautifully worded comment Tatiana! :D I am so very Pleased that you can hear and feel the movements of the music teacher as she bustles about the house, as well as enjoy the aromas of both the herbal tea and the mandarins! :D
      Jodi's gifts brought copious amounts of Sunshine with it and I am so blessed to be able to bask in it, despite the current reality of the horrid R L weather outside.
      Merry Christmas to you my dear and may you have a Very Happy New Year too! :D


  21. I am so glad that you were able to use the the things inside the package so brilliantly for Villa Leone! Life's real gifts happen when we know we have made a difference to someone, so you, dear Elizabeth, have once again blessed me!
    I love the drapes you have made for the morning room, and the sunshine pouring through onto the scene is pure photographic magic! The chairs look so rich and warm, and the table setting is a real feast for our mini eyes!
    I, too, can't wait to see all of the marvelous plans you have come to life in the villa's garden, and I hope that the lions and planters help get you to that goal!
    Have A Blessed And Merry Christmas, Dear Friend!

    1. My Dearest Jodi!
      Once again I THANK YOU for each and every EXQUISITE LITTLE GIFT you've sent me. :D
      As Mr. Doolittle said- I am "one of the undeserving"
      but oh my! ... how totally Grateful I truly am!!!! ❤️ :D
      I am already hard at work on the 3rd floor yet thinking constantly about the future Italian garden. However I must stay focused and get things done in the proper order. Otherwise my September deadline will be on my doorstep before I know it!
      Merry Christmas to you Jodi and May GOD bless you All over too! :D


  22. Wow Jodi's gifts are awesome. Those tea bags wow wow. I love the drapes they look perfect for this room. All your gifts are gorgeous enjoy playing with them :) Your room is so relaxing I think breakfast would last till at least lunch lol.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Hello Maria! :D
      Yes indeed! Jodi's tea bags are INCREDIBLE!!! and I couldn't be happier to have them displayed on the tea table in the Morning Room. :D AND you are RIGHT, about me enjoying playing with them- I haven't stopped! :D
      Merry Christmas to you and have a Happy New Year!


  23. Felicidades por esos bonitos y prácticos regalos, encajan a la perfección en el estilo de la casa !!!

  24. Thank You Eloisa for your comment about Jodi's gifts fitting in with the style of the house :D
    Each of Jodi's gifts not only fit in, but look as if they have Always Been! :D

    Merry Christmas to You and a Happy 2109 to you as well Eloisa!


  25. As always Elizabeth, your creativity is utterly inspiring. Is fascinating to see what you did with the little chairs, really beautiful. I love the material you used. Thanks for the mention. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you. Looking forward to more of your blog next year! Celia

    1. Hello Celia and Thank you for your "thumbs up" on the looks of the chairs!
      I continue to love them albeit even more-so with their new seat covers. ;D
      I wish YOU a Very Merry Christmas as well and Thank you once again for the opportunity to own these lovely chairs in the Villa. :D


  26. Hello, Elizabeth - You've given me one of the most pleasant mornings that I've enjoyed for a while! I've loved sitting here with my cup of coffee, relishing the sunshine pouring into the morning room of Villa Leone. The new drapes made from the fabric that Jodi sent are truly wonderful - how did Jodi know to send the perfect fabric in the perfect color for that room? She certainly has a magic touch; all the lovely items that were included in her package seem to have always belonged in the villa. You've incorporated each item perfectly into the villa's setting. I love all the new touches that you've added to this lovely room - including the sun hat on the iron statuette! Each room that you complete in Villa Leone immediately becomes my favorite - so today, this room, with its ageless beauty accented and warmed by the morning sun, has become my favorite room above all other rooms!

    1. Hi Marjorie! :D
      I had no idea how Jodi would know that her fabric would work so well for the Villa but I'm going to have to chalk it up to her Super-D- Duper Mini -intuition! :D
      I've derived a lot of pleasure playing with Jodi's Wonderful gifts and am eagerly looking forward to actually constructing an Italian garden within a few months.
      Meanwhile, I have begun working on the 3rd floor of the villa and I THINK that I have worked out the floor plan for it. I've been bus building the walls and installing windows, and so it's onto another new adventure and perhaps another new "favourite" for me too! :D

      Wishing you a VERY Merry Christmas Marjorie! :D


  27. Such lovely gifts that fit the scenes perfectly.

    1. Hello and Merry Christmas Brandy! :D
      I am so glad that you like Jodi's Wonderful gifts for the garden and in the Morning room of the Villa and I 100% agree ; they do indeed
      "fit the scenes Perfectly! " :D


  28. I get really quite excited when I see a new post from you, Elizabeth. I just know I'm in for a real treat. I've been a bit lazy with Blogger of late (work happening on RL house) but have just taken the time to look through all your recent pics. They are lovely and so atmospheric. The detail is perfect and you're a real inspiration for me. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    1. Hi Irene! It's wonderful to see you here and may I say that You have definitely been missed!!! :D
      Usually the stretches in between my posts is longer, but when I received Jodi's Incredible gift I couldn't wait to post it, ASAP and right on the heels of my previous entry too! :D
      Now with just one floor left to do inside the Villa prior to building the "Italian" garden, I too am feeling inspired!
      I wish you a Very Merry Christmas Irene and a Mini-making New Year! :D


  29. Quelle histoire merveilleuse! Cette pièce est sublime! J'adore votre maison de poupée, un vrai bonheur à contempler!

    1. Thank You Very Much Thierry! :D
      Although this doll's house is supposed to be an Italian villa, it's actually proving to be more of an international mix, leaning more French in the Morning Room and more Italian in the kitchen. :D
      Even so, I am enjoying the entire process and l am Delighted that you like it too!

      Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!


  30. Dear Elizabeth, I am late to comment... (I am late for everything this year!)... But I can absolutely understand your happiness with Jodi's gifts! :) The Real magic though, is the piece of cloth she included which turned Over became the perfect curtains for your Morning Room! I am always amazed at how one cans suddenly "see" the results even in a small piece of cloth which has a reverse side that fits the bill! As for all the other details... the tea bags are a wonder and the Honey jar is just so perfect!!! The rest of your arrangement... bringing together all those little collected pieces... it truly looks so real and natural and lived in! And Beautiful beyond describing... especially with the morning sun striking through the windows! Aaahhh... summer morning sunshine..... a thing we can only Dream of at this time of year... unless we come visit Villa Leone... which Never Ever Disappoints!!! I Love everything about your Villa!!! :):):)

    1. My Dearest Betsy! Your visits are never too late! :) and if anyone can fully appreciate the happiness and joy of receiving Jodi's gifts-it would be you! :D
      I literally couldn't wait to make the drapes for the Morning Room and when they worked out as expected I was so excited!!! I had waited a long time to try and finish the windows and the chairs for that room, and it was all hanging on finding the right material, and then out of the blue- It Arrived right on my doorstep!
      For Jodi to have chosen to send me such beautiful mini for both the garden and for the interior, makes me feel both humbled and honoured and I'm sure that you must feel the same way Betsy. :)
      As for the summer sun through the windows in the Villa: if we can only dream about it in right now, then at least we can always have it, in any season in our own special world of Minis.

      Have a Blessed and Very Merry Christmas Betsy and I look forward to seeing how you'll use your new gifts from Jodi, real soon! :D


  31. Dear Elizabeth, I have come before but I´m in a rush lately with very little time and I did not leave a comment, so I had to come back to correct that and to enjoy once more your beautiful gifts from Jodi, she is so generous and kind. I am so happy for you. They are so beautiful and special and you deserve all the love that was packed with them. A bit of summer is a very nice thing to enjoy any time of the year, thank you for sharing it with us. I hope you are having a special time. Merry Christmas!!

    1. Merry Christmas Alexandra and thank you for Your gift of a return visit to the Villa! :D
      I'm in perfect agreement with you regarding Jodi and her kindness and generosity which describes her nature to a "T". One only has to read her comments throughout blogland to know the sweetness of her heart.
      She is soooooo Talented and her eye for the tiniest detail continues to Amaze and impress me in all that she does.
      It speaks volumes that this free exchange of gifts and/or of encouragement, is what makes this hobby even more enjoyable for each of us, and allows us the opportunity to share our lives with others, which is what Christmas is all about- sharing the gift of Life at this special time!

      May you have a Very Blessed and Happy New Year, Alexandra


  32. You are right, Jodi can take one's breath away with her crazy mini skills. But you are the undisputed master of assembling a room. How lovely that you have all these new treasures to play with!

    1. Hello Megan and Happy Holidays to you! :D
      To be on the receiving end of Jodi's Magnificent gifts was both a surprise and An Honour, and I tried to do them justice inside the Villa and eventually outside as well- so Thank You Very Much! :D
      It was a lovely way to finish out 2018 and as a result,Jodi has inspired me to get to work on the 3rd floor much sooner than I'd thought I would. ;)

      Happy Holidays to you Megan and a Happy 2019 to you as well!


  33. What wonderful gifts! Jodi and all the others featured in your post are amazingly talented! I just love those drapes and how the room came together. It's splendifico! Your rooms are so dreamy Elizabeth . . . I could stay for quite a while! LOL!


    1. Thank You Very Much Teresa! :D
      For Jodi to forward the PERFECT fabric in exactly the right quantity for me to make the drapes, the valance AND 2 seat cushions, was in my eyes; Providential, and so I almost couldn't believe it when they were installed and matched my vision even better than I'd expected- God bless her! :D


  34. Amazing package! Lucky you! :)

    And it's really hard to belive it's not a normal, human-size interior... Everything looks so perfect and real.


    1. Thank You Kamelia! :D
      It WAS indeed an "Amazing Package" and I am still over the moon when I look at all the Lovey Minis which Jodi sent! :D
      I am working steadily to get the 3rd floor developed so that eventually I can begin working on the Italian Garden where I can install many of Jodi's Gorgeous plants. Looking forward to that! :)


  35. A truly wonderful gift! Everything perfect for Villa Leone, every small (wonderful) object fits into your rooms in great harmony! I really admire the work of jodi and I admire more and more this fantastic Venetian villa!

  36. Thanks Elene' for your Beautiful words of praise for Jodi's work AND for the Villa! :D
    Since the beginning of January, I have been hard at work on the 3rd level and can't believe that I the hard parts are already done, so I hope to have an additional progress report on the villa before the end of this month. :D


  37. Simply glorious in every little detail. When you look at someone's work and you just know you could step right into the scene and everything would work just as it would in real life you know you are looking at genius.

    1. A VeryBig Thank You, Marilyn! :D
      I have a thing about being able to "live" inside my miniature properties and try my best to not only make them look "inhabited" but also that they appear welcoming to whomever is visiting and your Generous comment indicates that I have achieved both objectives❣️:D

      p.s. It is good to see you out and about again in blogland :)

  38. Buongiorno donna Elizabeth,
    What wonderful presents you received. Jodi is such an amazing artist. I especially love those planters! The curtains you made are INCREDIBLE! What a gorgeous fabric and how beautifully you have pleated it. The mirror is a true success as well. The weathered wood finish is very convincing. The black chairs, the china and all the accessories are perfect and very well thought out. Bellissimo!
    Un grande abbraccio cara amica mia,

    1. Welcome Back Don Giacomo! :D
      I AM One Lucky Duck to have been on the receiving end of Jodi's "Over The Top" generosity and it made me SO HAPPY to be able to showcase some of them here inside the Villa as well as later on when the garden is constructed.
      I am glad that you like both the drapes and the mirror Giac, Thank You! :D The drapes took A LOT of glue to get the pleats to stay put and the mirror has been through a lot of paints to try and get it to look more like aged wood than plastic.
      I collect miniature china and enjoy a mix and match of different patterns in real life as well as in miniature so I was pleased to be able to set this table with some of my Favourites in company with Jodi's Amazing tea box accessories.
      May I pour you a cup mio amico? :D
      Big Hugs Back ❤️

      donna elisabetta

  39. Iwant to be Twelve times smaller and sit and have breakfast there !! Its all beautiful ! Your back story is so important, its sort of what I would like to create one day ! hugs Stephanie

  40. Hello Stephanie aka Mrs. M! ;D
    I am happy to be on a first name basis with you -Thank You! :D
    I have as great a passion for miniature dinnerware, as you have for Chinoiserie and always enjoy an opportunity to unbox, and play with it. :)
    It has taken me a while to find a story for this villa and I'm still in the process of refining it, however I agree that IT IS IMPORTANT to have a least an outline from the very beginning because it helps you develop its personality as you turn a house into A HOME.