Saturday, 4 November 2017

Leone gets a FACELIFT

Welcome Back!
Ben tornati!

In my last post, I stated that I would be starting on 
Villa Leone's kitchen.
and I have been.

It took me a week 
just to empty the entire house of its contents before I actually began. 
there WAS a lot of junk and stuff inside the house, 
but what made me drag my feet 
was because I was reluctant to start on
"the kitchen". 
I was uninspired and the room itself, 
was uninspiring.

Let me preface this post by saying,
 that I'd NEVER  been happy with the designated kitchen space because of the ugly sight-line 
leading from 
the Morning Room 
through the stone arched doorway. 
What you saw was a dark flat window, 
on a useless wall. 
I say "useless" 
because nothing could be placed against the wall 
 under the window,
unless it was moved far back into the corner.  

Added to this gloomy aspect was 
 the darkness of the grilled window alongside the general darkness of the front entry.
mama mia
What was I thinking???
 I liked the wallpaper well enough 
even if
I wasn't thrilled with it, 
and although
I'd considered papering over it, 
deep down I knew that wouldn't really solve anything 
because the problem was still
That Annoying FLAT Window

So with the window staring me in the face, 
I thought I'd tackle that very thing which
I disliked the most

I've always wanted a window ledge,
and so why not try and make one?

 So this is where

To make the inside non-opening window 
look more important, 
and to add some interest to a boring outside wall,
on the 
 the exterior of the Villa, and then bumped it out 
 a Half Inch
I framed in around the inside perimeters of the window opening, then
 around the outside of the frame of the face panel
using lengths of thick balsa wood. 

Then the face panel was re-glued over the exterior opening so that it stood proud from the surface of the  exterior wall. 
 After it the glue had dried, 
the joins and seams were sealed, 
 with some wall putty and paint.

It is now securely re-affixed into place.

I'm sorry that I didn't take any pictures of the process, 
but this is how the front face panel looks now that it is 
 almost finished.
The front looks the same head on
but the profile is better.

This looks far more interesting on the outside 
 it's providing me with an inside window ledge;
Hip Hip Hooray! 

The window and the window ledge 
are still unfinished,
it was right after I had re-adjusted the window, 
that everything else about this room 
began changing -


I decided to switch the kitchen door from the left side of the wall to the Right

This new door placement was good on several counts:
1)  It would give me a straight view into the Main Entry from the patio
2) The foot traffic from the garden did not have to pass through the kitchen to get to the rest of the house
3) The kitchen itself would be self contained 
and would look more 
"Old World".
  This was the set-up I decided upon for 
the kitchen interior. 
  I felt happier with this particular arrangement.


 after I'd examined the photo above, 
the thought came to mind that perhaps I should differentiate 
the floor of the corridor 
from that of the kitchen: 

 So I laid down a scrap piece
of tile paper to see how the two floors looked together, 

and I decided I'd go for it

I'll be honest,
I had to do
 then re-do the tile floor  

The first time I laid the paper down
It was just a fraction off but it.  
I was all out of the original scrapbook tile paper,
I had to use a photocopy of it 
for the second attempt. 
The photocopy tile was SuperWHITE  with 
a wishy- washy Black.  
So then I had to try and match the tile color with those in the Main Entry... 
Well, it is what it is
which is not great, 
so don't look too close,

The tiles look better from a distance
and the view from the staircase window 
Is Much More Interesting
now that there is actually 
Worth Seeing

(rather dark)
side by side shot of
The Morning Room and Main Entry on the left,
 with the passage and small kitchen on the right.
Not sure what to cover the kitchen walls with yet..

please keep in mind that
everything may ( and probably will) change again tomorrow


Veggie Basket
was made by Janine
back in the 90's
FINALLY, it will get Pride of Place!

For the tiles behind the stove,
I am thinking to use a photocopy of a
French Rug.
The Baroque pattern and pretty colors are just what I am looking for.
I'm still not certain about if I should have a stove hood or not.
I have an inspiration picture of one which I might try
just so that I can see what it will look like with everything else before I finalize my decision.

The Elizabeth Causeret covered casserole was a gift from Linda when she and Janine were at the
the Roma Tomatoes 

are plastic berries from a
Christmas Wreath

Morrel Mushrooms
were made by Irina Timoshkevich 
Irina Miniatures

 TheBlackPainted wooden box
 will eventually become 
the fridge and the wine jug on top was a gift which Fats
made me for my birthday last year.  
The fab pottery pieces are more gifts from both Linda Park and
from Fatima
This will give you the general feeling of how the kitchen is developing.
After I build the permanent walls and install the arch,
I shall be adding, cupboards and shelves and perhaps, overhead beams as well.

I'll need some additional counter space on either side of the Red Range, 

of course,
More Herbs 
for the window sill.

I am using this large"iron" urn as a temporary sink
although, the longer I look at it, 

the more I kinda like it.
May have to rethink
The Sink
Next to the sink,
is my new chopping block by
Weston Miniatures
Thanks Matthew! 

                   Erzebet of Hungarian Miniatures 
                        made the Parmesan cheese and the grater.
                        Jar of Tomato preserves by
                               Irina Timoshkevich
                                                    Irina miniatures

Additional Items displayed on the chopping block include:
 pepper grinder, bottle of Chianti, bowl of eggs, the garlic and the whisk made by me.

Janine bought me
the Elizabeth Causeret country style dish
also from the 2017 SIMP show;
I tell you,
I have some of the BEST-EST Best Friends!
The onion and garlic braids were also made by Fats!
The above photo lets you see the temporary set up in the kitchen and how it relates to the Morning Room.
It will all change again,

 when the walls are papered, the shelves go up 
and the light fixture are put in place.

In conclusion:
It was FUN to be able to play with some of these kitchen accessories again, 

especially after all of 
the re-thinking and re-construction.

And even though I'm not finished yet,
I got a good bit done this past week
even if most of it consisted of
 Painting... Painting... and more Painting

miles left to go
but I feel I'm actually making some progress
 to me -
It's looks like someone actually lives here!

Thank you so much for coming to visit 

I'll see you to your gondola


until we meet again




  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    You are right .... in so many ways! Moving the kitchen door makes complete sense as now the flow from the patio along the hallway wiith just a peek into the kitchen is how it should be.
    The window is more weighted in its space .... and it never hurts to have another place to display a small something.
    You do have a lot of lovely treasures!
    Great work!
    See you soon,

    1. Hello Janine! :D
      Moving the kitchen door began as a practical solution and now I see that ascetically it was the right way to go too! :D
      The re-allocation of the right side of the villa now look more purposeful and even though I technically have less square footage
      (or should I say sq. "inch-age"? ), it feels like I have More! :))
      Now I'm excited to get going on it again too, so that I can put all of my "Lovely Treasures" ( thank you J. ) on permanent display :D
      see you next week!


  2. You've done it again! Your changes are wonderful. You are so brave. I'm glad you had fun "playing" with some of your fabulous treasures. Can't wait to see Leone in about 6 weeks time!
    Hugs, Linda

    1. Hello Linda! :D
      I am soooo glad that you approve of the changes Linda! :D
      although I wouldn't call it "brave"; but DESPERATE.
      To not like what I've done and then have to coax myself into accepting it, would've be a thorn in my side every time I looked at the house. So much easier to correct things now when the room is empty too.
      I'm enthused about working on the kitchen now and I hope that when you see it in about 6 weeks, that it will actually have Real Walls instead of the pretend ones.
      And re: "playing with my fabulous treasures" ABSOLUTELY - and Thanks again to you, Janine and Fatima for So Many of them I which I cherish The Most :D


  3. Me gustan los cambios que has realizado,la ventana ahora es preciosa,cobra interés tanto por el exterior como por el interior.
    Cambiar la puerta de cocina tenía mucho sentido y visualmente es más interesante.
    Aunque todo cambie,ahora mismo todas las piezas que has colocado en la cocina,se ven magníficas!


    1. Hi Pilar and Thank You for your comment about liking the changes I've made! :D
      Relocating the door made more sense to me too but I might not have thought to do it, if I hadn't changed the window first :D
      I too, am pleased with the way the various pieces look in the the kitchen, and one of the advantages of having them posted on my blog is so that Later On, I'll be able TO REMEMBER to put them Back in the same place again. ;D


  4. Hi, Your changes were right and justified. The window looks really beutiful. You have lovely treasures and I´m glad you had fun playing with them. You have always interesting posts for us. I love your blog.

    1. Hello Sirkka! :D
      Thank You for liking the renovated window! :D
      I am Happier with the way it looks now too, since it seems to go better with the personality of the house.
      Playing with all of the minis and putting them out after they have been stored away inside of boxes, makes me Happy, and knowing that you enjoy my blog and that you find my posts "interesting" makes me feel VERY HAPPY - Thank You Very Much Sirkka! :D


  5. Oh Elizabeth, you make me laugh! Yes, the changes are just what this house needed. It is amazing how you make gorgeous rooms, and then you change them as if it is as simple as playing with play-doh!

    1. Hi Sam! :D
      I feel that I can laugh now too! ;D
      Sometimes the solutions are So Obvious; and at other times you have to inch your way towards them, as was the case here, but I would have to say, that playing with Play-Doh is DEFINITELY Easier than either heeheehee

      elizabeth :D

  6. You took excellent decisions, the window is far better now (by the way I've always wanted to have an inside window ledge, to put like you plants or other things, I think it makes a room more "live in". Maybe one day...)and I think it was more than important to have a different floor for the kitchen and corridor. I quite like the kitchen as it is so far, you have great accessories. I'm sure that when finished it will be stunning.
    I love the outside view of the window.

    1. Hello Genevieve! :D
      I have always wanted a window ledge even in Green Dolphin street and only had one in the bathroom.
      When Fatima built the kitchen in her "VITORIA" she installed a small greenhouse window with a deep sill, for herbs and such and it made a dramatic difference inside the rest of her kitchen. That really put "the bug in my ear"!
      Not having a deep window sill for the front window felt odd for an Italian villa and now that I have made one, I know that I can now make another one too!
      Thank you Genevieve, for approving the changes in the flooring between the kitchen and the corridor. :D As the building progresses the additional changes will be a little less dramatic, since its new direction is now firmly established, however I agree with you 100% because I like the kitchen "as it is so far" too. :D


  7. The changes are absolutely charming! I can't wait to see more...

    1. Greetings Ingi! :D
      Thank You Very Much for enjoying the changes! :)
      The "changes" CHANGED the way I felt about the kitchen and has now made it feel like FUN, and now I can't wait to see more, too! :D


  8. Hi Elizabeth, I am constantly surprised by your way of solving problems. The window looks great and moving the door is genious.
    Hugs Farmor

    1. Hello Farmor! :D
      I think that I was just as "Surprised" as you are, because often I don't know what the problem is, just the feeling that something is "not right". However, once I was able to pinpoint "the what and the why", then the rest of the problem solving could easily follow. :D



  9. Oh, I admire your ingenuity Elizabath! the result is fantastic .. the room is totally transformed and bright
    if you do not find tenants, I will come and settle there! -)

    1. Greetings Claude! :D
      Thank You for one of the nicest compliments a miniaturist can ever receive! And as "a tenant" you are ALWAYS welcome to come and settle here! :D


  10. I love how it looks now! That bump out really makes the whole front elevation more interesting and inside is perfect now. It makes so much sense for the house.

    1. Thank You Sheila! :D
      I am Happier with the "bump out " too, since I had never been entirely satisfied with the way that face panel looked. Correcting that "killed 2 birds with one stone" and in the process, opened my mind up to other possibilities! :D


  11. Dear Elizabeth,
    I enjoy each picture of your precious work ! It looks perfect now !
    Hugsssss from Pipi

    1. Thank You Very Much Pipi! :D
      I enjoyed taking the photos and seeing how the space looked through the eyes of a camera, which ruthlessly reveals "the Good, the Bad and the Ugly" . It's not "perfect" yet, but I will keep on trying! :D


  12. I am so glad you decided to play with that window! The result is purely brilliant and gives it that extraordinarily excellent next level element that your builds continue to enchant us with! The new sight lines from stairwell window to patio door are magical!
    The new layout for the kitchen will get the viewer right into the action and let us see each marvelous element up close. The fact that you then see beyond to the hallway gives the experience so much more substance and a desire to look beyond what you think you see.
    It is so exciting to see you inspired, the results of which inspire me to seek the next level of realism, detail, charm and joy!
    Desparately waiting for the next enthralling chapter...

    1. I Really enjoyed reading your comment Jodi! :D

      I find this project becomes more interesting the more I do it, yet it is the feedback from other people which keeps me pressing on when I get stuck and want to give up, so Thank You!!! :D


  13. Oh, oh, Elizabeth, just like more readers of your blog: you make me laugh, for making constantly changes in your dollshouses and now again in this Villa! But yes, again the changes are much better and the kitchen looks gorgeous now, so very realistic, if someone is just walked out of the kitchen. You do changes in your house and rooms and you do if it is as simple as it is, but it isn't ;)! I know that it asked a lot of thinking work for achieving what you wanted. I absolutely LOVE your collection of wonderful miniatures, given by friends and bought by yourself, these are perfect for Villa Leone!
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Thank You Very Much Ilona! :D
      I enjoyed your comment and I am glad that this post made you Laugh! :D
      I don't always feel like laughing when things go wrong or go sideways, so knowing how to make "Lemonade" out of sour "Lemons" has come in handy Many Many Times as I continue working on this villa! ;P


  14. Hi Elizabeth...
    Another great post and a big surprise as I wasn't expecting it. All the changes you made are wonderful. Just when I think you can't improve and do! Wonderful and I'm so happy you are moving at great speeds. Hope to see it soon!

    1. Hello Fats! :D
      Yes I am working "at great speeds" because one thing has lead rapidly towards another and it helps that NOW I can "see" the kitchen whereas before I couldn't.
      But I must tell you Fats, that it was your window over the sink in 'VITORIA' which stuck with me and ultimately made me decide to take the chance. :D
      So expect that the next time you come over, that even More will be done! :D


  15. Eres muy valiente a la hora de cambiar y transformar. La ventana y la puerta han quedado genial.Me gusta el fregadero, es auténtico.

    1. Hello Isabel! :D
      I am So Glad that you like the changes so Thank You!
      I didn't think of it as being brave at all; just "Desperate"!
      I am lazy about tackling certain jobs and try to ignore them for as long as I can, when eventually I have to turn and face them.
      Correcting the window was one of those situations.
      But making up my mind to solve "the one problem" has lead to solutions for many. :)
      And I'm glad that you are liking the iron sink too. I will have to think about it some more but it is good to have your positive feedback on it! :D


  16. Your kitchen remodel is looking great. I like the layout better with the door on the other side too - and the arched entry. You also have some really great pieces. I am digging that red stove and the copper pans, and the cutting block and the food - I guess in short, I like it all! Looking forward to seeing how it all turns out. Keep up the good work - Troy

    1. Hi Troy! :D
      Moving the door over made sense to me too and "opened the door" to what I couldn't see before. It was like placing the right piece of a jigsaw puzzle into position which makes the rest of the picture
      And I am Delighted that you like the Red Stove Troy :)
      I featured it a few posts ago- the store is MENUTMON from Valencia, Spain; it's contemporary with an old world twist :D


  17. Always a pleasure — and inspiration — to visit Villa Leone, and se what you’ve ben up to.

    1. Thank You Nancy! :D
      I am suddenly feeling Re-inspired and ready to do more on this villa which gives me a feeling of Great Pleasure too! ;P


  18. That window looks spot on now! The pain was worth it! I love your kitchen. Beautiful food items and the pottery....heavenly! I have the urge to cook some Italian tomorrow!!

    1. Hi Kat! :D
      Thank You for your encouraging words, and I guess you could say...

      "I can see clearly now the pain (pane) is gone" hahahaha

      And YES, isn't all the pottery lovely!!!? I am SOOOOOO BLESSED! :D


  19. The more you say "what was I thinking" it shows definite growing and evolving, which is a very good thing! Such an inspiring process. Everything is looking great!

    1. Hahahahaha! Thank You for that paradigm shift Linda!:D I'd never thought of it that way before, but you may be onto something! ;P

      Perhaps I should "forehead-slap" more often :D


  20. The kitchen looks perfectly in style with this renovated Villa Leone. I love the pottery and the food items which look ready to cook an Italian meal.
    Thanks for sharing these lovely photos and inspiring ideas.

    1. Thank You Very Much Drora! :D
      As I began arranging the various items into the kitchen, it seems that suddenly it was taking on the style of an Italian Kitchen and looking like it Belonged in the house.
      So it is feels good to know that you think so too! :D


  21. Brilliant! I'm can't tell you how great this post is!! I really struggle with uninspiring spaces, to the point where I can go off the whole project! I love your thought process and how you resolved it - and the happy consequences that followed like moving the door etc.
    Yet another totally inspirational post, thank you

    1. Hello Simon! :D
      I know just EXACTLY what you mean about 'going off the whole project' when you feel uninspired.
      That happens to me too many times to count, which is why my projects take such a long time to complete. :(
      But having my friend "The Miniteers" asking questions and encouraging me through the slumps and being able to bounce ideas back and forth with them- Helps Tremendously! :D
      And knowing that nearly every problem has more than one solution-helps too. :)
      But moving the door Was Indeed- "a Happy Consequence" and it helped me to finally "see" The Kitchen, instead of what previously was an "uninspiring space".
      Whoo Hooo!!!! :D


  22. All changes are perfect. Villa Leone looks amazing. I really like the many details. I'm curious to see if you make other changes.

    1. Thank You Very Much Faby! :D
      I am Still excited about all of the changes in Villa Leone, and there are more changes yet to come, as I get started on making the interior walls and the new window for the kitchen.
      Which I am 'curious' to see too! ;D


  23. The window looks great! All the changes you made are perfect! And you have beautiful treasures!!!

    1. Greetings Nono! :D
      I have to give another Shout Out to my dear friend who have gifted me with so many BEAUTIFUL treasures to place inside Villa Leone! I am Very Proud to show them off and I hope that this kitchen, will do them ALL justice. :D


  24. What a brave soul you are to tackle such a renovation. It is looking great with the changes you have made. I like the window much more now. The kitchen does look lived in too. So many gorgeous pieces in it. :-)

    1. Hi Catherine! :D
      The only Really 'brave' thing about this renovation is doing it with as LITTLE touch up paint as what I have left! :O
      But it feels good to be un-stuck and to be able to move forward so that eventually I will have a room where I can showcase all of the wonderful minis slated for this kitchen. So many have come from my Friends as well as from some Really Talented and Marvelous Vendors too. :D


  25. Maybe I'm too picky or you can blame it on me because I'm not a native English speaker... but is it still a facelift if something just gains a face in the end that wasn't here before? ;O) Really, all your makeovers, re-doings and changes just gave a personality and a background story to this, I totally agree with your saying that it looks now as if someone's living there. And as always it was fun to watch the results of an Elizabeth-playtime - all the miniatures you've played with are just perfect for this kitchen and the sink is a keeper for sure.


    1. Hello Birgit! :D
      Your comment and observations ALWAYS give me a good chuckle! :D
      I am a creature of habit it seems, and so "doing and re-doing" has become second nature with me.
      I am the Doctor ( of love) and Leone is my (captive) patient and it is me who is insisting on preforming the facelift surgery and not the poor Villa- how backwards is that? ;D
      But Thank You for agreeing that it looks like someone is living there, Birgit, because those words make me absolutely GIDDY with GLEE! :D

      p.s. I am working towards deciding on the sink although is still way down on the list; however that urn is STILL a contender :)

  26. My Dear Elizabeth, you take us on such a Wonderful Journey, every time, no matter what you are showing!!! The new adjustments to Villa Leone are Fantastic!!! And I know how one little "tweak" can set off an avalanche of ideas.... but no-one does it like you!!! The "better facade" because of the need for a window ledge is such a good example.... it looks as though it has always been that way.... but you have re-designed the entire space!!! All I can do is say Wow! WOW! WOWEE!!! I love the corridor to the new back door to the patio... what a great idea and not just for functionality, but for the "vistas" it provides! (one of the things that has always bugged me about my Hardwick Hall is that you can't see my fabulous fireplace!!!) I applaud your bravery in continually seeking the best... and re-doing what you had previously done to achieve it! The kitchen now underway can only improve with Time..... and you will surely astonish us again and again!!! I LOVE it!!! Thank you for sharing this journey with us.... but be warned... I might never get back into my Gondola...!!! LOL!

    1. Hello Betsy Dear! :D
      You are not the only one who feels like they were/are on a Journey, because everyday with this villa is an adventure for me as well, since I NEVER know where I'll end up. Kinda like Percy your Little Dreamers :))
      But you are soooo right; one thing often leads to another and suddenly an avalanche of idea will come pouring forth from out of nowhere! But then those are the rewards for days sometimes even weeks, of nothing but "Think Equity".
      For me, the corridor was there waiting to be discovered yet it took a window makeover before I could finally see the light.
      So I can TOTALLY understand your concerns regarding your FAB FIREPLACE Betsy because you created an AMAZING and ORIGINAL piece of Sculpture and it Deserves to be seen. Have you considered placing an angled mirror in the room to reflect it?
      This Willowcrest Kit has lot going for it but also some difficult to view or to access spaces, yet when I see what you've done with the Moon Maidens traveling up the stairs and your fireplace and the brickwork and landscaping around The Hall, I am once again in AWE of how many different ways there are to up-grade and personalize a mass produced dollhouse kit. The sky's the limit.....
      With the kitchen in the villa underway, I am once again excited to be involved in its continuing transformation, and I hope to have more to show for my efforts before the end of this year, but if you're not in a hurry Betsy, then by all means-
      the gondola can wait! ;D

      elizabeth ♥

  27. Todas tus creaciones son fantásticas, antes y después de los cambios.

    1. Hi Eloisa!
      Thank You for enjoying the Before and After changes to the kitchen! :D
      I am Very Excited and happy that they are turning out so well and the kitchen is FINALLY taking shape. :D


  28. What a Facelift, Elizabeth! Gongratulations - great work!

    1. Thank You Very Much Paulakum! :D
      I think that even old girls like The Villa,can benefit from a good Facelift from time to time ;D
      But there is still MORE Work to be done on her so Stay tuned! :D


    2. Really, everyone should get a good Facelift sometimes :D

      That's true, in Miniature World you always have something to do. Keep going - we enjoy Your beautiful, detailed and talented Work!

  29. The changes are just perfect - as far as I'm concerned the villa is perfect. I should like to move in right now!

    1. Thank You So Much Robin! :D
      What excites me about the changes other than the ones I've shown, is that I am now able to visualize the future extension of the garden, which lies beyond the patio. And although I don't want to start it until more of the villa is done, I will be keeping that in mind as I build out the kitchen window.
      Because it will be nice for guests to enjoy for whenever they come to visit! ;D


  30. Elizabeth, ces derniers changements apportent encore plus de réalité à cette (déjà) magnifique et très vivante villa italienne.
    Quel fabuleux travail ! Amicalement. Joce

    1. Hello Joce! :D
      THank You for your comment regarding the Villa looking "alive"- Such a compliment as this, is Music to my ears! :D


  31. whaouuuuu ! que de transformations ! Et vous avez eu raison de les faire même si cela a demandé beaucoup de temps . vous avez eu raison . le résultat est mieux . cette cuisine va être magnifique , il y a tellement de jolies choses . j 'ai hate de voir si vous allez faire encore des changements . il faut souvent laisser reposer notre ouvrage et continuer à rêver en le regardant . la solution vient toujours par surprise dans notre esprit . oui , on a vraiment l'impression que cette maison est habitée .
    je vous embrasse


    1. Yes, I agree Catherine, that often "we do need to let our work rest" whilst we dream as we look at it.
      It may sound strange to say, but I find that when the house is "silent" it is not always because it is giving its consent, but rather it is waiting for me to stop and listen to it.
      When I do, then the conversation between me and my art becomes exciting, the energy palatable, and the progress is less forced.
      It is an interesting dynamic which is ALWAYS full of "surprises" :D


    2. C'est la plus grande difficulté ... ne pas avoir peur des silences . Savoir attendre et accepter de ne pas tout terminer . c'est reconnaitre que là , on n 'a pas encore la solution . En ce moment j 'attends beaucoup ! haha ! c' est agréable de découvrir tous les petits trésors que vous avez depuis des années et qui trouvent enfin leur place .


    3. Unfortunately, I am still learning how to be silent and patient, during the process, especially when I wish to hurry, because it does not come naturally for me to listen, especially at this stage, when I can actually "see" the room. Fortunately, Real Life intercedes and causes me to slow it down for now.
      But It will feel good to eventually use all of the tiny treasures I have in store for this kitchen. Some have been waiting patiently for decades and some are quite new; yet when they finally get to be displayed, it should appear as if they have ALL Been Together in one place for a Very Long Time. :D

  32. I find your ideas and finishing just inspirational Elizabeth. Love the window now! Celia

    1. Hi Celia! :D
      Thank You and I am sooo Glad to that you like the re-made window too! It is something which has been bugging me for a long time but was easy to ignore until faced with the prospect of never liking the kitchen because of it.
      Sometimes it takes getting mentally backed into a corner, before you can know to climb out of the window. ;D


  33. Hello, Elizabeth - Well, I have to admit that I saw nothing amiss with your original window. But you have an unerring eye for details of this sort, so you forged ahead, working your magic on that window and the exterior wall, and voila - perfection! I love the new look. And how courageous to switch the location of the kitchen door - and that, too, turned out to be just the right thing to do! I agree with your decision to carry the tile flooring through the hallway - the space does "flow" better now, and the kitchen can enjoy its own look. I'm always amazed that you can make such effective "mock-ups" of a room, as you've done for the kitchen trial. What a useful technique. I enjoyed the preview of some of your beautiful kitchen accessories. Janine's vegetable basket is spectacular - how nice that you can finally put it to use! I am especially impressed, though, with those Roma tomatoes! How clever! I'm going to start looking very carefully at Christmas wreaths now. I'm so excited to see your kitchen coming together - and I'm glad that you're excited now too. You're right that the villa does look as though someone lives there; I wish it were me!

  34. Hello Marjorie! :D
    You always say THE NICEST things and I Thank You! :D
    One of the reasons I do the mockups with as many accessories as I can, is so that I can see WHO is using them.
    I am a mediocre carpenter, however I'm much better at occupying spaces with "personalities" which I can't do unless I can "see them". The occupants are revealed to me by what and how they use their things.
    It is aggravating but over my many years of doing miniatures, I find I work best when I load stuff in, work around it, remove it, build and then load it all in again, repeating the process over and over and over.
    And having so many lovely gifts of minis from family and friends from over the years, means that I have Beautiful things like Janine's WONDERFUL market basket, which has been waiting patiently in the wings until just the right project and location presented itself.
    But at the other end of the spectrum, the ready-made Roma tomatoes were the SIMPLEST things EVER and for my Italian Kitchen, I'm Happy to feature BOTH! :D


  35. Привет Элизабет! Я снова наслаждаюсь. Я снова читаю любимую книгу, как -будто. Я перелистываю страницы, я нахожу любимые строки, но смысл иногда другой. Это очень интересно. А теперь об окне. Это , как заноза, которая очень мешает. Теперь ваше окно более удобное. Вы можете поставить вазу с фруктами на подоконник, или положить книгу....
    Время играть... Это очень здорово! Мысли начинают плести историю. Я начинаю ходить внутри дома, все рассматриваю. Как замечательно!Вы имеете много сокровищ для кухни. Они потрясающие! Ваша кухня является интересной уже! Я думаю, если вы будете перестраивать кухню пять раз, то читатели вашего блога будут очень счастливы! :) :) :) Да, мне нравится вид из окна! :) :) :)


  36. Kisses to you Tatiana! :D
    I always find your comments to a Great Pleasure to read. :D
    The idea of you walking the halls and corridors of this villa, reviewing the various items inside it and enjoying them, makes me Grin from Ear to Ear! :D
    And although I don't have any intentions of rebuilding this kitchen more than ONCE, I also wouldn't dismiss the idea of my re-building it 5 more times either! hahahhahahha


  37. Hello, Elizabeth! Finally, I managed to find your blog. This is a beautiful house! I like all the details. Wonderful openwork windows are beautiful with a window sill. I think that someone in the kitchen just was in the kitchen, brought shopping and cooked food. It's real! Hugs, Julia

    1. Hello Julia! :D
      I am Very Pleased that you like this house and Thank You for saying so! :D
      There are moments however, when I feel that this house of mine has become an "enemy" but as of right now, we are Definitely "friends" again. ;D
      I am DELIGHTED that you have found my blog Julia and I look forward to being able to entertain you here at the villa the next time you come over;
      and it will probably be in the kitchen. :D


    2. Elizabeth, there are moments of crisis, but they pass and new inspiration appears. I wish you that the inspiration has always been with you!

    3. That is a Very Beautiful Wish ♥:D

  38. I never fail to be impressed by how brave you are to dismantle big structural pieces of wall and doors after you've already put in so much work! I must say, I think it definitely paid off in this case though, pushing the window wall out a bit makes it so much more interesting and the windowsill is obviously destined for some good clutter later on!

    Love those pottery pieces, especially the lovely blue dish from the SIMP show! The patterning on it is simply exquisite!

    At some point I want to make a 1/6th scale kitchen set for my dolls using some of the vintage Sindy counters and some heavy modification but despite having a dedicated pinterest board for the purpose, I just can't settle on a colour scheme/style, I keep changing my mind! XD It's obviously a kitchen thing!

    1. Hello again Christine! :D
      Thank You for thinking that I am "brave" but I am anything but. When I was assembling this house last year, I did what I thought would be logical,regarding the placement of the kitchen door although I had nothing at that time, to relate and orient the door opening to. I thought the location made sense then, but as the interior began taking shape, it made less and less sense to me which along with the window, had me in kitchen limbo. So what is thought of as brave is really nothing more than wanting to get out of a corner I'd painted myself into. :)
      YES, the pottery pieces Are Incredible and I feel so Blessed to have them in this kitchen. They are partly responsible for my sudden burst of MOJO and the subsequent renovations!

      I remember those Cindy dolls Vividly, but I didn't remember that they had accessories until you mentioned it. That is a trip down memory lane for me and now more than ever I am hoping that YOU WILL make a 1/6th scale kitchen for your BJD's, something neat for me to look forward to- WOOHOO! :D


  39. Buongiorno Donna Elizabeth,
    Every time you change something, the villa becomes more beautiful and more realistic. I love the bump out. It adds great architectural detail to the façade and the ledge is a great addition. I really love the new kitchen division. It makes more sense to me and the kitchen space works beautifully. The tile back for the range will be gorgeous. The sink is lovely and very unique. I love it. I would not worry about the floor. If the colors are not a 100% match, which you cannot tell in the pictures, it makes it look like the villa has been renovated over time and they used the leftover tiles they had in storage which were not altered by the sun. It just adds to that old building being altered by a family home loving family. A me piace!
    Big hug,
    Don Giacomo

    1. Mio caro amico :D
      I love how you have explained the difference in the checkered tiles and so I'm going to go with it! :D
      I don't mind making changes in the Villa (as you can plainly see), but it would be so much more productive IF I could see MORE of them earlier, instead of after the fact. I know that you can Easily relate to this Giac since YOU ( even more than I), are
      the KING of the RE-RENOVATIONS- and to you I do most humbly bow ;D
      Actually, it is kinda fun seeing how much a room will evolve and WANTS to change as it is being worked on, and you are so right in that as it is lived in and minor/major repairs are taking place a house becomes more of a family home because of all the Love within it.
      Grande abbraccio Back, Don Giacomo ♥

      donna elisabetta

  40. Дорогая Элизабет! Поздравляю вас с Днем рождения, с опозданием! Примите мои самые лучшие пожелания!
    Я зашла в блог к вашему другу Джанин. Прочитала о вас. Я очень рада, что у вас был замечательный день с друзьями!

    1. Thank You for your Birthday Wishes Tatiana! :D
      I had a Wonderful time at my friend Janine's.
      She and her husband Bruce, made my birthday feel Extra Special and even the normally wet and blustery November weather, was on hold for the entire day so lots of sunshine during my visit which was Most Enjoyable! :D

  41. Reading your post made me chuckle, I can almost hear you speak as your writing is so expressive and animated. I love the bumped out window, yes, adding interest to the wall. I so agree with tearing things out when you're not happy with it.
    And all those great gifts from your friends! They add such a special element to the rooms! Lucky girl.

  42. Hi Josje! :D
    In retrospect I can chuckle too, but it was major trauma leading up to that first cut . However once I'd committed to it, there was NO turning back; so now that it's over, I'm smiling. :D
    I feel continuously Blessed by all the friends I have, and in particular Janine, Fatima and Linda, who have been incredibly supportive in my life in so many different ways. Their gifts and other contributions to my various projects, have helped round them out and make them more real. Their encouragements and advise keep me focused and help me to slow down because as you can probably tell from my posts, I am rather impulsive, and somewhat reckless.
    So YES Josje , I am a VERY lucky girl! :D


  43. I really love reading through your thought process Elisabeth.. I get so many great ideas from it. :) I think moving the door was a great idea, that little sevice hall is a fantastic addition. Who want's to walk through the kitchen, much better. Your window was lovely before but is even better now. I can't wait to see how this room turns out. And no wonder you enjoyed playing with your accessories! You have a wonderful collection. :)

  44. Hi Sam! :D
    Often I will make THE PROCESS longer than it needs to be because of my general impatience to check things off the list, which means that later I have to backtrack and re-do; however in this case, the back-tracking proved to work to my advantage. New possibilities opened up for me, so Thank You Sam,for your very supportive words! :D

    The "service hall" ( the perfect designation for "the front corridor"), literally changed the direction of the lower level and has given it a dimension which I could never have foreseen if it hadn't been for modifying that offending window. The subsequent changes have have re-ignited my interest and enthusiasm for this project.

    I am SO Glad that you like what you see Sam, and I hope that you will like it just as much when I next report on the Vill's kitchen, which has finally become a Real Rooms with solid walls- Whoo Hooo! :D


  45. Åh hvor er der meget atmosfære i alt hvad du laver. Jeg bliver så inspireret og får lyst til at rejse til på ferie til syd Europa. Det har ALT den varme og hygge som jeg drømmer om. Jeg ville elske at kunne se det hele i virkeligheden. Knus Wyrna

  46. Greetings Wyrna! :D
    It is LOVELY to hear from you again!!! :D
    It gives me Great Pleasure to learn that my Italian Villa has given you a desire to travel to the warmer climate of southern Europe. :D
    I certainly know what you mean as the weather here in Western Canada is in it's full-blown season of WET AND DREARY and so being on holiday where it is warm and cosy sounds dreamy to me too! ;D


  47. Dear Elizabeth - I have a question for you so could you please send me your email-address.
    Hugs from farmor