Monday, 14 January 2013


WoW!  Before I have an opportunity to post my next tutorial, MORE followers???  You have caught me off-guard somewhat.  Sort of like someone coming to the house and I haven't brushed my hair or my teeth yet.  "Yes??, Who is it???" and trying to look presentable before I open the door.  This actually happened Yesterday!  My mother stopped by to return some books that I had lent her and had forgotten about.  My mom and I both enjoy reading and both dislike driving.  So needless to say I was surprised to see her at my door in the middle of the day, but not as surprised as she was to see me!  I had on the baggiest, ugliest, paint- covered, sweat shirt and droopy mis-matched jogging pants, pink fuzzy socks and a knitted cap on my head and my purple reading glasses! NOT PRETTY, The look on her face was like she got a jolt of  denial " This is not my child!!"IS IT"???  "Hi,Mom" ( yes, it is )  I went quickly to the bathroom to brush my teeth and then we had a cup of tea..... So, without further ado, without anyone knowing whether I've brushed my teeth or not, I'd like to Welcome Miss Leia, Sans and Giac, whom I feel I have met before through Janine's Minworks blog;  Mad for Mod, Kate, Catherine and Irene.  I bid you all Welcome!  I want to also at this time while I am at it, say a Really, Really Really Big THANK YOU, to the very first Followers of this blog and in particular Janine and Bruce and Fatima (Fats).  Knowing, that someone was interested, was encouraging to me and being coached and commented on by my two BEST Friends was invaluable.  Am I Starting to sound like I'm accepting an Academy Award?  Quick!, Start the ' get off the stage' music ......

p.s. I promise NOT to delete you


  1. Hello Elizabeth!

    I am very grateful to Janine for directing me here! What a lovely blog, and such a talented lady, I love your breakfast trays and all the work you do here!

    I'm very pleased to make your acquaintance, brushed teeth or not...; )

    Fi x

  2. Hello Fi I think you are a brave soul taking a chance on making a comment! Just ask Janine, Susan and POOR Lucille, who no sooner say something, then ZOOM, the blog has left the building! hahah I'm having rotten luck with keeping my posts from going but I hope YOU will stay put as I continue to iron out the bugs. I love your kitchen and I love the shot of the sun through the open kitchen door. I have admired your work for a while Fi, and I VERY pleased to make your acquaintance too!

  3. Thanks for the warm welcome Elizabeth. I'm enjoying my wander through your blog!