Sunday, 30 December 2012

Life with Arthur / photo journal

October 2013:  F.Y. I.
  Updated Arthur renos for this doll's house are  entitled " GREEN DOLPHIN STREET"  and include some tutorials as well as photos of upgraded rooms :D
Here again is the Arthur "as is" from  the thrift store.  It's a cute little house but I needed to make some changes.

pretty beat up

I blocked up the teeny tiny windows on both sides.  They make no sense in practical application

This is the house stripped down just before I removed the ugly porch and re-cut the door and window openings.

Look at the size of these giant hinges!  They were hot glued to the wall in great blobs and were very difficult to remove.  I think that this kit was given to a young child and so it didn't matter what it looked like just so long as it stood up to the rough play.  Speaking of rough play, the first christmas that I can recall was where my dad had put together a toy barn and silo that he built for us, his four preschool children.  I had watched him busily at work on it for a long time and it was fabulous!  He built it out of balsa wood and it was intact for perhaps minutes before we, his children, broke it right before his eyes.  All that hard and meticulous work, destroyed.  Why did he build it out of Balsa Wood in the first place, I ask?  That was the last of                                                                                              

This is the staircase with a possible re-positioning and the dividing wall pushed to but up against the side of the front door.  I haven't decided yet if this is what I will do.  The tub is a plastic one that I found at the drug store and I plan on painting it and adding hardware.  I used it gage the space required and help plan the layout.

This is the facade with the new windows and door  added.  Since the house will showcase the American country and folk art collection I wanted the exterior to reflect the interior. The house will have a small brick stair and stoop and a metal handrail leading to the front door.  I have a lantern and I shall also add a mailbox.  I am leaning toward a 'wood' siding
but I also want brick to factor in.

An angled view of the Arthur with the new windows and door

Still can't decide if I want the upper window to have shutters?
Hmmm, let me think ..... to be continued.


  1. I think I shall hire you to finish the "Garfield" You have made so much progress with minis since you started back up again. So glad and can't wait to keep checking back.

  2. Fats, you know that the Garfield is more than twice as big as this little house! The Garfield is the' Full Meal Deal', whereas the Arthur is 'would you like fries with that????''