Saturday, 9 February 2013


It is getting more and more interesting doing this blog even though I stumble and fall my through it.  Most of what makes it so worth doing, in the first place, is that I get an opportunity to interact with the "blogaudience" out there in blogland ( as Lucille so aptly called it).  I want to thank each new member that has decided to follow this blog as regulars and also those who are doing what I did for many months, just stopping by for the fun of it.  It gives me a 'warm fuzzy' feeling thinking about other people tuning in and then taking the time and trouble to leave a message.  Thank you one and all!  The new followers are :  MARJA, GRANDPAS DOLLHOUSE, ELIANA, TROY, KUNDRY'S MINI WORLD, MS FIERCE 7 (cool name) , MARA, and MICKEY.  Welcome to Studio E and enjoy!

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