Friday, 22 February 2013


This is the house that Lucille built!

And this is the children's room in the attic
(very soft and looks like it will be for a little girl)
I wonder where she is now?

And this is the lady of the house!
She is accompanied by her 2 faithful companions.  I wonder what their names are?  They seem very well behaved, don't they?
good dogs.

Ah, the little girl left her favorite toy on her storytime chair, so she must be very close by.... Perhaps she is getting ready for bed?

NO, she is not getting ready for bed because the bed isn 't made
up yet!!!!!  Here is mother she should be bringing the mattress along with blankets and pillows, but where are they?  Oh, I see,
this is her bed and she just had it delivered and set up.  Look how fine it is.  Hand made by a woman named "Lucille", she did it all by herself too....Oh  Lucille, it is beautiful!  It really is.



  1. LUcille, You have done a fabulous job with this bed and as you say it would be so lovely if it were dressed but since it isn't it allows everyone a chance to admire the framework and all the little details that you put into it! I don't know how long it took you to build, but I know for certain that it was a fiddly job and couldn't be rushed. I think you have done incredible work and now that I know how to transfer photos from my hotmail to the blog, (thanks to my grouchy daughter) I would like another pic in the NEAR FUTURE of the bed DRESSED. And That, my dear Lucille is not an option!(smiles)


  2. Dear Elizabeth, So nice that you were able to print Lucille's pictures for all to enjoy. It is a charming little bed. I like the dresser for the attic bedroom as well.
    Lucille, glad to see that you are working on your house you have reached the part I think we all enjoy ... Decorating! Hope to see more in the not too distant future.
    I think you would enjoy having your own blog.
    Regards Janine

  3. Yay!!! I know this house. Lovely house built by a lovely lady! :D

  4. Fantastic house!! You´re right, the dogs are very well behaved.
    Nice weekend.

  5. Love the bed Lucille. I've been wanting to make one myself. And a great coup that you have passed the house building stages. I am struggling with that at the moment. To many other distractions having fun trying to create quick little projects.

  6. This house is wonderful! I like the bed.
    Bye Faby

  7. Thank you Elizabeth and everybody else for commenting on my bed and my house. I am deeply touched! As you can all see, it's far from finished. But, planning it and gathering furniture and accessories takes time and I will get there eventually. As for the little doll, she will not be living in that house. She finds it too big and would prefer just a small cottage. In the meantime, she is being very patient and has become my most avid assistant.

  8. I don't know how I missed this post....except maybe because I fall into pockets of being a bad blogger! maybe this will teach me to be better because I almost missed seeing Lucille's beautiful house!! It is gorgeous Lucille- and the bed is fabulous too! Lucille- I hope you will share again in the future- I knew your house must be wonderful and I was right! Thank you Elizabeth for taking the time to share on your blog ♥