Friday, 13 February 2015

BIG TILES - try, try again

Some of you "lucky" viewers may have previously caught a glimpse of my original posting of "BIG TILES- a Tutorial".
It didn't hang around for very long and for a good reason, because...

Yes, you heard it right!   I enjoyed the process but the end product looked like a dog's breakfast.  The fact that they were hidden behind the stove and in the dark, didn't lessen my distaste for them.  That area under the stove was so dark in fact, that to get any kind of a decent photo, required a couple of flood lights that cast hard ugly shadows which produced more wasted pictures than usable ones. AND, not only that, the light exposed those wretched tiles and reminded me of the mess that I had made of them.   So I withdrew that posting with the intention of Re-Posting it with something that I finally do LIKE!
Yet it took me a several tries to get there.  I am posting the how-to portion again, with some additional new photos of the kitchen overall.  I hope that you will enjoy my journey, as I cover the same old ground. 

I have made BIG TILES at least 4 times since last week.  Each time they turned out a little different. 
However, I think that I am now a qualified professional using this procedure.  

 BIG TILES- a tutorial beginning again from the beginning...
I found some scrap plastic "tin tiles" in my
"I don't know what to do with this", drawer.

I decided that I wanted to use it to make a new back-splash for behind the stove.    I reversed the "tin tiles" to enable me make a new "ceramic tile" for my old gas stove.
This product is usually sold in 11-12 inch long white PVC sheets and is meant to be applied to the ceilings of a doll's house to resemble the old tin tile of Victorian Style homes.  The web address posted below will illustrate the product in its original format
These were the results of my first efforts which
And just because I couldn't see them behind all of the clutter on the stove,
I could still smell them! ><

 Starting the tile making process is exactly the same way as before, but I will outline what I did for those who (hopefully) didn't see it the first time around.  The photo above shows the top and the underside of the plastic "Tin Tile".  I am using the underside of it which is the longer piece. 

I decided to try the water-based Glass and Ceramic tile paint as a base which I let dry to the touch and followed it up with assorted acrylic paints and glazes.
This is the first coat of the water-based glass paint
I then added the next color of Sky Blue acrylic paint to the tiles applied onto a damp sponge and smoothed out.  My advise is to use small amounts of paint applied directly to the sponge, and then stipple it onto the surface.  

After the blue, I used brown gel stain.  These are watery paints that dry translucent.  They tend to mute most of what is underneath them and muddy the previous color.  If you let the blues dry to the touch, then brown stain will be more distinct.  If you apply it onto the wet acrylic then expect a muddy mix.

This is yet another brown added to the surface and each product was dabbed on with a damp sponge.
dab, dab, dab....

..... dab, dab, dab, .....

I used way too much brown and so I removed  some of it with a clean damp sponge
dab, dab, dab....
Triple Thick
When I was 
FINALLY done with dabbing, I pinned along the 3 outside edges of the tiles to keep them from sliding around.  
The paint was dry to touch, before
I poured on the Triple Thick and used a long stir stick to level and smooth the glaze evenly over the entire surface of the tiles.

You can see the difference that the Triple Thick makes.
For the tiles above, I allowed them to dry by themselves but for the green tiles pictured below, I tried to speed up the process with a blow dryer.
Here you can see the tiles with the Triple Thick smoothed out  over the surface and below are the tiles with the grout lines cleaned out.
At this point a check should be made for tiny air bubbles that may rise to the surface.  I used a pin to try and eliminate them. 

When I used the blow dryer on the surface of the tiles, I found that the groves did not dry as clear as the first set did.  It left the tiles more milky.  Some of that milkiness eventually disappeared but not all of it.
These green tiles are the ones that I decided to install.

Now I must say, that to me these do indeed, look like 
BUThave you noticed that you are able to actually SEE THEM!?
Yes indeed,

 I found a way to install a light that looked right for the space which gave my poor cook the opportunity to clearly see what she was  actually cooking...  no more guessing about what's in the pot?.

I installed new trim along the length of the tiles and why I chose blue, was because that was the color it was before which matched the utensil rack right above the tiles.  However, the blue was not the best choice with the green tiles which were now glued firmly into position.
rats! :((

So enter

By now, I was sick and tired of "Dab, Dab, Dabbing" not to mention that I had run out of all of the scrap plastic tiles; these four squares were all that was left.
It was enough.
I glued them over top of the green ones and put the stove back into the kitchen.


Now I can clearly see the tiles, the utensils, what's cooking on the stove, 
as well as
the basket of wild mushrooms that
The Amazing
Jane Smith of "Minifanaticus"
 made for me in a gift exchange we did, last year.
Thank you again, Ms. Jane, your work is Always

My Pretty, Pretty, Big Blue Tiles

at last

a very fuzzy photo is coming up next :(

And I am also happy about some other home improvements that are now a part of this kitchen which are also, 

a whole lot easier to see.
Here on the post, are Fatima's  Fabulous yellow onions hanging with her 

Fabulous Garlic Braid
both are compliments of

Fats made them in response to a personal challenge I gave her.  I thought that her garlic braid needed "a friend".  
Fats made "a friend" for both me and Janine.  
(see Janine's  onion friends which are on her latest "MINWORKS" blog posting)
Thank you to my super talented  and fellow Miniteer 

and a Happy Feb 13th Birthday to you!
"Love Love Love!" :D
In the background, against the window wall, is my new French- style Market basket, which I converted from a tall plain basket from my mini basket collection.  
I LOVE BASKETS! I made mine with wheels and a stand and used heavy gage florist's wire wrapped with quilling paper for  around the handle.  I filled it with groceries that are still waiting to be put away.
side note:
There is actually an incredible amount of Fresh Food Stuffs, in this tiny fridge-less kitchen.  To justify the over abundance, I decided that this homeowner regularly cooks for a friend that is currently house-bound.  She looks forward to delivering a home-made casserole meal once a week, which always includes a bit of a visit and a shared cup of tea.

Hmmmm?... I wonder what's on the menu for this week?
(groceries are mostly by me, except for the bottle of whiskey which I bought. ...  which is used for medicinal purposes only) 

 Every kitchen needs a clock and so my wall clock was made from a clock  faced button and a brass button cover support.  The two were glued together and then the brass was painted brown.  The teapot was purchased from the Seattle show last year and was made by Jason Feltrope, of Arkansas, who makes a wide assortment of excellent miniature pottery.   
The homemade jam is by me, following a tutorial found on Pinterest.
(I will add the link when I find it)
On the kitchen scale are a variety of cookie cutters.  The heart- shaped one is compliments of Jennifer of "Plushpussycat".
Thanks again Jennifer! :D
and the pot of fresh basil
which is my own creation
Thanks,.... "ME"! :))

Last summer, I was had the opportunity to purchase a few pieces
of Blue Willow Stokesayware
 through an on-line miniature show.
They are now   proudly featured on the plate rack along with those from my friend, Bettie Smith.
The sexy black nylons on the clothes line are a treasured gift, compliments of Linda Park, 

a Miniteer 
in the land down under.
 and as Fatima likes to say...
"Love, Love, Love!" :D

On the worktable is a knife block which I removed from a Hallmark Christmas ornament.  The lidded casserole is yet another 
Jason Feltrope pottery piece. 
The kitchen sink contains a bowl full of ripe, red tomatoes which I made from fake flower parts and glass paint.
Under the kitchen sink you can just make out the yellow washing up gloves, another wonderful gift from
the Very Creative hands of

Linda Park
Thanks again Linda  

 and good'day  to yah! :D
This currently is the finished right side of the cottage kitchen at #43
and it is literally

filled to the brim

And this is the now "finished" left side, with my 
new and improved
and of course, 

now you and I can see it All.

hip hip hooray!!!

 you know what they say,
"Go Big or Go Home"

 so I did both
I'm home


Thanks to the technical skills of my WONDERFUL DAUGHTER SAMANTHA; she was able to get my old comment section back to what it was, AND restore my Avatar,  however in reversing the format, your previously posted comments were automatically deleted. :(( I am VERY SORRY ABOUT THAT, however, I remember all of the nice things that each of you have said, and once again,


  1. ces nouvelles faïences sont très lumineuses, la touche de vert apporte un plus. Cette cuisine est très "vivante" ! Les cadeaux de Fatima sont superbes.
    Beaucoup de travail pour un excellent résultat !
    Bises. Joce

  2. Hi Elizabeth...Wow wow wow!!! .What a wonderful post. And the kitchen simply gets better and better.
    You have done such an amazing job on the tiles and the kitchen. Thank you for highlighting my onions. I have had so many cool comments. Thank you for the birthday wishes my dear friend.

    1. Hi Fats! Thank you for taking the time to comment again on my post! What a great friend you are in coming to my rescue! :D I am Very Happy to hear that your onions and garlics are getting the "Cool Comments" that you Deserve but I can't say that I am at all surprised! Happy Birthday Week to you and enjoy your successes because I am 100%, enjoying them too! :D


  3. HI Joce! Thank you for saying that the new tiles look "Bright" because that is just what I was looking to achieve. I liked the green but the blue looks fresher especially for under the stairs. :))
    I agree !00% about Fatima's superb onions!!!! She outdid herself and these onions were just the beginning as she now is making Red/purple onions as well as more of her garlic braids. I am so happy to be able to have her marvelous work in my little kitchen and I am so glad that you have come today for a visit. Thank You Joce! :D


  4. Hello Elizabeth,
    your new tiles are great!! I love your work and enjoy your fantastic pictures!! Hope your are fine.
    Greetings and a big hug

    1. Hi Melanie! Thank You for liking my New Big Tiles! :D l really appreciate your comment and I am delighted that you like the additional photos. I had a whole lot of fun taking them.
      Greetings and a Big hug back! :D


  5. Elizabeth,
    Thanks for sharing the creative process of making your tiles - they look great! All your added details and accessories make for a very inviting and "lived- in" setting.

    1. Hi Martha! Thank you for saying that the kitchen looks "lived-in"!!!! This is always the final objective and the chief aim in my miniature work, and nothing makes me happier, but to know that I have been able to effectively translate that into what others are seeing too! :D


  6. The tiles are wonderful. Such beautiful colours! I actually rather like the first set you made. They remind me of tiles by William De Morgan.

    1. Thank You Very Much ,Josje! When I initially chose the green tiles, it was because they reminded me of a William Morris style of pottery, that I have always admired and IF I hadn't put that blue trim along side of them, they would have probably remained green. But color for me tells a story just as much as the accessories, textures and patterns do and so that is why I had to cover them up. I took the opportunity to Google up William De Morgan and learned that he was a lifelong friend of William Morris! I'd never heard of him before, so I have learned something new; my Thanks again to you! :D


  7. Ah Elizabeth... I wondered where that post had gone!!! Lol! Now the truth is out... and AS Usual..... you were right to persevere! The Light especially sheds a ... well, a Light on all your work !!! Now we can see the difference that the Perfect Blue Big tiles do make in that cozy corner of this unbelievably wonderful kitchen!!! Thank you for the tutorial... I guess if I read enough of them about all these liquid gels and special glues and dye stains.... it will eventually Rub off on Me and I will catch some of your Daring with new and untried materials!!! But first I will need to have a project... oh, I have plenty of those... I will need to go shopping... but I really just need to purchase the Courage Part!!!
    Your kitchen is an inspiration .... all the pieces you have made and collected add up to such a wonderful lived-in atmosphere! This Entire house is such a Gem.... I want to live there! LOL!!! And your friends from all over have added their wonderful gifts too! Dare I say... I can't wait to see more... and I Will be back again and again....!!!

    1. Hi Besty, my reply got bumped to under Simona's

  8. Wow Elizabeth!!! What a huge job to make those tiles...but the end result was surely worth every second that took to make them. They are beautiful but most of all, they are realistic. Once again they remind me of something I would see in my grandmothers' houses. All the space have a very warm, cosy vibe to it and the fact that is filled with minis all handmade by you and lovely friends of yours, makes it even more a special place that you would look at for ages, loosing yourself in it. I'm always happy to come and see what you are up to and you never fail to amaze me!! Hugs!

    1. Hi Simona! I know that you had left me a comment a few days ago asking me what happened to the first posting of Big Tiles. I am Very Glad that you have made a return visit, Thank You!!! :D
      The tiles themselves are not hard to do At All. It is VERY EASY to do because all it is, is paint and glaze. All the hard work is already done with the embossed plastic tin tile. Getting the color I wanted was an interesting adventure. I pushed it too far and made a Big Mess but re-doing it was better because now I really paid attention to what was happening as I was painting them and knew when to Stop!
      I think that they look realistic too, and I am glad that they remind you of ones from your grandmother's house.:)) That makes them feel Personal and that is exactly how I wish everyone to feel when they come for a visit! :D


  9. Ahhhh Betsy!...... That previous post, just HAD TO GO. I made such a mess of those first tiles and right from the start, I was ashamed of them and so I had to ask myself,
    "Why am I keeping them, if I hate them so much, and what can I do about it? "

    The light was the first thing to address and then rest then followed. Thank You Betsy, for your repeat visit, in light of all of the rapid changes. I am pretty happy with the kitchen as it is now and of course, it has not prevented me from looking at improving other areas of the house which I will be showing before too much longer.
    You don't need any information from me, to rub off on you Betsy. I have never failed to MARVEL at your boundless creativity and ingenuity for problem solving on your MULTIPLE mini projects.
    Courage you have Aplenty!!!!
    Thank you though for your confidence in me and your never ending encouragement!....
    Love Love Love!!! :D


  10. Beautifully done, Elizabeth, and well worth the effort. Your kitchen is a real work of art.

    1. Thank You Very Much Simon, for your lovely compliment! :D I feel that it WAS worth the effort especially because there is no point in tolerating something that you will be forever unhappy with and/or apologizing for. I found I was doing both of those things and it rubbed me the wrong way. Now I can proudly say that I love my little kitchen, even in all of its "fridge-less" glory.... And I am glad that you like it too!:D


  11. Hi Elizabeth, what is all happening with your comments...? I was here too a few days ago, but I couldn't enter the window for leaving you a nice comment...????
    Okay, now I'll try again, I really hope it works now...:S so I had to dig deep in my readers list looking for this post and I'm quite late now, but better late than never, huh ;)?
    Dear Mrs. E (:D), I must say that this is the most inventive way of making tiles I've ever seen, they are superb!! I also thought the same about the other tiles....these were so William Morris, it is a pity that you didn't like them ;O! But I also must honestly say that the last tiles are looking much better and fortunately they were more of your liking. I always have to laugh if I'm reading your posts, I LOVE your sense of humor :D LOL!
    Last question: did you leave me a comment twice on my blogpost 'hinges and smithlocking'? It came from different addresses, that's why I'm asking you this. Sorry, for causing troubles, but I also have a huge amount of spam and sometimes I don't know if it's fake, or real, that's why.
    Wishing you a nice week with lots of inventions and creative work at miniatures, so we can enjoy even more of this kind of blog posts;)!
    Warm hug, Ilona

    1. Thank You Ilona!!!! :D You always make me chuckle with the comments that you leave, but I shall answer All of your questions.
      1) When I added the Google + to my comment section it wiped out the original comments, I tried to retrieve them but I couldn't get them back or get my original comment section back to what it was.
      2) Not only did the Google + eliminate the original comments but it also prevented many of my regular followers from being able to post new comments. Really Frustrating. I received some emails from some explaining their dilemma.
      3) In trying to fix the problem myself, I wiped out my Avatar and when I left a Second Comment on your blog "Hinges", I found I had become "blogger head" instead of the head that you know and love! hahhahaha
      My very patient daughter finally came to my rescue when I invaded her room with my old laptop in hand, and whined so loudly, that she had to finally turn off her t.v. and HELP ME!!!!!!
      Now I am smiling again, because she fixed EVERYTHING! :))
      I am so glad that you are here again Ilona and also that you are liking the tiles, too! I Did like the green tiles as well because they had a William Morris flavor to them, but the blue ones are better for this kitchen, but there is always the next project isn't there? ;P
      And I know just what you mean about the spam! It was the very reason that all of my problems began in the first place. But I am glad that things are back to normal here on my blog and as to the Spam, ..... well, I will just be thankful that at least I don't have to Eat it! :((

      elizabeth :D

  12. Hi Elizabeth! I had a bit of a suspicion you were "recreating" the tiles when your post disappeared! I like the new tiles even more than the old! The technique is what is most exciting to me, I've not seen it before, and I am really glad you re-posted with the info, because I know it will be useful someday!

    I really love the kitchen. It is delightfully "busy", like someone got interrupted in the middle of their tasks, or just got plain tired, and left it all for tomorrow. It has such a wonderfully eclectic air to it.


    1. Hi Doug! Yes, I think that the post lasted maybe 24 hours if that. But that was too long, for me after the mess I made of the first lot! The technique, was such a happy accident. I have looked at those tin tiles for the last 2 1/2 years moving them out of the way, whenever I was looking for something else in that drawer. But when I purchased that sheet of tin tiles, over 13 years ago, there was no such thing as TRIPLE THICK, so this technique, has to do with timing in combining something old with something new. :))
      I am so glad that you like the look of them and also Thank You for the compliment about the "busy" kitchen and the "Cooking Interuptus" :))
      I enjoyed putting the disparate elements together that looked as though they were purchased over a long period of time, and more for their sentimental value and practical usefulness as opposed to their really matching anything else. My great- grandmother had an eclectic kitchen that I fondly remember and I have tried to capture the spirit of her real one, in this eclectic miniature one. I believe I have been successful; Thank You Doug!!! :D


  13. Hello Lady Elizabeth,
    Bravo! You just kept at it until you got exactly what you want and IO think everyone can agree that the finished tiles are just perfect. The original ones were lovely but did not look as realistic as these. I love them and they really look like ceramic. Great color choices. They work so well with the kitchen. As for the rest of the kitchen, Elizabeth, it is stunning. It has so much charm and feels so welcoming. It is the type of kitchen I would love to cook in real life. The occupants of your cottage are fortunate indeed.
    Big hug,

    1. Hello Giac!!! :D Thank You for your encouraging words my friend! :)) Although, I do not think of myself as a "perfectionist" still I knew that the first batch of tiles was never going to make me happy, no matter how well hidden they were. But it was also watching how fearless you were/are about remodeling your Elegant Manor rooms and making them RIGHT FOR YOU, that was an inspiration for me to try, try again.
      It is so funny about this kitchen, Giac; it was probably the most difficult room to do, because it is so small, but it is the one that has more going on in it that any of the others. I admire your bravery in wanting to try and cook in it 'cause .... it is so tiny and you are sooooo tall! :D
      Big Hugs Back

      elizabeth :))

  14. Fun post, Elizabeth! The tiles look great, and I love all of the little details in your kitchen, including the blue willow dishes. I'm soooooooo glad you're back to regular, non-Google+ commenting again. I couldn't leave a comment before, which was disappointing, but now I'm back--yay! xo Jennifer

    1. Yay, from Me too Jennifer!!! :D I feel like I have been away, because so many of my blog friends were no longer able to visit via comments. So it is a happy reunion time, for me Yay! :))
      Thank You Jennifer for your visit, for liking the tiles, and for enjoying all of the details of this kitchen; which includes Yours! I don't know if you recall, but you had also sent me two lovely iced loaf cakes with contrasting hearts. After I had already posted the photos, I found that I was able to add one of the cakes into the market basket with the bread and have it look ready to take to the friend's house. I was very glad about that and I will post about it a little later. To me the market basket is not quite finished yet; as it need a bit more fine tuning, but now it Does have a cake,.... and I LOVE cake! :D


  15. Wonderful, wonderful blog. Love the big tiles!!

  16. Hi Robin! Thanks for taking the time to visit here as I know that you are in the midst of getting ready for a Big Miniature Fair! :D
    Thanks for liking the BIG TILES! They were fun to do this time around, and writing the post was therapy! :))
    All the BEST with the Fair, although I just know that you will return home with everything sold! :D


  17. Привет Элизабет! Я все поняла. Я думала, что у меня проблемы с блогом! Сообщение исчезло!!!
    Я начну с того, что получила большое удовольствие, когда читала ваше сообщение! Ваши сообщения всегда содержат интересную информацию, юмор и прекрасные фотографии. Большое спасибо, что делитесь с нами своим опытом. Я скажу честно, мне нравятся все ваши керамические плитки. Я считаю, что ваша работа всегда совершенна. Мне кажется, что вы себя зря ругаете. Я смотрю в сотый раз на фотографии, я не верю, что это миниатюра. Может быть вы фотографируете в соседнем доме ?
    Я восторгаюсь работой ваших друзей! Лук и чеснок является верхом совершенства! Солнечный свет проникает через занавески и отражается на луковицах. Замечательные фотографии!
    Почему я каждый раз чувствую вкусные запахи на вашей кухне???

  18. Hello once again my dear friend! :)) I Thank You Tatiana, for your lovely comment and I am so relieved that you can now rest easy that it was not YOUR blogger that was at fault, but mine! :(
    I am pleased that you have liked all of the tiles but I did not Dare show the first set of tiles right after I had removed them from the kitchen wall. They were worse than what I showed in the early photo because I had tried to "fix" them and only made them WORSE than they already were!!! :((
    I was glad to see them go.
    I was happy with the green ones too, but they did not go with all of the other blue painted surfaces in the kitchen. That did not bother me until I tried to arrange the utensils above the stove and they proved to be invisible against the green. Ah me..... but Fourth time lucky. :))
    Aren't the onions and the garlics INCREDIBLE!? I feel that they add such a wonderful texture and LIFE and anticipation, to the kitchen. I am sure that This is what you are smelling in the kitchen, Tatiana; and isn't it.... Yum- wonderful!!!! :D


  19. Dear Elizabeth, you did fantastic job! I watch your pictures and I regret, I can't touch your beautiful house, there are so much cute minis!!
    Bigs hugs <3

  20. Hello Magda!!! :D I Thank You Very Much for your sweet comment and for enjoying my work as much as I enjoy Yours! :D This cottage is so full of wonderful gifts from family and friends and that is what I think that I have enjoyed about it the most. It is different when you have a connection with the person who made that special mini item, because it gives the space some of their personality that helps to develop the doll's house, and make it feel like a Real Home.
    Big Hugs Back! :D


  21. Oh Elizabeth, your kitchen is positively burgeoning, the detail is amazing, there is so much to see! I came back to comment on the original post, and wondered why I couldn' t find it! Now I know - you have improved the tiles, and I think you are right - if you don't like something, it will bug you until you change it, and I think you have improved them greatly!

    LOVE the basil!


    1. Hi Jonquil! Thank you for your return visit! hahahah I know that many people were puzzled about where the original tutorial disappeared to. I removed it and tried to do better work for subsequent attempts at improving the tiles. I am Very Glad that you like them too, and Thank You for saying so! I also want to say
      Thank You for featuring my potted chives exchange on your latest posting! It pleases me greatly that they please YOU! :D I am still working on the photos with your Wonderful Gifts to me.:))
      Meanwhile enjoy, and I am not surprised to find that you like THE BASIL! :D


  22. Now are your new tiles perfect, Elizabeth! Very realistic. The original tiles were also lovely but these are artwork!

    1. Thank You Nono!!! :D I am so glad that you like them and although I was pretty happy with the green tiles, the look for this kitchen is better with the blue ones.
      It was a bit traumatic when I had to glue the blue ones over top of the green ones knowing that there was no going back; but now that it is done, I am content. Content also to have been forced to edit the clutter on and around the stove. "Less is more" as the saying goes, EXCEPT, I think, when it is applied to miniatures! :D


  23. Thank you so much for removing google+. Now I can leave my comments again.:)))
    I always want you to know how much I love your wonderful work!
    Best wishes

    1. You are soooo Welcome, Andrea, and Thank You for your kind comment and lovely compliment too! :D


  24. Great tiles, thank you for generously sharing how to make them. I love every little detail in your lovely kitchen, it has the warmth of so many caring friends just as a real kitchen should.
    A Big Mini Hug, Mary

    1. Thank You Mary and You are Very Welcome!:D Nothing could be easier than making these tiles because all it involves is paint and glaze... Easy Peasy!
      And you are sooo right about "the warmth of the kitchen due to so many caring friends!" I LOVE THAT, and Thank You for saying so!
      A Big Hug back :))


  25. Your kitchen is such a beautiful space. Every nook and cranny holds a treasure. You have created such a sweet and enchanting space.

    1. Hi Caroline, Thank You!!! :D I had so much fun with this kitchen! I can't begin to tell you how many times the furnishing were put in and then taken out and put back in and then taken out, .... well,you know the routine. But when all was said and done, I was really happy with the way the space felt.
      I always put a Lot of stuff into every room that I do, that is what I enjoy the most. And better the treasures out where people can see and enjoy them too, rather than saving them forever in a box, wouldn't you agree?! :D
      I am Very Glad that you like this kitchen Caroline and have called it "Enchanting", because for me, you are The foremost Expert on Enchantment!

      elizabeth :D

  26. This 'old' kitchen is a masterpiece Elizabeth, love the new version of the tiles. Looking at all those stains and stuff you used in the trial tiling process I'm hoping that you have a dangerous goods licence - I hate to think what kind of explosion/poisonous gas would ensue if you spilled them and they all mixed together ;)

  27. Thank You Norma but Never Fear! Everything I used was water soluble and non-flammable! But just to err on the side of caution, a mini fire-extinguisher, might be a good thing to have in this mini kitchen!
    Thanks for the this Good Idea Norma!:D


  28. Hello. I have been reading your blog for about a it! I have recently learned how to follow!
    I enjoy your delightful story, especially the battles you have getting just the right light for the living room. Then you change it all. Delightful! I really like the recent changes. I am thrilled by your lovely garden..I want to sit there and enjoy the beauty.

  29. How Wonderful Mez, that you have enjoyed my blog for such a long time and that you are now on-line and able to comment! I officially Welcome you to Studio E! :D
    I am really happy to hear that you have liked all of the changes that have been occurring within and without in this cottage project! ( It is a dangerous thing for me to say something is "Done or Finished" because even I don't believe it sometimes,) but I am pretty sure that I both this kitchen and the living room ARE done, because I am SATISFIED with the way they both look and there is nothing bugging me about either room. As to the garden though, there is still a lot of work yet to be done on it. I am trying to work up the courage to start again. I Also need to do a bit of fixing up on the bathroom too.
    I appears a woman's work is never done.
    Never enough hours in the day or if I have the time, there is never enough Mojo! :((
    However, I would like to THANK YOU MEZ, for your lovely comment and I DO hope that we will become great blog friends, as I have the opportunity to get know you! :D


  30. Miss E , you are hard on yourself about your tiles ! but I do know about getting a smell in your nose about Something YOU know and no one else does ! Not all I made has made it to my blog ! Your tiles are lovely ! and thanks for the triple glaze idea, I'm on Amazon now ordering some ! hugs Stephanie

    1. You're so right Stephanie!
      Sometimes it feels like I'm feeling my way in the dark and that I eliminate more than I create. I am Very Glad that you like the tiles and glad too, to introduce Triple Thick to you. You will find a thousand and one uses for this product I'm sure, as it is worth its weight in gold. :)