Thursday, 10 May 2018

"And so to BED" bedroom/ Villa Leone

♫"How sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank!
Here will we sit and let the sounds of music creep in our ears. 
Soft stillness and the night become the touches of sweet harmony" ♫

 from Shakespeare's play 
The Merchant of Venice  

The bedroom of Villa Leone
is almost finished.
( there are still a few more things left  to do on my to-do list. )

Even so,  didn't want to postpone this blogpost any longer because the more I delay,
 the longer it grows. 
Needless to say, that I've changed and re-arranged this Venetian bedroom 
many times since I began working on it. 
I will review some of the major changes in this post,
which IS rather lengthy
but I've got some long overdue
 to Acknowledge
so be prepared for a bit of a read! 

Since the Leone villa is a modest dwelling, 
occupied by a music teacher and her husband 
(a Venetian gondolier ),
the bedroom would be somewhat simple room, 
using mis-matched pieces handed down from various family members 
and therefore all the more treasured. 

Most of the reference materials I looked at,
 were either far too grand 
as austere as a monk's cell- 
What I was wanting was something, 
romantically in between.

I began the bedroom with a rough mock up of the proposed room arrangement,
 using as much furniture and as many accessories
 as I could squeeze into the room.

I was also deciding between 2 beds; 
one heavy Victorian bed and the other 
 a more delicate brass model.
I placed the beds in the foreground of the room with the other pieces stationed behind it. 

First, I tried out the Victorian bed;  
pre-assembled from a vintage 
 Realife Victorian Bedroom kit
which I found tucked away at 
Ross's Treasure House
(a local miniature store)

I then tried out the brass bed which I'd purchased 
at the Seattle Miniature Show last March. 

I decided to go with the brass bed.

Of course I needed to age it and tone down the shine
which I did by using a couple of light spray coats of Matte Acrylic Sealer and then some acrylic paints for the
required tarnish. 

The Chrysolite lamp and the vintage Bakelite electric clock were items I've had for a while, but the vintage books were a gift sent to me from 
Andrea Thieck
Thank You once again Andrea! :D
in Real Life 
and I Most Definitely love them in a doll's house!

The following "demo" is how I aged the lamp I'd chosen. 
The gold metal was darkened with acrylic paint and the glass sections were tinted 
using Martha Stewart's glass paint 
"English Tea"

This is the lamp after a couple of light coats of 
the English Tea glass paint.
I'm quite happy with its new/old vintage look!



 Iseecerulean Blog
surprised me a few months ago
 by generously sending me
some GORGEOUS pieces from
Charlene's Legacy
(some of which I'm also sharing with my friends)

Thank You again Keli!
❤ ❤ ❤
The piece which I've kept and specifically wanted to use in Leone's bedroom
were the delicate vanity and the matching stool.

However, the only space available for the vanity was 
in front of the 
double doors leading onto the balcony, 
which was in between a 3 door wardrobe to the right, 
 with the main door leading into the bedroom, 
on the left side of it.  
In other words the vanity was surrounded by 6 doors
 all swinging in towards it 
Definitely a logistical problem :(

And on top of that,
the door on the left wall of the bedroom 
which looks out over the garden, 
was also prevented from fully opening 
by the end of the brass bed blocking its path.  
which of course,
 was another problem :(

Since free access through all the doors was a Major issue with the current furniture arrangement,
I thought it best to
rethink my entire floorplan . 
so it went from this...
to this
not all at once
but gradually, over a period of time

it was shortly thereafter
I began to have second thoughts 
about using  
the brass bed.  
so the bed was changed from this one...

back to this one

Once I was satisfied that there was enough walking space  around all 3 sides 
of the wider Victorian bed, 
that all of the doors could comfortably swing open,
I removed everything from the bedroom again,
which included the wallpaper panels, the floor, rugs, the furniture, accessories etc., 
so that I could 
 hook up all of the electrics
 for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors.

and after several frustrating and hair pulling attempts-
It was as I was looking for the electrical tape I needed, 
that I came across the pair of sconces which Janine had given to me for my birthday last year. 
They proved to be Exactly Right for the second floor hall.
I not only love the style of the sconces
 but they provided LOTS of light for the second floor hallway!
Thank You Janine! :D

I LOVE the way these sconces look! :D
since I didn't need the hanging fixture over the staircase  anymore
 out it went. 


                              (no need to worry about changing the lightbulbs now!)
Fatima had given me a large unfinished Bespac wardrobe for Villa Leone
which required some minor repairs.
I stained it Walnut and re-fitted the mirrored doors, and  fixed the missing leg.
It turned out pretty good. 

The black hangers I  bought at
 the Seattle Show last March

I have a Monic Robert's dress in there for show, 

the Gondolier's shirt and tie which Linda made
for Villa Leone
is now hanging in the wardrobe too! :D  

a lacy pink gown came
 from Charlene's Legacy

soooo pretty!
I'm saving it and the vanity  
my future
  Glencroft re-build

I'm not sure who made the the moccasins, but the embroidered slippers were Christmas gifts made by
the VERY talented
Linda Park.

She made a custom pair of slippers  
for Janine, Fatima, and me and

Thank You Again Linda for ALL of your Amazing needlework! 

these are truly Marvelous!
I'll place them on the floor by the bed.
In the meantime,
I made a wide plank hardwood floor for my Venetian bedroom using The Willowcrest dollhouse kit's 

generous supply of
thin clapboard siding. 

 The wallpaper I've chosen for the bedroom
 is a beige on cream 
over-size damask
 from a scrap book
suitably subtle and old-world looking
which works well with the bed
 as much as I liked the Victorian Bed,
I found that the big empty space in the headboard was visually annoying to me. 

It looked like it needed to be filled  
but with what??? 
I'd found some ornate puffy stickers at the dollar store which I tried out on the headboard. 
I gave them a spray coat of Matte Acrylic Sealer so the acrylic paint would stick,
cut some up
and glued them onto the bed. 

then the entire bed was painted and aged.

But later,
(as usual)
I changed my mind about the size of the sticker above;  removed it 
and chose to use a bigger one in its place,
I didn't like the look of this one, at all! :(
After some serious re-thinking,
 I decided to take everything off and start again.   
 I found a metal Lion's head in my stash which I glued to the center of a trimmed-off puffy sticker resembling 
a cameo.
I added more wood and metal bits
and then I repainted, and re-aged the entire headboard
 to match the rest of the wood.
Below is the old- looking finished bed
Viva Leone!
The pillows:
  The embroidered floral cushion 
was pried off of a thrift-store pillbox, 
and the ticking striped pillow is one I made and filled with glass beads.
The cream on cream embroidered bedcover 

was purchased DECADES ago at a 
and after all this time, it's very gratifying
 to finally put it to good use

On an octagonal HoM side table, 
I have placed a Chrysonbon hand-painted mirror and the hair brush which came tacked to the Vanity
 from Charlene's Legacy. 

The bottle of "Oil of Olay", 

was from my friend Bettie Smith, and
the Blue Hydrangeas were made by Fats-

Thank You Fatima! :D 

The tatted tablecloth was a lucky find at the thrift store. 

Another gift from Linda
is this tiny embroidered footstool which now resides next to the bed.

Looking from the bedside into the hall. 
I was on a roll
so the next step was to actually glue in the wallpaper panels.
 So OUT it all came again so that I could glue the paperboard panels to the wood.

for that I used 
fabric glue
As it happened, 
a couple of weeks ago,
I was watching a Railroad landscaping video
where the artist was using sheets of
Builder's Pink Insulation Foam 

 to make his rocks formations etc.
To glue the stacks of foam together he used


fabric glue 
which bonds like CONTACT CEMENT
without melting the foam.

After watching the video, 

I remembered I already had a full bottle of this glue
I tried it out on the backs of each of the paperboard panels.
it's sooooo easy to use
I recommend spreading it with a long metal spatula
OR a scrap of stiff card.

The glue will rub off the metal after it dries
 and the card you can throw away later, 
But whatever you do-

I bought my bottle of Fabri-Tac at Wal-Mart

but its also sold at Joann's and Michael's, 
and on Amazon. 
Fabri-tac sets up fast and REALLY GRIPS
so make sure that all systems are GO! 
I only applied the glue onto the paperboard surfaces,
 but in the video,
the gentleman applied the glue onto the surfaces of both objects, 
he let it get tacky 
and then he pressed both surfaces together. 
It has an odor similar to airplane glue 
but not quite as strong.
And because it's meant for fabrics
you can use it for that too!   


Prior to applying the glue to the back of the wallpaper panels,
I drilled a hole 

to thread the wires 
for the table lamp and for the wall sconce through,  
then I connected the ends to the power source, the connections were taped over using cellophane tape.  
After that I spread the Fabri-tac glue onto the backs of the wallpaper panels using a metal spatula. 
When the panels were in place, they were firmly secured using
spring-loaded clamps. 
With the wallpaper glued to the walls and the lights working, I placed the furniture and accessories back inside the room. 

A chicken was installed on top of the wardrobe next to the painting of a sleeping monk
which I'd clipped from a magazine, 
glued onto cardstock and painted over with 

Fatima made this floral bathrobe specially for
Villa Leone
I was going to hang it in the bathroom but I think that it looks more at home draped over the bed.

"Livia" and Linda's lovely slippers

I'd wanted to run a series of dark rustic beams across the width of the ceiling in the Venetian style
but chose instead,
 to run them around the perimeter of the ceiling. 

To affix the ceiling beams and all the various wood trims in place,
I used

Aleene's THE ULTIMATE glue
similar to
Quick Grip

is that even possible?

The Ultimate
doesn't continuously ooze from the tube,
 so there less waste but like the Quick Grip
 it has a quick and tight bond!
I bought my tube at HOBBY LOBBY in the U.S.A

the blue chair is from my stash 

Linda Park's 
"VL"-Villa Leone 
custom cushion
the ruling house cat
by Sarah Hendry

View looking up from the staircase window
and into the bedroom
bedroom overview as it currently stands

A room with a view
"How sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank!"
"Here will we sit
and let the sounds of music creep in our ears." 
"Soft stillness 
and the night become 
the touches of sweet harmony"

And so to bed....




  1. Dear Elizabeth, The bedroom is great. I am happy to see more pictures. I love what you is with the bed and the wardrobe too. Cats and books on the floor.... perhaps I live there - but I don’t know a gondolier!
    At last the mirrored sconces have found the perfect place. Wallpaper is lovely and you never hesitate to put paintings on patterned paper!
    So many inspirational ideas for us to discover in your post!
    Had fun yesterday!
    Hugs Janine

  2. Thank You Janine for your comment AND for your MUCH APPRECIATED contributions of the mirrored sconces to the Villa! :D
    Prior to my locating them, I'd been wondering how to increase the light in the hallway as the hanging fixture was insufficient and another ceiling fixture would've looked strange, so the wall lamps worked A Treat! :D
    Oddly enough I don't know any gondoliers either but I just HAD to use that shirt that Linda made but it seems like it would be an honorable full-time profession as it is only an "elite" group who able to do it.
    Paintings on patterned paper, depends on the paintings ;D
    I had a Terrific time at your place yesterday and look forward to Linda's expected arrival in the very near future!
    Lotsa love J


  3. Hi Elizabeth - yet another glorious room! I love meandering through your posts, so full of wonderful, creative ideas and solutions to 'mini' problems. I am in awe of flair for ageing things and making it look like it has always been that way.
    Thanks for including all the materials and links to other talented mini creators. I know it all takes time but it is truly appreciated.
    Already looking forward the next instalment....
    Anna x

    1. Hello Anna! :D
      It make me Very Happy that you have enjoyed "meandering through this post" and that you've found my techniques of aging things of interest -Thank You! :D
      I am think that I am most pleased with the way the lamp turned out because it was so Easy that I got it right on the first try, whereas with the bed I wasn't so fortunate.
      I have SOME AMAZING FRIENDS! Each one has a Special Gift which they are Always Very Generously sharing with the rest of us, so I feel Very Blessed to be able to have their personal contributions included and on display in the Villa, for me as well as for all of my readers to discover and enjoy! :D
      Have a Great Weekend Anna!


  4. elisabeth, fabulous! and thanks for all the tips and tricks :-)

    1. Greetings Marion! :D
      Thank you for your compliment and you are Most Welcome to the tips and tricks. I hope that some of them will prove to be useful to you. As crafters, I realize that we all have our favorite 'Go To' glues but I for one, am always on the hunt for new and improved adhesives, and both of the glues I've featured I would HIGHLY recommend to any serious miniaturists. :)


  5. Elizabeth,has vuelto a hacer un gran trabajo con ésta nueva habitación,su vista es espectacular!La elección de la cama y su posterior cambio,ha sido muy acerado,se ve más despejada y con más sitio.
    El envejecimiento de los candelabros y la lámpara de mesilla te han quedado geniales!
    Los detalles de las ropas en ese fabuloso armario,en la cama,los gatos que se sienten tan cómodos,los armónicos tonos de toda la habitación en general,la hacen un lugar agradable y reposado donde descansar,leer un buen libro o simplemente pensar.Me gusta mucho!!!!!


    1. Hello Pilar and Thank You for your comment and for your welcomed observation about the bedroom looking more open! :D
      The bedroom ceiling height is a little over 71/2 inches ( 19cm) so it needed to look as airy as possible which was one of the reasons I chose not to overload it with a multitude of dark ceiling beams.
      And as I am a Great Reader in bed, it felt entirely normal to have a lot of mini books right by the mini bed. Even as I write this I have at least 7 hefty tomes strewn across my RL bed from my study and relaxing time this morning so it appears that in this case, "the apple hasn't fallen too far from the apple tree" ;D
      Enjoy your weekend Pilar! :D


  6. MAGNIFIQUE ! C'est une chambre où tout s'accorde, se marie, cette pièce est "vivante", les chats, les livres et autres objets lui donnent vie. Les diverses sources de lumière sont bien en place, excellent choix du lit et de sa très belle "tête de lit" avec le lion. Judicieux rappel du nom de la villa ;)
    Cette fois encore, je suis émerveillée par le travail accompli ! C'est WOW !
    Bises. Joce


    1. Hello to you Joce and What a Beautiful comment - Thank You! :D
      I have to admit that switching out the bed was the Right Move for this room because once it was done the rest of the room seemed to relax and settle in.
      Your remarks about "it fitting and getting married" goes right to the heart of the room and you are right about the lion too! ;D ❤
      I wish you a Mother's day weekend Joce!


  7. Wonderful. I just want to live there. The atmosphere is so cosy and warm, ideal for a bedroom. All those beautiful details placed so perfectly to create a perfect room. And following the process and the changes you went through is such a learning experience. Thank you again for sharing. By the way, that bed is stunning, great job!

    1. Hello Alexandra!
      I Thank You Very Much for your Lovely comment! :D
      From what I've researched, Venice can have its share of cold weather too,( even snow! ) so I wanted this bedroom to be warm and cosy for the winters, yet not feel like a heat trap during the summers. Striking the right balance has always been the biggest challenge for me, and although technically it is far from perfect,
      I would nevertheless agree with you,
      that it does feel "perfect" for this Villa ❤ :D


  8. It all looks amazing as ever and I can't wait to see it soon. thanks for your thanks for my meagre contributions but I can't lay claim to the moccasins. They are perfect but were not made by me.
    I'm off to the Kensington Dollshouse Fair tomorrow. Yippee!!
    See you soon, Hugs, Linda

    1. Ooooooh you're a Very Lucky Linda!!! :D
      I am sooooo excited for you getting to go to the Kensington Dollhouse Fair- but I know that when it comes to The Art of Fine Needlework, , that your own embroidery work is more than equal to The Best of the Best!
      And I feel Very Blessed to have samples of just some of your Many Talents displayed in my Villa, Green Dolphin Street and in Land's End! ❤
      Have a Terrific time Linda; take lots of pic if and when you can and I'll look forward to seeing you soon :D


  9. I simply love your posts. You are so perfect Down to every Little detail. The bed is amazing but it is too bad you could not find room for the vanity.

    1. Hello to you Jette and Thank You Very Much for your Beautiful comment! :D
      At first, I too was disappointed to not have the room to include the vanity because I could easily picture the music teacher sitting at the mirror every morning and "putting on her face". Even so, I think that The Vanity will find a more welcoming bedroom in the Glencroft where it can actually take center stage and be The STAR as it was meant to be! :D


  10. Dear Elizabeth, you've once again did magic in this bedroom. As usual I love everything you've made/changed and added to this room, now this bedroom looks wonderfully and lifelike! Thank you once again for all the tips and tricks!
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Greeting to you Ilona and a Big Thank You, too! :D
      This bedroom continues to morph and although it is very close to be completed, there are a few tiny details which still need to be finished.
      But wouldn't you know it- I am now feeling Too Lazy to do them!!!

      Today, I'm going to take a break and get out and do some weeding in the garden taking advantage of the sunny skies while I can, then when I tired, I'll just climb into the bed in the villa and enjoy a nice long nap! ;D
      Enjoy your weekend Ilona!


  11. Buongiorno Donna Elisabetta,
    One word: Perfection! The room is absolutely perfect in every way. Once again you have captured the feel of the Italian villa beautifully. I am so happy you chose the wood bed. I feel it is perfect for the villa and it really commands the room. I love the embellishment you added and the finish is out of this world...not to mention the gorgeous job you did finishing the wardrobe. Wow! I also must comment ont he terrific job you did on the lamp. It creates a lovely area for reading those gorgeous books. the sconces in the hall are great and thank you for introducing us to those glues...I need to go shopping. I really love this bedroom! Your accessorizing and their placement is always beautiful, always spot on.
    Un grandissimo abbraccio cara amica mia,
    Don Giacomo

    1. Buongiorno Don Giacomo!:D
      I am soooo pleased that you agree with my 11th hour substitution of the wooden bed!
      My reasons for doing so was that there was far too much empty wall-space above the headboard of the brass bed and I didn't want to clutter it up with More pictures, although it still needed to be filled.
      You are right in that the Victorian bed IS definitely more "commanding" and not only does the headboard fill the wall but the bed takes center stage in the room, even amid the multitude of swinging doors surrounding it. :)
      So I Thank You Very Much Sir Giac, for giving the new bed your blessing and approval! :D

      And I think that having the right glue for the right job is absolutely crucial to our hobby and we all have our favorites, however I would have never have thought of using the Fabri-Tac glue on paper or foam if it hadn't been for watching that video yet I was immediately convinced and converted as soon as I'd tried it, and hopefully this information will prove useful to other miniaturists as well.
      I took a chance with The Ultimate because of another miniaturist's great review of it, so it just goes to show you the power of a personal testimony! :D
      I wish you a Good Mother's Day weekend sir, and hope that your mom is still doing well?
      Un grande ABBRAICCIO caro mio

      donna elisabetta

  12. My dear friend Elizabeth...what a wonderful treat to wake up to your Blog post today. You never cease to amaze me in many different ways. What a remarkable room! And all that you continue to share with your are a wonderful gift to our hobby! So many wonderful things to admire each time I read the post as always. Thank you as this is a welcome treat for me being far from my mini friends and my minis. Big hugs! fats

    1. Hello Fats! :D
      As I was writing this blog, it brought home to me just how much all of my friends have contributed to the creation and evolution of the hall and the bedroom and this is what make it feel Really Special to me! :D
      The bed Needed your robe just as the bedside table Needed your Blue Hydrangeas!
      And Thank YOu again my friend for the wardrobe, for me it's presence in the room is just as important to the general atmosphere as the bed!
      Hope that you are having a Grand Time while you are away, and I'm looking forward to your return-


  13. This bedroom is wonderful, cozy and inviting! I want to take a nap there :-). All the accessories bring it to life and are chosen so well! I love the alarm clock, the books, the beautiful cat, ... awesome work on the bed, the lamp and all the decorating!!!

    1. Hello Millicent! :D
      I too have thought about taking a nap there, and I know that in the heat of a summer's day, that idea would readily encouraged! :D
      I love the Alarm Clock too as I think it adds another layer of history through time in the bedroom as do Andrea's Vintage Books, so Many Thanks for your Lovely comment! :D


  14. That this room is splendid. I like the calm and the light which emerge from this realization. You are a real fairy, Elizabeth, to know how to transform and harmonize all her furniture and accessories. Cats understand it well :-)
    Everything is perfect!

    1. Hello Claude and Thank YoU Very Much for your comment! :D
      In retrospect, it seems incredible to me that not only is this room 99.9% finished but also that I had ever dreading doing it!
      So I am Very Glad that the feeling tranquility and "calm" is easily discernible to you Claude, because that is exactly what I
      (as the resident fairy godmother), was hoping for in this room.

      And you are QUite RIGHT - the cats DO understand it well! ❤ ;D


    2. A beautiful challenge beautifully successful! ♥

  15. Wonderful bedroom!!! You managed very well to put everything into place despite all the doors and the result is perfect. I love the view of the hall from the bedroom and the photo of the bedside table with the light on. It's great what you did with the bed. So many beautiful gifts in this room. I'm glad to know more about the people who live there, by the way the gondolier outfit is fantastic.

    1. Hi Genevieve! :D
      Thank You Very Much for your Wonderful comment regarding the "Many Beautiful Gifts", which I feel, have rounded out these rooms just as they have added to the continuing story of Villa Leone.
      So each of my dear friends have had a hand in creating this space because of their various talents and/or contributions.
      Needless to say, but I feel Very Proud to be able to incorporate their generous Gifts as well as to Acknowledge them! :D


  16. You absolutely build atmosphere not just physical objects. Every inch of the room carries a story and a moment in time. It is utterly lovely and the change of bed was spot on - it needs the softness of wood, the metal one would jar on the senses.

    1. Hi Marilyn! :D
      I agree that the metal bed was wrong for this room although they are fairly common in the Italian bedrooms I saw in the reference materials I used.
      I felt as you do, that the Victorian bed carried more of a story AND it automatically filled the wall-space above the headboard which had been my main concern.
      One of the interesting things I saw in my research is that the Italians generally prefer simplicity in their sleeping quarters; there is not a lot of excess, so trying to keep things simple in a miniature bedroom which relies heavily on accessories to tell the story, was a bit of a challenge.
      It makes me feel Really Happy that you approve not only the choice of the accessories, but the room's general Atmosphere too! :D


  17. Oh Elizabeth! I just don't know how you do it! Your finishes, arrangements and photographic genius are enchanting!!! The way you know just how to carry each element to the pinnacle of perfection inspires and delights me!
    Each amazing gift from treasured friends is lucky to have an honored place in Villa Leone. You have brought them all together to create happy, homey harmony! Truly a recreation of life in 1/12th scale!
    Love, love, LOVE!!!

    1. Hi Jodi and Thank You Very Much for your Wonderful "happy, homey, harmonious" bedroom comment- I LOVE IT, because it is crucial to me that the bedroom feels self-contained, homey and happy, but also in harmony with each of the other rooms within the villa :D
      Since my research for this room showed me that I would need a strict LESS is More approach; each element either HAD to be there for a very good reason- or else it was out!
      However, being the accessories hound that I am, it was a bit of a struggle to have to edit- edit- edit, then to combine and rearrange the few remaining treasures left standing, so I'm feeling Blessed that it meets with your enthusiastic Approval, which for me is Very Gratifying Jodi! ❤
      Having such generous friends is a Real Gift from GOD, because their skills are definitely not my skills and the rooms sure wouldn't be the same, without the benefit of their specific contributions. ❤

      Wishing you a Very Happy Mother's Day weekend.
      Today's weather is glorious up here, and hope its the same for you down across the border :D


  18. A wonderful bedroom and so much in style with the whole house. It took some moving around and change of furniture pieces but it looks perfect now. I'm sure your friends are happy to see their beautiful gifts in their new surrounding. I love everything in this room.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Thank You Very Much Drora! :D
      It was definitely a two-fold challenge to get everything to work comfortably as a bedroom as well as to have the style of the room be consistent with the entire house, so your Lovely comment is Greatly Appreciated! :D


  19. !Impresionante¡, me quedo admirada de tu trabajo; es como viajar en el tiempo. Has dado un ambiente con todos los detalles,cálido , la iluminación perfecta.Muchísimas gracias por mostrarlo y así poder disfrutar de tanta belleza.Besos:-)

    1. Thank You Very Much Rosa Maria! :D
      When I look at this bedroom I too feel as though I have traveled backwards in time, and that is probably because nearly everything in the room represents a treasured family hand-me-down.
      I am pretty sure that the bed creaks when one sits on it, and the doors in the wardrobe swell and stick in the humidity, and that the light-fixtures don't provide quite enough light at night but because they are infused with love and happy childhood memories, they continue to remain unchanged. ❤


  20. I am so amazed and impressed! It looks wonderful and all your hard work and redoing things is worth it to get this result. I'm so glad all your electric lights are working and they look great!

    1. Hi Sheila! :D
      Thank You Very Much for not only your High Praise of the bedroom but for your mention of the lights actually working too! :D
      I prefer using the 12volt systems but I have had Major Problems in the past with the electrical tape unsticking AFTER the walls and floors have been installed and so to TRY and prevent that from happening again, I have used LOTS of brass brads all along the runs to keep everything DOWN and Fastened Securely to the wood!
      Far better to play it safe now with a few albeit fiddly extra nails, than to be sorry later and tearing out your hair! ;D


  21. Oh my gosh Elisabeth! Every time I see one of your rooms I swoon. You put such wonderful detail into your decorating it is such a delight to view. I'm so glad you chose the Realife bed in the end, it feels much more Venetian than the brass to me. The lion's head was an inspired touch.. Versace eat your heart out! :D You have collected and been gifted such a wonderful assortment of goodies that I think you have perfectly achieved your goal of a room collected over the years.. In real life these are the rooms I love the best and you are a master at creating them in mini. Can I just say I'm in love with Octavius and Livia.. A-dor-A-ble!! I just have to comment on your aging process for the Chysolite lamp.. perfection and Janine's sconces look wonderful in the hallway too. :)

    1. Hi Sam! :D
      Thank You for your comment and for Approving the Realife Bed over the brass one because I am Much Happier with the switch-out too! :D
      When scouting out the interiors of bedrooms I found that wrought iron or wood frames were more typical than brass beds however what compelled me to change it was the empty wall space above the bed which needed to be filled to visually balance out the doors. I already had enough pictures and paintings out in the hall and I felt that I'd placed enough in the bedroom so the thought of adding yet more didn't really appeal to me although now that I think about it, a bookshelf might have been nice...
      But once the Victorian bed was installed it instantly looked as though it had ALWAYS been there. :D
      However your mention of "Versace" is kinda funny, because long before the bed received the cameo of the lion's head, I had made several small medallion of the Versace medusa to adorn the headboard with, but that quickly changed after reasoning who would want THAT image clouding their dreams at night?!!
      AND I am glad to have both cats gracing this villa-
      To me Octavius appears somewhat imperious and self-satisfied while Livia has a more delicate "power-behind-the-throne" demeanor which makes them them ideal cat companions. ;D

      And as for the Chrysolite fixture; I had aged the lamp months and months ago, knowing that it was pre-destined for this bedroom,
      so I am REALLY HAPPY that I was able to include it, because experience has proven, that isn't always the way things works out. ❤


  22. wonderful, intimate, quiet bedroom! I seem to hear the noises from Venice outside the window! For half of the reading I hoped that you would choose the brass bed, which here in Italy was very common until the generation of my parents.
    But I must admit that the Victorian bed is very suitable for the room, and it fits better with the wardrobe. All the details are beautiful, I love cats and their names, and all the little things that make this room "inhabited" ...

    1. Hello again Elene and Thank You Very Much for your Beautiful comment! :D
      When I reach the end of fitting out the interior of this villa, I have every intention of surrounding it with water so then you'll really be able to envision the "noises of Venice"from both inside and out! ;D

      And I am surprised and interested to learn from your comment, that brass beds are very common in Italy because in my research, I found more photos of wood and iron beds than I did of brass. Yet to be perfectly honest, it was difficult to find ANY information regarding the interiors of an average Italian home other than of those of the very affluent- and the occupants of Villa Leone are Definitely Not rich! :D
      But you have said something that is always close to my heart: that this room looks "inhabited" and THAT word alone- is the sound of MUSIC to my ears! ❤


  23. I always enjoy seeing your lovely rooms. It's just beautiful.

    1. Hello Keli I Really Appreciate your Lovely comment and just in case I didn't tell you already- Thank YOU again,for the Beautiful gifts from Charlene's Legacy! It was incredibly Thoughtful and Generous of you to include me in their distribution and I can assure you that they will ALL be adopted into Good Homes and/or future Mini Projects! ❤


  24. Oh, Elizabeth! You Never fail to astound me with your workmanship! And your Vision! And your ability to keep tearing it all out to start over again... because you are not yet satisfied and hear the Muse still calling....!!! Oh, and such Calling you hear!!! The end results are "poetic" in every way... beautiful, suggestive, elusive, layered with age and History.... filled with details that evoke the Mood of sweet, slumbrous peace and Romantic attachment.... ! I LOVE the huge old bed.... dressed so simply and draped with that robe... cats and cushions, bedside clock and books... and even the "modern" touch of a familiar lotion bottle!!! I just Cannot ever say enough about how much I adore your Creativity!!! And on top of it all... you have worked out the ideal arrangement in a small space with so Many doors and nothing is compromised!!! Wow!!! And the lighting too... of course the sconces are the perfect thing for the hallway... (Friends are so amazing!) And the light they cast is so much more evocative than the previous overhead lamp... And the view from the bedroom into the lit hallway is just perfect! The Ancestors on the walls are not lost forever! LOL!!! And the wiring is finished and everything works!!! That alone is achievement for sure when building and re-building and rebuilding...! (I still have not completed the wiring on Hardwick Hall....!) *Sigh* I am so enjoying the atmosphere of this bedroom... I think I will stay a while....!!!! :):):)

    1. What a Dreamy picture you are able to paint with your words Betsy!!!
      Italians have a reputation for being romantic, but I think that you can easily hold your own with the best of them! :D
      I am so glad that you've mentioned the coverlet, Betsy because I have been saving it for so long that I'd eventually forgotten all about it. Last September,I accidentally rediscovered it in my fabric storage box, so I am Very Glad that has finally found its place in this room and on this bed. Fatima did an Outstanding job with the robe and even when I tried other pieces of clothing over the footboard I knew that it was The Robe which was Meant to be there!
      You are right about there being "so many doors" in this room- I must have been Temporarily Insane when I chose to do this and if I could go back in time- I'd remove the side door overlooking the garden and just have a window but then hind-sight is always 20/20 isn't it?
      I may think differently however, once the garden is installed and the bedroom door is opened onto it- ahhhh the fragrance of lavender and roses wafting in on a cooling cross- breeze at night!
      The "Janine sconces" made all the difference to the ambience of the hall and now that the hanging lamp is out of the way, there is an unimpeded full view of all the ancestors which makes everybody happy! :D
      Regarding the wiring and the lights working. I think that you'll agree with me Betsy, that because of those unreachable dark corners within the walls of the Willowcrest kit, that getting in enough light into the corners is an ongoing challenge.
      But I realized AFTER I had installed the 2 sconces that I had another wall sconce further down the stairwell. It's not hooked up yet so when I did try it out with the other 2 switched on - YIPEE- any lingering gloom in the hall instantly disappeared! So when it comes to the lighting; having MORE is Better!
      I've Greatly Enjoyed reading your Wonderful comment Betsy AND ALSO because it give me the opportunity to see your eversolovely Miss Penny Wooden again ❤

      elizabeth :D

  25. Siempre me han gustado las camas metálicas y el envejecido que has conseguido es estupendo , pero tengo que reconocer que la que has colocado finalmente es insuperable. Los adornos quedan genial y todos los elementos que la envuelven y rodean crean un maravilloso ambiente. Es un trabajo excelente.


    1. Thank You So Much for your Beautiful comment Isabel! :D
      I have a love for romantic old metal beds too, which is why initially I so keen to use it, but having said that I am Really Happy that the Victorian bed has had the honor to replaced it, because it has provided the exact atmosphere which this room needed.
      AND not only that-
      now I'll get to feature the old brass bed my the future GLENCROFT re-build which will easily accommodate both the bed and the lovely carved vanity, so that both will be together again at last! :D


  26. Another stunningly beautiful room! I love the atmosphere of this room, the style in general and all the exquisite details and that headboard is so gorgeous and it was the first thing I noticed in the room. Again it's great to follow your road to perfection with both the headboard and the rest of the room

    1. Thank YOu Very Much for your Wonderful comment Pubdoll! :D
      I can safely say that there'l be No More changes to the bed as I'm finally Satisfied with the headboard, but it was important to me to get it right, because just as you've said, it IS the first thing you see when you notice when you look into the room! :D


  27. Qu'écrire de plus? Tout a été dit sur votre merveilleuse chambre Elizabeth. Comme toujours j'aime regarder plusieurs fois vos photos, il y a tant à regarder, les objets, l'accord des couleurs, l'équilibre des formes,...Votre villa Léone est exceptionnelle, comme l’ensemble de votre travail, du grand art!


    1. Hello Jean-Claude! :D
      Your comment has certainly made me smile, since I am forever finding fault with my work, but what a JOY to hear you call it "a wonderful Elizabeth room"! ❤
      Other than atmosphere I WAS indeed, working towards the balance of color and objects in this awkward room, especially regarding the various sight-lines and in this I feel that I have been successful;
      so it Pleases me Very Much, that You think so too! :D


  28. Dear Elizabeth,
    I'm always amazed by your creativety, by your creations and the wonderful athmosphere of your photos. It's a journey into a dreamy miniature world. Always looking forward to your posts 🌹
    Hugs from Pipi

    1. Thank You Dear PIpi for your Cherished comment because I have felt EXACTLY the same way about the Serene and Dreamy atmospheres within each of your superb photos, too! :D


  29. What a great post, Elizabeth!! I loved all your beautiful gifts you have managed to incorporate, it really gives the villa a special feeling. I need to get an Octavius (or similar) for myself! I can't believe this project is almost finished! where has the time gone!?
    Big hugs

    1. Hello Simon! :D
      I am Very Happy that you have enjoyed this post Si and Thank You for commenting on the Gifts from Friends, because I my feeling is that together they have MADE the rooms come alive!
      I simply LOVE the self-important expression on the face of Octavius and Livia's more lady-like demeanor and am glad that the two of them are continuing to get along ;D
      I am still A LONG WAY from being finished with the Villa yet am RELIEVED that the bedroom is nearly done!
      I will be focusing on the hall and the bathroom next( in that order)- then there is the 3rd floor, and then the roof, and then the garden as well as the canal you'd previously suggested with the pole, .... the list goes on and on and on....
      I wonder how old I'll be by the time it actually IS finished??? ;D


  30. I'm not surprised that Octavius has chosen this gorgeous room and especially the beautiful bed to be his residence... ;O) As always your posts are a true pleasure - it's as well interesting as it is funny to follow your way through all the possibilities, trials and errors and variations that always end up with a stunning result. What I always admire is the atmosphere you're able to create, with all your gorgeous skills and techniques, with all the well chosen details... and with the background story. Sadly I need to go now to my own bed which is far from being as impressive as the one in Villa Leone...


    1. Thank You Very Much Birgit! :D Your humorous and enjoyable comments always put a Big Smile on my face as I read them! :D
      I think that I can safely say that our miniature people, bears, mice, dogs, cats, fashion dolls, et al, ALL live far better- lifestyles than we ourselves do! They can afford the luxuries of castles or cottages, villas or mile high tree houses - while we ( their exhausted creators) retire every night to our usually plain and generally unimpressive bedrooms! ;D


  31. Where to begin...everything--EVERYTHING is fabulous whether it made the final cut or was removed. Your aging is incredible. I want to get some of that glass paint. I have something but it is very old, I could use some new colors. Thanks for the idea :) Reading this post and viewing this room was so very inspiring, so warm and homey, I didn't know if I'd rather be building it or living in it!!

    1. Hello Linda! :D
      When I was at Michael's looking for Gallery Glass, it was no longer available so I ended up buying the Martha Stewart and I quite like them although their constancy seem to be a little thinner in than the Gallery Glass however in this case, it worked out to my benefit for the aging the lamp. :D
      I Always Appreciate you comments and your observations as they makes me feel as if I have actually done something noteworthy, so Thank You Very Much! :D


  32. Once again, you have created a room with lots of atmosphere, and absolutely stuffed with wonderful things to look at. What on earth is that chicken doing on the wardrobe???
    It never ceases to amaze me to what lenths you will go to make something, then rip it apart when you change your mind. I'm trying to take a leaf from your book, but often courage fails me.

    1. Thank YOU Megan and I am Delighted that you have enjoyed your tour around the bedroom! :D
      There is no real reason for that chicken to be perched atop the wardrobe other than it makes me chuckle every time I look at it and nothing else would fit! hahaha
      But isn't it a woman's prerogative to always be changing her mind?
      I use that as a fall back line when the truth is that I can't see whether something is wrong or right unless I physically see it in place, hence my frequent "ripping apart" ;D


  33. A wonderful and cozy bedroom. The accessories are perfect and the cat is adorable. I like the atmosphere.

    1. Thank You Very Much Faby for your Lovely comment! :D
      I am sooooo Glad that you like the accessories I've included and I must say that I have some of the MOST GENEROUS and TALENTED friends a girl could ask for!

      And the cats think so too! :D


  34. Hi, Elizabeth - I have to start by saying that there is NOTHING that I do not love about this room. It's so amazing to me that you never fail to achieve perfection, and after achieving it, you go way beyond it with additional touches or complete do-overs! I keep thinking that I'm learning from you, but then you create more magic and I have to start learning all over again. That Victorian bed is so beautiful that it melts my heart. I'm SO glad that you found the lion's head! The bed suits Villa Leone; it seems to have made itself the heart of the room, and everything else falls into perfect place because of it. The bedcover is beautiful; isn't it satisfying to finally be able to put to perfect use a piece that's long been packed away? The wardrobe, the luscious wallpaper (I'm in love with the wallpaper) and all your well-chosen and well-placed accessories work together to give this room an atmosphere of ageless comfort and tranquility. I always appreciate that you share the names of some of the products that you use in your miniature work. I'm excited about the Fabri-Tac glue that won't melt foam (!) and The Ultimate Glue that doesn't ooze all over the place like Quick Grip tends to do. Thanks for those recommendations!

    1. Hi Marjorie! :D
      I feel that I am constantly learning too, but I hadn't thought of it until you reminded me that the info regarding the Fabri-Tac would be greatly beneficial to YOU and to your builds- PERFECT! :D
      Regarding the wallpaper, I can't begin to tell you how many patterns I auditioned prior to picking this damask. I only had 2 sheets so I really had to stretch them and get it right on the first try, because there would be No Second Chances. However, the entire time I was applying the paper, I was thinking about the coolness of your stone walls and how authentic they are, so it appears that the 2 of us have formed a mutual admiration society! :D
      Your comment about this bedroom feeling "ageless and tranquil" goes straight to my heart, so Many Thanks Marjorie for each and every treasured word! ❤


  35. Villa Leona es tan hermosa. El cabecero es espectacular y el gatito muy lindo !!!!

    1. Hello Eloisa and Thank You VERY Much for your comment and for liking the look of the headboard!:D
      I was Very Pleased that I was able to locate that lion's head for it AND that it looked right for the headboard, after it was installed. :D


  36. I love this room Elizabeth! Really, I am not sure there is much I can add, it just looks so perfect. I love the accessories for the bedside (especially those lovely books!) and think the chook on the wardrobe hilarious. All the colours are perfect, subtle but not boring. And love the sconces, both the bedroom one and the hall one. This bedroom seems to have come together pretty easily - will it stay like this??? Xx

    1. Hello Shannon and Thank You! :D
      Books are a Big Part of my life and so it made sense to have them be a Big part of the Leone's family life too! :D
      The chook on the wardrobe was "just because" but I suppose that if the vintage clock ever goes on the fritz, then the chicken could always sound the alarm- hahaha
      I'm Very Pleased that you Approve the Lights as well as the color combinations in the bedroom, but in response to your last question- the answer is YES! :D


  37. Привет Элизабет! Я люблю поэзию Шекспира. Я вдыхаю его слова с наслаждением. Когда я рассматриваю ваши фотографии, я испытываю подобные ощущения. Я думаю, что вы это чувствуете тоже. Слова, музыка, освещение, цветовая гамма создают симфонию красоты. Я люблю все, что вы создаете. Кошка настороженно прислушивается. Это создает ощущение, что она услышали шаги или скрип двери. Я люблю разглядывать отражение в зеркале. Неяркий свет старинной лампы, книги. Нежная музыка доносится из другой комнаты, кот зажмурился на хозяйской кровати... Мне нравятся обе ваши кровати. Металлическая кровать выглядит более романтичной, а деревянная кровать выглядит более старинной. Я увидела много сокровищ, которые вы получили от своих друзей! Они великолепны. Дорогая Элизабет, спасибо за ваш чудесный пост.

    1. Oh My Goodness Tatiana! Your comment has touched on the very heart of this bedroom. I hadn't connected the alertness of the cat to her hearing the creaking of footsteps or creaking doors in the villa, but your observation sounds Exactly Right! ❤
      And the reflection of the bed in the wardrobe's mirrors is one of my favorites too!
      The soft strains of music floating down from the music room above, quietly lulls the cat on the Ancient bed to sleep- Absolutely!
      "Words, music, lighting, colors create a symphony of beauty."
      I Thank You Tatiana, for composing the Beautiful poetry of your Much Appreciated comment! :D


  38. I read the post in one breath. You are a master in "aging"!!!
    It's always so interesting to follow the creation and evolution of your rooms. There is always a lot to learn. Regarding the painting, and I'm an avid magazine "reader" or better an image hunter, but small paintings and tiny black & white photos are so rare! ;)

    1. Hello Ersilia! :D
      Thank You Very Much but I think that you must be a master of breathe control, because this was a very long post! hahhaha :D

      I really do enjoy aging things, because I want the items in the doll's house to appear that they have been and are being used. And I've found that nothing regularly utilized or loved, continues to look brand new for very long. :)
      But about the paintings, I love your choice of words regarding "image hunting"! I regularly scour the thrift and charity shops for old magazines or art books. And if I can remember correctly, the painting of the sleeping monk was cut from an old ( c. 1990's) Architectural Digest Magazine.
      The tiny black and white photo next to the lamp, was from a collection of vintage photos included as a free tear-sheet, from a back issue of a old Miniature Magazine- a rare find indeed! :D


  39. Once again you have turned out another beautiful room. The atmosphere sets the stage here starting with the old-looking hand-me-down sort of bed that it is. A great complement to the room. Loved the vanity and wished that it could have stayed, but not possible. Love the closet you did a nice job repairing it! Loved the tips - thank you for these.
    Mini hugs,

  40. Hi Conny! :D
    You are Right on the money regarding the old "hand-me-down bed" because what I had envisioned is that this is the inherited "Family Bed" having survived through several wars since the time it was originally made for the Leone's in the late 1800's.
    The loss of the vanity was sad for me too, however it IS destined for another house where it will be able to take center stage once again. Even so, I Thank You for your Lovely comment on the general atmosphere of the room which is a definitely a compliment I Greatly Treasure! :D


  41. Oh Elizabeth,
    what a lovely bedroom! I feel the Italian sun outside. One can find shelter from the heat. At least I hope so, because Octavius for sure looks like he owns the bed!
    It's so nice to see my books in this wonderful room. Thank you for giving them such a beautiful place!
    Kind regards

  42. Greetings Andrea and Thank You for the warm and atmospheric picture you've painted regarding this bedroom scene! :D
    YES indeed-Octavius does think that he owns the bed as well as Everywhere else in and around the Villa! ;P
    But I am SO GLAD, that you have seen and APPROVED the display of your Lovely Books, and I can attest to the fact, that each volume is Read and Cherished by both of the Leone's in residence, so once again I Thank You Andrea, for your Very Generous Gift. ❤


  43. Hi Elizabeth! Such beautiful finishing throughout! I love the way you’ve gone about aging the brass. The wooden bed takes on a whole new life with it’s restoration too. Great choice! And the wardrobe is just breathtaking! Swoon. Cute tassel detail on it too, so thoughtful :) That chicken though! HAHA love it!

    1. Hello Kristine! :D
      Thank You for liking the results of the way the brass was aged, I felt pretty pleased with the results of that too, and fortunately, even though I changed my mind about using it in the Villa, it will be perfect for the Glencroft when I finally get around to that project.
      Thank You for giving your Stamp of Approval to the Victorian bed and the wardrobe, which means A LOT to me. Along the way, I found that staining wood is not quite as quick and easy as I thought it would be, and the same thing applies to making tassels; more fiddly than I'd at first imagined.
      When the chicken decided to roost up on the wardrobe, I let her stay and she hasn't come down since!
      Must be the view .... :D


  44. Hello Elisabeth,

    I love the way the bedroom turned out. The Renaissance revival bed is in my eyes the better choice for this room. I really love the way you combine objects to make wonderful miniatures. I find it realy inspiring. The finishing of the room is very elegant yet romantic. I really expect a Venetian canal outside if I could open the balcony doors.

    Thank you.


    1. Hello Hulbrecht! :D
      I am So Pleased that you Agree with the switch of the beds, because as soon as I re-instated the "Renaissance Revival" bed the entire room responded and easily relaxed into what it is now, so Thank You for your comment! :D
      And when I get further along, I'm hoping to be able to try my hand at making that "Venetian canal" you've mentioned for outside the Villa's balcony doors. ;D


  45. Absolutely love this bedroom!!! The villa is fantastically looking realistic!! Keep it up

    1. Hello Lawrence!:D
      Thank You for your Enthusiastic comment!:D
      I was in a bit of a lull for a while, yet in retrospect, I can't believe how quickly the bedroom came together once it actually began.
      It feels good though, to have actually completed something, so that I'm able to now work in my garden without feeling any lingering guilt! ;D
      Have a great weekend!


  46. What an excellent post! So many lovely photos to look at (and which I've looked at them more than once since you posted). It really is inspiring, with many little ideas to take on board (knocking back the "newness" of the lamp with glass paint is one that comes immediately to mind). You should be very proud of yourself with this one.

    1. Hi Irene! :D
      Thank You Very Much and I am indeed feeling proud of this room! So different though from what I'd first envisioned however, I seem to say that about everything I do! :D
      And I'm glad that you've found some interesting tidbits and ideas to take on board. Painting the lamp was something which DID turn out the way I'd planned which was a happy surprise for me- for a change! :D
      Now that the bedroom is completed, my next project MUST BE the staircase to the 3rd floor, but I'm holding off on that for a bit, since my RL garden calls.
      Enjoy your weekend Irene!


  47. Thank you Elizabeth for you kind comment. I love your work, sooooo detalied!!!
    Hugs from Spain!

    1. Hello Eli! :D
      I Thank you Very Much for YOUR kind comment too! :D

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend


  48. Incredible! As always it is a feast to look at. Your pictures always ook like paintings by Dutch masters. I have been looking at all the posts on Villa Leone again because I now have a Willowcrest. Well, a box of wood and instructions and I am assured it will be a Willowcrest if I apply myself. Your standards are of course way out of my league but reading about your trials and tribulations especially with the stairs is very helpful.
    Big hugs!!

    1. Thank You Very Much for your Lovely comment Veronique and HOW EXCITING for you, to soon be starting on your Willowcrest kit!!!!
      Mine sat in the box for nearly 20 years before I finally got to it, however I know that once you begin your journey you won't regret it.
      The house has a Beautiful lines, high ceilings on the main floor which easily lends itself to MANY different styles and interpretations.
      fyi : I have been collecting images on my Pinterest board titled " THE WILLOWCREST KIT" which you may also find really helpful seeing what others have done to solve their interior spaces.
      And don't be too scared from my perpetual whining when it comes to building staircase because I ALWAYS have problems with them no matter what house I'm building. ;D
      I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing your Willowcrest Adventure on your blog Veronique as I think it is so much fun to build in unison, but if you have any questions along the way, please don't hesitate to ask! :D


    2. Thank you so much Elizabeth, I will definitely take you up on your offer if I hit a bump in the build.
      I have already mentioned you in my first Willowcrest blog post 😉
      Big hugs!

  49. Hi Elisabeth!
    I also like books in real life, “The merchant of Venice" is one of my faves! How beautiful you got the bed ! You gave me lots of ideas , you know, I have the same item from Realife Victorian but yours is really improved, most likely I will copy all of them , ha, ha, ha ! I love the little details all around but the bakelite electric clock gives me crazy, Wonderful the way you aged the lamp.What a luck with the marvellous pieces from Charlene’s legacy, they are GORGEOUS.I also love the vanity set.
    I know these frustrating and hairpulling attacks, ha, ha, ha ! but your results are spectacular ! the pic of the balcony is also great, the gondolier’s shirt is fantastic,
    needless to say the embroidered slippers, and so on .Congratulations once again so every scene you create is fantastic.And I really enjoy reading you .

    1. Hello Luli! :D
      I MUST have BOOKS in all my projects because for me, a house is not a home without them!
      I've been watching many different presentations of the "Merchant of Venice" on youtube, however my favorite to date, is the movie with Al Pacino as Shylock, yet I never thought of including a mini version of the book in the house until you mentioned it, so Thank you for that Great Idea!!! :D
      I do wish that the REALIFE kits were still in production because I loved Every One of them and built many of them very early on in my miniature career, but since I LOVE what You do Luli, I am eagerly looking forward to seeing your Creative Talents applied towards your Victorian bed, which I already KNOW will be Spectacular! :D
      I am So Glad that you mentioned Linda's gondolier's shirt, her custom cushions and slippers because being able to include so many wonderful gifts from so many of my friends, makes me feel not only Very Proud of their generosity and talents, but Proud to display them too!


  50. Oh Elizabeth I LOVE it. I am glad you chose the oak bed because it looks just right. The 'solidness' of it fits the whole idea of the Villa. There are so many wonderful details it would take ages to comment on them all. The slippers, the bedside table and its contents, the perfectly aged walls, even the fabric at the back of the wardrobe. Divine.

    I will leave the last words to the Bard himself...

    Sleep that knits up the ravell'd sleeve of care,
    The death of each day's life, sore labour's bath,
    Balm of hurt minds, great nature's second course,
    Chief nourisher in life's feast....

    Carol :) x

    1. Hi Carol and Thank You Very Much for your Wonderful comment! :D

      With so many doors leading into the room and the competing visual weight of the wardrobe, I felt that the brass bed struggled for importance as the room's focal point.
      And you are Quite Right Carol regarding the fitting "solidness" of the Victorian bed, because when I stood back and looked at ALL the rooms together, the heavier bed was not only more visually balanced in the bedroom, but also with the rest of the villa; once the bed was sorted out, the details around it felt more natural.
      Yet it was so nice to have been able to try out both beds before choosing the one I preferred, which isn't always possible to do in Real Life! ;D

      "To die, to sleep, perchance to dream...."


  51. Beyond brilliant, Elizabeth! As usual. Words escape me!

    1. Hello Lindy and Thank You for your Beautiful Comment! :D
      Each time I post something on my blog, I worry that no one will like it and/or that it is not good enough because I KNOW ALL of its flaws, It's ALWAYS a surprise as well as an ongoing Blessing and Encouragement to know that others appreciate my efforts- so again Thank You VERY Much! ❤


  52. Tu casa tiene muchísima vida. La cama me parece espectacular. Gran trabajo!!!.
    Y las puertas del balcón que bonitas que son.
    Your house has a lot of life. The bed seems spectacular. Great work!!!.
    And the balcony doors that are beautiful.


    1. Thank You for your Lovely comment Virginia! :D
      The balcony door are visually dominant in the bedroom yet I enjoy their grillwork as it gives more privacy without having to use curtains; and with the wider and more comfortable family bed, the Leone's are sleeping better too! ;D


  53. Octavius is one handsome moggy and looks quite at home on there!
    I love the way you aged the glass on the lamp - its so subtle but very effective!

    1. Hi Christine! :D
      I will Definitely forward your compliments to Octavius! But being as proud as he is, I know that he'll assume it's his due- so I'll say "Thank You" on his behalf, as well as for your compliment on the lamp ;D
      It only took a couple of light applications of paint to achieve the required aging, since the product is very thin, very transparent and a perfect balance of brown and grey- easy peasy! :D


  54. Oh my goodness Elizabeth, what a room!! The bed is magnificent after all it's trials and tribulations, the wallpaper perfect, all of your gifts are superb, and who can not love the cats. Bellissimo!!!

    1. Hi Norma!
      Sorry I missed this comment which is why I am so tardy in responding.
      This room turned out better than I'd expected and I surprised myself by being able to accomodate 2 large pieces of furniture and 3 smaller despite all of the openings, so Thank You for your compliment and for your affirmation! :D


  55. I love how you add age and wear to your items - it makes everything feel so alive. Thank you for all the tips and instructions. Hope that you are well and enjoying your summer! Cheers!

    1. Hi Alessandra! Thank You Very Much! :D
      I enjoy aging EVERYTHING and often have to hold myself back and show some restraint because it is too easy for me to get carried away as not Everything in a house is old! ;D


  56. There is soooo much to look and to understand in this post. I adore the bed. I'm you chose the Victorian. Glad to see that I am not the only who changes her mind. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving kind comments.

    1. Thank You for your Thumbs Up on the changing of the bed Ann! :D
      The brass bed felt too "lightweight" for this room compared to the Victorian bed which has more Substance and Presence!


  57. Oh my! The detail in this room is exquisite! What a retreat from the world! Thank you for sharing!


    1. Thank You Teresa! :D
      I tried to envision myself in the bedroom and what I would need to make it feel like a "retreat from the world". My future plans are to eventually have the door on the right, open over a small walled garden; an outdoor retreat in the summer! :D