Thursday, 13 September 2018

going for Baroque ...


My absentee Mojo suddenly ignited and caught fire a couple of weeks ago 
and I found myself burning the midnight oil 
and actually got things done!
So... after a long unproductive summer hiatus
with nothing new to show or share;
 surprisingly I now have BOTH!

to begin with 
which as you all know,
I'd been stalling on for months. 

the photo below 
shows the stairs still in their raw state 
I used the original Willowcrest stringers 
although I had to make a few necessary alterations to make the staircase both longer and wider. 
The original kit plans has the accent of the staircase,
turning sharply to the left before they reach the 3rd level.

Mine were going to be a straight run.


the ONLY WAY to make them work MY WAY,
was to have the first step at the door jamb outside the bedroom.

In the photo below you can see what I'm refering to.

Given the narrowness of the 2nd floor passage 
coupled with my absolute terror of making new stairs, 
I had to accept them landing at the threshold outside the bedroom door 

*a big exasperated sigh*
*but I'll get over it*

As you can see from the photos above,
the staircase has been fleshed out and primed with a flat white enamel paint. 
My thoughts were that the stairs should harmonize with the rest of the stonework in the hall. 

The entire painting process 
took me considerably longer than expected. 

😩I struggled for days to get the colors right  
adding layer after layer 
of paint over plaster,
as well as numerous light and dark washes 
of chalks, oils, stains and pencil 😫

THEN as I was writing todays entry,
 it suddenly occured to me 😳
that I could have read my own archived blogpost
"A Deck the Hall Story"
which clearly illustrated how and what I did the first time around
a classic case of

my "new" staircase looks more akin to a flight of exterior stairs
than of any found inside a home

well never mind 
I'm just happy that
they're done
close up of the steps

the photo above shows them in position 

although they're not yet glued in.

Being lazy at heart, 
I thought it might be faster (and easier) to complety enclose the staircase 
with a full floor- to- ceiling wall,
which would also define the passage,
as well as provide something to connect 
a future bathroom door to. 
 To ensure that the walled passage was wide enough,
I asked Isabella to have a go 
which she did
 When looking from the Front of the house towards the back,
there was just enough elbow room for Isabella to maneuver. 

 from the Back of the house looking Forward
 the full wall enclosing the stairs
felt claustrophobic

it soon became apparent that 
I'd have to choose between 
a door 
but no bathroom
a bathroom without a door
as it turned out,
the little room at the end of the hall
was unable to accommodate both. 

Neither of those 2 choices appealed to me, 
I thought it was wiser (and easier) to move the entire bathroom upstairs to the 3rd floor 
where there is plenty of room for everything 
(including a door)
and IF 
I did that-
then I could also install a fireplace in the bathroom! 

With the prospects of a "luxury" bathroom now mentally
 re-located on the top floor,
I could forget about both the stair-wall and the door.
The Little Room 
at the end of the passage, 
now became a doorless

The Music Teacher and/or her students, will practice in here. 

and now for the Fun part...

I had this lovely contemporary chest of drawers by 

which I'd purchased last year 
 in Seattle with the Show Bucks I'd won for

 and for GOTHICA.

I love the BAROQUE PATTERN on its front face. 

  The chest would move into the tiny alcove of the new 
Music Room

I was keeping my fingers crossed that it would fit. 

I made a few alterations 
to widen the recess as much as possible,
and managed to squeeze it in- 
and without a millimetre left to spare!

The bold pattern on the chest 
set the tempo for the rest of the room;

 an eclectic mix of French & Italian 

For the walls,

I decided to use photocopies of a
French Aubusson Carpet as
It was cut and pasted onto paperboard panels around the room.
 I like the colours as well as the busy-ness of the pattern which 
(lucky for me)
effectively hid a multitude 

of construction mistakes 

Speaking of "Mistakes"... 
A new/old problem re-surfaced right
after I'd resolved the stair-wall/ bathroom door issue. 
 The problem was with the TILE FLOOR which I'd made months ago for this room.  
The tiles in the the hall didn't quite aline with those in the
 music room.
( I refer you to photo # 2 at the top of the page)
 Previously when the room was to be the bathroom with a door, 
the threshold of the door would have automatically solved the  problem,
but now 
continuous line of tiles would need to abut each other and so
 their misalignment became really obvious
it's always something! 

To rectify THIS problem
I chose to step up the level of the Music Room 
which you see in the photo below. 
Once the floor was raised, it broke the continuous sight-line.

The step up also helped define a doorless, open-ended room 

 my problem was solved-

Of course, the raised floor required that all the pre-made wallpaper panels needed to be re-cut to fit the shorter walls; 

during which time
yet another executive decision 
was about to be made

I was no longer happy with the window 

in the middle of the recessed wall

Granted; the light illuminates the window in the stairwell, 
yet it also took up valuable wall space inside the Music Room, 
and frankly, 
 I wanted something more interesting to look at.

I'd considered installing a shelf above the window


 it was 

bye bye 
for the window 
 Yes Indeed
I boarded and papered over the window, replacing it with 
 an ornately carved Italian painting.
The look is Baroque and better suited to the alcove. 

The  successful installation of the painting
inspired me to sort through my collections for other 
interesting object d'arts.  

The lamp on the chest is a modern lamp base
with the top of a squeeze-tube as its shade.
I painted the shade gold both inside and out, 
then fringed it in red.

it's definitely bordello-gaudy yet oh so interesting! 

To date: the display on the chest
 consists of a small statuette of Micheangelo's "David" which I'd mercilessly pried out of a plastic souvenier snow globe. 

The silver candelabra is of unkown origins as are 

the tiny gold opera glasses.

The doily is from Ruth Stewart of
Stewart Dollhouse Creations


I'll probably fiddle around with the arrangement some more 
but the one thing that STAYS PUT, is the
delightful little Metronome which used to reside in 
#43 Green Dolphin Street.
 Here in Villa Leone, 
it gets to take Center Stage! 
I'd won the Metronome a couple of years ago in a GiveAway by MAGDA 
"17-17 MK"


 the pencil sketch in the chipped frame
was cut from a magazine. 
It hangs on the skinny wall inside the alcove.

As the room continued to take shape,
more and more items found their way in,

not only an assortment of musical instruments
but also

the Wonderful little Jacobean table 
which was another Giveaway win from Pepper's 
MITCHYMOO Miniatures blog

 A tall vase of Fatima's 
exquisite blue Hydrangeas are featured on Pepper's little table.

The long chest (pictured below) 

is another SPECIAL piece of furniture.

I don't know if he remembers, but
Janine's husband Bruce made it
 I'd painted it, decoupaged then aged it-
and then it went into storage. 
There was never a project in which to properly display it,
but oddly enough,

its proportions
are EXACTLY RIGHT  for this tiny space, 
it double-duties in the Music Room as
 seating as well as storage! 

Linda Park's 
Very Baroque
custom VL needlepoint cushion 
 sits proudly atop the chest.


if you want to see 
MORE of Linda's
Exquisite Needlework pieces, 
then make sure you pay a visit to her blog
Linda's Miniworld 
On the floor beside the chest lies
a small pile of be-ribboned rolls of music 

On the wall under the stairs,
 I was going to use this small unframed print of 
old Venice
 but it looked 

 too small 
 so I removed it 
and replaced it with a HUGE famed painting. 

However upon further consideration;
no one would be able to sit comfortably on the chest without being stabbed in the back by the frame

it was exchanged for a
framed mirror, found buried in my stash.

I think I like it 
but should it be hung
this way? 
this way?

ah me, more decisions... 

In case you are wondering about the loose fitting
wallpaper under the stairs; 
it's temporarily 
sticky-tacked into place.
I won't make it permanent until AFTER I've made the handrail and glued the staircase into position. 

alas, no rest for the weary

The plastic violin pencil sharpener, 
which years ago, I transformed into the cello,
leans against the chest and a baroque dummy board.

The finishing trim around the window as well as in the rest of the room
 are yet to be done, and
I'm still considering the installation of an overhead light fixture,
although I currently like the moody low-light atmosphere- 
the debate continues


despite the struggle with the stairs; 

the making of the Music Room 
was an enjoyable experience! 
               I must now take it all apart again and actually finish it.
                    So I bid you all fond farewell as I press on 
              with my miniature musical Baroque endeavours. 

 ciao ciao for now!



  1. Wow, you got so much done and it's beautiful!! I'm feeling motivated to get back to work myself. Thank you!

    1. Hi Ketsia! I know exactly what you mean about "feeling motivated", because it took me months before I felt like diving back into my minis too.
      I'm VERY happy that you like my results and hope that it won't be too much longer before I get to enjoy your new work too! :D


  2. Dear Elizabeth, what a fabulous update. I had to read and look through it twice to take it all in. I know you say the stairs look too outdoor-ish but I just love the solid stone look you have achieved.
    The music nook is a delight. I would never have thought of raising the floor but what great idea. I am truly in awe at your ability to put things together when styling your rooms.... oh, the mirror - I think I prefer #1 - the upper edge of the mirror just follows the underside of the stairs beautifully.
    Anna xx

    1. Thank You VERY Much Anna! I had stared at the empty space for such a long time not knowing how to proceed and so it is Gratifying to finally see an Actual Room where a void used to be. :D
      By having a Music nook on the second floor, I could finally move the instruments out of the Morning Room and make a place where they could be left out at the ready.
      And I am going to take your advise regarding the position of the mirror because I agree with your reasoning, which makes perfect sense! :D


  3. This looks wonderful....
    I finally have my new studio set up and have started working on Diagon Alley again. Now if i could just get to updating the blog... i got around to making an instagram account just for my minis, that's a start, right?

    1. Hi Susanna!
      Thank You Very Much for your compliment! :D
      Blogging IS extra work yet still very gratifying. No matter how many times I try to reorganize things, my studio remains cramped, over-crowded and always Messy. It must be Very Exciting for you to have a new studio to work in and I bet Pipi is just as happy about it as you are! :D


  4. Elizabeth,has trabajado muchísimo! conseguiste la inspiración y las ganas de trabajar en abundancia! me encanta como luce todo,las escaleras ,con ese aspecto de piedra son geniales! y toda la habitación se ve muy realista!!!

    1. Hi Pilar!
      It felt good to get back to work on the Villa again and once I started, it was difficult to stop especially since I had neglected it for so long.
      Although building the stairs was a challenge it was nessesary to make them so that I could continue to move forward.
      The stone finish looks older than I'd hoped but I'm not at all unhappy with them and THANK YOU that you like them too! :D


  5. OUPS ! le texte est long, comme toujours, mais amusant, quelle prose ma chère Elizabeth ;)
    Ton travail est passionnant à suivre, je connais le problème "escalier", je ne suis pas encore parvenu à refaire celui du mas. La salle de musique est belle ! De jolis objets sont savamment mis en scène. Excellent, ton choix de couleurs, de papiers peints...
    C'est toujours un plaisir de suivre ton travail et de te lire.
    A bientôt! Joce

    1. hahahaha My excuses for the EXTRA LONG post are legit, and not only that but you should have seen how long it was BEFORE editing, so this is actually the condensed version🤪😄
      But I'm VERY GLAD that you stuck with it to the end Joce AND that you've enjoyed the development of the stairs and little Music Room and so I Thank You! heehee
      I shall try not stay away for so long, and hopefully NEXT TIME, the post should be
      a l i t t l e shorter

      but then again they might not 😜

      elizabeth ❤️

  6. Dear Elizabeth, Thank you for posting! It made my mini day. I always feel inspired and excited to continue minis after reading your funny posts.
    I do think the northern hemisphere miniaturests/bloggers will be back at work with the cooling of the weather.
    Still hot in France in my area 30C plus but a promise of cooling this week. The walnuts are beginning to fall, fields have been harvested and trees are showering leaves in the canals.
    As always I am torn between being home and being away.
    Looking forward to Miniteers time.
    Hugs Janine

    1. Hi Janine!
      It's ALWAYS good to touch base with you while you're away my friend! :D
      And I'm DELIGHTED that you feel inspired by this post and hope that it lingers so that you still are by the time you get back! hahaha
      It felt good to get over the Huge Huddle of the stairs and I can't believe that the worst is now behind me.
      I recieved your email and will respond more there.
      Re: walnuts
      I had a neighbour who gave me a carton of Black Walnuts from her tree and they were THE BEST WALNUTS I'd ever tasted!
      Sadly though, when she moved and the new owners came in, they cut down the tree. :(
      still their memory lingers long after the tree has gone.
      talk soon!


  7. fue trabajoso pero elresultado es fantástico, te felicito

    1. Hello Carmen!
      Yes it was hard work but it was Fun Work too! :D
      I am also surprised that with the Music Room almost finished, there's only 2 more rooms to go before the interior of the Villa is Completed and then I shall work on the garden- my FAVORITE part! :D


  8. I must say I enjoy reading your posts as much as seeing the photos. You manage so well to express what goes on in your mind and the process of creating your rooms, I love your humour too. Your baroque music room is perfect, what a great idea to have used the design of a carpet as a wallpaper, the result is stunning. It's always amazing how things we have had for a long time finally find their place, it has often happened to me.

    1. Hello Genevieve! :D
      Thank You VERY MUCH for your comment and in response I'll tell you a secret; this post was one of the most difficult to write, simply because there was a lot done in a short span of time and I didn't want to have to write 2 posts so I needed to fit it all in, cut some things out, and still make it intelligible, so your encouraging comment is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!
      I'm glad that you like the carpet for wallpaper idea as I think that its richness adds to the general atmosphere of the Music Room too! :D
      And you are right too about holding on to certain objects until the right occassion for them to appear comes around, because although the waiting can often feel tiresome; the reward is Always worth the Wait ! :D


  9. Hi Elizabeth! What a beautiful little Music Room you have now! Your stairs are perfect. I think the mirror should be hung number 1 way :)

    1. Hi Riitta! :D
      Thank You for your comment and for your compliments regarding the stairs and the Music Room, and you are right about the #1 position of the mirror too!
      I have changed it accordingly because it DOES look better Up than down!


  10. I love your music room! The chest and pillows are perfect and all the little touches and details just make it feel so lived in! I like the mirror with the peak at the top if that helps at all. #1

    An overhead light... don't know if its strictly necessary, you seem to have enough light for photo taking purposes and if you like how it looks why mess with a good thing?

    1. Hello Sheila! :D
      I Really Appreciate your straight forward comments Shelia and you're right on tartget about the overhead light. I'm going to install a non-working one since the sconce in the hall casts enough illumination into the room without needing more.
      Meanwhile, Thank You for your comment regarding it looking lived in which is a compliment I Always LOVE to hear! :D


  11. The staircase is perfect and the small music room looks amazing with many precious details.
    You worked hard!

    1. Hi Faby! :D
      Thank YOu Very Much for your comment regarding the staircase and the Music Room! :D
      I still have some finishing work to do on both but now that most of the hard work is behind me, the pressure is off so I can focus on the rest. :D


  12. Replies
    1. Hello Jette!
      Thank You So Much and I am DElighted that you like it! :D


  13. So beautiful little Music Room! The stairs are perfect and love the chest.

    1. Hello Merja! :D
      The stairs were certainly NOT my favorite thing to do (they never are) so it is a relief that not only are they done but that you like them too, so I Thank You! :D


  14. what a pleasure to be immersed in your world, Elizabeth! the colors, the light and the decorations are perfect. I forget the long struggle to reach such a wonderful result. You are an artist! !

    1. Hi Claude! :D
      My world is full of chaos and confusion but I manage to muddle through it somehow :D
      The colors of the Music Room make me happy too so Thank You! :D
      I initially had a low energy green wallpaper in the room, but then I felt that if I were the teacher I would want to be surrounded by something more lively and pretty and by choosing to use the carpet pattern on the walls, I was able achieved both-
      and this applies to the gaudy bordello lamp too! hahaha :D


  15. Me encanta como resuelves los problemas que van surgiendo. Siempre se te ocurren buenas ideas.
    Me encanta el acabado de las escaleras, es perfecto.
    La sala de música preciosa

    1. Hi Eloisa! :D
      Thank You for your Lovely comment and compliments on the stairs and the Music Room! :D
      It took me an entire summer of Brooding before I was able to resolve the problem of the stairs and the Music Room. Nothing came easy, however I had to keep working at the problems until I was able to see my way forward.
      There is still more to do, but I'm Very Glad that you've enjoyed it thus far! :D


  16. Hi Elizabeth!! After a summer of done nothing, I'm so glad that the miniature virus has bitten you again, welcome back on board in making miniatures ;)!
    After so much troubles with constucting and making the right clors of paint, you truly did magic at the staircase, Elisabeth, it's so realistic and well done, that I imagine myself to walk into a real Italian palazzo!
    Your plans for the future bathroom are great....even a fireplace included, wowie, romantic.... ;)! So your music room will be a fact now, the beautiful chest of drawers will be perfect in there. Good solution for the tiles pattern, the step did make the difference! Your music room is just like a dream and everything has the same Italian touch, just perfect! Such beautiful miniature treasures, who now have gotten a lovely place in this room.
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona! :D
      Yes indeed, the miniature virus has hit me hard once again and I VERY GLAD that it has! :D
      Thank You for your observations and for your compliment on the stairs. When I look at the Villa I often wonder if it looks like an Italian house or just a house, so your timely comment is very comforting!
      I am already envisioning the bathroom with fireplace and so I am anxious now to get the second floor compeltly finished so that I can move up to the 3rd and last floor of the interior. Whoohooo! :D


  17. Ha ha! You have definitely gone for and achieved amazing Baroque in this opulent and stylish music room! I think the raised floor is another shining example of your incredible ability to turn a "problem" into an "opportunity"! Stepping up adds character and interest, and a separation of the spaces makes the room feel even more special. A cocoon to create music! It is THE perfect solution!
    The stairs are wonderfully interesting, and look exactly like the material one would have used for the time period when this grand home was constructed. And again, you took the lemons and limitations that this structure challenged you with and made delicious limoncello!
    I love the furnishings, art work and decor (so far), and the way their arrangement creates intimacy in the room. I can almost hear Vivaldi echoing throughout the house!
    Most especially, I am so happy that you've found your mojo and are back to creating greatness again! Please keep going! Villa Leone wants so much to be all she can be, and I know there are amazing ideas and delightful surprises ahead of you!

    1. Hi Jodi! :D
      It was shortly after receiving your Pep-Talking Email, that I decided to just Go For It and get'er done- so Thank You for those timely words, my friend! :D
      Re: the step up- Needless to say that I was relieved when that idea came to me as it not only solved the problem of the tiles but it also enabled me to contain the wires for the electrics underneath it providing a Double Bonus!
      The next big challenge will be contriving a handrail for the staircase as it will be something entirely new for me yet it must be done, so I'm not only keeping my fingers crossed but hoping for more of that "delicious limoncello" because I think I'm going to need it! ;D


  18. Having the stairs end at a doorway isn't uncommon. I did that with the Haunted Heritage - the stairs end at the kitchen door. I've seen that a lot in real life as well. You always handle the challenges so well. :D That plastic violin pencil sharpener looks so awesome as a cello! Looking forward to your progress, as always.

    1. Hi Brae! :D
      Thank You for your comment re: the stair landing, because I Defiinitlely needed to hear it! I have a tendancy to think things are "wrong" becuase I haven't seen enough examples and variations in Real Life, so your reassurance has helped set my mind at ease- Thank YOu!
      The violin/ cello is looking a bit tired these days as it has been in and out of the junk drawer numerous times so it is nice to finally have a permanent home for it AND to know that it is also Appreciated! :D


  19. Your post is so enthusiastic that it is contagious! You really have been busy. The music room is fantastic, congratulations.

    1. Hi Carrie! :D
      I must admit that it has been a while since I felt any significant Enthusiasm for the Villa and so it feels good to finally have some again. Now that the stairs as well as the Music Room are built, I feel as if I'm in the home stretch- only one more floor to go! :D
      Thank You for your compliment on the way the Music Room has turned out. I feel that the Music Teacher as well as her young students, will enjoy hours of practice and playing in their new surroundings too! :D


  20. What a wonderful blog - thank you so much for drawing us into your thinking as you take us through! The stairs are perfect and the little music room an absolute delight. More please.

    1. Hi Robin! :D
      You DO say the nicest things- Thank You!!! :D

      and More is Definitely on its way ;D


  21. It’s all coming together beautifully! Those stairs are to die for. I love the layers and detailing.

    I find myself always holding my breath and laughing and riding a roller coaster as I read your stream of consciousness posts. I feel like I’m in the thick of it with you!!

    1. Hello Kat! :D
      hahahaha I am LOVING the phrase "Stream of Consciousness Posts"! I had never thought of them that way but you've certainly Hit the Mark! :D
      And I'm So Glad that you like the stairs. I really can't do "new" very well but I'm getting really good at doing different degrees of OLD, so sit right back and enjoy the wild ride! ;D


  22. You've done it again! So glad your Mojo is back. the stairs are absolutely perfect and the music room is a brilliant addition to your wonderful Villa. I can certainly hear the music students in there for their lessons. Thanks for your inspiring post - I need to get my Mojo back too. Haven't done much since returning home 3 weeks ago. Will talk soon.

    1. Hello Linda!! :D
      I'm glad that my MOJO is back too because it was gone for Far Too Long!
      I was very worried about the building the staircase and so it has come as a Surprise to read of how well-accepted the stairs are! and How Confidence Boosting is That!? :D
      I hope that you like the new home of your Black and Gold VL cushion? I now have one each in Morning Room, Bedroom and Music Room, and I couldn't be More Pleased so Thank You once again Linda for generously sharing your gifts and your AMAZING TALENT with me -
      and Villa Leone too! :D
      now get YOUR Mojo back in gear because we want to see MORE of THE FOLLY ASAP


  23. An absolute feast for the eyes, as always! Such a brainwave using the rug image as wallpaper looks fantastic. Love how you made the little doorless space into the music room, and you still have a fantastic space for the bathroom later on. I certainly wouldn't worry about the first floor of the stairs being directly on the doorframe, leaving only the tiniest of 'hallways' - that's about par for the course in English terrace houses. Ask my husband about that, he slipped once halfway down a terrace house stairway, slid on his behind to the bottom where he came to a sudden halt as his toes crashed in the wall opposite the first step. We thought he'd broken at least one toe for sure such was the impact but fortunately altho a little bruised (especially his dignity) there were no broken bones.

    1. Hi Norma! :D
      Thank YOu for your Lovely comment Norma and especially for liking the effects of the Rug/wallpaper in the Music Room. I figured that if you are going to work in a confined space, the surroundings might as well be uplifting.
      I'm also looking forward to constructing the bathroom given that there will be more room to it spread out as well as more privacy up there.
      Your husband's personal tragicomic experience on those infamous English stairs, drives home to me, the importance of installing a handrail on mine;
      because it's better to be safe- than sorry! ;D


  24. It's good to know that you not only managed to solve the problem of the doorless bathroom but managed to install a delightful Baroque music room with lovely treasures. I love it. Fantastic work!
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Hi Drora and Thank You Very Much! :D
      It feels good to me as well to have a new home in which to showcase the some of my mini Treasures from various blog friends and I'm Happy that you like the results!


  25. I love the music room! You have such wonderful items, I get so inspired watching you play with everything :)

    1. Hello Linda! :D
      Thank You Very Much for your comment! As you know, playing with the minis is Always the reward of building any space, yet considering the ad hoc history of the Music Room's construction; makes my playtime Even Sweeter! :D


  26. Dear Elizabeth, would you please, please never leave blogland??? Your posts are always a fantastic mixture of plenty of eye candy, things to learn, inspiration, amazement, woo- and ah-moments and of course lots of fun. And not to forget… as long as you're publishing wonderful post like this one the Oscar in the category "longest post" will always go to you… and not to me. *LOL* But without any more joking - it was fascinating to see that not only your motivation came home after its summer vacation but also the development of this wonderful house. The stairs are awesome (but it gave me a good grin that you forgot that you are your own best inspiration) and it's impressive how you're solving your problems. The new idea about the big bathroom sounds exciting and turning the former doorless bathroom into a lovely, cozy music room was brilliant. There's so much atmosphere in this tiny space from all those well chosen details including special gifts and purchases. That chest was a great way to spend the money you've won, it's perfect… and I'm sure David will not mind that he's not drowning in snowglobe water anymore. ;O)


    1. Hello Birgit!
      I think that it will Always be a TIE between you and me of who writes the longest posts;
      but we're allowed to- just ask Flubby! ;D
      Even so, I am Delighted that you approve the stairs and the Music Room as well as my proposed plans for the Big Bathroom because I'm excited about them too-

      As is David! ;D


  27. So happy to see you got your Mojo back! I know it is just a matter of time for your talents to do what they do. You have made wonderful progress. Love the direction you have taken with the stairs and music room. I want to travel in time and size myself down to experience the treasures in this house. Love love love...

    1. Howdy Fats! :D
      I was getting really concerned regarding my mojo in absentia, however once I decided to start on the stair without it, it showed up out of the blue- go figure?
      So much angst expended yet a great deal of satisfaction now that the worst is over, so Thank You my friend! :D


  28. Tout est absolument magnifique, chaque objet semble avoir été choisi avec grand soin, chaque couleur, chaque forme,....c'est un régal. J'aime particulièrement l'idée d'avoir choisi un motif de tapis pour le papier des murs, il fallait oser le faire et c'est une réussite, bravo Elizabeth!

    1. Thank You Very Much Jean-Claude! :D
      I'd previously considered other more sedate patterns for the room which left me feeling flat.
      But there are some spaces in Real Life homes where elements both different and daring are allowed, and so I felt that within this tiny room I could afford to take a chance, with the walls.
      And so I'm Very Happy that you Approve the end results! :D


  29. Ах, дорогой друг! Я очень скучала за вашими сообщениями! Я получила огромное удовольствие , когда читала ваш пост. Вы используете каждый сантиметр пространства. Вы создаете целый рассказ на каждом сантиметре. Все очень красиво. Мне кажется, что первый вариант с зеркалом более традиционный. Однако, посмотрев на второй вариан, я подумала, а что, если голову льва прикрепить над зеркалом!? :) :) :) Вы подняли уровень пола! Замечательная мысль. И, конечно, игра света! Я это очень люблю! Отражение лампы в зеркале! Прозрачный виноград!
    Я люблю смотреть как вы добавляете маленькие сокровища. Фотография превращается в живопись!
    Не пропадайте надолго!
    Вы заметили, что я не отметила вашу лестницу? А почему? Лестница настолько старая, штукатурка отслаивается, ей уже сто лет!!!! Несколько поколений стоптали ступеньки. Я пропустила лестницу, потому, что она старая, реальная!!!!

    1. Thank You my dear Tatiana! :D
      I've missed being here too, yet in retrospect my extended dissappearance, allowed me to come to terms with how to complete the little room at the end of the hall, which is Very Different than what I'd initially envisioned.
      I shall take your suggestion about trying out a lions head over the mirror, if I'm able to find one the right size. :)
      Your observation about the staircase looking "a hundred years old" makes me VERY HAPPY!!! It's exactly what I was hoping for. Once the handrail is installed, the look of the stairs will change again, but hopefully not by too much.
      Soon I will need to remove all of the contents so that I can do the finishing work on both the stairs and the Music Room yet is such a relief to have most of the hard work behind me with only the top floor in the Villa to complete
      with thankfully - NO MORE STAIRS! ;D

      p.s. CONGRATULATIONS Tatiana on your multipule AWARDS for your OUTSTANDING Dolls- BRAVO!!!

  30. Me encanta el aspecto de piedra de la escaleras y la solución tan imaginativa de subir el suelo para romper la linea de visión-De la sala de música no se puede pedir más. Es preciosa en su conjunto y todos y cada uno de los elementos-


    1. Thank You So Much Isabel! :D
      Your lovely comment is MUSIC to my ears! :D


  31. Yay, you found your mojo! Sometimes it just takes a little coaxing. With regard to your door architrave/stairs problem, I was in France until 2 days ago and noticed in a visit somewhere (I believe it was Versailles, perhaps the Petite Trianon - it was a couple of weeks ago and my memory is terrible!) this exact dilemma. The stairs ran in front of the door architrave. I guess even in grand homes, you have to make concessions sometimes. But it is irrelevant now as you’ve fixed the issue! And love the step up into the music room to fix the tile problem. Again, old houses have some funny things going on that we don’t always understand!! I love quirkiness in houses anyway, and this just creates interest and dimension. Lastly, even though there is a lot going on, the room feels restful but also creative. Great work as usual Elizabeth! Xx

    1. Hello Shannon! :D
      Lucky You to have been touring France and visiting some of its World Famous Architecture! It is good to get some first hand knowledge as well as confirmation regarding old stairs in old houses, so Thank You!!! :D
      And I Really appreciate your closing remark about the Music Room's 'restfulness'. I hadn't thought of it that way before but I'm Very Pleased to know that you have! :D


    2. Hello again. Wanted to let you know also that the old Florentine mansion we are currently staying in has old stairs that look just like your mini ones. They are interior service stairs. And the steps in the main entry are quite rough stone. So don’t worry too much about your stairs! Xx

    3. An unexpected bonus of Art imitating Life - Thanks again Shannon! :D

      and in Florence??? Lucky YOU!!!

  32. Wow!!! I wish I was so unproductive as you this summer....
    Everything looks perfect and as always I would love to shrink and live in you manson.

    1. Hi Ersillia and Thank You! :D
      Thinking about a project all summer is not quite the same as working on it, although I tried to justify it as such. ;D
      Even so, the concentrated spurt of energy towards the end of the season, and resulting Music Room, made it worth the wait, so all's well that ENDS well! :D


  33. Very WELL DONE on completing the staircase!!! I'm also working on mine and it's coming along beautifully. I'm over my fright, it's now just a matter of final assembly.
    I like the mirror pointy end up.
    And as always, your beautiful photos and fantastic collection of miniature bric-a-brac inspire me.

  34. Hi Megan! :D
    I kept thinking about YOUR staircase in the process of making mine, so I am DELIGHTED to hear that yours are "coming along beautifully" ! I'm looking forward to seeing what you've done because I KNOW first hand about the" fright" hahaha
    I've yet to make a handrail for mine and so my "fright" is not yet over.
    Glad that you like the way I've dressed the Music Room- which is ALWAYS the best part, but expect a few changes before it is completley finished because as the saying goes-"it ain't over until it's over"

    p.s. and the mirror Has been turned to "pointy-end up!" :D

  35. I just found your blog via Jodi at My Miniature Madness. Despite your stair woes, they turned out beautifully! I LOVE your music room. It's so cozy and I feel like I could spend hours there . . . learning the cello perhaps? I'm looking forward to more browsing through your blog. Thank you for sharing!


    1. Welcome Teresa! :D
      I have just found your blog too and I am Excited to see your Beacon Hill build and all of the AMAZING CHANGES you are making to it as well!
      So Thank You Very Much; your praise which is a High Compliment indeed! :D


  36. Hi, Elizabeth - I'm so happy to see you at work again on Villa Leone! You're back with abundant energy and creativity - and I congratulate you on finishing that dreaded staircase, which by the way is beautiful. As you know, I admire all your stonework, and the staircase is no exception. It looks absolutely real; I can almost feel the cold smoothness of the stone under my bare feet. What a lot of decisions you had to make regarding the bathroom and the door and the stair wall and the window and the raised floor (which was an ingenious idea!) but you made all the right ones that concluded with the wonderful Music Room. I love that room, from the beautiful furniture to all the ideal accessories. The musical instruments, the rolls of music, the unique metronome, and the brass music stand all combine to set the perfect "tone" for this room; the Aubusson wallpaper and the Baroque chest add to its overall elegance, old-world charm, and quiet beauty. You've done an outstanding job of creating perfection in this music room. And now we have a third-floor bathroom with a FIREPLACE to look forward to - I'm excited about that!

  37. Hello Marjorie! :D
    Your Lovely comment is Music to my ears- Thank You!!! :D
    It is ALWAYS a surprise to me to see what a space evolves into once the construction actually begins. I proceed in one direction but where I get to in the end is NEVER where I thought I'd end up.
    I still have more to do and LOTS of finishing work on stairs and Music Room however, I am currently doing something COMPLETELY OFF TRACK and hope to post about it Very Soon, so Stay Tuned! ;D


  38. Hi Elizabeth. Once again you have done it, finding a perfect (and beautiful and creative) solution for any problem. You are my hero! What can I say, the music room is wonderful, filled with beautiful and significant pieces. Just perfect. Now I can't stop thinking what your mind is planning for the bathroom, I can't wait!

    1. Hi Alexandra! :D
      Awwwww, what a Sweet Compliment! I don't believe that I've ever been a "hero" to anyone before, but I Thank You Very Much for saying so! ❤️:D


  39. Dear Elizabeth, I am so late to the "lesson" but you have done it again!!! You have transformed an awkward space that was Not working as it's assigned task, and instead you have created a gorgeous, remarkable, stunning little space that even supports your theme for this house!!! It is as though it was waiting for you to discover the true use for this space.... and WOW you have brought it to life with gusto!!! The bordello-lamp (from a Squeeze-tube????)is inspired! It makes the room over-the-top in just the right way! The Baroque bureau is a scene stealer wherever you put it, so it might as well be up front where you can enjoy it!!! As for the mirror, I hope you know it goes point UP.... following the line of the staircase in a beautiful way! I am always overwhelmed by the way you pull gorgeous-ness out of thin air... so it seems from here... but We all know it takes hours of cutting and painting and re-doing.... clearly your midnight oil was well spent! I just LOVE what you are doing with this house!!! Someday.... maybe... I will learn to try some of your magical age-creating techniques.... stone floors, wallpapers from carpets.... window grills, stove hoods... bordello lamps.... You are the Genie!!! I Bow to your Genius again and again!!! :):):)

    1. Thank You Very Much Dear Betsy! :D
      I agree with your assesment of the Baroque bureau as being "a scene stealer" because it Certainly IS! I am relieved that I was able to position it facing forward where the pattern can be fully seen and appreciated because I LOVE it and feel that it has now taken its rightful place in the Villa, and BONUS- the gondolier will finally have a place for HIS clothes too! ;D
      Turning an awkward space into the Music Room made more sense to me than trying to squeeze a bathroom into it, and yet I still had to talk myself into doing it. I kept thinking about people on the main floor having to jog up two flights of steps to get to the bathroom, however in miniature, there are always certain consessions we have to make in our world of make-believe, so I've decided that the gondolier and the music teacher have Great Bladder Control! hahaha :D
      But you are so right Betsy about the hours of cutting and painting and re-doing as each of us turn our singular visions into our "realities".
      I know that I could NEVER do the things you do, and in such Minute and Precise Detail too, and thus whenever I see YOUR Genius Betsy,
      I humbly bow to the Genie ❤️in You!


  40. I don't know how you do it, Elixabeth! Your photos are always such a treat for the eyes. You have such beautiful things and your imagination is amazing.

    1. Is this THE LUCILLE with the Victorian dollhouse?
      If so, I not only Thank You Very Much but also wish to Welcome you Back!!! :D❤️


  41. I love how the rooms are starting to pull together. The Baroque style just suits this house. I do love the stairs and how you made them look that way with peeling paint and all. The color looks fantastic!
    Very lovely work!
    Mini huggs,

  42. So happy to see you back! The Willowcrest stairs are troublesome for most of us. We each find solutions and I love yours. In old houses it was normal that the stairs would be stopped by a door. Your solution is very authentic.
    And as always, the femininity, grace and elegance ooze from the pictures. I adore the atmosphere you create in your scenes. The colours, the lighting, every little detail... it always fits and creates perfection.
    Welcome back!!

  43. Buongiorno Donna Elisabetha,
    It is so good to have you back. What amazing work you have done. Firstly, I love the stairs. You say it looks more like an exterior staircase because of the finish, but I have seen indoor stone stairs just like that on my travels. I think it is perfect and the step outside the threshold actually adds a bit of cha5racter. Remember, there were no pesky building codes back then and this is exactly the type of detail that makes those old homes so charming and interesting. I think the bathroom in the attic is a terrific idea (yay fireplace), and I just adore your music room. The "wallpaper" is the perfect touch and I really like the step up into the room. It fixed your tile problem and adds yet another level of architectural interest. The pieces you have are just gorgeous and it is great to see so many of them done by your friends. You are all so talented. In regard to your mirror question, I say it should be hung a la #2.
    I am so glad you are back with a vengeance and I cannot wait to see more.
    Big hug

    1. Buongiorno Don Giacomo! :D
      It is good to have YOU back too! :D
      It is always good to hear a critique from a PROFESSIONAL such as yourself and I value your comments Very Much! I am currently back to work on the staricase and trying to finish up some of the other minor details which need to happen before I can glue the stairs in place so hopefully thanks to your encouraging words I'll have something more to blog about Real Soon! :))
      Big Hugs Back!

      donna elisabetha

  44. Questa stanza della musica è bellissima e gli oggetti sono tutti in perfetta armonia! Eh, lavorare alle scale è sempre un guaio, anche io sto combattendo in questi giorni contro la scala della mia casa di bambola!