Monday, 31 October 2016

a VERY SCARY post!

I am NOT a political activist.  Neither can I honestly say that I am "well informed" when it comes to electing our Canadian politicians, so imagine my surprise at finding myself so immersed in what is happening across the border with the Presidential election campaign!      
This is another first for me who usually finds ANY Country's politics, infinitely boring.  
Not so this year.
 A vast majority of my readers are American Citizens who will be casting their votes very soon (if not already), and many will be using Electronic Voting machines when they do, which is why I am forwarding this link regarding Electronic Voter Tampering and How it is done.

Please be aware that I AM NOT endorsing ANYONE, in this post.

this is simply an FYI
 In Canada we vote with paper ballots, so after seeing this  "HOW TO" video of how one is able to hack into the computer system and modify the outcome of an election was of particular interest to me.
Very Scary!
During the credit roll, there is a guide as how you can verify  your individual ballots when you go to the machines to vote.
Hope this helps
 and May GOD Bless America and guide your upcoming election.



  1. I have already voted. This election it is a matter of pick your poison. UGH!

  2. You always assume that voting is a democratic process but I guess where there's a will, there's a way to cheat the system or find a glitch, in the case of technology. Scary =0{

  3. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing this. It's scary what can be done with computers.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth, yes, indeed this is very scary!!!

  5. Es horrible y escandaloso lo que nos manipulan.

  6. My, and I was expecting something scary in the range of Halloween when seeing your post's headline... but this is really scary for sure. But thanks for making us aware.


  7. Our presidential candidates must seem like a joke to you! It is quite scary how easy it is to manipulate votes.

  8. Even without the vote manipulation prospect, some of us can't even come up with an individual we would like to elect. This is a good reason to focus on minis.

    Sally Emley

  9. Thank you, Elizabeth. I can't remember a time when I have been this fearful about the future of our country.

  10. I have to add - Alex Jones is a well-know Alt-right conspiracy theorist, so I'm not going to watch this video.

  11. I have never in all of my senior citizen life ever felt the hatred I have felt for the last two years. I am to the point where I have physical symptoms whenever I hear anything about this election.
    God Help Us!

  12. I am much more concerned about the disenfranchisement of voters of color, especially in the south, since the Voting Rights act was gutted. Alex Jones is an alt-right conspiracy theorist, not a legitimate source of information.