Friday, 17 February 2017

before and After... and After... and After..

Ever since I began building my 
Greenleaf WILLOWCREST  Kit 
a.k.a "VILLA LEONE", 
I have been trying to settle on a local identity for it.  
You may find that strange, when you recall that my idea was that this house would be situated in the city of Venice, which should have firmly settled the matter. 
Yet despite all of my efforts at establishing it there, it wasn't looking TO ME, like it actually lived there.   

 The exterior has been a challenge, of searching for
"the secret formula" of how to make the outside look more "Villa" and less "Chalet", which was why I decided towards the end of last year, to leave it alone for a while, as I began working on the interior. 

With the hall staircase kinda resolved and the interior wallpaper panels PERMANENTLY GLUED into place,  (which was in itself, another giant commitment for me )  
I decided to revisit the exterior of the villa and deal with some of the identity crisis issues which I was still struggling with.

 my main concern were

 Paint Colors
because these just weren't working for me.

below is the orange/ off-white paint color BEFORE
  It took me a LONG TIME to settle on this custom mixed orange, however it ended up taking all the blame once I decided to change the color of the house.  
I made it WORSE, 
MUCH Worse 
 ah me-
and there was no going back either since I was all out of that orange paint.
below is a photo of the HORRIBLE AFTER
AND there were at least 15 MORE HORRIBLY UGLY AFTERS 
which followed 
one right after the other.

The color in the photo is a taupe-green
  Boo! Hiss! 
I re-painted the 2nd and 3rd floors over and over again, using every warm and/or neutral color I had on hand.  When they didn't work, I sanded down the walls and custom mixed my own paint hoping to hit on that elusive "magic color combination", but it was all time wasted because everything I did looked awful and had to be undone. 

  This painting and repainting fiasco went on throughout the month of January.  

I was in deep despair.

It must have been the last week of January when I stumbled upon a PINTEREST photo of a popular craft called "Tejas"; which are painted Spanish roof tiles which are made to resemble Mediterranean house facades as well as other imaginative scenes.  
What interested me most about the "Tejas" was that within a very limited space, the artists were effectually able to convey an atmosphere of hot, ancient stone dwellings.  3-D renderings complete with with all the door and window fittings, balconies, roofs, plants, awnings, shutters etc., which gave the clay tile houses, both a sense of location as well as a long history. 

so Why, I wondered, wasn't I able to achieve this kind of effect with My dollhouse?

Since this craft was new to me, I watched a demonstration on youtube which I found fascinating Especially the way one artist base painted her entire tile in BLACK prior to adding detail colors which gave the final finish a visual depth. 
And so with nothing left to loose, I re-painted my villa 
BLACK too! 
The next step was to dry brush the black with thin layers of shading and highlight colors to achieve dimension on the flat surface, which brings me to another issue I was having which was the

Wall Texture

I didn't like the texture of my exterior walls.  There was either too much of it or not enough and I couldn't seem to get the balance right.
So prior to painting the house black, as per the Tejas tutorial, I opted to add MORE texture by glueing on a few paper bricks, then feathering the edges with wall patch. When that was cured I applied a heap of glue and pressed bird gravel onto the wall over the plaster to give it a rough, aged texture as well as some extra character.

below is the base coat of black paint with the bricks glued on and painted. 
the photos below and above are reversed.  The bricks below are Before painting and the picture above is After 
they were painted. 

above is another AFTER. 
Over the black, I dry brushed a mix of gray, white, brown, black and cream, to build up the look of a concrete wall.  I actually liked it and was on the verge of keeping it this way, however it still didn't look Italian enough to me-
So I FINALLY gave up trying to think of something myself and used a picture as a color reference. 

*Something I should have done in the first place!*
My inspiration photo
and below is another AFTER with the new color
At last I felt I was making some real progress!
I painted both the ground and second floor a custom mixed golden tan and deepened the red doors with a brown antique stain.  Staining the french doors had me looking twice at the main entry door again.
I chose to change that too.

below is the Red Door
*I actually didn't have an 'issue' with the red door until I started messing around with the others. Nevertheless, it seems that I can't help 
but meddle.* 

My thought was to make the front door look "Heftier"
(whatever that meant )
After searching through Pinterest I saw a door that seemed to fit the description.
It required decorative nail heads
By cutting off the tails of a number of teeny tiny paper brads and gluing them to the surface of the door, I got the "HEFTIER" look which I was after.
I added some more metal findings to the raised panels and changed the door handle as well as its position.
Then everything was re-painted and re-stained and re-aged, to achieve the AFTER Door as shown below

I'm calling this door DONE!
I'll take time here to mention the structural changes which I made to the 3rd floor attic windows which are on either side of the Willowcrest kit.  After due consideration, I felt that they could be enlarged by removing the existing dormers and replacing the windows with larger ones using the original kit windows from the main floors as substitutes.  

Below is the BEFORE size of the attic dormer windows

the larger Attic windows AFTER!
Having changed them to a bigger size, will no doubt change the roofline once it is actually installed. 
However, I'll stress out about that problem later, since I can only be stressed with
one problem at a time! 

But Hey! let's talk about wasted building materials!
I wasted a perfectly good french door to make this solid panel of two small stationary kitchen windows???

Mamma Mia!- What was I thinking???
(head slap)
To see what the panel looked like BEFORE, refer to photo 2 at the top of this post. 

and Before I forget,
 here is the AFTER results of all of my wall texturing project.

more Texture was added to the right side of the villa, too.
These green doors came about right after I'd finished painting them red, which meant that since I immediatley regretted the green, I had to re-paint them red brown AGAIN! 
will I EVER learn to leave things well enough alone? 
ANYWAY.... that's not why I included the photo.  Rather it is to show the infill of the roof overhang directly above it.
I removed the half circle from over the door to fill in that wide disconnect between the two sides of the dollhouse and have a continuous line spanning the entire front section as it does on either side. 

You can see the brown wood infill in the BEFORE photo above.
The AFTER is shown in the photo below.
The lower left side of the wall will eventually have small window cut and installed, AFTER I get the kitchen floor plan worked out on the inside, so the photo above is both an AFTER as well as a BEFORE 

if that makes any sense to you? 
Decorative columns were added to the front corners of the villa, using wide dollhouse baseboard trims.
Another AFTER is the repainting of the exterior light fixtures and beefing up the wall ornamentations.  

On the right side of the house, I framed in the round plaster carving over the window for no good reason, other than I thought I might try it. And since it looked horrid after my first attempt, it was reworked repeatedly. 
Rarely do things go smoothly for me the first time around.
In the photo above you can see all of the extra age and decay on the right wall.  FYI- the temporary roof over the dining room windows is only a stand-in. This is another roof which I'm not yet ready to deal with yet. 

The photo below shows what the window wall will look like
AFTER the planter is re-installed.
What about...? 
Should I add some ivy trailing down the front of the planter...? .
given my history-

do I dare? 

Just for FUN, I taped a tear sheet which Janine had given me, to the wall to give me the feeling of a house in Venice, however I'm still not convinced that this villa lives there, 
nevertheless- I love the perspective!
And I love those blue shutters! 

So I made two sets of simple shutters for the front of my Villa.

they were supposed to be "SIMPLE", however not only did the wood warp as it dried, but the glue wouldn't stick! AND even after they were wrestled into submission, the shutters proved to be difficult to install and fought me all the way.
The results shown below, are AFTER 3 DAYS of
fiddling around flattening, gluing, painting, staining, drilling and installing them, 

and although
they still require a latch- they don't close. 
Which brings me to another consideration. 

Should I bother installing the window glass?

something else for me to stress out about. 

  The Cat appears to have found the purr-fect place on the 
window ledge, to sun himself.
"Do not disturb" is plainly written in those half-closed eyes.
hello kitty

here is my last
an awning over the balcony. 

Although, I've only just started on The Awning, it has already been made over several times and no doubt the process will continue on until I have resolved all of my current difficulties with it.

 "There got to be an Awning AFter" 

In the photo above you can see the faded paint on the concrete facade.   I have left the 3rd floor front wall more raw than the rest of the house, because currently I like the effect.  
However, it does seems to need "something extra" up there.  
I've already attempted 3 different minor alterations and all 3 of them went BUST, 
so I'm leaving it alone- 
for now. 

When my daughter was over last week, she told me that if my villa was going to be located in Venice, 
then it needed MORE ALGE and more DIRT!
I thought that I already had LOTS, 

but she said I needed more, so after a few tentative dabs here and there, I threw myself into it, and GRIME flew from my brush and was deposited all over the entire house.
In hind sight, I feel I may have gone a bit overboard, so I've been sanding down the grime a little bit here, and a little bit there... 
ah me...
around and around I go

 salt water stains on the base of the front door, dirt on the walls, slime on the stone, exposed bricks, peeling paint etc. etc. and I still don't know if I want this house in Venice! 

and I'm tired
so its time for the 

After all that has been said and done,
I think I FINALLY have a Mediterranean house. 

Maybe it's in Venice?
  or maybe not,
either way-  
I am going to have to be content to just go with the flow and let Villa Leone decide where it wants to live. 
the stress of constantly changing things to make the dollhouse adjust to My ever-changing ideas is 

  I am as wound up as tight as an old pocket watch.

I think I'm needing a break, so that I can get
outside of my own head!

Perhaps a mini vacation in a warm, dry spot, where I won't have to think about ANYTHING  except relaxing for a while. 

and I know Exactly where I can go! 

move over cat 



  1. Elizabeth, j'espère qu'il te reste encore des cheveux (rires).
    Les : avant, après, avant .. m'ont donné le tournis (rires).
    Sérieusement, la teinte passée, mais encore très belle des murs, les méfaits du temps écoulé, de l'eau ... sont parfaits ainsi que la porte d'entrée, surtout il ne faut plus y toucher !
    Tes cris de désespoir m'ont percé les tympans, oh! je plaisante encore ;)

    Cette maison est MAGNIFIQUE !
    La "Villa Léone" est bien à Venise !

    Bises. Joce


    1. Hello Joce!
      Thank You for your vote of confidence and for your positive comments, which I Greatly Appreciate! :D
      I am feeling more confident NOW about the house being Venetian whereas before I felt it didn't look as if it belonged, however the entire process of getting this project to where it is now, probably DID cause massive hair loss, which means that I shall have to wear a cap 24/7! hahaha :D
      And I shall take your advise about leaving the front door alone, because I think that I have Finally maxed IT out! ;P
      Have a Wonderful Weekend! :))


  2. Creo que unas mini vacaciones alejada de tu villa,te van a sentar muy bien!Quizás seas demasiado estricta contigo misma,buscando una perfección que no existe,tu villa,bien puede estar ubicada en Venecia,con sus muros desgastados,el salitre del mar dejando su huella en paredes,muros y puertas,a mi me parece que has logrado un gran efecto de desgaste y textura.
    Ten en cuenta,que no todas las casas de Venecia,están desgastadas por igual,todo depende de donde están situadas y de la forma en que el "acqua alta" incide sobre ellas!
    Villa Leone es preciosa y realista,ahora y siempre!!!!!

    1. Thank You Pilar for you Well Reasoned comment! :)) I know that I AM very hard on myself albeit not for perfection, but for imperfection. But I do get your meaning! :D
      I think that your observation about not all houses aging the same is good for me to remember, too!
      From what I've read, the acqua alta does indeed influence the general decay on various dwellings as well as the use of outboard motors which churns the water and accelerates erosion. So many things to consider when building a doll's house- so it's no wonder my mind needs a break!
      I will be taking a weekend to attend a mini show at the beginning of March which I am REALLY looking forward to.
      There is nothing like spending money on more minis to Refresh an over-worked Mind- am I right? ;P


  3. Hi Elizabeth, what a struggle you have gone through! It's all worth doing, the villa looks like very venetian for me. You have it right, too much grime makes building look like waiting to be demolished. Sanding it little back makes it charmingly old. Villa Leone is already exquisitely beautiful miniature house. So you can be proud of yourself and relax a bit :) The awning on the balcony is brillant!

    1. Hi Riitta! Your observation of "too too much grime makes building look like waiting to be demolished" was EXACTLY what I was thinking too!
      Trying to gage how much is too much is how I seem to chase my own tail. Sanding is like taking a pencil eraser to paper, it softens the grime to a fuzzy haze without complete removing it.
      Thank you for your comment for saying it looks "charmingly old"! This is good! I want this Villa to look not only welcoming but also that someone enjoys living in it As It Is; warts and all! :D


  4. Votre villa Elizabeth est SUPERBE, je suis admiratif devant ses couleurs si belles, si chaudes, ses patines, usures, tous ces détails: l'auvent, les portes, le bac à fleur, la sonnette, le chat si heureux, contre lequel, en effet, il ferait bon de se réfugier.
    Pour moi cette villa doit être à Venise....une villa magnifique dans une ville magnifique.

    1. THank You for your Very Generous Compliment and comment, Jean-Claude! :D
      I am Happy that you like the warm color and the patina of this house AND that you feel that it belongs in Venice. I am hoping so because I can't think of where else it could comfortably be situated.
      It make me feel better now that it looks more Mediterranean because that was the biggest hurdle to get over.
      Now that the painting is settled, I am more comfortable and so also, is the cat! ;P


  5. Hi Elizabeth! Your blog provides us with something to learn and amaze. So happened also this time. I think Villa Leone looks like a real dirty house in Venice, not a miniature. It is perfect!

    1. Hello Sirkka! Your comment has put a BIG SMILE on my face!!! :D
      "Dirty Houses" are not generally admired however you couldn't have said anything to please me more- Thank YOu! :D


  6. Maybe you have it like I. Every time I see a new house I think that this is better than my house. I must realize that my house cannot have every other detail from other houses. So my advice: Do not look at other houses than your own haha :-)
    Jette from Denmark

    1. Hello Jette! YOu are sooo Right! I AM Always looking and comparing what I do, to what I WISH I could do! It is a difficulty since one house cannot have every feature one sees and desires. It is trying to chose what is best for what I am trying to achieve; and then learning to be Content. So Thank You Very Much Jette, for your astute Observation and Very good Advise! :D


  7. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your thoughts with us
    The development of a house is the most interesting moment of realization
    I like the ocher patina façade and the accessories that compose it
    The cat at his window is adorable
    I think this house could be Venetian
    Congratulations for this magnificent work!

    1. Thank You Very Much, Claude! :D
      The Yellow Ocher color has made me Very happy too! I know that you also have struggled with getting a project completed according to your inner vision, and know the personal satisfaction you feel when you are able to finally realize it.
      Of all the photos in this post, my FAVORITE is of the cat in the window.
      It gives me a sense of completion whenever I see it, so I am Delighted that you enjoy seeing him there too! :D


  8. Dear Elizabeth, Ah, the angst that fuels your determination to find a place for the Villa has not finished yet I can tell.
    It looks wonderful to me and I only wish I could replicate some of the character you develop in your projects
    Looking forward to seeing you soon, Home in 30 hours from now.

  9. Oh! E. I love the perspective too of the villa in front of the canal picture. It seems perfectly placed!

    1. Hi Janine! YOu are right about both the "Angst and the Determination" :D
      Just getting my feet wet when it comes to where this house is finally going to be planted, however I must say, that the tear sheet has helped me out in a number of unexpected ways, so Thank You! my friend :D
      I am sooo Glad that you like what this house is becoming, but what a long and winding road to get it here-
      I am looking forward to our "road trip" and wish you GOD SPEED as you begin your flight homeward.
      talk soon!


  10. what a story!!!I admire your perseverance and it was worth it. I love how your house is now, you did a wonderful job. The photo with the cat is perfect and it looks so real.

    1. Good Evening Genevieve! :D This journey has certainly been an adventure for me and yet I agree with you, that has been was worth it!
      Thank You for your comment and for your compliment on the photo with the cat- the first one is my personal Favorite. The expression on his feline face I found irresistible, and after residing for months inside a dark box, he insisted on being placed in that sunny window-
      and I don't blame him! ;P


  11. You have done amazing work!Your house is absolutely charming! Is it really miniature!?

    1. Hello Ingi! Thank You for your Wonderful compliment! I wanted the house to look as though it was Real and the frustration comes when I feel it doesn't, so your comment has made me feel Very Happy! :D


  12. Talk about suffering for your art. What a story! The house looks beautifully aged to me now. The color and texture look great. I love the cat in the window and the shutters and the awning. I also love the nails in the door.

    Maybe it's time to sit back and enjoy it now. Take a well deserved break. Try making a few pigeons. I have never been to Venice but I know they have plenty of those. ;-)

    1. Hi Catherine! You are sooo Right! I seem to suffer over EVERYTHING whether big or small- I can't seem to break the curse!
      Even so, there are limits and I think that I have reached mine.
      Thank You for your Lovely comments regarding the cat in the window, shutters, awning and my front door. When I review these in the photos it makes all of that wasted time of doubling back, feel less onerous.

      And about your referral to making pigeons; I have already been looking into that because I agree with you 100% - this villa can't be a Real Villa without them! :D


  13. Wow! Sounds like you've been going a little crazy. But the end result is awesome. Love how it looks.

    1. Thank You Very Much Sheila! It took a little while for me to get the Villa to look like A Villa, and I am Delighted that you like the results! :D

      Now if I can only locate the rest of my mind which I've lost along the way, I'll be Completely Happy! ;P


  14. Yes, yes yes! I didn't realize you could improve on perfection. But you did. Everything about it screams villa, Italy, Venice! Kitty looks comfortable, that is a good sign it is right. On the topic of glass for the window..some homes of my childhood only had wood shutters. Just a thought! I love that the kitty is there and the glass doesn't seem needed.
    Yous struggle for perfection pays off my friend.

    1. Hi Fatima! and Thank You!!! :D
      It is Extremely Satisfying to know that this villa "screams Venice, Italy!" Perhaps it's because it was tired of hearing ME scream!?? ;P

      The cat is very comfortable laying across the open window, which was why I was seriously considering "no glass", although I haven't firmly decided it yet. I'll leave the cat there and let the house decide for me if it doesn't take too long.
      Meanwhile I'm looking forward to our next Miniteers get-together- it's Show Time! :D


  15. All the things we do for our hobby: building dollshouses and miniatures, we're suffering alot, but......we also learn alot ;)!
    The house looks beautifully aged to me, as it is now, Elizabeth! The color and texture look absolutely lifelike. I love the dreamy cat in the window, the shutters, the nails in the door and the awning, it's all wonderfully made.
    But you say: perhaps a mini vacation in a warm, dry spot...?? Well, if you can't go in real, in your mind you can always go to Venice in Italy and if you're lucky maybe the house of your dreams appears to you there ;).......
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. So True Ilona! We DO learn a lot from this hobby - what to do, as well as what not to do!
      Every little detail works to complete the whole and when something goes awry, then we learn how to make it work anyway.
      In the process of building this house, I have learned a lot about Italy and what a Fabulous history it has! My daughter as well as my friends Linda, Janine and Fatima have all been there and so I have come to rely on each of them for further information as well as their encouragement towards getting those little extra details Right.
      It makes me Very Happy that you think of this aging house as Beautiful- Thank You Very Much Ilona! :))
      I think that the "dreamy cat in the window" makes this house feel like a Real home- perhaps even a Vacation Home- for the mini ME ;P


  16. A mí me parece un trabajo impresionante, todas esas pruebas que haces merecen la pena, porque el resultado es absolutamente auténtico.
    Gracias por enseñarnos todas las maravillas que haces.

    1. Hello Eloisa! Thank You Very Much for your comment! :D
      I wish that I could have by-passed those (wasted) hours of testing the various paint colors and simply cut to the chase, but at least it worked out in the end so there will be no more complaining about it from me! ;P
      I find that the Yellow Ocher color gives just enough warmth without being too loud or too soft, and I am Very Pleased with the results.
      And I'm Very Glad that you like it too! :D


  17. Oh Elizabeth! I absolutely LOVE the new house colors! The warm and friendly golden tan stone is so perfect! The door makeovers are a perfect compliment to the new warm coloring! You have taken a pile of wooden pieces and made a place with a soul. I am transported to a distant ancient world just looking at the photos. My vote would be no glass - it seems more authentic to the vibe. Enjoy your snuggles with the kitty as you daydream happy times and watch the ships pass by...

    1. Thank You Very Much Jodi!!! :D
      All of your comments about the changes are Greatly Appreciated! :D
      I too, find the new color "warm and friendly" and now when I look at this house I am no longer wincing then attacking it with the paint brush! >< Such a relief for both the dollhouse and for me!

      When I placed the cat in the window, it seemed that "no glass" was the right direction, however I'll wait and see because if this villa stays in Venice, the damp in the winter will have to be considered, otherwise I think I could easily live without installing any. However, I Really appreciate your vote, because it almost feels too daring NOT to have any - similar to being the only one naked in a public place- OH MY!!!!

      p.s. a Safe Journey to you, Jodi! :D

  18. Love the colors! You finally found the 'look' you wanted (but didn't know you wanted). Great job! I wish I had your patience, Elizabeth!

    1. Hi Claudia! YES! the new color of the house is giving me EXACTLY the look I was looking for but didn't know I was looking for it -until I found it! :D
      Thank You Very Much for your comment and your compliment regarding my patience because I am probably the least patient person I know- however Frustration is a Very uncomfortable bedfellow and it wouldn't leave in peace, until I got the color right. :D


  19. Your suffering for your art has paid off. It all looks so real! I love the new front door and the awning is perfect. I wish I could whiz you out here for a relaxing holiday in the sun. Might have to leave the cat at home, though.

    1. Hi Linda!!! :D
      YES, my suffering is FINALLY over! And a thousand Thanks for your available shoulders to cry on, as well as your constant encouragement! All of which are Greatly Appreciated! :D
      And I am Very Glad that you Approve all of the various changes to Villa Leone- Thank You!!! :D

      The snow is nearly all gone, and the snowdrops are up! Spring is on its way-
      And if that wasn't enough, a Mini Show is just around the corner.... Yipeee!
      And thankfully, the cat is quite content to stay home! ;P
      talk soon


  20. Elizabeth: The Vila is turning out absolutely beautifully. Your change in colours and the aging technique has worked perfectly. I can almost smell those fumes wafting up from the canal and feel the sun shining on my face. Which, given the several feet of snow I'm staring at right now, is a major coup in achieving the realistic look and feel you were going for! I love the change in colour, the new look for the door and the change of the double door to kitchen windows. All have worked really well. And I especially love the kitty! I'm missing mine so bad :-(. Take a break and rejoice in Janine's return for a little while. With your muse back home - who knows what you'll decide to change next?!? - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB, Canada

    1. Hi Marilyn! Thank You Very Much for your positive comments re: the house color and its aging! And I have heard tell about those "fumes" from the canal. I suppose with every Plus there is also a Minus and since the sewage from the city is deposited into the canals and flushed out with the tides, it is no wonder that it smells.
      Fortunately, that's something we can all live without needing to duplicate in miniature! ;P
      I know how you feel about missing your cat, Marilyn. I lost 3 all in the same year, and it still makes me feel very sad when I think about them.
      Having a mini cat is not exactly the same, but it will do. :)
      I am looking forward to taking a break from this house for a spell- I have a book on hold which I am anxious to get into.
      However, I believe that Janine will be Quite Amused to have been called "A Muse" ;
      it is certainly making me chuckle! :D


    2. Hi Elizabeth and Marilyn, I did laugh out loud when I read that I was E's muse.
      Amusement, maybe, student is probably closer. In fact with Fatima and our Sydney Australia friend Linda we are the "miniteers' who encourage and support each other in the mini and RL world.

    3. Absolutely! it's One for ALL and ALL for One! :D

  21. Looking great Elizabeth! I really love the paint finish, I love the top floor looking different, I love the planter under the window! It just gets better and better. Maybe this little villa is in Murano with the artists or Porto Fino with a view of the ocean? Wherever it ends up being, it is a warm and happy place.

    1. ThankYou Very Much Shannon! :D
      Your comment regarding the top floor being different is a good one because before I had the color blocks reversed, with the emphasis more on top and middle floor,instead of the visual weight focused on the bottom. Which was probably the reason it read more as a chalet to me. The color as well as its placement can effect radical changes in perception, can't it?
      But regarding your comment about where the villa could live-
      I have been investigating some of the surrounding islands outside the city proper which would allow me more latitude both inside and out, so you and I seem to be on the same page! I shall take your suggestions and investigate both Murano and Porto Fino as possible re-location candidates! :D


  22. Replies
    1. Hi Megan! Thank You Very Much! :D
      I Really Appreciate your Positive Feedback!


  23. Getting what you imagine in your head to reality is one of the things that seperates non-artistic people from artistic people. I don't think it becomes easier with experience for dollhouse makers because a building is always evolving, techniques improve as materials become available. I love the new colour as much as the orange. It now looks like decades of repaints by the owner along with seasonal weathering. Visually, the door does look heavier and is perfect for the style. I love the additions you have made. You deserve a nice holiday :0)

    1. You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT the process not getting easier with experience, Pepper, especially since I get too impatient to do the thing right the first time and end up having to un-do and re-do. The problem for me as well is that I can't see it clearly until I see it physically, hence all of the extra work.
      But I Thank YOu Very Much for your encouragement and for your Lovely comment, because it has made me feel JUSTIFIED;
      at least for the time being!

      p.s. a Mini Holiday is fast approaching which I am really looking forward to, since spending money on minis, is one of the most peaceful pastimes I know! ;P

  24. Wow even though you keep changing everything, you seem like you are having lots of fun, and everything you do and change is a learning experience so that is good too. I really like how it looks now (and I liked the orange) and this is all very inspiring :)

    1. Thank You Very Much Linda! Thinking about your comment has made me chuckle when considering the 'FUN" that must have always been there. I suppose that often I don't recognize it as such until after the fact, yet I wouldn't waste my time with it if it didn't exist so - YES I Did!
      And You are RIGHT in that with every change, I try to learn something new from it.
      One of the things which I did like about the Orange color was its clarity, and if I'd had more of it, to be able to repaint the 3 lower wall sections, it might still be that color. Nevertheless, the golden tan has been able to give me the overall look which I am much happier with.
      Color is a very powerful tool, and even with all of the mini rooms I have already made, I feel as though I am still in the process of learning how to use it more effectively.
      Who says that you can't teach an old dog, new tricks? ;P


  25. When I see your villa, I think of Venice. To me it looks magnificent! so realistic and detailed. It fits so nicely with the picture of Venice you hold next to it. Hope you can continue now and concentrate on another part of the building.

    1. Thank YOu for your comment and for saying that this Villa fits in with the picture of Venice!
      It surprised me too, when I taped the photo to the wall at how perfect the perspective was with my dollhouse in front of it!
      Janine gave me that tear sheet last year and I have had it front and center and looked at it every day on my desk, but it wasn't until last week that I held it up beside the house.
      Having a different perspective of familiar objects can often open your eyes to new and unexplored possibilities! :D
      And YES I most certainly will be concentrating on a different part of the Villa now that new color has been finalized! :D


  26. Ah the processes we have to endure to get our houses just right, only to discover there is no 'just right".
    I for one have been to Venice and I can tell you your villa belongs there.
    Do you know the mystery writer Donna Leon? She writes about a detective, Brunetti, in Venice. She describes in detail the city, the buildings, the mold, the smell, the feel etc... Nice books, I call them "gentle detectives" in the sense that they are not gruesome. Maybe a nice place to escape to while still doing some research;-)
    Anyway, I love the texture! I want to run my fingers over the wall! And though I loved the red door, I adore the new hefty door! I can feel myself pushing it open and having to use all my body weight to push it open. It's that hefty!
    And now that you have changed the colour of the walls I can see that it is indeed much better now. Although when it was orange and I didn't know better, I loved the orange.... Ah dear Elizabeth you are not only confusing yourself, you are confusing me as well!!
    Needless to say I adore this project and I am in awe of your talent. Looking forward to where you will be taking us...

    1. Ah Veronique! It Does become an endurance test to find the elusive "just right" but I have discovered that there can be just as many RIGHTS as there are Wrongs!!! ;P
      It is trying to narrow them down that can be the most troublesome.

      I have been doing a lot of research not only about Venice but also on the rest of Italy. There is a wealth of information on the Italian Renaissance on youtube which I have been probing as well as t.v. series i.e. The Borgias, The Medicis, and Donna Leon, not to mention a cooking series entitled TWO GREEDY ITALIANS which I found really enjoyable to watch. There is almost TOO MUCH to draw on!!!
      It was from hunting and gathering information on various sites where
      I saw that my villa needed more character although at the time, I didn't know precisely how to get it.
      Thank YOu for liking the results of the walls and for finding them visually tactile. It helps when I get this kind of feedback because although I try to look at it objectively, I can only it though my eyes. Knowing that my vision is translating well, encourages me to keep on moving forward toward the Goal; as confusing as its whereabouts might actually be! ;P


  27. Oh my - it´s not only what you do. Or how you write about it. It is not only the breathtaking moments, when I see your pictures. There is devotion, humor and passion - and then there are results... Me, sitting in front of the computer, my mouth and eyes wide open, and I cannot BELIEVE, what I see there.
    YOU are a magician. You aren´t talented (just kidding;) as I got the secret, YOU are a magician. You know how to move the wand. No one could create that. This is divine. From other worlds...
    Ohhh, I love your posts. So happy greetings from Méa, I bow and give standing ovations :)))!!!

    1. Oh Mea! What a Beautiful Comment and Compliment!!! Thank YOu Very Much!!!
      I try to write about my mini experiences in a way that will entertain and convey and condense the process so that others can see the behind the scenes as well as the "finished" product, so it gives me Great Pleasure that you enjoy reading my posts!
      The photos are the icing on the cake for me because they allow me to see my own work both from a great distance as well as up close, which I find invaluable in charting a direction.
      As far as a passion for this hobby, YES you are Right! I don't always like it, but I keep coming back to it because it is a form of personal expression for me which involves not only my hands, but my mind and my heart as well. :D


  28. Dear Elizabeth, that Cat is so purrfect for that spot.... how did you ever find him???? LOL! Ahhhhh, Villa Leone, the House of a Thousand Colors.... a Roller-coaster ride if I've ever seen one! (And I am not one who thinks those kinds of thrills are fun!) I can feel your angst! But I do think you are finding your way to your Vision in a Doggedly Determined way! The Heftier front door is Brilliant! Yes... it needed the heavier feel of "antiquity"... medieval nail studs do the job beautifully! And your shutters!!! I Love them! (I have been fantasizing about adding them to My Hardwick Hall.... but the hinges.... Hinges are never easy to do right! And shutters have to attach in an odd off-set way and close flat.... the hinge position is everything (and I haven't figured it out yet!) The inner windows on these shuttered windows hinge inwards... yes, more hinges! *sigh* But I agree, you have reached some "Peaceful" medium place with the current colors... and oh my how impossible to fathom the depths of those layers! I think the textured additions are absolutely spot-on for a house that is supposed to me built of stone! (I had thought about that for mine... but couldn't get past all the wood trim and the super thin walls! LOL!) You have made such a convincing ancient stucco wall surface... it is magnificent! Don't Give up! You deserve a break in your "somewhere in the Mediterranean" Villa.... coffee and croissants or pain au chocolat... sunshine and soft breezes... Expect some visitors! LOL! I have endless admiration for your courage and your determination not to stop until it meets your exacting standards! You are An artist of the highest level!!! :)

    1. Dear Betsy! I ALWAYS look forward to reading your comments, no matter if it is on my blog or on the blogs of others. Your Enthusiastic observations as well as your general knowledge on a VAST amount of subject matter especially when it comes to Art and Architecture, is MOST IMPRESSIVE and always On Point!
      I KNEW that you would like this cat! :)) His lazy pose, his considerable bulk and his half closed eyes were exactly what I was looking for for the Villa. Placing him in the window was spur of the moment thing, but once he was there he seemed made for that window and now I can't see him being anywhere else, can you? ;P
      Your calling this a House of A Thousand Colors is pretty darn close!
      After I'd painted it black and then sanded down the tan color once it was applied, the layers of under coats peeked though just enough and ended up supporting each other, which was a serendipitous bonus!
      I am Delighted that you my the Heftier door too, because the extra weight of it makes me much happier and the occupant do feel more secure!
      Your assessment regarding the shutter hinges is correct. I had to aline them as to appear to be closable albeit they are only "wigglers", that is, they will move either in or out- only so far.
      But if I know you Betsy, you would make yours work 100% , because I have viewed your teeny tiny hinges on past projects and so if you DO decide to add shutters to your Hardwick Hall, then I KNOW that you will do the job properly! But as for me- as long as they Look functional, then that's good enough. :))
      Not Surprisingly, the multiple layers of surface texturing has lent extra strength to the walls of Villa Leone so when it comes time to cut through it to install the kitchen window I am going to need a very strong, sharp blade. I think that having the extra natural light flooding into the kitchen, will make preparing the coffee, croissants or pain au chocolat, all that more enjoyable;
      Especially when they are shared with Friends! :D


  29. Ahhh, what an improvement! The new colour looks fab and the studs on the door are absolutely perfect! As ever your weathering and texturing is just spot on and it's honestly difficult to tell if you're looking at a reference photo or the actual house!
    'Rarely do things go smoothly for me the first time around.'
    Yeah, but where would the fun be if everything turned out perfectly from the get-go? :P
    A definite YES to the trailing ivy from me! There always seems to be a lot of green above and around the waterline in Venice it seems.
    Oh that perspective shot! <3 I really like the shutters open without any glass - it looks like someone's left them open on a warm day to let in some fresh air. (although given that it's Venice, its perhaps not the freshest of air, haha!)
    I love the cat too! XD

    1. Awww Thank You Christine!!! :D I am Very Happy that you like the new house color and my renewed front door! :D
      It is such a Great Compliment to have a dollhouse compared to that of a Real One so I am throwing multiple Kisses your way! :D
      And Thank YOu too for endorsing the trailing Ivy idea! It wasn't until I was looking at the photo on my blog that I saw that that might be an idea to explore.
      The plentitude of hard surfaces seems to need a bit of visual softening up and wall plants as well as the awning will have to work overtime when it comes to this villa.

      I LOVE the look of the window without the glass too, however all of the other windows will have to be the same, so I'm going to sit on this until the house decides.
      The cat however, has already staked his claim to the glassless window, to let me know what He thinks I SHOULD do.

      'cause, Cats like to do that. ;P


  30. It's just that front door. The only thing I could think of to add would be a hint of water at the base or part of a dock? A pole to tie up a gondola? A handsome Italian man? Forget that part...that's for my house!

    1. Hi Rita! Thank YOu Very Much!!! I was Really Happy with the way the front door turned out too! I haven't decided on a dock as yet but If this house remains in Venice or on one of the other islands surrounding it, then FOR SURE there will have to be Water around the base of this Villa as well as a pole!
      My Friend Linda Park has already made me a Gondoliers striped shirt with red neckerchief, and a straw hat, which you can see in my blog post- " The Italian Job". Linda surprised me with the Gondolier Gear
      but alas, no Italian man! boo hoo!
      I am looking forward to placing the clothes inside the house, once I get further along with the interior; something I'm eager to get to!


  31. Creo que has hecho un trabajo excelente. Todas esas pruebas sirven para aprender sobre los colores y texturas. Permiten trabajar con más seguridad en el resultado. No he estado en Venecia, sólo puedo opinar por las fotos que he visto y pienso que tu casa tiene ese aire veneciano- Sería estupendo poder estar en la ventana, con el gato y disfrutar del sol y de la calidez de una primavera en Venecia.

    1. Hello Isabel! Thank You Very Much for your comment and for your Sweet compliments too! You are Right in that all of the wrong turns regarding the various layers of paint, eventually resulted in the Right One for this house!
      I am an arm chair traveller and although I have never been to Venice, I am discovering a LOT about it that I probably would have never been interested in otherwise, simply by working on this project!
      I think that Miniatures open these avenues of exploration up to each of us as we dig into our various mini projects, no matter how big or small they are!

      p.s. "Venice in the Spring" sounds like it could be a song title! :))

  32. I love seeing all your progress and reading all your thoughts! The results are SO good! I can sit for hours and look at all the textures you have created!

    1. Thank YOu Very Much Blake!
      NOW it feels like I am making progress after having FINALLY thought the Paint and Texture Issues out of my head and onto the walls of the dollhouse!
      And I am Delighted to know that you have enjoyed seeing ALL of the "final" results! :D


  33. Funny, After your first "after" I actually took a deep sigh. Perfect! You may not get things the way you want them the first time but you certainly end up with Perfection. Oh did I use that word already? Hmmm lol
    Now, in a whinny voice...I wish Elizabeth lived near me so she could tutor me in realistic miniature making! Shoot!

    1. Oh Grandmommy You Crack me UP!!!! :D
      I wish that we lived near each other too, because I KNOW that you and I would become Great Friends, although I don't think that I would be a very good tutor! My friend Fatima is Far Better at instruction than I am. Yet regardless, of how far apart we may be, I am ALWAYS happy to share whatever knowledge I do have with you, Grandmommy and I ALWAYS enjoy reading your PERFECT comments which beautifully relay your Wonderful Sense of Humor-
      and What a Great Gift that is! :D


  34. Love love love the texture now! And it really is starting to look decrepit enough for Venice in my eyes.. :)

    1. Thank You Very Much Susanna!!! I too, am of the opinion that it is finally "Decrepit Enough" !!! ;P
      I'm at the stage of the build where I now feel comfortable about leaving the exterior alone, to move back indoors, which will be a nice change of pace after nearly 2 months of "hard labor" outside. ;P


  35. Buongiorno donna Elisabeth,
    You have put so much work into his project, but it has been so worth it. I think all the layers of paint on each item has really built up a very realistic, old building renovated over time look which has so much character and, your specialty, atmosphere. The final, for now ;) , color is simply beautiful. Having been in Venice several times I thin the orange worked very well, but looked like a freshly repainted building. Your final color look like the older buildings and is also perfectly accurate. The door looks amazing now. It was lovely to start with but the nail heads add such wonderful detail and make it a real focal point. Every detail on this house is beautifully done and looks so perfect. Oh, by the way, I love the idea of the larger dormers. We spent many a night walking in Venice looking through the large windows and enjoying the plasterwork and the chandeliers. Keep up the amazing work my friend,
    Big hug
    Don Giacomo

    1. Buonasera Don Giacomo!
      I must Thank You for being able to exactly say what I have been trying to articulate regarding the orange paint. It did have the look of being Fresh and perhaps that was what was throwing me off about it. It was bright and cheery however, it was the ancient character and the settling over time which was what I was looking for, so THANK YOU for clarifying my jumbled thoughts for me, my friend! :D

      I am Very Glad that you like the new look of the old door Giac, AND the new larger dormers up top. I am looking forward to enclosing them and eventually seeing the light stream from them in the evenings too!
      I know that you must have had a Marvelous time when in Venice, Giac no doubt because you are surrounded by history not to mention the Amazing architecture wherever you turn, and so I Really Appreciate your confirmation regarding the accuracy of Villa Leone, fitting in, In Venice - That makes me HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! :D

      Donna Elisabeta

  36. Considering your house is about five hundred years old, you did well to replicate all its changes in such a short space of time! Well done, it has finally arrived in 2017 looking loved and lived in. Release yourself from Venice - it is a very particular place, with specific sort of light.....all that water and reflection.... very hard to capture in our sort of 'grey'. Plump for some obscure island or Capri or Sicily or somewhere that is chock full of your old/renewed/old/renewed/old/renewed/old sort of houses. It does conjure the Meditteranean magic of a house off the beaten track. Perhaps it is the house that the Durrells inhabited in Capri? It is the gem of a home I can but dream about and is worth every scrap of frustration along the way. Marilyn

    1. Hi Em!
      YES indeed, Happy "500th" Birthday to Villa Leone!!! Although the labor was painful, ( it was a BIG BABY! ), it is now all behind me! ;P
      When I read your comment about "Releasing Myself from Venice", I had to chuckle, because you have accurately phrased the emotional captivity which has held me in bondage, but which has been entirely self-inflicted. So I WILL indeed check out Sicily and Capri. They both sound interesting and are both around water.
      ahhhh MINIATURES -What a Great Way to See the World!!! :D


  37. Hello Elisabeth, you really have been struggling with your Italian House and oh, how familiar this proces of trial and error is to me :-) again turned out to be gorgeous. I loved the way your "mediteranean Willowcrest" looked like before and I still love it as much, though it's indeed different now. Most important is that it suits your personal idea about how you want your house to look like. Thank you so much for taking us with you on your artistic journey. It's so inspiring and the outcome is lovely!

    1. Hello Tessa! :D
      yes-I HAVE suffered over this Italian House, and I am pretty sure that Even MORE suffering is on its way! ;P
      I agree with you Tessa that this process is VERY FAMILIAR to all of us at some point during our various building projects, so I know that I am in Good Company. :D
      Although I LOVED the Orange,( as Giac said so well), the orange read as a new paint job but the Ocher color conveys more atmosphere and character, and I GO CRAZY for CHARACTER! :))
      You are Right Tessa about it suiting my personal idea of what I was shooting for, because I am not able to know for sure if something will work or not, until I see the idea fleshed out in front of me and Paint color is always a gamble .
      I Thank YOu Very Much for your comment and for all of your Encouraging words, I Appreciate each one! :D


  38. LOL! Love that title. But an old house like that would have gone through tons of coats of paints over the years. I think it looked beautiful from the beginning. And whatever you do or undo it will look marvelous.

    1. Hi Caroline! :D
      Yes, I thought the Title for this post, effectively condensed it down to its bare essentials, so Thank You for enjoying it! ;P
      I honestly feel pretty satisfied with the way this house is looking at this point, and any further changes will be confined to finishing the side balcony, the dormers, and the 2 roof sections, but no more paint changes- on That, you can Rest Assured!
      .... I think

      elizabeth :D

  39. Ох! Эти сладкие муки художника! Работа до изнеможения. Последняя капля сил соответствует последней капле краски. Я чувствую вашу усталость... Вы создаете живопись на каждой стене дома. Это так уникально. Это так захватывающе и болезненно. Потрясающая работа! Вы взбудоражили мой мозг. Я мечтаю увидеть Венецию, теперь.
    С большим уважением,


    1. My Dear Tatiana, I read your comment with a Wide Smile on my face! I do believe that you understand both the "exhaustion and the pain", perfectly, since both go hand in hand. ;P
      The "fatigue" is only temporary since the desire to get back inside the Villa is refueling me again, however if what I have done encourages a dream within you to visit Venice, what Greater compliment to me could there be?
      Thank You Very Much my Friend! :D


  40. Everything is perfect. I love this old house looks like an old Villa in Venice. Great job!

    1. Thank You Very Very Much, Faby!!! :D
      Now that this Trial by Paint Brush is finally behind me, I too, am beginning to "love this old house", although it has taken a long time for me to even like it.
      Thank you again for your encouraging comment! :D


  41. It is spectacular, Elizabeth, I love all the details. An incredible job. Congratulations.

    mini hugs!

    P.S. Thanks for all your comments on my blog, they are very important to me.

    1. Hi Monica! :D
      Thank You Very Much for your comment and compliments on all the new details shown on the Villa! :D It took a little while to get this house to where I am Happy with it but having your positive comments means a lot to me too!

      I have to add also that Your Octopus in the strainer was Incredible- Truly Impressive!
      Keep up your Amazing work! :D


  42. Hi Elizabeth, you articulated so well your frustrations I felt like I was right along with you. I personally have a project that has been similar and I've re-done everything over and can be so discouraging! But the results in the end are always better then what you could have imagined! I love the texture you were able to achieve and the overall colour! The texture looks spot on. I also think the doors are just beautiful... those tiny brad findings you got make amazing nails! I'm going to have to remember that for my next build.
    Can't wait to see your progress next time :)

    1. Thank You Very Much Kristine! :D
      I am SO Glad that you've enjoyed this post as well as the way this Villa is tuning out, and Thank You for commenting on the front door! I am Very Happy with the look of it too, now that it is DONE!
      Those tiny paper fasteners were found at Michael's. They were originally pastel colored but as you can see, they paint up really well.
      Nothing beats PAINT when making radical changes! ;P


  43. Hello, Elizabeth
    As usual, this post was such a treat for the eyes and the psyche. It's hard to take in so many intricate details; your skill surpasses itself with each new endeavor. Even though I thought the original orange/off white color was gorgeous, I think your final decision to paint the Villa Leone that old, warm yellow ochre is perfect. All the wall texturing that you've done is beyond beautiful; as always, I'm amazed and impressed by your ability to create stonework that looks as though it has been aging naturally through time. Your technique is so interesting, and I hope that I'll be able to apply even a tiny portion of the things I've learned from this post. Your reworking of the door could not have turned out better! I loved the old red door, but the new one just fits the villa to perfection; who knew that "hefty" could look so wonderful? The shutters and the awning add another layer of interest to the exterior. Your choice for the awning fabric could not be better; the gold color blends subtly with the ochre paint, and the red stripes add boldness to the other soft colors. Bravo, Elizabeth! The Villa Leone seems to be right at home in Venice, but I think that you needn't stress your mind about its eventual "place." I'm almost sure that the villa will let you know when it decides on its proper and permanent home. I can't wait to find out what it decides!

  44. Hello Marjorie!!! :D
    I LOVED reading your comments and so Thank You for not only mentioning the the door and the awning but also the "stonework".
    First let me say that adding the bird gravel is a cheap and easy way to get a crumbling stone texture. I have also pressed bird gravel into wet wall patch which doesn't hold as well yet it does give a lighter "crumble", and since it isn't as stable, any mistakes can be easily corrected with a light sanding.
    For a heavier more ancient look, I spread a layer of school glue over the decaying area and then wet my fingers to pick up the dry gravel and pressed it into the glue. Once it was dry, I dry-brushed on a thin slurry of wall patch over some of the grainy texture, sprayed it with hair spray and finished the rest with the exterior paint. Anything excessively lumpy was easily sanded off.
    This entire process was experimental however, I think that it really paid off for me in the end because the building looks patched, repaired and still breaking down, in other words- Just Right! :D
    With the awning I hand dyed the red and white fabric in a super strong coffee and saltwater bath and cooked it in the microwave for a few minutes. It turned out that the mellow golden color was another Happy Accident since I wasn't certain exactly how the dyed fabric was going to turn out. So many good things that have come about through trial and error; many unintentionally, which is one of the reasons I still enjoy miniatures as much as I do; it is constantly full of little surprises! :D

    p.s. the house is still quiet about it's place. In the meantime, I am going back to work on the inside: I need to do something, whilst the villa makes up its mind. :))

  45. Just visiting after you commented on my Willowcrest quilt shop, and i am completely amazed at what you have done with the same kit. It looks wonderful! I've always thought I would like to do a venetian villa but yours looks so realistic, wow!

    1. Thank You Very Much Sharon! I have been collecting hundreds of images of The Willowcrest via Pinterest and have been AMAZED at all of the different and clever re-interpretations of this house, your quilt shop being one of them!
      I'm not exactly sure WHY I thought building a house in Italy was going to be relatively easy, it hasn't been, but having gotten this far, I am determined to continue, especially now that the exterior is basically solved.
      I Really Appreciate your visit and your comment!

      p.s. I didn't realize it until now, but your FAIRFIELD was already one of my FAVORITE builds, and had been for a very long time, although I hadn't made the connection with you and your WIllowcrest until today. :))

  46. Wow! I'm wordless - so beautiful and realistic work! The finished House is worth of all hard work.

  47. Hello Paulakum :D
    Your comment and your compliments are Greatly Appreciated! I have been trying to make this house look as Real as I can, and so your Approval has meant A LOT to me, Thank YoU!!! :D


  48. I have been sitting here chuckling away at this posting Elizabeth, as I can completely relate to the journey that you are having with this house. It can take me months of endless tweaking and twiddling to finally be satisfied with a creation. However, I have to say that your imagination and ideas are utterly inspiring! Celia

    1. Hello again Celia! :D
      Thank YOu for your comment because I can see that you fully understand the DRIVE to Tweak and Twiddle; not knowing how something is wrong, but willing to go the distance to hopefully find what's Right! ;P
      And I Really Appreciate, your Appreciation. Having an imagination is one thing; getting people to enjoy what you are doing is quite another! :D


  49. Spectacular work, Elizabeth, with a lot of so realistic details... beautiful wall texturing and aging stonework... Gorgeous work again!!! Have a nice week end!

    1. Thank You Very Much Nono! Trying to capture the details to make this Villa more Realistic has been my aim and so I am Very Happy that you like the looks of the stonework! :D


  50. I too have felt the angst when looking at (especially!) stonework and knowing what I wanted but not being able to achieve it. The journey from eye to hand can be tortuous! I think you have achieved an amazing thing with this property, regardless of where it is, and I so look forward to your progress.

    1. Hi Irene!!! :D
      Yes "angst" is an appropriate word, and not knowing how to translate your unformed ideas into something you are able to see in front of you, is always a challenge!
      Thank YOu for your Encouragement and for your Lovely comment and compliment! I am looking forward to getting back to work on it soon, but looking forward even more to attending a miniature show this weekend; which for me, has been a long time coming! ;P


  51. Hi Elizabeth. I was going to leave my usual one word comment, but there are just too many words needed to express how cool this project is.
    I LOVE this house! Best Willowcrest EVER! (There, I kept it to seven words!)
    I love, love, love all various photos to the final (or semi final) finish.
    I think I can sum it all up by saying that I totally identify with the cat sitting in the window enjoying the sunshine and beautiful surroundings!

    1. Hi Sam!!! :D
      Thank YOu Very MUch for your Wonderful "7 Words"! ;P
      I have to say that AT LAST, this house is growing on me and so I feel quite confident that the exterior of Villa Leone is not going to be changing as Drastically or as Dramatically, from this point on, which is a Great relief to me,-
      And to the cat! :D


  52. Oh my Elizabeth! The agony in this post is palpable! However, the pain was worth it because the end product is just stunning. All that paint and re painting makes it truly authentic...just as someone owning a home of this age would have seen it repainted over the years. Your eye for detail is just amazing. Bravo!!

  53. Hi Kat!!!:D
    In retrospect, I think that this post could have easily been entitled: "The Agony and the Ecstasy" because the painting and re-painting aspect of this Villa!
    I Thank You Very Much Kat, for not only like the end results, but also for your Lovely Comment which I Greatly Appreciate! :D


  54. Hi! I find no words ro say how much I admire your work! Just amazing! Love it all.

    1. Thank You VERY Much Eija! Your lovely words are a Real Encouragement to me because this house has become an emotional challenge, yet because of all of the kind support which I have been receiving for it, I will continue to press on! :D