Monday, 7 January 2013

A little FLOWER POWER in Capodimonte Style

Just recently I paid a visit to a long time friend by the name of Bettie Smith whom I met through my M.C.B.C. (miniature club of British Columbia) membership of many years ago.  It had been a while since we had the chance to get together so when we did we had a lot of catching up to do.  Bettie loves to giggle and is a bubbly personality and she and I shared a fun day together.   After enjoying a lovely lunch with Bettie and her husband Alvin, he left us two mini chicks to cluck together over her vast miniature collection.  The first thing I re-acquainted myself with is her 'Wall Dollhouse'.  Bettie has a closet in her hallway that was too shallow for practical use, so she decided to build a multi-level Victorian doll's house in it.  She has built false walls and doors to give the illusion of depth but each of the floors are electrified and contain much of Betties handiwork as well as gift exchanges from mutual mini buddies.  Then we went to the workroom at the back of her house and there I took a tour around the room to visit a Santa's Workroom, a Bookstore, a Victorian dress shop called 'Dell's', a lady's bedroom with an enclosed garden attached, a Victorian tea room and bakery, a ice cream parlour, a modern and Victorian livingroom(s) turn-about entitiled  'Christmas Past and Present', an old english attic roombox and a sumptuous jewelry and fine china store which Bettie had filled with much of her own created treasures.  Busy Bettie.  I remembered some of the projects as there had been an opportunity to build together under the direction of the late John Howard, but the China and Jewelry store was all Bettie's build and she gave me a tour and pointed out some of the highlights among which were some wee china flowers in tiny white porcelain pots.  These were sooo precious and were Betties creations.  I asked her how she made them and she told me and I decided to try them out myself and here are the results as shown above.  They were fun to do and there was no extra stuff to buy either.
With Bettie's permission, I plan to do a mini tutorial on them in the near future.  Don'tcha just Luuuvv them?

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  1. This is a "SHOUT OUT" to my favorite detective friend Fatima of Beauxminis.
    With no prompting from me, she hunted down and downloaded the name of the CAPODIMONTE mini vases and showed me a photo comparison of one that looked nearly identical in the REAL, as to the one in the MINI. ( This shall not go unrewarded, Fats, my friend). Thank you.