Wednesday, 16 December 2015

A Land's End Christmas 2015... for Joyce

  Some of you may already know that my mother passed away after a very long illness, in November.  In May 2015, my brother Michael died of complications after cancer surgery, the year before my brother Gregory had died from cancer.  My mother had a difficult time reconciling the deaths of 2 of her sons within 2 years; and she died of heart failure.
This has been a blow to my family as well as to my other  brothers and sister's.  We have been taking care of the necessary arrangements and consequently, I have not felt like working on my HBS kit OR felt like blogging OR in visiting other blogs.   I've been struggling with grief and unexpected depression brought about by life's circumstances.  One minute I feel okay and then I'm depressed all over again. 

Up and down, up and down

 I really miss my mother and my brothers. 
Trying to get back into the holiday spirit has become something of a Challenge for me this year, to say the least.  I haven't even bothered to put up a Christmas tree in my Real House as it is hard to work up any enthusiasm. 
 My mom
and so in memory of her and because I think that it will be a good way to end this year,  I have put together the only 2 rooms that I have  almost 
finished, with a bit of a Christmas theme, and I decided to include a demonstration on how I made the fire in the fireplace which I originally showed several months ago.
So this post is dedicated to my beloved mother,
with all my love.


My fire began with a ring.

At the end of last summer,
I happened to be standing in line at a local Dollarama store and spotted a box of some most unusual looking items.   

To me they looked like a POWER RANGER HELMETS but they turned out to be a Very Large rubbery Bike rings.
The salesclerk showed me how they operated and I was excited to get them home and take them all apart because they seemed to be just the ticket for the fire that I had been trying to work out for the living room in Land's End. 

This is what the ring looks like when it is on your hand after the battery is activated.  I can see that it would be ideal for night time bike riders as it can also flash off and on.  

When I took it all apart this is how it broke down.   The housing for the LED LIGHTS was relatively flat with the bulbs on the narrow end of the unit which meant that it was going to be PERFECT for the rather shallow firebox opening in my doll's house. 

I reassembled the unit and snapped off the acrylic hook that had anchored the battery pack to the inside of the rubber ring. 

This is what I worked with.  The 2 LED bulbs are bright red and so I gave it a test to see how it would look once inside the firebox. 

Very VERY Bright! 

It looked like the house was on fire!!!! 
I had to douse the flames somewhat so I found some orange colored felt, cut out some faux flames and placed the felt against the lights to see if that would help.

It did.
However, I needed to refine it a bit more so I began to experiment with the fabric. 

I ran out of Quick Grip so I used this kind of glue to affix the felt to the acrylic. 

I glued the felt flames onto the plastic housing of the battery pack.  
I left the back of the unit free so that I could later replace the batteries when I needed to. 

This is what the profile of the fire looks like.
When the center of the battery pack is pushed the LED lights are activated.  
I painted the base of the felt with some very old and very thick
LIQUID LEAD acrylic paint for the "charcoal" look.

I teased out the orange felt a bit more to make it appear less rigid
and also added some sprinkles of red glitter to the flames.

A roaring fire! 

I propped the flames inside a fire basket and added some real ash and more red glitter below.
Then with a fire screen in front, it diffused the "heat" and gave it even more realism.
I was pretty happy with the results.  
When it came time to put up the tree, I was stumped because there was not a lot of room in the living room, so the tree had to be very narrow.  I finally found the perfect size and shape at a local Drugstore and after removing some of the snow from it, I loaded it up with vintage glass balls from top to bottom.  I found a lot of Christmas printies of gift boxes and Christmas cards saved for over 15 years in my file folders, which I then cut out, assembled and then placed the under the tree. 
I temporarily hooked up the lights, running the wires behind the sofa so that I could take the photos.  The lights on the right side of the living room work fine but....
 of course.... only ONE of the the wall sconces lights up! 
oh well, such is life,... I'll try and fix it later
Here is the mantle with the frosted branches in a vase.  They are dried plant roots painted with chalk paint, and the assorted mini Christmas cards were painted clear nail varnish and sprinkled with ultra fine glitter.
The peel and stick "Merry Christmas" lettering on the mirror is from the dollar store.
Some of the gift boxes are trimmed with ultra fine metallic
 nail tapes.

The writing table is littered with more tiny greeting cards yet to be mailed. And a large mini tree under a glass dome occupies a corner of the writing table. 

Iridescent filaments are stuffed up into the dome then the tree and more vintage ornaments are tucked inside.
It looks like a blizzard in there.

This blue chair use to be painted black, but I like it much better now. The tiny fire truck is a Hallmark mini Xmas ornament from years ago which is the PERFECT SCALE for this scene. 

Extra gifts and a box of ornaments and excess Christmas trims is on the floor under the writing table. 

A Christmas teddy bear for one of the grandchildren, is still waiting to be wrapped. 
Here's an overview of the living room just before I repainted the arm chair.

 and now for the kitchen.

Jennifer's (Plushpussycat) vanilla loaf cake sits waiting to be sliced along side my glazed tart decorated with fresh holly, a raspberry pie is under glass, and a basket of glazed Eiffel Tower cookies is ready for unexpected company.
After I took this photo, I realized that I should hook up the lamp that I have had sitting in the corner, and so I did and.... 
what a difference lighting makes
A wire basket of condiments sits on the far end of the kitchen counter.  Fatima's garlic and red pepper ropes hang just above it. 
The light fixture over the sink puts out a lot of light just on its own, and casts some interesting shadows as well.  At some point, I may try to make a cage to protect the bare bulb, but that will have to be for another time.

A cast iron collection of pots and pans hang above the vintage stove. 

 I had fun making this kitchen but this is as far as I have been able to get.  I plan to do more on this project perhaps by next spring, 
( God willing) but my ambitions for getting this project finished for the HBS deadline this month, went sideways a long time ago.  
I shall have to be satisfied with it the way that it is for now. 

 Here is the arm chair that's been repainted a deep navy blue.  I kept the upholstery the same red but changed the throw cushion for a bit more contrast.  The red and white garland was a gift from over 20 years ago, which I never got the opportunity to use it until now. 

One last look before I go. 


Merry Christmas to my precious mother

from her daughter



  1. Siento muchísimo tan importantes pérdidas. El día de Navidad del año pasado, perdí a mi padre y nueve meses después a mi madre.
    Tampoco para mi será igual la Navidad de este año.
    Te envío un abrazo fuerte y mi deseo de que superes esta pena tan honda muy pronto.

  2. Oh Elizabeth, you sweet, sweet Lady. I am so sorry for the terrible loss you have suffered. I can't begin to imagine how you feel or how you manage to stay positive. It is testament to your extraordinary resiliance that you have managed to get this far with Land's End. Give yourself time to grieve and for once, put yourslef first. Sending you a huge hug and wishing you happier times.

    You should be really proud of Land's End. It is Beautiful!

  3. I'm sorry for you and I admire the beautiful tribute to your mom that this beautiful Christmas tree and the warm atmosphere of this room
    of good courage Elizabeth

  4. Elizabeth, You have been through a lot over the last two years. It's so tough losing loved ones. I've lost both of my parents to cancer. You will get through it. I admire your resiliance. I'm sure your mother would be proud! Lands End is beautiful and you made the bike ring work perfectly for the fire!

  5. Dear Elizabeth! You really have had two hard years. It is so sad and tough loosing the dearsest ones. Please take care of yourself. Your Christmas room is very beautiful, your mother would have been so happy and proud of it! Warm hugs

  6. Elizabeth, this is very sad news... I am so sorry for your Mom, and Brathers... I have lost in September my best friend Marzena also to cancer, she was only 38 years... every day is hard for me and after all for her young sons. I often ask myself why just she? no one could help her... I know how hardly live without friend and Christmas is probably one of hardest days...
    But you are not desolate Elisabeth. You are sweet Person, you are very very important for us. The work on miniatures helps to weather the storm. I'm so happy you have done beautiful Lands End, your pictures are awesome! thank you for this, I bless you

  7. Dearest Elizabeth, my heart aches for you! I am so sorry to learn of all these losses so close together. I wish I could give you a big hug, make you a cup of tea and chat. It's good to write things keep blogging and sharing with us. I have always found that sometimes knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel (from your readers comments), no matter how faint it seems, can make the day a little less grim. If nothing, we can try to make you chuckle.

    Your Fire is amazing! I thought of a million fire puns, but I will leave you with: it's smoking hot! ;)

  8. sorry so many lost and monentos so painful for you, Elizabeth. I do not think words exist in the world that can ease the pain of the loss of a brother, a parent or other loved one. I hope you find positive mood in people who appreciate you and distract your mind with thumbnails, you have wonderful hands, do not lose it. this beautiful scene, I love all the details, comes all your heart you put into it. a big hug :0)

  9. Dear Elisabeth, I'm so sorry for your loss.This is a beautiful tribute to your mom.
    The room looks cosy and the Christmas atmosphere is so soft. Great idea for the fire.

  10. Dearest Elizabeth, I am so sorry for the terrible loss you have suffered. I wonder how you manage to stay positive and that you even have managed to get this far with Land's End. The result of your efforts to decorate it for Christmas is beautiful!! I'm sure that your beloved Mom would be very proud for your loving tribute to her.
    Please, give yourself time to grieve, take good care for yourself first.

    Sending you much love and a huge hug, Ilona

  11. Es una escena maravillosa y conmovedora, Isabel! Un hmenaje del que puedes sentirte muy orgullosa! El tiempo dulcificará el recuerdo, ya verás. Benditas las minis que nos acompañan en los momentos duros de la vida!
    Te mando un abrazo! :)

  12. Dear Elizabeth, You have been through so much loss in the last couple of years and my heart is with you. I, too, haven't touched my Top Secret Project since my dad's passing. I struggle with a kind of depression because of the loss as well. Know that my thoughts and support are ever with you and that I understand. Sending you hugs and prayers. All that being said, I love what you're done so far and the clever way you made your fire. It's a grand start and when the time comes where you're ready to have a go at it, you will. Until then, treat yourself with compassion and love. Take all the time you need.

    Much love,

  13. Dear Elizabeth, I don't know what to say.. Except of course I'm so só sorry for your loss.. It's heartbreaking to read that life treated you and your family so harshly and you've had so many unfair losses in such a short time. I feel sad for you and understand completely you don't feel like Christmas, miniatures or blogs. It is a lovely gesture that despite your very human feelings you made this Christmasscene to honour your mother, it's beautiful! The fire you've made all that time ago is só smart and you've altered it to such a realistic fire, I love it! Dear Elizabeth, I wish you all the best and strength to deal with all of this sadness in your life and especially the time to come. I'll burn a candle for you and your family for moral support and wish that no more loss will cross your path for a long long time. Take care, Monique

  14. First comes this major hug! It is so hard to mourn
    a loved one, especially at times like this. I understand. My parents are gone Know I am praying for your heart .
    Your Land's End is so realistic and inspiring. I believe your mom is smiling and saying Wow for me! :-)

    I was feeling a little down when I signed on today. Now, I am going to do what you did... get busy with my minis. Thanks.

  15. Elizabeth, I am sorry to learn of the loss of your mother; you've had such sad times during a short interval. I know that your grief is great, but you seem to have great inner strength as well that will help you during this very hard time.
    The Land's End Christmas rooms done in your mother's honor are beautiful. What a lovely and loving tribute to her memory! The cozy fire is a creative challenge that you met with your usual inventive skill. It's a perfect fire that I hope will bring warm and happy thoughts of your mother.
    I wish you much comfort during this difficult time.

  16. just putting my arms around you for a big hug. I am so sorry for your losses. I hope you take your time to mourn and after that be whole again.

  17. Dear Elizsabeth, I am so sorry for the loss of your loved ones in such a short time. This is such a lovely tribute to your mother, thank yo for sharing it with us. Huge hugs from Netherlands, Susi

  18. E - Your dear mom and brothers are so very proud of you! You've got so much life and love in you, so GO girl! You've got this!

  19. Elizabeth, what a horrid time you have had. I completely sympathise with not wanting to do anything (our family had a similar run a number of years ago - it never rains, it pours, as they say). I hope that 2016 looks up and that you can get moving again, find your mojo and all that. Although hobbies tend to look frivolous or meaningless during life's real moments, they can bring a lot of soothing, calming stress release. Take it easy over the holiday period.

  20. Oh Elizabeth, I am so sorry for your loss. It is hard to bear. I can't take the burden of your sadness but know that I have you in my thoughts and heart. Your Christmas rooms are a lovely tribute to your beloved mother. Thank you for sharing your sadness and your talent with us

  21. Es muy duro asumir tantas perdidas en tan poco tiempo, pero hay que tener ánimo . Hay que seguir viviendo. Me parece un homenaje precioso el que has hecho a tu madre. El fuego es perfecto.

  22. I'm so sorry for your loss. That is definitely a lot to deal with, and your emotional ups and downs are easily understood. Sending you lots of hugs.

    I love the Christmas touch at Land's End. I must say, the fire looked like Heat Miser's hairdo at one step! :D Good memories, there! Very creative use of a good find!

  23. This is very sad news... I'm very sorry for you losing these dear people. But I think it was the best decision you could make to bring Christmas to Land's End especially in honor and memory of your Mom. You've brought such a cozy atmosphere in there full of lovely details and you've taken some brilliant photos. Thanks for sharing the how-to of your gorgeous fireplace.


  24. Dear Elizabeth, my heart goes out to you and your family for all the loss you have endured these two years past! It is never easy to loose family and loved ones, and especially difficult at holiday times when the loss is felt so strongly. Of course you are up one minute and down the next.... the heart takes time to heal. My thoughts and prayers are with you, hoping that your faith will help you find solace at this difficult time. And I agree with the others that it is a wonderful tribute to your Mother to decorate Lands End for Christmas! And as usual... you have done it with Elizabeth flair and awesome results! (Did you Know how in Fashion those really tall narrow trees are this year??? I have seen them in no fewer than four magazine spreads!) Your version for Lands End is Perfect! As for the fire you made... I am speechless! (well, never, really, lol!) But....Felt??!!! A Bicycle ring!!! Glitter and paint.... You really are a Genius with materials!!! I am shaking my head in wonder! As for the kitchen and the rest.... you are just so good at setting a mood.... filling it with the right details and every detail is in perfect scale!!! Wow! I LOVE your Christmas setting in this room... and you just threw it together...! I truly hope it has given you some peace and that you can come to this little room and stare into the fire and weep if you need to. At any rate, please take care of yourself. I am thinking of you.

  25. What a fabulous way to celebrate your mum! You made a lovely holiday scene and the details are amazing. I couldn't stop peering at each picture to find all the little things you placed about the rooms. It's fantastic.

  26. Oh Elizabeth, I'm so sorry to hear of another loss to you and your family. Only time can really help but sharing special occasions with family aids the healing. Joyce would be loving the christmas scene created in her honour, it is a beautiful and evocative memorial to her.

  27. Thank You Everybody for sharing your thoughts and feelings with me regarding my mother and brother's passing. I highly regard each of you and all of your wise words of both comfort and support that you have so generously expressed. Although my heart is still very heavy, some of your comments have indeed cheered made me smile. Working on these two rooms HAS brought a lot of "soothing,calm" as well as stress relief. And well, I know that many of you have had it just as rough if not rougher than I, and I thank you for sharing with me even in the midst of your own personal tragedies.
    God's Blessings on each one of you,
    And Merry Christmas!

    elizabeth :)

  28. The rooms look so nice, warm and cosy. It is a lovely tribute to your mother. I'm very sorry that you have lost your mother and brothers in a short time. My condolances. Warm greetings and a hug, Aurora

  29. Votre travail est un merveilleux hommage à votre maman et à vos frères.
    Permettez moi Elizabeth de vous souhaiter une merveilleuse fête de Noël dans l'amour et le souvenir.

  30. Es muy duro sentir la perdida de tres personas tan queridas en tan corto plazo de tiempo, sentir la orfandad (mis padres fallecieron justo los dos hace un año), date tiempo , sentirás que están muy cerca de ti.Mi corazón también está contigo.
    Tus trabajos son fantásticos, has puesto todo el amor que sentías en el recuerdo por tu madre, mis felicitaciones
    Mis mejores deseos en estas fechas , Besos:-)

  31. Inner work and hobbies are good medicine for the ails of the heart. While they will never cure the pain, sometimes its good to retreat into smaller worlds, I think we all do this.

    I have read wondrous tales from you over the years, seen the spark of imagination from your mind into reality and awed at your talent.

    This inner fire, wondrous creation and eye for beauty was certainly crafted into your genes and no doubt very soul, its the same blood that ran in your mother and brothers and shows importance.

    Loss is just that, a void and a place to sink into but realize that you are supported, even if by miles of wire and digital dodadery by your friends here in this space.

    Your work in honor of your mother is a beautiful place, I hope your sadness fades and when you look upon these works in time you see happy memories.

    Hugs and encouragement to you Ms E!

  32. Hola Elizabeth, siento muchísimo la pérdida de tu madre y hermanos, realmente es un golpe muy duro en muy poco tiempo.
    Has hecho un bonito homenaje a tu madre con ese ambiente navideño.
    Yo también tengo ese led, pero no me atrevo a desmontarlo, a tí te ha quedado genial.
    Un fuerte abrazo.

  33. Elizabeth,

    I'm so very, very sorry to hear of your loss. You have my deepest heartfelt sympathy.


  34. I am so sorry for the roller coaster nightmare you are on.
    Thank you for posting your wonderful house. A great way to honor your mother. Your fire is spectacular---

  35. Dearest Elizabeth. Please accept my condolences I am so deeply and truly sorry for your loss. One blow after another in what must have been a devastating year for you and your loved ones. What courage you have in trying to soldier on in spite of all. One day at a time is all anyone can do. Sending out love and prayers for you. <3

  36. Elizabeth, ik wens je heel veel sterkte toe, met het grote verlies van drie geliefde personen in zo'n korte tijd. Dat het vieren van kerst voor jou een heel andere belevenis is nu, begrijp ik heel goed, je depressie, er zullen er veel zijn die de zelfde belevenis hebben, maar misschien helpt het je als je bedenkt dat je het ook voor je moeder doet om het juist wel te doen. Zij is je engeltje geworden dat meekijkt met wat jij doet.
    Ik wens je goede feestdagen en innerlijke rust.
    Liefs Thea

  37. Que de tristesse pour vous, cette année encore !
    Je comprends votre peine. Que vous dire de plus que courage, vous abez en vous de grandes ressources,ce message le prouve
    Cest un beau Noël que vous avez créé !
    Je vous embrasse.
    Que cette fin d'année vous apporte douceur et sérénité. Joce

  38. The fact that you took the time to post during such a tough time is proof of your enduring spirit. You are strong and you will in time celebrate life again. But you have to mourn. It's normal and essential to your healing. So what if your tree isn't up? Christmas is in your heart and memories. Don't worry about the superficial stuff. I'll be thinking of you in this hard time and will pray for you. You are such a sweet and generous heart. Take comfort knowing that you have many angels watching over you now. Merry Christmas Elizabeth.
    Lots of love and big hugs♥♥♥,

  39. What a moving post! I think with your Christmas scene you did a wonderful tribute to your mother. Mourning and accepting things take time, but remember that even if loved ones are not with us anymore they are still very present in our minds and hearts and also that they would like us to go on with our lives.
    That's what you've just done with this amazingly beautiful scenes, they would be very proud of you.
    You managed to create a very cosy and sweet Christmas scene, and the fire does a lot to give this atmosphere.
    Merry Christmas!

  40. I am so sorry for all your loss. So many close family relatives in a short period of time. This happened in my family. My cousin (o course, these are all relatives to me as well) lost her mother and then her sister (of H1N1) her step brother, step mother and father in less than a year. She still struggles.
    So sweet you are doing this to honor your mother.
    I love that fire place and all your minis.
    Hopefully in time things will get better. I know you will miss them forever. Hugs

  41. Oh my! My dear sweet Elizabeth. I read your post with a heavy heart. I am so sorry. I cannot even begin to imagine what you have been going through. There are no words....
    (((big hugs)))
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I pray the Comforter puts His loving arms around you all.
    Your house is such a beautiful tribute to your mum. You have decorated it with absolute perfection. It is cosy, inviting and just gorgeous! Your attention to detail is exquisite!
    Take your time to heal and remember.
    More hugs,

  42. Hello Elizabeth - I discovered your blog about a year ago and was so fascinated I did a 'marathon' read of it for about a week! Now, I check back every so often for anything new and was saddened to learn of your mother's passing - I am so sorry for your loss - and my emotions are still quite 'raw' having lost my mom suddenly from heart failure, January 2014. Your tribute to your mom's love of Christmas is poignant and beautiful. I did something similar last Christmas for my mom's love of Christmas villages. I created an elaborate landscape of icy waterfalls and forests surrounding all the beautiful Dept. 56 'Dickens' pieces she had collected over the years. It made me feel so good to put up that village! (I also put up a tree and trimmings in my real life house because I would have been too depressed if I hadn't) I think about my mom every day and you will too - but that's a good thing. I know this is already a very long comment, but one more thing, it surprised me how much it comforted me when both friends and even complete strangers came up and gave me hugs and condolences so here's a GREAT BIG (virtual) HUG to you Elizabeth! Take care, Michele (I'm not really an 'anonymous' just a miniaturist without a blog!) ;-)

  43. The fire is brilliant! And you got a wonderful Christmas scene here =) Merry Christmas and happy new year!

  44. I was a bit quick on the "send away-button here" I almost forgot to say that I'm so sorry for your loss! I've heard so many having sickness and death this year, but also many wonderful things, like new born babies and happiness. I wish you the best for next year!

  45. Dear Elizabeth, you certainly have been having a lot of grief. Too much for one person! Once again, I would like to offer my condolences on the passing of your mother. It must have been extremely difficult for her to lose two sons in such a short period of time. Putting up a wee Christmas tree in this little dollhouse is a beautiful tribute to her and one which I am sure she would appreciate. And, who knows, perhaps she can see it. We don't really know what we can see or not afterwards, do we? It's not an impossibility.

    This ring is quite the wonder ring. Your imagination is always working, Elizabeth, and it's always so amazing the things that come out of that pretty head of yours. You are very talented at taking things apart and fitting them to suit your purposes. What a brilliant concept what you did with the felt. You're a genius, Elizabeth. You have every right to be proud of your fiery creation. It's exceptional!

    Dear Elizabeth, even though your heart was not in it, you worked very hard to create this beautiful tree which is so striking. I absolutely love it with all the little gifts underneath. It must have taken you forever to do all this. You are so patient. Because it was a labour of love, you were able to see it through.

    Thank you for all those little tips about the Christmas cards and the roots painted with chalk paint. Those are all things I would never have thought of doing. I can't get over all the little wonders that you find in the very same dollar store I shop at. I can't get over what you have done with that wee tree in the dome. I love those Hallmark pieces! You have created an extraordinary Christmas scene. You are such a motivator, Elizabeth.

    I love the kitchen scene and that little lamp makes a huge difference. Your collection of little objects is extraordinary and I would love to have one like that but I suppose it took you years to collect all these little items. I thought that I would try to buy for one room each month when I start adding the ornaments.

    You have created a Christmas scene of beauty and enchantment, Elizabeth and you have brought much joy to all those who look upon it. Thank you very much. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I want to add that I will pray for you, Elizabeth, as I had no idea you were undergoing a situational depression of this magnitude. Please take care and try to go with the tide. Don't let the storm destroy you, my friend. Your children need you.

  46. Sweet Elizabeth,
    It is understandable that you are experiencing depression caused by so much loss. I am so sorry that you've lost your beloved mom and two brothers...truly more than one heart should have to bear.

    Grief is a weird thing, it comes in so many guises...depression, lack of interest in our passions, plain old fatigue, and so many more that can change by the day. My mom passed away unexpectedly 1 8 months ago, and I miss her more every day.

    I hope that you can find rest and nurture as you navigate this time on a stormy sea...and I know that you have our Mutual Friend in that boat with you. He holds your heart, I know.Even though I only know you from blog-land, your talent and your dear self has made a big impact on me. I recently read Green Dolphin Street just because of your lovely miniature, and thought of you as I meditated on the themes in the story.

    You'll be in my prayers.

  47. Dear Elizabeth,
    It is difficult to write publicly as grief is so personal. I can see through the supportive comments that grief casts shadows on so many lives. I often contemplate when I am in a public place and observe people's expressions and behaviour that we have so little insight into any other lives.
    Fatima and I had the privilege of attending your memorial for your Mother and it was truly a heart lifting event to see how well loved she is and how her life effected those around her. Inspiring too! I want to be that Grandmother and Mother who is remembered with such warmth!
    It has been a sad couple of years for you but you will endure and be joyful.
    Thank you for being such a staunch friend.
    All our love Janine and Bruce

  48. Oh this is beautiful! I'm sure your mother would have loved it. I'm so sorry for your losses - I can't imagine how hard it must have been to go through all that in such a short space of time. :(

  49. This a beautiful post.I think it won't be easy for you this Christmas. Your tribute to your mom's love of Christmas is amazing,Joyce will be very proud of you.I love your minis and I can't say thank you enough for sharing so many great ideas.
    I wish you all the best for the New year.Take care and God bless you. Big Hug

  50. Love Love your Christmas decorations, the fire is amazing too. Adds so much to the scene, one of my fav things to do is sit by the fire! Have a wonderful and joyous Merry Christmas. Jenn

  51. Once Again, I would like to THANK each of YOU for your wonderful words of comfort and good cheer. Your support has been such an unexpected but most welcomed TREASURE. Some of your comments have made me smile and have been most encouraging. Some comments have made me feel sadness for YOU because several of you have had to go through the pain of losing someone close to you too, and the pain you are bearing is still hurting and a great burden in your lives, and I think that you are very brave for putting it out there. Hurt is often eased when we feel that we can express it in safety.
    So Thank You, each and every one of you for sharing your thoughts and comments with me. It is SO GOOD to realize that God does not leave us without Friends during times like this.
    And You have ALL been my friends.
    Happy Christmas Eve and
    God Bless Us EVERY ONE! :D

  52. Thank you for the beautiful tutorial and photos. I'm so sorry for your losses. It's only NATURAL that you would feel depressed after so many losses in a row, or even one of them. Be gentle with yourself as you take the necessary time to grieve. Big hugs! xo Jennifer

  53. Oh Elizabeth I am so sorry to hear about your losses. It is hard when it all happens so close together.
    I had the same problem with this Christmas.
    You did a beautiful job on this. It feels warm and full of love.
    Please be careful not to get lost in the grief. Your mother gave you life and you must live it to the fullest. That is what I always tell myself after losing my father. They want us to grieve and then heal but most importantly they wish for us to LIVE!!
    Big mini hugs to you!

  54. What a wonderful, wonderful post! Nothing I could say now would be original. Thank you for taking the time to bring Christmas to your Blog friends. You are an amazing woman!
    Hope to see you soon.

  55. Wow beautiful. I love your amazing magical scenes! Happy New Year!!! Dear Elisabeth!!!! I love your minis!

  56. Your fire is one of the best fires I've ever seen in outstanding and such a terrific idea. Your scene is wonderful. Your blog is such a lovely tribute to your mother and I'm so sorry for your loss. I know you will be blessed in so many ways in your life and I hope you will soon feel wrapped in love and joy again. Big Hugs, Jean

  57. Love the roaring fire! What a great find the bike ring was. We must always be on the look out for the unexpected finds because we never know what can work in miniature!

    I am saddened to hear about all the loss you and your family have suffered, all in such a short span of time. You and your family are not far from my thoughts and prayers, always. Mini hugs to you!!! I am sure your mother would be so honored to see this beautiful Christmas room all set up for her. It's just perfect. :)

  58. Elisabeth...siento mucho esos acobtecimientos,las separacionos siempre son doorosas
    Su madre adoraba ka navidad y estoy segura que ha estado a su lado y ese fuego brilla como nunca he visto en miniatura....brilla tanto como el amor entre ustedes.
    Ya soy seguidora..espero que la creatividad siga luciendo en sus minis....tiene a sus seres queridos velando por usted y los suyos.
    Un abrazo

  59. Elisabeth...siento mucho esos acobtecimientos,las separacionos siempre son doorosas
    Su madre adoraba ka navidad y estoy segura que ha estado a su lado y ese fuego brilla como nunca he visto en miniatura....brilla tanto como el amor entre ustedes.
    Ya soy seguidora..espero que la creatividad siga luciendo en sus minis....tiene a sus seres queridos velando por usted y los suyos.
    Un abrazo

  60. So sorry to hear of your sad losses Elizabeth. My father died last Summer and like you I have good days, remembering days and sad days. All the 'firsts' will be very difficult for us all but I try to remember all the sunny times and that helps.
    Take care honey.