Friday, 25 January 2013


My mother told me that when she and my father moved here from the United States back in the 1960's my father was VERY surprised that there were NO dog sleds and Mounted Police in red coats and broad brimmed hats riding astride horses in the city.  In fact, my dad could not believe that Canada was as warm as Washington State when you crossed the border.  There was no perpetual blizzard or igloos at the U.S./ Canadian border in fact it looked like 'normal'.  My father grew up in southern California and granted' the weather there is quite a bit different than here, but not all of Canada is so blasted by ice and snow as most generally believe.  I have always enjoyed living here in southern British Columbia and became a citizen in the 1990's, because I think, and have always thought of this as HOME even though I was born across the line.  One of the reasons I like it here is that the warmth and friendliness of the majority of people that I have met or have established long term relationships with who have been a genuine blessing to me over the course of years.  I have friends at church and at work, friends at home and abroad in fact I am surrounded by now by friends who 'visit' me regularly and in turn I am 'invited' into their homes to share the fun that we know is magnified, when it is enjoyed with others.  I am truly honored that so many people are interested in this blog, and when I turn on the computer I am surprised that you are all still there!    THANK YOU.  And now there are even more 'guests', and I have not yet officially welcomed you to this blog, so at this time I am rolling out the Red (and white) Canadian Carpet to thank Eva, Chris, Alejandra, Lina, Lola, Fabiola, Marie, Kim, and Marian, for becoming followers here.  Right now the cold winter is still upon us but in truth, Canada is a warm, hospitable and friendly country and I hope you will feel the warmth of YOUR welcome here.


p.s. I have tried to keep abreast of new followers, and so if you do not find your name included in this or any of the other posts, please 'raise your hand' for me to see.  I don't want anyone to feel neglected or over-looked.  Each of you is important, and everyone is warmly welcomed!


  1. Round of applause for the stirring speach. I do hope to visit Canada some day, I believe that OH has some distant relatives there.

  2. Hi Kim, Funny, I didn't think that this was a "stirring speech" but you never know how people interpret the written word... However, if you Do plan a visit to Canada, try to come in our summer months otherwise you will think me a' liar', because weather-wise,depending on where you go, of course, it CAN be VERY cold.(smiles) Even so, I think that you should find that people Are friendly and accepting to all.
    Thank you for the comment and welcome.

  3. What a lovely sentiment Elizabeth!

    One day I intend to visit Canada, I have wanted to for a very long time! Perhaps I wont expect Mounties on Horse back though!....; )

    Fi x

    1. Hi Again Fi, Unless you are a 'Snow Bunny', Canada is best appreciated in the warmer months( although, these have somewhat irregular, of late) hahha Every relative of mine, that has visited from California has always found it to be 'chilly' EVEN when every one else is walking around in sleeveless, tops and shorts in the middle of summer! It is all what your used to I guess. But this is home and I love it. The Mounties;....they drive sedans!