Thursday, 14 December 2017


Villa Leone's kitchen has a Old Stone Sink.
not only that 
but as of today,
I can proudly proclaim that  
One Half 
of the Villa's kitchen
 is completely done!

I have to say that out loud because I can't believe it myself!

This has been an interesting journey to say the least. 

It has entailed building a second small hall enclosure   on the main floor of this 
Greenleaf Willowcrest kit, 
prior to 
constructing a proper kitchen;
which meant building from the back
which is the front face of the house
 as I built forwards
 towards the open end.

such a lot of thinking and pre-planning

Yet even though it has been extra challenging, 
I quite enjoy that sense of realism 
which comes with viewing 
rooms behind rooms 
and down passageways. 

 Since my 'willy-wonka' construction techniques 
are not always square;
I am gaining LOTS of experience on how to 
discreetly "fudge" on my  
"mis-measured measurements"
 *another sigh*
so that all will still look 

  and I'm not done yet. 

In any case
 I thought I would fill you in on the 
completed Right Side 
 of Villa Leone's kitchen 
which I have to admit 
I'm Very HAPPY with  


First let me say that
after a very heated discussion
between me and myself and I,

I decided to change the kitchen wallpaper so that it was completely different 

from that in the 
Service Hall.

  I had previously determined to use a bolder print of a French Aubusson carpet 
as a backsplash behind the stove, 
yet after I'd changed the basic wallpaper
 that particular rug print 
no longer worked. 

After much searching through all of my paper files,
I managed to find an substitute picture of a rug pattern with muted colors in greens, sepia, and golden tones,
  which I made multiple color copies of, 
then cut and glued the paper to fit
around the lower 2/3's of all 3 kitchen walls. 
The rug print was then sealed and aged
 and then sealed again.
The end result is that the kitchen walls 

appear very faded and   

I knew I wanted even more of that same
Ancient" look 
for the proposed stone sink 
which would be made to measure 
to fit under the arched kitchen window. 

I followed and slightly modified
Lea Frisoni's 

kitchen sink instructions from her
I built the basic form from scraps of used balsa wood, 

and skinny sticks.  
Mine is a BIG sink 
so it needed some rather hefty supports.
I found 2 wooden corbel gathering dust in my stash 

and glued them to the base of the sink box.

 I sealed the wood with an
All Purpose water-based sealer.
When that was dry, I coated the wood with a thin layer of wall-patch 

as suggested in Lea's book.  

This is what the sink looked like when the wall-patch had dried.
I gave it a light sanding, 
followed by
and overall spray of Matte Acrylic sealer.

Although, I could have left the sink as is
I decided that it was
too Bright against the muted walls of the kitchen. 

 After digging through my paints supplies,
I found a jar of a gritty textured paint which I watered down and brushed over the entire sink unit- 
top, sides and bottom.

After the paint had dried,  
I gave it a light sanding and 
 another light spray of the Matte Sealer, 
then painted it again-
this time with a mix of

It took a few tries before I was satisfied with the color of the stone.
I gave it another light spray to seal the chalks.
Then to accentuate the texture with some additional highlights,
I lightly dry-brushed sections of it 
with white acrylic chalkboard paint.

The photo below gives you the opportunity to clearly see the  kitchen wallpapers,
as well as 

at this stage
except the paper
 was being held onto the walls with generous blobs of
call it-
commitment phobia!

By now,
I was beginning to get a better feel for the personality of the room 

even though 
all I could see was a

which I needed to get finished.

Because the underside was fully exposed, 
I felt it needed a drain-pipe.
 I made one from a
bendy straw, metal washers, eyelets and a snap fastener.
Once the pipe was painted black, it was glued under the sink and aged. 

For the sink faucet, 
I needed something which would extend forward 
out from the kitchen wall 
and over the sink.
 Initially I was planning to make a set

 but then I FOUND the plumbing unit I'd purchased last year 
at the Seattle Show.
 They were originally meant to stand upright on top of the counter, 
I snipped off the original faucet from between the taps, 

turned the plumbing on its side and used a metal file to flattened and smooth the base for a new spout connection between the taps. 

 I fashioned the new water spout from lead free soldering wire, then I glued on a tiny metal bead spacer to its base, 
 added a tiny slice of plastic Q-tip which was slipped over the end and glued it to the head of the spout.

I painted the entire unit with 
an "old brass"colored nail polish 
to match the rest of the plumbing fixture, 
followed by a clear gloss glaze with a touch of 
turquoise blue applied sparingly 
for corrosion.
 The taps were painted with white nail polish and more clear gloss glaze

 which I lightly aged with brown shoe polish.

With the sink made, it was time to make it look usable.
I was concerned that the wide drain 

would swallow whole 
whatever got too close to it - even a tomato!
So to be on the safe side
I made a plug.
It is a section of a wood turning with a small jump-ring and a tiny gold chain glued to the top of the plug and then to the underside of the faucet.
I was satisfied with the plug and felt all was moving along smoothly 

I tried the sink on on the wall

  between an old chest of drawers and the 
Weston Butcher block-

since you could no longer see the supports underneath,



to visually anchor the sink to the floor, 

I made a skirt for it. 
I Mod Podged a leftover scrap of the photocopied print used for the walls, 
onto some very fine cotton fabric.

After soaking and removing the paper backing, 

I sprayed the fabric transfer with more of that
and when that was dry,
 I sewed a rod pocket along the top, 
gathered the stiffened fabric to create folds, 
inserted a metal rod and then glued the rod to the stone supports under the sink.
Too bad that it hides the plumbing and the corbels

you win some and you lose sight of some!

Below you can see how the sink looks 
wearing it's new skirt.

Now I shall tell you about the kitchen lighting.

I found a old light fixture which I had made 
some years ago
using an old gum ball container, buttons, beads, paper, and assorted jewelry findings.
I painted over its black paint with a patina green chalk board paint, and brushed a thick layer of 
white school glue over the 
"glass" insert to bulk it up

I was glad to have re-discovered this lamp laying about in my stash because it has exactly the right personality for the kitchen and frankly,
this is the ONLY room in the entire Villa, where there is  good ceiling height with plenty of air space around it
 to support this fixture's visual weight.  

Currently, the lamp is still stuck to the kitchen ceiling with 
Blu Tac.
I won't glue it permanently to the ceiling until I've decided 
on how to finish the LEFT SIDE of the kitchen, 
which ultimately will determine
the final position of the ceiling fixture.

In the meantime, 
I tried to make some tomatoes for the sink
using my old nemesis-
I combined 2 youtube tutorials to make them
for mixing the colors and getting the shapes
for the method of making the green tops and finishing them.
My fimo tomatoes turned out okay
  I'm still making them since I'm not entirely happy; 
striving for more realistic results.

when they're grouped in a bowl 
they look pretty good;

 they look Even BETTER from AFAR! :D

Janine's market basket is full of fresh vegetables
 which are also awaiting their turn in the sink
The green beans were rolled out from the left over green clay which I'd used for the tomato tops; 

they were much more fun and easier to make than the tomatoes!

And last

 but not least
for around the sink window,
I made 5 rustic shelves from assorted craft sticks.
I inserted brass pins along the undersides of the shelves from which to hang a variety of foods 

and kitchen equipment.

I deliberately hung the shelves high so that the items on them wouldn't look cramped and/or congested. 
Once the shelves where firmly glued to the wall, then I began sorting through 
my stockpile of STUFF 
to dress them up. 

I had been thinking about doing this for 
so I already had a loose plan in my mind of how I thought the shelves should be filled. 

 I'll definitely need a folding step ladder 
to reach the pots on the top
but I might already have one
hiding in my stash
The garlic and onion braids were made by 

my friend Fatima 
the copper saucepan 
hanging between the onions and the garlic 
was a gift from 
Linda Park
The individual garlic bulbs displayed in the pottery bowl,
were made by me.

The set of blue and white kitchen canisters 
with Italian labels are from
Carrie Lavender of

I'd found a length of cotton fabric at the thrift store with a tiny stripes of red and green stitched along the edge. 

How PERFECT is that?

Sorry for the fuzzy photo, but I wanted to show you the view from the kitchen into 
the completed 
and heated
Service Hall.

The HUGE radiator had been buried in my stash

probably purchased from the Seattle Show,
 and although I was previously unhappy with its bulk,
I've gotten used to its super-sized proportions and now I like it.

Portia the cat likes it too!  She finds it warmer 

and more comfortable to be
sprawled across the window ledge 
than when she was on the hall table, 
so she has claimed this 
room with a view 
as her own. 

*The doll standing at the sink in the photos below
 is for scale purposes only*
the poor dear is in desperate need of some new clothes rather than these "borrowed" ones
 which were forcibly taken from another dolly! 
tisk tisk.

It appears that she is totally preoccupied at the sink.
I wonder what she is up to?

I think she going to rinse those Fimo tomatoes!


 she'd best be careful that they don't go tumbling down the drain!


Bread and cheeses were both made by me
 The carving knife was made by 
Pat is a regular vendor 
at the annual March Seattle Show

The bread is from my special mix of Air Dry Clays

Well friends-
It looks like we have once again 
reached the end of another delightful visit.
I really enjoyed showing you 
the sink-ing of Villa Leone's kitchen  
and I hope you'll return again
for when I get the left side of this kitchen done. 

until we meet again....

And have a Very Merry Christmas

Wait just a minute!
there's a
Villa Leone's new Italian Stove!

and a Merry Christmas to ME! 


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  2. What a WONDERFUL kitchen. I love your sink and the wallpaper is perfect in the room. Everything has that beautiful old world patina. It is all in harmony. I LOVE the light fixture in this setting too.

    You know what I think about when I read about all the steps you go through to get those wonderful finishes in these posts. I think my heavens, Elizabeth must have a whole 26 foot long wall of shelves full of sprays and paint cans and boxes and boxes of other necessities. Like forty different kinds of different glues. And big boxes of bits and pieces from the dollar store. (You are so good at seeing potential in found objects!!!) I am picturing a huge garage (or an airplane hangar) to house all this stuff. haha
    However you do it, it is always WONDERFUL to see the results. ;-)

  3. Thank You Catherine for your enthusiastic comment regarding my kitchen, which I am Greatly Encouraged by! :D
    Re: the second part of your comment- nothing could be further from the truth. I work in a VERY small bedroom/ Studio with Walls, Closet, desk tops and even the Floor is covered with STUFF! I have barley any room on my work surface because of all of the detritus from a variety of projects past and present, and future. And I spend most of my time trying to find what I need under layers of other stuff piled on top of it.

    OH IF ONLY I had a airplane hanger.....
    but I think that it would be filled to the rafters before long too! :(

    p.s. you were right about one thing- I DO though have about 40 different kinds of glues hahahahha

  4. Dear Elizabeth,
    It is very difficult to leave a comment, mostly I think “WOW”, amazing and speechless come to mind.
    However, I know you and even though most people cannot imagine it you are full of doubt about how things are going. So, Elizabeth, I have to say it is simply marvellous darling! The sink, the wallpaper, the flooring, the light, the shelves and all displays. The many, many things you have made, acquired, bashed, aged, painted, glued et al.
    It just makes me feel like walking onto the ice flows and forgetting about even trying to make minis.
    If you wern’t such a helpful, encouraging, funny and great friend, I might just do it,
    Hugs, see you Monday.

    1. Hello Janine!
      It is So Good to feel onerself as being fully understood by those one holds near and dear- so Thank You J for your thought-filled comment, as nagging Self-doubt and second guessing does indeed come with the territory ;D
      Even so, it is such a BLESSING to be able to have shared the hobby with you and Fats for all these MANY years, and now with Linda- HEY! we aren't called MINITEERS for nothing- because it's All for One
      and One for ALL! :D

      p.s. I hear that although ice flows are common around Sweden at this time of year, admiring them from the mainland, from the window of your mini Swedish House is Always Best!
      See you on Monday :D


  5. Love the walls! The sink is so fun and the skirt works perfectly. Everything is perfect in fact! You are so creative.I love how each photo is packed with goodness :) Oh, and your bread is mind blowing!

    1. Hi Linda! :D
      Thank you for your compliment on the walls and the sink skirt- Much Appreciated since neither of these things were part of my original plans.
      One of the things which continue to fascinate me about this hobby is how much a project will deviate or evolve over the course of time and take on a new direction which works Even Better than the seed idea.
      I am so glad that you like the Air Dry bread- I had fun making (baking) it, many months ago. It has never solidified beyond a certain stage which made it ideal for this particular display.

      now if I could only remember EXACTLY what that recipe was!???


  6. To Catherine from Janine,
    Elizabeth’s studio is, as she says, most compact. However she regularly whips it back in shape organizing, categorizing, reducing etc. Sometimes I imagine it exploding into a space that is appropriately sized and that, as you intimate, could be the size of an airplane hanger,
    Regards Janine

    1. Haha Janine,
      I have imagined her stuido for years! I never would have guessed all that stuff she uses could fit into a small bedroom!!! I have products (glue, paint, wood, tools) and other stuff stashed everywhere and I don't even tackle the sorts of big projects Elizabeth does. :-)

    2. In truth; the more room I have the more I can't find things, so it works for me "being up close and personal" sounded ( or smothered) by all of my crafting junk!

    3. I meant SURROUNDED
      not 'sounded'- although it does at times speak to me/ loud and clear-

  7. Your kitchen is perfect! I admire all the lovely details! Thank you for sharing all the steps! Wonderful,wonderful!

    1. Thank You Very Much Ingi! :D
      It makes me VERY Happy that you like the various details in the kitchen. :D
      It was fun sharing all of the steps taken, which sometimes seemed to never end, yet I kept plodding on. ;D
      So having the final results admired by you, feels like a Very Lovely reward! :D


  8. I love where you are going with this room Elizabeth. Your decorating with all your bits and bobs really brings it to life. Your air dry clay bread is truly amazing! And how wonderful is the sleeping cat on the sill above the rad.. exactly the kind of place a cat would claim. That stove is to die for.. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest. :)

    1. Hi Sam! :D
      Thank you for your comment and for the Wonderful compliments too! :D
      I think back to when I was assembling the kit and what I'd thought the kitchen would look like and it was NOTHING like this, however I too, am liking the direction it is taking! :D
      Having the cat on the window sill also made more sense to me since my cats always did it.
      The stove was a special order which Sue from MOLLY SUE made for me, and she now has a White One listed on her website.
      Sue managed to translate the photo I sent her of a Real Life Italian cooker To PERFECTION, so now I am already fired up to get back into the kitchen to see how the rest of the room will turn out! :D


  9. Simply beautiful! I love all the detail and the sink is perfectly aged.

    But I think my favorite is the kitty lounging above the radiator. Cats always find the best spots.

    1. Hi Sheila! :D
      Making the sink was more fun than a barrel of monkeys and so easy!
      I didn't have to stress about the paint pooling or globing or if the surfaces were smooth enough etc. I could just let it be how it would be.
      I know that in R L you have a cat, so I KNOW that you KNOW a cat's habits. They find A SPOT and then they Claim It-
      and then, that's That! ;D


  10. La verdad,es que me he quedado sin palabras al ver ya la primera foto!!! Es de un realismo absoluto,una ambientación perfecta,llena de vida,es preciosa y perfecta tu cocina,enhorabuena por tan magnífico trabajo!!!!
    Y muy feliz navidad!!!!


    1. Hello and A Very Merry Christmas to you too, Pilar! :D
      I Thank You Very Much for such a Beautiful Compliment regarding the photos! :D
      When I take the photos it is with the intent that you will feel as though you are a part of the picture as well, so I try to get in as close as I can to make them feel more Real.
      I also believe that old looking things can be as lovely as things which are brand new, so although my work is far from "perfect", it does have some Life Stories to tell-
      and who doesn't enjoy a good story? ;D


  11. Dear Elisabeth, every time I visit you, my mouth is wide open with an: "Ohhhhhh my God, how can she do all this? She is a magician."
    That sink, the bread, that comes alive with these crumbs, the CHEESE on the cheese grater... and these thousand other things. Forget about this Lady there, nono, not nessecary, as if you continue, Elisabeth, one day there will be little little tiny goblins, which could not have helped themselves but moving in.
    A paradise for them. Maybe they fullfill you a wish to christmas, who knows ;) ?
    Merry christmas and a big hug as a thank you for my smile, Méa

    1. Greetings Mea and Thank You for your Sweet comment and all of your Wonderful Compliments! :D
      I am so glad that you like the various accessories that are featured in this kitchen. One of my favorite things is the cheese on the grater which was made by the AMAZING Erzebet of HUNGARIAN MINIATURES.
      I didn't post her name on this time because I did on my previous blogpost along with her webstore, but I Really LOVE her work which is often displayed as Still Life Compositions which is Exactly my cup of tea! :D
      Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas Mea, and you have definitely made me smile too! :D


  12. Your half-kitchen is fabulous!! You are the goddess of ageing things and making them look real and yet beautiful. I love the atmosphere you have created, everything is just perfect and placed in the perfect spot. Oh I´d love to be able to shrink and walk around your house, I might stay and live there! Merry Christmas!!

    1. Hello Alexandra! :D
      Thank You Very Much for your Lovely Compliment regarding the atmosphere in the kitchen! It is always one of THE most important elements to me whenever I am working on a scene, so your comment Really means A LOT because it tells me that I'm on the right track.
      I'm sending you WARM WISHES for a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY New Year! :D


  13. I agree with the above comments.It is very difficult to leave a comment. The kitchen looks so real. Every detail fits perfectly in the place it has reserved. You have made and aged the sink skillfully, but I'm a little bit worried. After all, is the inside of the sink clean enough. Is is safe to rinse tomatoes there? hahahaha
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Your comment has given me the giggles Sirkka! :D
      And I might have to agree that because of the irregular texture of the stone, bacteria might easily get trapped in the little nicks and crevices.
      But not to worry, I'll make sure to warn my dolly to throughly scour the sink with a household disinfectant on a regular basis hahahaha
      although having the tomatoes in a colander certainly does help ;D
      A Merry Christmas to you too Sirkka!


  14. What a stunning half kitchen!!! It's perfect for this house, the choice of a stone sink is an excellent one, so typical of old houses (there was one in my grandmother's kitchen). I love the way you gave it an Italian touch with all the details like the grater with I'm sure it's parmesan, the olive oil next to the wine bottle, the hanging mozarella, the coffee maker, etc... I must say the dish towel is really a must. The stove you have just received is amazing.

    1. Oh Genevieve Thank You VERY Much for affirming my choice of a stone sink for this old house and that you remember your grandmother having one too! I love those kinds of personal connections to special people and places. :D
      And I enjoyed adding the small touches of items specifically associated with Italy into the kitchen,which helps to identify the specific location of this villa.
      The cheese on the grater IS indeed Parmesan, and it was made by Erzabet of HUNGARIAN MINIATURES. I recall that you have some of Erzaabet's Amazing loose Cherries so you already know and appreciate the high quality of her work. :D
      The cruet of olive oil IS in fact Olive Oil; such an easy project to do! hahaha
      And believe me Genevieve, when I say I was doing a mini Happy Dance at the thrift store when I discovered the cloth with the red and green stripes; which are not solid stripes, but minuscule connecting red squares with a white center and a teeny tiny green zigzag - nearly Impossible to clearly discern with the naked eye! :D
      As for the stove- well, with 8 burners and 2 ovens, I suspect that there will be a LOT more cooking going on- Real Soon!
      Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas Genevieve! :D


    2. Dear Elizabeth I wihs you a Merry christmas too!!! I was so amazed by your kitchen that I forgot Christmas...
      It's true that Erzabet's work is stunning, by the way you have a very good memory, I love my cherries by her.
      Have a wonderful christmas!

  15. WOOOOW, Elizabeth, as usual all you do is magic, I am absolutely in love this Italian kitchen! The sink has become a real gem, there under the window. I love each one of your additions, like your selfmade tomatoes, beans the bread the garlic and onions and so on. The pots and pans are completing a wonderful range of kitchen accesories, who make together a kitchen a Italian Mama worthy ;)!
    I loved reading again a blogpost from you, and you know that I therefore often have to use the Google translator, because of the technical English. But.....we managed to read it from the beginning until the end and I enjoyed it very much: once again thank you for sharing your knowledge of how to do and your great sense of humor :D!! Oh yes, I'm sure that the cat has found it definate place for lounging. All you do is fantastic work!
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous and healthy 2018!!
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. You make my heart feel Proud Ilona! Thank You for saying that this kitchen is worthy of an Italian Mama's approval! Mille Grazie!!! :D
      I tried to imagine myself standing at the sink and how I would move about within the room. And so although I'm not Italian, I am a mama and when I cook I like to have certain items within easy reach and others well out of the way!
      Re: the self-made tomatoes, all I can say is that I'm still trying. hahaha
      I recall from a while back, that you had mentioned the difficulty of getting a correct translation sometimes through Google, so I have been trying to not use as many goofy expressions so that my posts can be read easier, however I must confess to not always remembering. I shall try to pay more attention in the future to what I write for the sake of All of my international readers so Thank you once again Ilona for your timely reminder! ;D
      I Wish you A Very Merry Christmas and ALL the Very Best in the coming year!

      elizabeth :D

  16. Dear Elizabeth
    As always you have done a wonderfull job with the half kitchen. Measuring is not my thing either. I get so angry to myself when the Things I build is not straight, and the more you build the more the measuring will be seen. However I say to myself - well old houses are not straight.
    Love to see the rest of the kitchen.
    Hugs Farmor

    1. HOORAY- I am so GLAD not alone in not being able to measure!!!! ;D
      Thank you Jette for your company although from what I have been seeing of your villa, you measure MUCH BETTER than I do! ;D
      But you are quite right Jette, about old houses not always being level or the walls perfectly straight, yet it drives me crazy, ESPECIALLY when I try to be extra careful and they still aren't square. ah me...
      Yet even so, I am Delighted that you like what I have with this kitchen and I am already at work on the second half so I should have more to show next month, so please stay tuned! :D

      p.s. How is your new awning coming along?

    2. The awning is on its way. Your advice of dying the fabric with tea worked just perfect. I will be showing the awning soon.

  17. Chère Elizabeth je dois vous dire que je n'ai jamais rien vu de plus beau en miniature que vos créations, je suis émerveillé par chaque objet, chaque meuble, chaque murs, sol, patine,....j'aime regarder chaque photos qui est comme un tableau.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Dear Jean-Claude What an Incredible Comment-THank YOu so Very Much! :D But I must tell you Jean-Claude, that so much of what you like to see is because of the lighting, and my knowledge of which side is the side to shoot and which is best to be kept in the shadows hahhaha Even so, I do try to think of the spaces as paintings and so it is doubly rewarding to know that you think of my work in this way too! Thank you again, for such a Wonderful Compliment- but oh my goodness- I can feel my head still swelling -getting Bigger... and Bigger... and.... ;D


  18. It is ridiculous how excited I get when I see you've posted! I literally jumped in my seat and a squeal escaped me! Turns out I had good cause... I was even more excited after reading it!
    It's funny too because I was just wondering about you and how inspiration was going for the kitchen - apparently fantastically!
    You must have been a dream student, because you bring a tutorial to a whole new level - I LOVE the stone sink, texture, colors, faucet, drain plug and all. I have never seen one more charming, and it looks so natural in this setting!
    You have this extraordinary way of taking materials that I wouldn't even consider putting together, I'm referring to the wallpaper patterns here, and making them feel exactly right for the space and the mood. They really are perfect!
    The light fixture is stunning - it's as if you flew to Italy and found it at auction, having been rescued from some long forgotten villa where it was stored lovingly until it's time had once again come. It's gorgeously detailed and when lit, oh wow!
    Those tomatoes look ripe, juicy and delicious to me! You should feel very proud! And that bread! I'm salivating! I'd pull off a hunk and eat it right now!
    I have to mention the arched window casing and corbels - I just love them and they make me swoon. In fact, photo # 46 deserves to be on the cover of AIM and every other miniature publication made. It is wonderful, perfect sunlight coming through the window, and absolutely inspiring! It's no wonder the kitty is in that window - it's the perfect vantage point to gaze at this scene from!
    Congratulations on your marvelous (and lucky) new stove! It is going to be perfect for this kitchen, and I will surely squeal again when I see your next post. I can already anticipate my excitement when I imagine what you will do with it!
    Merry Christmas Elizabeth!

    1. Oh Jodi - where to begin- I'll begin with A BIG THANK YOU! :D
      I Loved reading your Wonderful comment but in particular, your mention of the wallpaper and the window. Catherine liked the wallpaper too but it was such a stroke of serendipity that I can't take much credit for it.
      The arched window casing is perhaps my FAVORITE feature in this room and I am So Glad that it strikes a cord with you as well.
      I have a small dollhouse from the thrift store which I don't know what to do with YET so it sits atop of high storage unit. As you already know by now, I am not very good at cutting anything, so as I was searching for a way not to have to cut out the arches I looked up and spotted that dollhouse which just happened to have arched window in EXACTLY the right size I required.
      The projection over top of the arch is from an exterior door used in another project, which I'd lopped off then saved. It proved to be a near Perfect fit for over the arched frame.
      The corbels ( I think I purchased from Alpha Stamps just because they were pretty ) but they worked out to be the right size for under the big arch- it all fit together so well, coming from so many different sources :D
      The cat seems to have become the star of the show but you are so right about the window being the perfect vantage point for her and and her purposes. ;D
      It makes me Happy when the things I like are liked by those whose work I also GREATLY ADMIRE so once again a BIG Thank You, Jodi and a Merry Christmas Blessing on All of you and yours.

      p.s. will you going to be going to Arizona for Christmas or staying put?

    2. We are staying put. Mom and dad decided after all that the first house they purchased was too small. They traded up, and no sooner closed on the new one when an influx of family from Montana came for a visit. The last and favorite ones left just this morning. They need some peace and quiet!
      We will be missing each other so much this year, but I count my blessings that, unlike when I was so young and first married and lived so far away from my mom, long distance calls are gloriously free! She has just started to learn to text as well, so keeping close is a bit easier!

    3. Good for your mom and dad to make that second move, so soon after the first major one. It sounds like it was the right thing for them to do, and good timing regarding their sudden company too! ;D

  19. I always love seeing a new E post in my feed!

    The kitchen is coming along splendidly. I adore your crowded but not too crowded while also being functional aesthetic.

    1. Hi Keli! :D
      I am VERY Glad that you are enjoying the results of this half of the kitchen, Thank You! :D
      And if I could have legitimately crowded MORE STUFF into it I would have, but I found myself having to remove items so that the kitchen would remained 'functional'.
      Self editing can be trial when you have a surplus of items and you like and want to use them all, but then as the saying goes:
      "Less is more" although with minis, More- IS more fun! ;D


  20. Splendid Realism Elizabeth! both decoration and food.
    I like the set that harmonizes with the whole villa, but I have a preference for the lamp
    thanks for the explanations: a stunning result
    have a merry Christmas

    1. Thank You Very Much Claude! :D
      I appreciate your observation regarding the unity of the kitchen with the other rooms in the villa, and as this is Exactly what I have been striving for, it is nice to know that in your eyes I have achieved it! :D
      Initially I wasn't sure what to use for lighting but when I found this fixture lying around ( for years), I knew that it had been waiting for the THIS kitchen, so it was definitely meant to be. I am de-LIGHTED that you like it too! ;D
      Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas too!

      elizabeth :D

  21. Only one word comes to mind when I see this.......Stunning!
    I am in awe of your talent.......
    Wishing for you a lovely Christmas

    1. I am soooo Glad to see your comment Ray and the Lovely compliment you bring - Thank You! :D
      I Wish you a Very Merry Christmas too, and just in case you don't already know-
      You have been GREATLY missed!


  22. Dear Elizabeth
    My comments are disapearing!! I do not know why - so this i just at test.
    Hugs Farmor

  23. Oh this one seems to be staying. I just wanted to say that your half kitchen is just stunning. I love the idea of taken af rug up on the wall and treat it like you do - what a clever idea.
    I myself am not good with Measurements. The harder I try the worse it becomes and a Crooked angle will increase on the house Building but I say to myself - it is an old house, old houses has Crooked angles, so my house is very authentic haha
    Hugs Farmor

    1. Hello again Jette :D
      I found out what the original problem was regarding your leaving your comment and have corrected it.
      Once again Thank You for your comment and I agree with your justification for crooked measurement and an OLD house which, makes Perfect sense to me! :D


  24. Wonderful kitchen. I really like the lived air of the kitchen.

    1. Thank You Very Much Faby! :D
      Making a room appear lived-in is one of the most enjoyable aspects of this hobby AND for this kitchen.
      I have been studying many books, t.v. and movies on Italy to try and absorb what distinguishes them from other regions. I have learned that Italian kitchens are Full of love of life so to know that you can feel that "life" in my mini kitchen makes me Very Happy! :D


  25. I wish my English was more fluent to let you know how impressed I am with your work. The sink looks like it belongs there, under the awesome window and if not for your detailed explanations I'd never guess it is not stone. The copper pots look old and well used and so right for this kitchen. The lamp! Wow! I enjoyed your post and thank you for the photos.

    1. Greetings Drora! :D
      Your English is Perfect and I Thank You for your Each of your Lovely Words! :D
      Truthfully I am always finding fault with what I do and I don't think that my work measures up knowing all of the short-cuts I take and my BIG behind the scene mistakes, but I keep on reminding myself that it doesn't matter so long as I am having fun and enjoy what I am doing, and I DID enjoy making that sink!
      By using the Lea's Amazing book for the basic instruction I was able to customize it to look as it does and I am so Glad that you like it! :D


  26. Es impresionante lo que has conseguido en ese lado derecho de la cocina. La ambientación es perfecta y realista. Me ha encantado la iluminación y el trabajo que has hecho con el fregadero y la colocación de todos los detalles.
    ¡Felices fiestas Navideñas!

    1. Hello Isabel and Thank You for your comment and for your compliments regarding the right side of this kitchen, which I Greatly Appreciate! :D
      It was such a relief to find a light fixture in my stash and ready to install, and making the sink was Super Easy to do.
      As afore mentioned, I had been thinking about what to place on the shelves for months so it was a LOT of fun to finally be able to dress them with the items which I'd been collecting specifically for this room. Your approval of the details in this kitchen, makes it feel doubly rewarding. :D
      I'm wishing you a Very Merry Christmas too!


  27. ¡Fantástica! comenzaría por una lista infinita de adjetivos para calificar a tu cocina . Gracias por enseñárnosla y contarnos todas las explicaciones; el realismo es tal que bien puede pasar por una real. Mis felicitaciones y admiración. Feliz fin de semana.Besos:-)


    1. Your comment is music to my ears Rosa Maria! :D
      I try to make my scenes as real as I can so it is VERY Gratifying to know that you feel that this kitchen could pass for a Real Life one.
      I Thank You Very Much for such a Wonderful compliment! :D


  28. The kitchen is absolutely delightful! A real visual feast for the eyes! Well done.

    1. Thank You So Much Sam! :D
      I like your use of the word "FEAST", since it is what I enjoy actually doing in my Real Life, and I suspect that the occupants of this Villa enjoy a good feast as well; even if it's with their eyes only ;D


  29. As with every one of your posts, I CAN'T STOP LOOKING!

    1. Hahahaha! I am Very Happy to hear you say that Megan! :D
      It is a Great Compliment which I Really Appreciate because I love taking the photos, which helps tell the story as much as the text does so a BIG Thank You! :D


  30. Wow! Brilliant work Elizabeth! It is a bit of shame that you had to cover up the brackets and plumbing of the sink, but overall it looks amazing. I love the walls. I think they are the best part. Oh and the light! What a great find! I love when you reach a certain point in your hoarding where you can find the perfect item stashed away that previously didn’t have a purpose. And a merry Christmas to you. Hope it is a pleasant one.

    1. Hi Shannon and Thank You for your comment! :D
      I was nearly undone when the sink brackets suddenly became invisible, since I felt that they'd added character to the sink. However Plan B worked out better because the skirt gives some softness to all of the hard surfaces within the room. So now I don't feel so bad. ;D
      I agree that it is a Bonus when you are able to shop from your existing stash and make use of homeless items which have been lying in wait. If I hadn't found a home for this fixture somewhere in the villa, it probably would have never have otherwise, been used.
      I am Delighted that you like the walls because they were what set the tone for the entire room and even though (for the most part) they are covered up- they still give off a sense of ancient history. I am Gratified that you like their effect in the room too!
      I Wish you a Very Merry Christmas, Shannon and may your 2018 be Simply Fabulous! :D


  31. My Dear Elizabeth, You have Outdone Yourself with this Kitchen!!! And we have only visited the first half!!!! I am Certain I just strolled into the designer pages of the European Elle Decor on a visit to Italy....!!! Whoa! To Begin with the walls.... Only You would take a carpet pattern for the antique paper on the walls!!! Bravo! It sets Such a tone of antiquity and detailed luxury of days gone by...!! Then the window frame decorations...!!! Clearly this was once a room designed for a different use and the "lowly Kitchen" was in an outbuilding or the basement... but in renovations a century ago they moved it to a closer sunnier position... despite the elaborate carved window embrasure! (Must have been when all the servants left after the War...!) And the Sink!!! Wow! I am going to copy your sink in every detail I possibly can.... Someday!!! LOL! It is just stunning! And you made it from wood! *Sigh* But the Light fixture is my Favorite part! (A Bubble-gum toy container!!!) You are just a Wizzardess of transformative processes!!! It is so perfect for this "once was a grander room" now turned into the Gourmet kitchen of our dreams!!! Then you have to add the Treasured pieces... garlic so real you can smell it... Tomatoes you are not happy with because...??? (Just add a few black spots and yellow edges around the stem ...And a crack or two in the skin....!) Bread that looks so good I am hungry now!!! Well... I could go on and on and on... !!!And now you are changing up the Stove too? Okay.... wait for the Tornado.... Elizabeth is on a Roll!!!! I can't tell you how inspiring and beautiful your work is!!! THANK YOU for sharing your excitement, your knowledge, your mistakes, and your Love! :):):)

    1. Hello my dear Betsy! I'm sorry for the long delay in responding to your Marvelous Comment but let me explain-
      I am in total agreement with your background story pertaining to the history of the Villa's kitchen, which I found so intriguing that it prompted me to try and fill in some of the gaps.
      My thoughts from the beginning were that the kitchen ( now including the Service Hall and the Morning Room) had previously been warehouse storage back when Venice was still an Independent Republic. But as to exactly WHEN it became a proper kitchen, was still unclear until I began reading your story.
      Ao after reading your comment I did some investigating on my own, and here is my rather long reply.

      This room as well as the entire ground floor originally served as warehouse storage until 1866 when Venice became a part of Italy.
      Between 1848 and 66, the Leone family fled the continent for England, having been implicated in a failed revolt against the Austrian government which left the house in the hands of foreigners and/or vagrants for over 20 years.
      Upon the family's return from exile after the Austro-Prussian War aka the Third War of Independence in 1866, the Leone's were still unable to re-secure the title to their villa, until after a few secret but well-placed government bribes occurred in the year of 1877.
      In the early 1900's the family purchased a small farm in Padua which they were later able to lease and which allowed them funds enough for repairing the ravages of both time and neglect to their ancestral home, and it was then they made a few structural changes to the villa which included a designated kitchen where the old warehouse storage used to be.
      Such modern innovations as indoor plumbing and heating, appeared after the second World War and were slowly introduced into the villa, yet the basic house remained much as it has always been.
      The stone trough sink, was salvaged from their shell-shocked and abandoned farmhouse, on the Mainland and was installed as part of the Villa's kitchen in the l950's.
      Reading your comment Betsy, has helped me to further clarify the transformation of Villa Leone and the history of European kitchens in general, so Thank YOu again Betsy for spurring me on towards establishing a recorded "history" for this family as well as for legitimizing this particular "not-so- ancient" kitchen!
      Have a WONDERFUL Christmas and I hope you get your family's custom Christmas cards finished before the 25th as planned! ♥


  32. Drools all over my laptop screen..... that is awesome! How do you do it!! All your projects turn out so perfect and true to the style of every house. I'm so jealous! :D I love your blog. Don't ever stop posting! Merry Christmas!

    1. WOW Caroline! Thank You for your Beautiful comment! :D
      I feel the same way about your work which never ceases to Impress and Amaze me with Every Single Cottage you do!
      Wishing a Very Merry Christmas to You and yours, too! :D


  33. De nuevo un trabajo impresionante !!!!!
    Estoy enamorada de esa cocina, y de todos sus detalles.
    Fantástica la ventana

    1. Hello Eloisa and Thank You Very Much for enjoying the looks of the kitchen and especially your compliment regarding the window! :D
      The window is also my FAVORITE feature as it sets the tone for the general atmosphere of this kitchen.
      Hope you will have a Very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year too! :D


  34. That sink! It looks amazing and I love the paint work you applied to it. It looks so incredibly real.

    Your tomatoes turned out amazing. The way the light caught them in your photos made them look life like. Reminds me of summer! If only my real kitchen looked like this, I feel like my food would taste a million times better!

    1. Hello Kat! :D
      I AM pretty pleased with the way the sink turned out so Thank You for liking it too! :D
      The tomatoes I had higher hopes for but they are red and round which will suffice for the time being but I need lots more practice using Fimo. ;D
      I had fun playing with the lights through the window and found a trick with you might like to try too. To combat the glare from the bulbs which en variably happens, I now wrap white printing paper loosely around the head of the lamps which diffuses the light and gives me better control of the final outcome. Honestly, I don't know why I didn't think of doing it sooner, cause it really works a treat and makes Everything look (not a million ) but at the least 10 times better! :D


  35. Dear are such an artist and again have 'knocked it out of the ball park' with your creativity and attention to detail! I can almost smell the bread, feel the firm freshness of the tomatoes and the grainy texture of the old stone sink. Everywhere an individual looks there is not only realism but much beauty in the smallest of details...your work conveys mood and a sense of, love, love! Merry Christmas and a beautiful and happy 2018! Cheers, Alayne

    1. Seasons Greeting Alyane and I Love, Love Love your comment- Thank You! :D
      Getting the kitchen to this stage of where it looks and feels like a home was an uphill battle but by taking it one step at a time, I am ALMOST at home base!
      It is the details which I most enjoy which went by too quickly although I still have the left side of the kitchen to look forward to doing. ;D
      And with one half of this mini kitchen is done, I can now focus my attention on the Real Christmas baking which I have been actively avoiding, since I eat most of it and then have to bake more- Ah Me!
      Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas Alayne and a Happy New Year too! :D


  36. Cette cuisine est superbe ! L'évier est parfaitement fait, il est vieilli, complet,c'est une réussite, merci pour les explications !
    La vaisselle, la nourriture rendent cette cuisine très vivante n'oublions d'ajouter la femme qui lave les tomates et le joli chat ... Quel ravissement de ce promener dans cette pièce !
    Superbe travail Elizabeth !


    1. Thank You Very Much Joce for your comment and for your Lovely compliment regarding the sink in this little kitchen! :D
      But by using Lea's instructions from her Incredible book to compose the sink; how could I possibly go wrong? ;D
      Even so, I am Always Glad to have you as a visitor Joce, and so please feel free to walk around the room as often as you'd like! :D
      Wishing you a Joyous Christmas and a Very Happy New Year too!


  37. J 'adore !
    Cet aspect ancien et la patine est très réussie .encore ...

    1. Hello Catherine for your comment and for your compliment regarding the success of the kitchen and its age and patina, both of which I Greatly Appreciate- Thank You! :D
      After seeing your Remarkable Antique Book Shop and all of the "ancient history" you have filled it with, makes your words regarding the patina in this kitchen feel Even More Special :D


  38. Wow! Is it OK to be speechless? Your kitchen is soooooooo beautiful! You really have an eye for styling. Your colours and accessories and exquisite!

    1. Greetings and Thank You Veronique for your comment and for your Beautiful compliments! :D
      I have certainly enjoyed collecting different items for this kitchen and so it was great fun to finally bring them out of their storage boxes and into the light, and I am Very Happy that you like what you see too! :D


  39. merci pour toutes ces nouvelles photos . c' est toujours avec beaucoup de plaisir que je découvre tous les nouveaux détails . vous avez un don de la mise en scène . tout est parfait ! j' adore l' éclat des cuivres qui viennent réveiller les couleurs plus neutres de la cuisine . je suis toujours aussi étonnée de voir comment vous réussissez à remplir un espace aussi petit .
    les oignons sont incroyables . votre amie fatima a beaucoup de talent . je n 'aurais jamais pensé accrocher un jour des saucisses sur une lampe !! j 'ai beaucoup ri . vous avez raison et pourquoi pas ?

    j 'ai hate de voir l 'autre coté de la cuisine . je vous souhaite de très joyeuses fêtes entourée de toute votre famille .


    1. Your comment gave me a good chuckle Catherine! :D
      I must say first that I had no idea how many photos were in this posting until Jodi mentioned the number of a specific one in her comment, so I went back to count and realized that there are 56 !
      I was surprised by the volume yet however many photos there are, it makes me Very Glad to know that you've enjoyed each of one of them- Thank You! :D
      Second regarding Fatima's Onions you are 100% correct- she IS very talented and her onion braids are Always Very Popular and hopefully after Christmas she will have the time to be selling them again on her BEAUXMINIS webpage. I'm Keeping my fingers crossed about that!
      And finally, regarding the sausages hanging from the arm of the light fixture- there were no other options, therefore "Why Not", indeed!? hahaha
      Sending Warm Christmas Wishes to you, Catherine and to your family, throughout this Holiday Season!

      elizabeth :D

  40. Your posts make me so happy! I have a huge itch to make ALL THE STUFF, but alas, I am in the middle of packing up my studio... we are moving in a month, to a temporary place, and then hopefully by the last week of February to our new house. I am eight boxes into what I imagine to be a 20 box job. Plus the dollhouses.... sigh...

    1. Hello Susanna! :D
      Moving during the Holidays is a drag but the prospects of a new beginning in a New house in the New Year must be Very Exciting for you!
      And although Pipi will miss out on the Christmas celebrations, once she is out and about again and playing in her Fantastic Fantasy house, both of you will be able to pick up where you left off and you'll be making your minis again! :)
      Until then, I Wish you Congratulations on your New Home Susanna and may you have a Very Happy Christmas even when celebrated with a house filled with packing boxes! :D


  41. Buongiorno donna Elizabetha,
    This is just incredible! you have outdone yourself my friend! This side of the kitchen is just perfect. You have once again created the most wonderful atmosphere. The sink is stunning and beautifully finished. That light fixture is perfect for the villa and will be perfect when installed. I think rooms you can see through doorways and passages add so much to a miniature house and really make them come alive.
    Your tomatoes look great in the picture and your shelves are such a great use of space. All the accessories you added just look right, including that terrific rag.
    I cannot wait to see the other half of the room with that INCREDIBLE stove!
    Buon natale e buon anno cara amica.
    Big hug
    Don Giacomo

    1. Buon pomeriggio Don Giacomo! :D
      I am taking lessons from your notebook my dear friend and enjoying the process of trying to maximize the full potential of a miniature "ancestral" house :D
      Each time I exchange one idea in favor of another, I think of you and your Magnificent Dewell Manor, and although this villa is not anywhere close to the social ladder of the Count and Countess ( the Leone's springing from a line of trade merchants), I find that trying to navigate the right visual balance between the high and low is trickier than I'd thought.
      Your comments however are ALWAYS Encouraging Don Giacomo and your observations; Very Much Appreciated! ♥
      Buon natale e buon anno mio amico Giacomo-

      and Big Hugs back! ;D


  42. This post is somehow an early Christmas gift... so full of gorgeous eye candy! And not to forget the fun - it was great to follow your progress, all of your steps leading the way to this stunning result... and I really wish I would have been there to listen to this discussion between you, yourself and Elizabeth... *LOL* I know this so well - but in my case there are two more on board, one claiming the project (whatever it may be) would need strawberries here and there and the other one suggesting a big dose of pink. *grin* I never stop to admire your skills when it comes to using paint. All those several coats of all sorts of paint, nail polish, spray or whatever that you're applying (which would never come to my poor limited mind) together with the Elizabeth-genius spread magic on your items. And so do the well chosen pieces for decoration with which you're achieving realism at once making your scenes vivid. And not to forget - also bravo for your pictures, your photos have so much atmosphere and fantastic light. Oh, and of course another bravo for your tomatoes - they turned out awesome with the help of your nemesis! ;O) Merry Christmas to you and yours!


    1. Your comment had started me giggling again Birgit! :D
      That afore mentioned conversation was so convoluted and confusing that none of me, could understand what the other me's were saying!
      I can't imagine that either Rosie and/or Fluby would ever cause you as much grief as an over-excited me does with me, since they are both too cute! ;D
      Fortunately, once I over-ruled and pushed the other me's off to the side I was able to get down to business and get My choice of wallpaper on the walls and I am Very Glad that you agree with ME, Birgit! :D
      I had great fun making the sink since Lea's instructions were easy to follow and painting them to resemble stone, was equally rewarding.
      For me paint is paint, no matter if it is nail polish, spray or powdered or liquid just so long as it does the trick!
      And Thank You for your compliment on the pictures too because it makes the doing of this project and your enjoying them; even more Rewarding! :D
      I wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Very Beary New Year!


  43. Hello, Elizabeth - I'm speechless with wonder and amazement at your half-kitchen, so it's a good thing I can type these words! The kitchen is the most perfect one that I can remember seeing, ever, whether in the real world or in miniature. I love that sink and all its various parts. I was heart broken that the corbels and the drain pipe had to be covered - but then you made that fabulous skirt for the sink, which went a long way toward mending my broken heart. The window, with its arch and beautiful, old-world trim; the lovely combination of wallpapers; the shelves filled with such an interesting collection of items both useful and decorative; all these things make this kitchen a wonderful room in which to work - and one I would have a hard time leaving. Even such mundane pieces as the cotton dish towel and the cheese grater stand out as masterpieces in their own right. I can hardly wait to see the other half, with the gorgeous stove installed. You've simply outdone yourself on the kitchen, Elizabeth, and are to be heartily congratulated!

    1. Season's Greetings Marjorie and My heartfelt THANKS to you and your Wonderful compliment! :D
      Initially I didn't hold out much hope for this kitchen since ideas regarding its direction and construction, remained elusive.
      But after I'd removed the door, I needed to refill that void with something which originally went from considering a tiny window to one which was more substantial, then from substantial to more ornate.
      I too was "heart-broken" when I discovered that the underpinnings of the sink had become invisible however, the skirt took the edge off of the hard surfaces so effectively, that the trade-off was well worth it. :D
      By the way Marjorie, if you would enjoy some of the same fabric which I used for the toweling I would be Very Pleased to send you some for your Villa del Vigneto, so let me know okay? :D

      I am STOKED about the new stove and have been busy already on the other half of the kitchen so should have something to show for my effort next month, but in the meantime-
      I Wish you and your family a VERY Merry Christmas and a Most Excellent New Year!

      elizabeth :D

    2. Hi, Elizabeth - Thank you so much for your generous offer of the toweling fabric; I would LOVE to have a bit of that! If you'd like to send me an email, I'll send you my mailing address. My email address is: Thank you again!

  44. Oh Elizabeth your posts are always a luxurious extravaganza! It is so neat to see how you turned the sink into stone. It looks fabulous, and a great size! I can't believe you just had that light in your stash waiting! It's perfect! I love the wallpaper, it looks so lived in. You always have the best wallpapers :) And as always your miniature food is exquisite and envy inducing :D Can't wait to see your next post!

  45. Hello Kristine! :D
    I am Truly Flattered by your Delightful compliment and I Thank You Very Much! :D
    I felt like a bit of a medieval alchemist transforming wood into stone and I am glad that the experiment was successful! This applies to the rug into wallpaper as well. ;D
    I wish you a Very Merry Christmas, Kristine and All the Very BEST with your the HBS contest entry too! - WOW!!!!


  46. So I will say that you should keep having meetings with you and yourself because the outcome is truly a success! What a wonderful charming Villa kitchen. So inviting, so warm and filled with so much detail only you seem to master. The tomatoes are fantastic...I think you are embracing your nemesis and have conquered polymer. And what can I say about special Elizabeth blend of dry clay except that we need a tutorial..the bread is sooo fantastic. On the note of fantastic, I love the light fixture. I do have a weakness for lighting and you have captured my enthusiasm yet again with this ceiling light. Amazing....well done my friend!

  47. Awwwww Thank You Fatima! I have been trying to conquer my Fear of Fimo and I have a long way yet to go, yet with your Fine Examples I think that I shall hit you up for private lessons! ;D
    Your onions continue to Delight Fats and I was relaying to Catherine that you might have some more available on your webpage soon- :D
    Thanks for enjoying the light fixture- it does add a special continental feel to the room but best yet is that fact that it didn't cost me much other than time and a few extra grey hairs. heeheehee
    Missed you on Monday but know that you are up to your eyeballs right now- so have a Wonderful Christmas my dear friend, and we'll be talking soon!


  48. I find no word to describe how I feel when I see your artwork. I am amazed, feel humble and - also very happy that you occasionally visit my blog. I wish you Merry Christmas from Finland.

  49. Hello Eija! It makes me feel Very Happy when I see your artwork too, which is why I like to visit your blog! :D
    I Thank You for your Very Sweet and Generous comment and I wish you a VERY Merry Christmas from Canada ♥


  50. Oh, wonderful, Elizabeth!!! I'd love to cook in this kitchen!!!
    I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy 2018

    1. Thank You Andrea! :D I am Delighted that you have enjoyed seeing my half-finished kitchen and now that it has a new 8 burner stove, my little lady is also looking forward to cooking in this kitchen too! :D
      Have a Wonder-filled Christmas Andrea and your BEST New Year yet! :D


  51. What a fantastic post this is - I just loved all the pictures and have returned to them more than once.

    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    1. What a GREAT PLEASURE to see you again Irene! :D
      I hope that you have been busy making miniature while you were away from blogtown, however it is good to see you out and about once again!
      I am soooo glad that you've stopped by and that you are liking the kitchen-Thank You! :))
      Wishing you a VERRRY Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year! too! :D


  52. Я хотела поздравить вас с Рождеством, но увидела ваш пост и онемела... Я люблю все!!!!!! Я люблю это окно, освещение, стены, штору под раковиной. Ваша замечательная лампа. Я вижу спелые помидоры, они так реальны. Я думаю ваша кукла хочет их съесть. :) Я люблю вашу кошку. Это ее место! Там тепло и уютно. Ваши фотографии выглядят как живопись. Живопись имеет свойство притягивать взгляд. Она очаровывает и поглощает. Так и ваши фотографии имеют это свойство. Я вглядываюсь в фотографии и невольно перемещаюсь в пространстве. Это чудесно!
    И наконец, я желаю вам счастливого Рождества, дорогой друг! Примите мои самые лучшие пожелания!

  53. Your comment is a Beautiful Christmas Gift to me- Thank You VERY Much Tatyana! ♥ :D
    I have been happy with the way the photos of the kitchen turned out and your comment of them looking like paintings is Enormously gratifying and encouraging to me :D
    Since publishing this post, I have been working steadily on the other side of the kitchen and I hope to have an update ready before the New Year, but in the meantime,
    I wish you and yours A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and all the BEST in the coming New Year! ♥


    1. :) :) :) :) Merry Christmas! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  54. wow, I love that kitchen! its fun to play with clay I used to make doll sized food for my magnets and I really miss the creativity. your air dry bread is great. I feel sorry for the doll who has to wear 4 inch heels at the kitchen sink she needs a pair of slippers :)

    Happy New Year

    1. Hi Marisa! How Wonderful to hear from you and that you are out and about in Blogland again- WELCOME BACK! :D
      I too, feel sorry not only for the doll having to wear very ugly clothes but also, being forced to wear those very high heel boots 24/7. No doubt her feet have some naturally high arches, but IF I had my druthers, she would be wearing comfy house slippers exactly as you've suggested.

      Wishing you a Very Happy New Year too! :D


  55. Oh my goodness, you take my breath away. Everything is absolutely exquisite and you make everything look so incredibly real!! I feel like I can smell each of the photos, soap bubbles in the sink. And you show how it was all created. Wonderful looking range! I hope you enjoy a happy and healthy New Year with lots more fun with your beautiful miniatures! Hugs, Jean

    1. Hello Jean! :D
      I certainly had a lot of fun taking the photos of this side of the kitchen and so Thank You for saying that it looks Real. Your compliment is Very Gratifying indeed! :D
      I am Stoked by the new range from MOLLY SUE MINIATURES as it has provided double the cooking surface, which means lots more room for display.

      I hope that 2018 will bring you and your family, much JOY and Many Blessings; those that are BIG
      as well as them that are Small! ;D


  56. After a long absence from blogland I have decided to give it another go. I am so pleased to see you are still producing your exquisite miniatures and look forward to once again following your work. Happy New Year.

    1. Hello Shari! :D
      I am sooooo Glad to see you back on the Blog again and hope that you will continue "to give ( blogging) another go"! :D
      I Thank You for your visit here and I am Delighted that you have enjoyed Part One of the Villa's kitchen. I should have Part 2 published before too much longer but in the meantime WELCOME BACK and Happy New Year to you and to all of your family!


  57. Wow, what a post! Playing with materials and techniques is such fun, especially when it all works and you end up with something you like. The sink with its fixings, taps and plug are so wonderful! Your tomatoes look ripe and plump and delicious. And you bread looks sooo good! The whole styling of the kitchen is fantastic, the shelves with the fab copper pans and all the kitchen implements. Love the grater with the cheese stuck to it, such a great detail (I have to remember that!).
    And then the bonus piece, wow, nice Christmas present! ;-)
    Happy New Year Elizabeth!

  58. Hello Josje! Happy New Year and Thank You Very Much for such a Lovely comment and compliment! :D
    I really enjoy playing and experimenting with materials and techniques, almost as much as I enjoy the end results, and can only wish that more of my mini trials were actually successful yet there is usually a lesson learned. ;D
    Glad to know that you approve of the new stove. Sue's work is really Terrific as this cooker is a dead ringer of the original inspiration photo. :))
    The cheese on the grater is by HUNGARIAN MINIATURES, a piece which I LOVE!
    I didn't mention the maker in this blog because I had already done so in 2 prior posts but, Erzabet's work is Always Stunning!
    Filling the shelves with the copper cookware made me Very Happy since I've been collecting it for a while. I was relieved to be able to get as much of it on display as I did.
    I wish you a Creative year ahead Josje and may we all continue to enjoy A BEAUTIFUL WORLD (both Real and Mini) in 2018 :D


  59. Hello Elizabeth!
    Happy New Year 2018 to you! I hope you have energy to play and make experiments also this year.It is so funny to read your posts.

  60. Hello Sirkka! :D I Will INdeed, continue to endeavor to make each of my posts, as energetic and playful as I can, because it gives me A LOT of satisfaction knowing that you are enjoying them. :D
    And I Thank You Very Much not only for your comment Sirkka, but also for your Good Wishes for this New Year and I wish a Very Happy New Year to you too! :D


  61. Me encanta. Es una maravilla de cocina. Ademas me has dado alguna idea para los detalles de la mi.

  62. THank You Very Much for your Lovely Compliment and comment, Virginia!
    One of the great pleasures I get when blogging and in reading the blogs of others, is that we get the chance to share our work with each other as well as become inspired by different approaches and solutions.
    And so I'm Delighted to know that you have found some found some useful information here! :D


  63. I had a stroke several years ago. I knew I had to find something to help me battle my way back and fight depression/frustration. I found YOU. You got me into minis and inspired me in many, many ways. I hope you understand that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I am in the process of recreating your Arthur House, piece by piece. Not exactly, of course, but as close as my limited talent can go. I think it is because I want to feel what you felt. I sincerely thank you for your inspiration, both as an incredible artist, but also as a delightful person. I will post pictures soon. God bless.

    1. Hi Lindy,
      As I read your comment, I could feel my tears welling up in my eyes. Of all the comments I have EVER received, this one is OUT-WEIGHS THEM ALL-
      I have never been so moved.

      I have a dear friend who had to give up her passion for miniatures because of a stroke she'd suffered more than 4 years ago. When I visit with her I can feel her frustration and see her pain, so your battle to fight both depression and regain your sense of self, is something which I'm familiar with through the struggles of my friend Bettie.

      When I consider all of the suffering in this world and then think about this hobby and this blog, I feel such an imbalance. It's both frivolous and trivial by comparison, but what a BLESSING GOD has given me because of your comment.
      I am Thrilled that you have been Inspired by my "Arthur" and for your desire to recreate your version of it! :D
      I am going to be looking forward to seeing your photos Lindy-but in the meantime,
      I want to THANK YOU for letting me find YOU! ♥


  64. There is so much I would like to say to you, dear lady, but I will save that for another day. If you click on my name, you can see pix on my Google account. (Maybe - I hope this works. I always hold my breath when I have to get technical). You are my sherpa. God bless

    1. Hi again Lindy!
      I have a VERY OLD laptop and because of its age, I keep loosing programs on it with Google + being one of them. I get the notifications but I can't access them.
      If you send the photo to my email address then I can see them through gmail.
      One day, I'll have to break down and buy a new laptop but till then, I'm hanging onto this one until everything goes.

      here's my address:
      l look forward to hearing from you soon! :D

  65. I am blown away over this kitchen! I only hope to get as much detail in my elf kitchen!! You are A-Mazing!

    1. Hi Auralea and Thank You Very Much! I really appreciate your Lovely comment! :D
      I had a lot of hesitation prior to beginning work on this room not to mention finding a solid direction for it, once I did.
      As usual it all evolved as I went along, however the end result is probably better than what I would have planned; IF I'd had a plan! ;D


  66. Ohhhh, I adore your kitchen.. sooo beautiful! ♥ You are a genius when it comes to colors and matching them but also making it look so realistic.. Could look at these pictures all day and dream of being in that kitchen.. 😊Your lamp is a real eye candy, very clever how you made it.

    1. Greetings Marlies! :D
      I had fun making and then re-making that lamp! I made it several years ago, yet never had a permanent destination for it.
      I needed an overhead light for the kitchen, but when nothing I saw on-line looked suitable, I reverted to scouring through my own
      "stuff in waiting" and re-found the lantern, which happened to be the perfect fit for this kitchen- Meant To Be! ;D
      Thank You for enjoying the photos too, which is always "the icing on the cake" for me! :D


  67. Hi Elizabeth! I read the whole post with great interest, and I think the sink came very nice and realistic. You're right, the cloth skirt under the sink makes it better. When I was little, my grandmother had a similar thing. Behind the skirt there was usually a bucket or two for the kitchen trash.
    Also these days I added a new sink to the kitchen, but I did not do it alone, I bought and assembled it.
    I agree that the rooms behind the rooms give a very realistic appearance to the house. My old dolls house was two rooms deep, and two openable facades. Unfortunately I had to take it apart. :(
    I love all the details and objects that you have scattered: the Italian coffee maker, the jars, the grater ... all very alive and real! I will continue to read your old posts, see you soon!

  68. Thank You Elene, for relating your childhood remembrances, which re-affirms the addition of the skirt for the sink. I shall make sure to add a bucket for the trash under it as well! :D
    Isn't it funny how certain memories we retain about visits to grandmother house, involve those tiny little details.
    I have vivid memories of my grandmother ironing fresh laundry, and so whenever I pass a laundry room with a dryer going, the smell takes me right back to her house.

    p.s. Did you keep the pieces of your old dollhouse?

    1. The walls and floors of my old dollhouse are stacked in my garage. :( I do not think I'll be able to use them again, but the furniture and objects are all kept in boxes and will fill the new house I'm building ...