Monday, 23 June 2014


When I was a little girl, I learned a lot of popular music from watching kids singalong cartoons and by
 "Following the Bouncing Ball!"
As a result
 I know all the lyrics to "Ain't she sweet" and " I got spurs that Jingle Jangle Jingle"
this makes me very popular at trivia parties
Any adult in North America, who grew up watching a lot of Saturday Morning T.V. in the mid 1950's and 60's would be very familiar with these musical cartoons.
I even learned to spell "Mississippi"from listening to cartoon songs.
however,the only time I have ever needed to know how to spell "Mississippi"  and use it in a sentence,was just now,
educational television works! :D

  I learned the following song, ( printed below), from a cartoon featuring
 "Herman the Mouse and Katnip the Cat."
Originally recorded in Real Life by Bing Crosby, it was later featured in a Harvey Cartoon and sung by Louise the mouse
here are some of the lyrics, which have stuck with me even after all these years

"When Madam Pompadour was on the Ballroom floor
Said all the gentlemen "Obviously"
the Madam has the cutest... "Person al ity"
And think of all the books, about DuBarry's looks
What was it made her the toast of Par-ee?
She had a well-developed.... hmmm

Mae Questel, the voice of Betty Boop, Olive Oyl & Sweet Pea ( from the Popeye cartoons), Casper the Friendly Ghost, Little Audry and Little Lulu, sings this song as a mouse named 'Louise'.
I just learned all of this through google
so I am sure that you are no doubt asking yourself, 
"Why in the world is she talking about cartoon songs, and how is any of this related to miniatures?"
(here is my answer)
  when I was getting this post together, that 
"PERSONALITY" song about two iconic FRENCH WOMEN, sung in
 burlesque by an American cartoon mouse-lady, with a rather high and squeaky voice,
 kept playing in my brain, all because of THE FAUX FRENCH WIG that I made many months ago for a French inspired roombox which I had started last year and then had abandoned.
I needed props for my new series of Faux Rococo Vanity Trays (destined for etsy),  and in looking around at what I could use, I spied my wire mesh hair piece, perched upon my rather uninteresting and very bland- looking dresser. 
( the music in my head, kept on playing)
Then one thing led to another and before I knew it, not only the perfume trays were new and improved, but the French Dresser as well.

And since the dresser was re-vamped, so too, was the gothic wall mirror;
in fact, EVERYTHING within the old roombox was hauled out, and given 
a new and cuter
Here is how it happened
These are the original perfume trays that I  made and then had second thoughts about.
I didn't feel that they had enough "Pizzazz" 

so I took them all apart and tried to make them more frilly and fun!

but then I needed a prop or two for display
enter the
French Dresse

(not very exciting)

' ho hum'
oui oui

and now,
for  your viewing pleasure
 may I present to you
 the series of my new
rococo vanity trays








 and chic!

instant replay
I have grouped them in pairs to show you again

The entire French collection at a glance

***So now for a closer look at the contents of the French styled dresser
(from my personal collection)
  inspired by the wig and the song from the cartoon
My up-dated French Vanity
This scene contains bits and pieces from my personal collection for a future French Project.
It no longer fits the old roombox anymore.

A look at my designer bags.  The Chanel shopping bag is a resin
"token of appreciation"

(which I certainly do appreciate! )
I painted a pair of plain, pot metal shoes with black, gold and white nail varnish and then I added 

a gold shoe buckle ( a section of metal filigree cut from thrift store earrings)
a la' Chanel.

The Bestey Johnson "Betseyville"handbag is made of fimo and found at the thrift store in a bag of junk jewelry.  The paper Hermes shopping bag is made by Janine, clever girl! She reduced the actual Hermes ribbon and draped it over the side of the bag! 
tres chic!
Linda Park made the paper roses and I made the hot pink silk cushion for the stool from a man's silk tie.... purchased from the thrift store.

the dresser is painted with Larkspur Blue Patio acrylic Paint,
purchased at Michaels craft store.  I, of course, layered brown water-based gel stains to age and tone down the color. I then used both gold and silver nail varnish (dollar store) to add the faux gilding to the wood. 

I would also like to point out the floral carvings on the middle drawer front as well as further down.
The carvings are from dimentional nail art that I recently purchased from Sally's, a local nail supply house.
If you scroll back up to the perfume trays, you will see more of the nail art used for the ornamentation on the trays as well as on the bottles and on the hand mirrors.  They are rather pricey but I love them and trying them out on the dresser was a spur of the moment idea but I think it works.
What do you think?
The Laduree Macaroons are a hand-made gift from Fatima! Oui Oui!
I believe that these were a new thing for her to try out and Oh My Goodness,  don't they look good enough to eat ?!

They are sitting on the Beautiful French cushions that were a Giveaway Prize from Margaret at
 My Petit- Parterre.  C' est Si bon! 

the ornate resin boots are former earrings that I bought from the thrift store and then hand-painted in the fun and funky fashionista colors that you see.
I haven't collected enough French things as yet, to fill a house, but
 The  oval mirror is fashioned from dollar store hair clip, to which I added tiny metal cupids and a back support.   The larger mirror was a Christmas tree Ornament from many years ago.
Do you see the etched pattern in the glass?  There is a story behind that  I think you would find quite interesting.  I had purchased a few of these gothic mirror Ornaments and passed some onto both Janine and Fatima.  I used one in my GOTHICA, roombox which I painted to look like a dark heavy wood.  But when I was getting ready to paint a second mirror for the French roombox, I couldn't easily detach the glued in plastic mirror, so I decided to TRY to soften the glue  by placing the ornament in the microwave for JUST A FEW SECONDS.    I LAID A PAPER TOWEL OVER THE GLASS TURNTABLE INSIDE THE MICROWAVE TO PROTECT THE SURFACE AND THEN I TURNED THE MIRROR FACE DOWN, thinking that by covering the shiny metallic "glass", I would would fool the machine and thus prevent any harm and/ or Ruin my Microwave, in attempting to get the glue softened.
I kept my fingers crossed and turned the machine on....
3 Seconds LATER there was a FLASH!!! 

 I stopped the microwave and opened the door.
The plastic glass was still stuck fast BUT on the surface of the plastic mirror, there was 

the MOST BEAUTIFUL CRAZING!   Just as if Jack Frost had touched the glass and left his finger-prints.  I told Janine about what I had done and she tried it out too. 
It works beautifully!
I am only telling all of you this because sometime you just never can tell where an experiment will lead you.  In the process, I would say that this gothic mirror ornament acquired some additional
(and my microwave is still going strong)

And about THAT FAUX FRENCH WIG, that got the ball rolling  for me....
I made it out of some super fine gold metal mesh.  I stuck flowers, feathers, paper roses, jewels and gems and black filigree butterflies all through it. Then I made a mask using paper and more nail art gems and glitter.  I glued the concoction to the wood wig stand that I embellished with even MORE nail art, and a large pearl choker.
I think that both Madam du Pompadour and Madam du Barry would be pretty impressed,
except that is ...  if they actually had to wear it! hahaha

And since I was able to find the cartoon song through google on youtube,

 I will leave you to listen to what I was able to remember so well after  50+ years.
(yet I still can't remember my email passwords)
go figure?

Thank you to the Saturday morning television of my youth
inspiration can be found in many forms
even in singing cartoon mice
 Sing it, Louise!



  1. First thanks for that cartoon. Boy I loved those old ones. Do you remember the Mickey Mouse one with him whistling and patting his foot? My daughter and I have a joke about that. lol
    Now to the good stuff. Now I understand why my trays never excited me. They don't have personality like yours! Your scene is really popping! I can see the creative juices were really flowing and on a roll. The mirror that cool wig stand...all super! Great job! Now to take another look at my blah vanity trays.LOL

    1. Hey Grandmommy, my reply got bumped below Wyrna

  2. I love to see posts from you. It is so beautiful and so delicate. Your pictures are so beautiful and your beautiful mins proving so graceful. Congratulations on your big suces on Etsy.
    Beautiful beautiful beautiful.

    1. Good day Wyrna! Thank you for your comment and your compliments! :))
      I don't think that I have ever had any one say that my work was "Graceful" before! I often think of my work as just the opposite, so this word 'graceful' has given me food for thought. :))
      Thank you, Wyrna


  3. Good Evening Grandmommy! :)) I am so glad that you like those old cartoons as much as I do. I think the Mickey Mouse cartoon that you are referring to is "Steamboat Willy." :D
    The great thing about living now is that all of those memories that I once thought were long lost, can all be retrieved again. It took me many tries through Google to finally find the original cartoon, and then after I found one, I found LOTS AND LOTS! Everything that I grew up on.
    Now about the trays. I am a very conservative kinda person and it was a stretch to "let my hair down" so to speak. Once I got started though, it was hard to stop. I am glad that you like the display and it's Great that you find the scene "really popping!" Thank You for saying so. :)) I had way more fun re-making them, than I did when I made them the first time around. Putting the scene together was an opportunity to take a bit of a break from my English styled doll's house and do something totally frivolous. I guess you could say I was stepping outside the (room) box! hahha


  4. Dear Elisabeth, your journey in the miniature world is fabulous as usual. I love to accompany you: going virtually through the shops hunting for treasures, making experiments with the different techniques and assembling the pieces! I think that each step in your creative process is so exciting!
    I always read with great pleasure all your posts and I learn a lot, too. :)

    1. Dear Ersilia! I Thank You and I forward the compliments right back to you! Your experiments during the processes that you go through in your journey has the same effect on me! :))
      I "treasure hunt" far too often, and have way more than I could ever use up in a lifetime. It is good to share and as far as techniques go, so often it is purely accidental. I share those experiences too, to show that mistakes can often be turned to advantage when making minis. The most frustrating thing is trying to recall ALL of the steps that led up to the "happy accident" in correct order, so that I can do it again On Purpose! :D

  5. Hi Elizabeth,

    Ooh-la-la! The trays are gorgeous :-) I love your use of "found objects" and and creativity!


    1. Hi Julie! Merci Beaucoup!:)) "Finding objects" is one of the things that I like to do ALL of the time, which is way too much! I need to stay out of the thrift stores because it is a death trap for my wallet! haha
      I am delighted that you like the trays, Julie. I like them too, as they are a departure from anything I've done before. It has been lots of fun to make them and use up just a few of the hundreds of beads, that came from all of those tempting thrift stores! :D


  6. Hi Elizabeth! As usual, your work is magnificent! What a wonderful knack you have for putting together the most beautiful trays I have ever seen! The bottles are exquisite! I always enjoy your blog! You creations are always so unique and your scenes so enchanting!

  7. Great stuff! Thanks for the explanations and photo guided tour. I've been curious about trying nail art in minis, I think yours turned out wonderfully :D

    1. Hi Debora! Thank You! :)) I think that Nail Art is one of the best things to happen to miniatures as a side effect. Some of the art that I see used on nails is incredible and it just keeps getting more refined and more detailed. Because of its popularity, it is becoming very accessible too, even found in dollar stores. Not all of it is good, but when it is good it is usually Very Good!
      Thank You for your comment,and I hope that you WILL give it a try. :))


  8. Hi Lucille! Thank You so much for you compliments Lucille and may I respond by saying how much I like your new avatar! I've seen this new photo of you, on other blogs I've commented on and was so pleased by your new "take charge" pose! :D
    It really suits you!
    I am glad that you like the trays Lucille.
    In trying to make them more fun and fanciful, I'm looking to break out of my old box, too! :))


    1. Dear Elizabeth! You are priceless, dear little friend. Thank you for your kind words! I am not at all photogenic and one of my granddaughters was visiting and she decided to take a picture of me. I was nervous as always during a "photography session" (lol) and she said to just play with the camera and do all sorts of things. I kept posing and she kept clicking away! And this is how it came out. Glad you like it! Take care and keep on creating! It most certainly is in your genes!

    2. I am glad that you were brave enough to take the chance with the camera Lucille. I too, am camera shy, so I know just how much courage you need to muster up a pose. Your granddaughter did good and so did You!:D

  9. Hi Elizabeth, Your posts are always so fun! I love following your process, hearing where you found those fab found objects, and then hearing how you came to make something the way you did. I love what you've created here, and I would thoroughly enjoy having this dressing table and all of its wonderful ornaments in my space. It would be uplifting and fun, fun, fun! Those individual vanity trays are a little taste of heaven too! Thanks for everything. xo Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thank You! :)) It IS a process and often when I am writing it all down, I wonder just how crazy I might sound to others. My thought process is rather erratic and it is challenging to keep the words about my work, intelligible.
      I didn't really like my dressing table very much before, NOW I do! Changing the color and fussing it up, made quite a difference. When I do finally get around to making my French styled house ( next Big project after Green Dolphin Street) I want to make it both classical and contemporary with a leaning towards Fashionista! That way I can indulge in the Fun Factor to my hearts content! :D


  10. I love your vanity trays Elizabeth! They are delicate and original and fun :)

    1. Oh Thank You Ruth! I am so glad that you like the trays. I did have a lot of fun trying to make them different that what I had done before and different from anything I had seen on the internet. I am happy that you think that they are also a success! :D


  11. OMG my entre into that charming, little ditty was Florence Henderson (AKA Mrs. Brady) singing in a TV commercial that her fried chicken had a certain 'Wesson-ality!'

    Your trays are GAW-JESS!

    1. Heeheehee! Yes, I do remember that "Weson-ality" commercial very well, and now I'm craving some fried chicken!!! Arrrgh,.... and I just finished breakfast.
      Thanks for another trip down memory lane, John, and Thank You for your compliment! :D


  12. This is so beautiful! When I saw the finish of the dresser on your first picture I was totally hooked. It's such a perfect finish. I love how you achieve your aged looks. Amazing! And your new trays and bottles are so pretty!! I'm just ooohing and aaahhhing at every shot. The little Betsey Johnson is so cute. I wonder who made it and why they would give it away. Your gain! Love the Hermes bag too. The whole scene together is marvelous. It's like a dressing room after a day of shopping. Complete with a snack. So lovely!!

    1. Hi there Caroline! Thank You for all those lovely observations! :D The look of the end of a hectic shopping day is Exactly what I was trying for. I am usually more conservative in what I do but here Extravagance was called for. This hovers somewhere between shabby and chic. The finish on the dresser was made to look well-used and though formal in style it is more casual in its usage. I decided on some rather bright colors too, so that the Betsey Johnson bag wouldn't look out of place. Anyone with a bag like that would not be shy of color! I am glad that you like the finished scene Caroline.
      And Thank You again for your beautiful compliments! :D


  13. Hi Elizabeth,
    So happy to see all your creativity so prettily expressed in the trays. Also, you are the only person I know that could make that dressing table look pretty. I am going to give you another of the same so you can show the actual 'before' as it is so exceedingly dull.
    You are a great inspiration.
    Talk soon.

    1. My Dear Friend! It has been a while since I have seen you back on the blog; Hooray!!!! :D I am glad that you like the trays Janine. And what a compliment about the dresser too! You know how much I like transforming stuff.....
      I'll take it!!! :D


  14. While I missed out on your "Herman the Cat", I do have access to Sally's and would NEVER have thought of going there for mini accessories. I love what you're done to the little trays and all the marvellous detail (especially the trim added to the picture frame). I'll be visiting Sally soon, I'm sure - can't let an opportunity like that go by!

    1. Hi Irene! I am so happy to hear that you have a Sally's there in Scotland! Often when I mention a particular store that is all over North America, there is no equivalent in Europe.
      The decorating of the picture frame was the first time I tried that. I am rather pleased with the way it turned out too. I really appreciate your comment and the compliments Irene and I wish you Happy Hunting for the nail art at Sally's!


  15. Bonjour ma chere Elizabeth,
    C'est simplement magnifique! Honey, you got personality oozing out of every pore. The Vanity is just a feast for the eyes. the vanity trays are wonderful and so much more alive, they were beautiful before, but know they are fantastic. The Vanity looks like a million dollars. I am glad the mirror experiment went better then you could of hoped. What a great surprise. It really is very elegant and the accessories you added have transformed the scene. Incredible work chere amie. you are unbeatable!
    Big hug,
    Ah...Herman the mouse...that brings me back!!!

    1. Merci beaucoup Monsieur Giac!:D
      That is as far as my french goes! hahah
      Thank You very much and I am glad that it meets with your approval, Master Builder of the Most Extraordinary Breakfast Room!!!!
      This post was all about color and fun and but I admit that I was nervous about whether I had gone too far with everything. It is wonderful to get such support and affirmations from my friends!
      Big hugs Back from both me AND Louise! :D


  16. Una entrada genial, por lo original de los comentarios y por lo bonitas que te han quedado las bandejas .

    1. Hello Isabel! Thank you for the comment about this post,; it makes me happy that you have enjoyed it!:D It is always a great pleasure for me to write, but sometimes the words don't always come out right. Trying to get what is in my head, translated to the page is often more work than making the minis! I am glad that you have enjoyed it though, and I am Very Glad that you like the new collection of trays! :D


  17. Dear wonderful Ms. Beth, oh how I love to frolic in the wondrous photos of elegance. I do love the touches of gold you have placed about, it brings out the little edges and details so perfectly.

    Your french dresser has transformed into a scene all within itself, your vanity and perfume trays are just little perfect works of art..I swear I could smell wafts of floral essence coming from the screen!

    I hope your gardens grow and you have time to enjoy some warm weather ;)
    A warm hug, ~J

    1. Ahhh Mrs. Smith! Your words are pure poetry to my big ears! hahah Thank You Jane. :D
      This was such a change of scene for me as I don't really 'do' elegant. But gold glitter nail polish is a lot more fun to use than gold enamel paint; not only is it lot cheaper, but it is shinier too! And since I was not trying to stay within the lines, it worked out quite well for the special effects. I am glad that the perfume trays can conjure up the fragrance through the screen. That's some pretty powerful perfume, I would say. haha
      We have had hot days here and then cold and wet days in between. My garden is currently in shambles. The roses are washed up and the weeds are growing like crazy! But I am looking forward to getting back outside and pruning again. I really enjoy pruning! :))
      hugs right back to you missy!


  18. Me encanta todo, tu búsqueda de tesoros, tus historias y lo que haces eres genial.

    1. Hi Sara! Thank you soooo much for saying that you enjoy my stories! That makes me feel so good! :D I try to make what I write interesting and hopefully, inspiring and informative. My pursuit of miniatures in unlikely places such as the nail salons and the thrift stores, shows others where they too, might find treasures. And finding miniatures where you would least expect them, is a whole lot of Fun! :D


  19. Hi Elizabeth! Your blog posts have always lots of fun for me :D! The way you write and you travel through your miniature world, to do your discoveries in how to make something are sometimes hilarious, as well as they are brilliant inventions :D! I love to read your blog post and to see the fabulous miniatures on your pictures, they look absolutely wonderful, romantic and very French :D!!
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona! Thank You for saying that these miniatures look "Romantic and French" Whooo hooo!!!! :D And Thank You for enjoying my posts!!! Sometimes when I write, I wonder just how "crazy" I might sound to others. I think that I am "normal" but when I start talking about singing mice and cartoon cats, will people think that I have finally lost my marbles? hmmm?
      Having a sane person like yourself, say that I am sounding okay makes me feel a whole lot better. I AM a mad scientist sometimes but most of my inventions are purely accidental. Nevertheless, it never hurts to have others think that you are "brilliant" so THANK YOU Ilona!
      hugs to you too :D


  20. Elizabeth I really like how you take ho hum and turn it into fab, it's that little touch that makes it glam. being a child of the 60's I remember Herman and Catnip cartoons and sing along with Mitch, dont forget Lawrence Welk BUT that was on one side of my's side..on Mom's side Grandma called herself an Oakie, watched Hee Haw and made us dance with her when she had a few beers under her belt, she was a clothes horse and her dresser would have the most wonderful perfumes..I think I got my clothing addiction from her..the Lawrence Welk Grandma..her dresser was ho hum..only one perfume and it smelled like old to wrap this up I have a few perfumes on my dresser and a ton of them under the bathroom sink..crazy doesn't get too far from the Asylum.....just thought you'd want to know


    oh I almost forgot..the trays remind me of Hee Haw Grandma..that's a good thing

    1. At Last... A Kindred Spirit!!! :D I remember "Sing along with Mitch" and I loved Leslie Uggams who used to be a regular on his show, do you remember her? Lawence Welk was not big on my playlist, but my mother-in-law was a big fan! Hee Haw was a riot and I am blushing to say that I use to watch that goofy show regularly. I remember that theme song too!
      I enjoyed this Marisa, we must do it again sometime. "heeheehee haw haw"


    2. of course I remember her,but what I remember most was Flipper, it was my favorite TV show (only because I had the biggest crush on Luke Halpin) oh the memories :)


  21. Феерическое представление! Вы набросали шарики для ногтей, все смотрится гармонично и шикарно! Мне показалось, что вы создавали весело и легко лотки с парфюмерией, . Я получила удовольствие, читая сообщение. Оно наполнено юмором и радостью.
    Мой друг, вы такая творческая леди! А какая смелая! Положить зеркало в микроволновую печь! Я бы умерла при первом звуке!! :):):) Но каков результат!!!! Очень красивый рисунок на зеркале!!!
    Я согласна с вами, магазин с мелочами это очень дорого!! :):):) Я всегда оставляю там много денег! :):):)
    Да, еще спасибо за экскурсию в детство. Сразу нахлынули воспоминания! Ах, как это было давно!!!!

  22. Hello My Dear Tatiiana! Thank you for your wonderful words! :D Childhood seems so far away but thanks to google, so much can be recaptured again. When I began re-making these perfume trays, I had no idea at the time that a childhood cartoon would play such a big part within this post, but once I began, I couldn't stop. I had an art teacher back in high school, who use to tell me to "loosen up" my sketching. It took me a few tries before I was able to, and then I went from submitting sketches with eraser marks all over the page, to sketches with none!
    It was much more liberating and way more fun! I applied some of what he taught me with the trays and also in re-working the dresser. I am so glad that you like them and the mirror,Tatiana! But I have to tell you, that I was bowled over with the perfume bottles that you made from the medicine capsules! That was soosoo Impressive and the tiny baby rattle was Fantastic! I love the way that you repurpose the most insignificant and commonplace things and turn them into Show-stoppers! I take my hat off to you, every time.
    I love your comments and I always look forward to them. And I am very glad to know that you are a thrift store shopper too! :))



  23. Hello, hello my friend.
    The trays are magnificent. Must say, I went looking on Etsy for the listings. Couldn't wait to see the response! They will surely get a lot of attention. Love the detail.
    And look at you getting all technical with a little video input. Thank you for sharing your work, words and time with all of us.

  24. Hello Fatima! :D I Thank You so very much my friend. As you can see, I finally got around to showcasing your wonderful French Macaroons! Everything can out for show and tell. I have just been to visit you and see that you have once again been up to some INCREDIBLE Mini Makings! Your PEONIES are to die for Fats and I may just have to place an order for some for "growing in the garden" of Green Dolphin Street. Truly Amazing work. :D
    And, heehee, I took another baby step forward, with learning all by myself, how to install that video clip. Not that I can remember now, how I did it. Short term memory for everything except old cartoons and commercial jingles.:D


  25. Ha ha.....I do love make the peonies. And I think a pot of your choice and colour of your choice will be on my schedule soon. Will be a great project while w are away for the summer on the boat. Did you see them on my site or on Etsy? I also moved on to make Ikebana arrangements. Have two on Etsy and developing three more. My secret craving to make them in life size has come out in mini. Of course you know that it is only because I am avoiding my electrical issue on the Garfield.

  26. I saw your Peonies in both locations AND I just saw your Mini Ikebana on your Etsy! You are Always full of surprises Fats! So poor Garfield is still without power? sigh
    Perhaps it just needs some of your Flower Power too!:D


  27. My Dear Elizabeth, you never fail to Astonish, Amaze and Astound me!!! That crazed mirror is unbelievable....the scientific Genius you exhibit with all your mixing and experimenting... the sheer Daring of it is way beyond me! And the results of your Personalitized trays is just gorgeous! Not to mention all the rest... the Frenchified Dresser... the converted mini accessories.... the thrift store finds... the WIG!!!! Tiny gold mesh????? What will you come up with next???? You are so Fearless and so Expert in your methods of madness.... or is it the Muses of Mice!!! I really cannot wait to see the entire Roombox on display! Oh, and I have a couple of those Gothic mirror Christmas ornaments.... waiting for the right setting.... but I would never dare to put them in the Microwave!!!! (Did you say three seconds??? Exactly three seconds???....Lol!)

  28. My Dear Betsy! I often feel "Mad" but there is really nothing scientific about what I do. The gold mesh was something that I have had hanging around for a couple of years and didn't have the heart to get rid of although, I have no recall of where it came from. I was fooling around with it last year and bunched it up and thought it looked like the beginnings of a french wig, and so decided to deliberately make it look like one. Once I made the form of it then I had to have something to display it on and so I glued it to the hat stand and proceeded from there to embellish it to the max.
    The mirror was such a complete surprise and it was either 3 or 4 seconds TOPS! If you are going to try it Betsy, then DO NOT leave the microwave and stop it as soon as the FLASH occurs. I am glad that you have these ornaments. I can't remember which store they came from; can you? The little red mirror that you have in your Rose Cottage Bathroom, is the same one that I have at the top of the staircase in Green Dolphin Street. It seems Betsy dear, that great minds think alike!!
    even if they are just a little "mad" :D


  29. You make it look and sound soooo simple!! But.... it needs the 'eye' and the imagination first. These are just scrumptious. marilyn

    1. Hi Marilyn! Everything seems a whole lot simpler once it is finished and behind you! Is this not so? :D It took a couple of tries before I was able to get the dressing table looking like I wanted and at least 3 days of working on the vanity trays. I didn't mind re-working the trays because they came together pretty quick but the dressing table was not quite so cooperative the second time around, and put up a little resistance. Nevertheless, I won the day! I am Delighted that you like them Marilyn, because I think that you have an "EYE" too! :))


  30. you manage to arrange such exquisite and delicate scenes that they make me dream and they definitely have a French touch. I find that Fatima's macarons with Margaret cushion are just perfect. your perfume sets are wonderful, my favourites are girly, formal and fun.

  31. Hi Genevieve! Thank you for your compliment and I think that my favorites are also "girly" and "fun" but I also like "romantic":))
    I thank you on behalf of Fatima about her macaroons and as I had been saving Margaret's cushions for a future French Project, it was a perfect combination and opportunity of being able to showcase both. :))
    I hope that you had a Great time at SIMP, Genevieve and I look forward to hearing all about it when I come to visit.
    And are there any "new kids in the neighborhood?"....


  32. Wow! So many fantastic details. I love the phone. Where is that from? Or did you make that piece? The perfume bottles are fabulous. So detailed and frilly! They would glam up any mini space. The Chanel shoes are SO much fun!!! Love it all! :)

  33. Hi Lindsey! Thank You for all these kind words! :D I did NOT make the French phone but I can't remember exactly where I got it from. It may have been from Ross's Treasure House, in North Vancouver or it could have been from the Seattle Miniature Show. I'm glad that you like it and the perfume tray collection! :D


  34. Hi Elizabeth! I simply love your perfume trays and scenes. Your make everything look so plentiful and rich in details. What happened to mirror in microwave oven is pure success that I would't dare to try :)

  35. Hi Ritta! Thank You so very much Ritta! :D I have been neglecting my Etsy site because of work but I hope to have them ready to go before the end of this week so be sure to tell all your friends! :D
    Yes, about the mirror... I don't know how I dared to try that either. Perhaps it is because I don't like to listen to Common Sense! hahahaha


  36. Hi Elizabeth! You have done some great work again =)
    And I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one going around singing cartoon songs =) I love TV =) I was walking around yesterday singing a Japanese song (not the actual word, because I can't speak, or sing Japanese) from a kid's TV show me and my daughter look at from time to time =) I just couldn't stop, it was stuck and I noticed I was humming it even in the store =)
    Anyway =) The trays are wonderful! I think the "fun" and "formal" trays are my favourite =)
    You have to bee careful microwaving things, putting metal-things in it can break it, I happen to forgot about it and microwaved a pot once, but the microwave didn't break, just made a loud sound and a flash and the pot looks a bit strange after that, a handle exploded, but everything went well =) And I can see that you got a nice looking mirror out of this =)

    1. Hi Hannah! Yes it is quite remarkable how songs and melodies can get stuck and replayed in your head, long after the fact. I think that is why some of the most successful advertisements are those that had a catchy jingle attached to it. As John mentions in his comment above, he recalls this "Personality" song as being one used for a Wesson cooking oil's,"Wesson-ality" advertising jingle from back in the Brady Bunch era. That is a long time ago and it is still there in his head. :))
      I am glad that you have enjoyed the trays Hannah, and please rest assured that I am Very Careful about what I put into my microwave. I have had glass break in it and oil explode and certain plastics melt, because of my carelessness. However, the intent was to try and soften the glue which was a FAIL. The surprise was the etched glass effect on the PLASTIC mirror. I am not recommending others to try this, I am just passing along an experience that I had unintentionally and that I was able to use to my advantage. But your warning is a good one! :D


  37. Cute song. As for the photos of all your miniatures - gorgeous, fabulous, exquisite.

    1. Hi Sharee! Thank You for your comment and for your compliments! :D I enjoyed making them and trying out something different in style that I hadn't t done before. :))
      I am always glad to hear from you and I wonder how your workroom re-organization is progressing? It was looking good last time I paid you a visit.


  38. Truly a work of art!! So romantic and feminine. I love those bottles.

    1. Hi Auralea! Thank You so much! I am so pleased that you have enjoyed them as much as I have had making them. I have almost finished loading the photos into etsy and so they will be for sale very soon. :D


  39. Hello Elizabeth!

    Finally found my way back again. The yellow brick road was a bit longer than I anticipated :-)Thank your your comment on my blog.

    As for these miniature trays! Wow!!! there's a little red head here glued to the screen! She loves them! So do I.
    I am so happy to be back and feast my eyes on so much beauty!



      I am so happy to see you again my dear lady. It has been a long time but I am so pleased that you have found your way back to Blogland again! I am sure that you took the road less traveled but you made it none the less. I trust that all is well and that Angelique (and new hubby) is too?
      Thank you for your comment on these trays, Veronique. I am now in the mood to make some more but those particular trays are all used up so trying out some plan "B's" . Great fun too! I WILL have these trays for sale by Friday night, just in case you were wondering? (wink wink)
      Big Hugs!


  40. Hi Elizabeth,
    So sorry I have not been by in such a long time, you are not on my blog roll and don't know if that is because I never joined as a follower or if it just got lost like so many other blogs that I do follow........I lost a lot of them for some reason unbeknowst to me!! lol

    This was such a cute amazing how things like that stay with us from
    childhood and make such an impression.........
    Love your pefume trays........I thought the first ones were great, then your new revamped ones definitely have sooooooooo much more personality, they are fantastic,
    just loved them all...........I am sure these are gonna be best sellers for sure.
    I love the french influence in decorating too.
    It was so nice to see what you have been up to and hope you are doing well hon.
    Keep up the great work, you really are amazingly talented.........and that was quite
    a great discovery there with the microwave. Isn't it so true how when we are just
    doing our thing and we make these great discoveries............that help us make things even better..............
    Take Care and keep making these adorable doll houses and accessories.

    Blessings, Nellie

  41. Hi Nellie! Lovely to hear from you again! :)) It is fun to be able to go back to the past and revisit those things that I never thought I would see again and look at them with adult eyes. Who would have imagined that this would have been possible when we were young? So much change over such a short span of time.
    All of the trays were fun to do just because they were out of my comfort zone. I would love to explore more of the French way of decorating but so far it has just been the dresser. Hoping to build up from there.
    The microwave Was Indeed a surprise and one that I pass on with a Caution to any potential future mad scientists! I don't know what I would have done if my microwave HAD exploded!!!
    Praise God that it didn't :D
    Thanks so much for your visit and your Most Welcomed compliments. :D
    Blessings to you Nellie and have a wonderful summer


  42. Hi Elizabeth! Sam here.
    Oh man, I had to laugh. About three weeks ago, I was taken to a Sally store for the first time in my life. While I was there, I found the dimensional nail stickers and bought them thinking that I will use it in my dollhouse one day.
    When I saw this blog post, I giggled out loud. Good Ol' Elizabeth, she doesn't just buy things and store them away, she actually makes things. I need to take a page out of your book and start making miniatures! Enough collecting Sam!
    Elizabeth, it is so wonderful to read and re-read your blog. You are funny and extremely talented. Thank you so much for an enjoyable blog and breathtaking pictures.

  43. Hi Sam, elizabeth here! :D
    I Totally enjoyed your comment and Thank You so much for it! It is very gratifying to know that you enjoy my blog and speaking of being funny, I don't think that I Ever laughed out loud so long or so hard as when I was reading your post about the delivery of the piano to Isabelle's house. It still causes me to chuckle when I think about it! :D
    Like you, I had never been to a Sally's store prior to last month and although my daughter had told me about its Grand Opening, I didn't even think about visiting it. My daughter was into her nails and making her Youtube tutorials, but I Was/Am all about the thrift stores so it was no "Big Whoop" at the time she told me. But as chance would have it, I was killing time and had money in my pocket so after about a year had elapsed, I found myself inside Sally's door and ... what da ya know? .... miniatures!
    I am so glad Sam, that you have had the foresight to buy at Sally's what you thought might come in handy. I have used up all of my original purchase and have already made a return trip. Best to have some on Stand By, I think.
    A Big Thank You again for enjoy the photos Sam. It is one of the things that I really do enjoy because it doesn't require waiting on MOJO ! Just point and shoot...
    And so "enough collecting" ... your nail art beckons " Sam,... PLEASE .... turn me into a mini"
    now YOU can make it happen :))


  44. Dear Elisabeth, thank you for your lovely comments of my blog. Because I have learned to make grapes made by you it´s important for me to tell others. I always do so.
    My kindly regards Kati

  45. Hi Katrina! I am very pleased that you enjoyed my " Grapes... they're a shoe in" tutorial and that you have used it so successfully in constructing your wonderful grape arbor! I admire your Cleverness and your Creativity and it makes me very happy to be a small part of it! :D
    Thank You for your comment!


  46. The dressing table looks tres French, I hope I don't get into trouble for not including the accent over the e in tres :D I love the new look perfume trays, they're all gorgeous, I think formal is my favourite, but each one has something in it to draw the eye in. Thats interesting about the microwave, sounds dangerous, but well worth it. It's a great effect too, I love the featheryness, who would have thought that would happen. I did know that if you stick a bulb into milk and put it in the microwave it will light up, though I don't think thats as useful as your discovery :D Now I need a microwave :D

  47. Hi Sarah! Thanks for your comments and your French/ Irish accent! I am just pretending that I know more French than I do. I can also say "Hi, How are you?" in Chinese. Comes in handy when I am at work, but when someone then thinks that I am fluent in either language,then I feel like a fool! :((
    I am Very Happy about the French look that these trays have and I especially enjoyed fussing them up! A different kind of style for me.
    About the microwave..... "KIDS DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!" :0
    I don't know what I would have done if it Blew out my microwave!!! The important point is that this is Plastic mirror and not glass. The feathery effect was totally unexpected when it happened. I have to admit that I tried it a second time too, and the crackle was more pronounced but still feathery! I shouldn't muck about with my machine though, cause I use it more than any other appliance in the house and that Includes my vacuum; which is code meaning I Eat more than I Clean! :D


  48. Hello Elizabeth,
    I am so glad to have found you. I was sure to win first price at the show with my shabby chic antique store but the competition was fierce this year. I was absolutely in awe about your exhibits. The way you capture a mood is stunning. I made many photos of your two projects and they came out amazing. The Gothic looks like and oil painting. I never heard or seen anything of you or about you, but you are an exceptional miniaturist and you deserved the two prices. I would like to know more about you as a person and a miniaturist.but did not see a profile on your blog. I hope you will continue to show your work at the Seattle show even if that means that I have to step down in the chance to win a price. I guess I got spoiled in the past.

  49. Oh this is such a Marvelous Surprise!!! Thank you for your Gracious Comments and your Most Welcomed Compliments regarding the Seattle Show.
    It was an Honor for me to be in such distinguished company with so many Super-talented miniaturists!
    I ADORED your Shabby Chic Antique Store and was Fascinated by your professional merchandising and the Ultra Feminine Shabby Chic decoration of your shop interior; filled from bottom to the top with the most AMAZING assortment of accessories!
    Me and my friends Fatima and Janine, took more photos of your store than of any others, because it was BEAUTIFUL both inside and out.
    I especially loved your side table against the back wall with the door for a backboard, not to mention the Artful display; in front of and around the side window; everything about your shop was simply OUTSTANDING!
    I am Very Glad you have gotten in touch with me "Unknown" and I am Very Pleased to meet you. : )
    Perhaps we will get a chance to see each other in person at the Seattle Show next year? If so, for me it will be ONLY as a shopper and a "can't miss a thing" Looky -Lou!


    elizabeth :D