Monday, 18 February 2013

"MMwha Ha Ha HAaH"( it's seriously creepy!)

 October 2013

Hello Boys and Girls!  When I first published this Halloweenish Post, it was back in Feburary 2013.  I was busy playing with the gel candle and I decided to make this little 'home brew' just for kicks!  As soon as I posted it, I had second thoughts and I  withdrew it almost immediately.  It was Sooo not the right time  for it, so it has been sitting in the "draft"all these many moons. And so before Halloween 2013 comes and goes and I forget that I have this stored; here is my contribution towards the spirit of the season.

                                                  So Come a bit closer,.... closer..... closer.....

Just so you know, I am not really a big fan of Halloween or Spooky stuff.  I could say that it  probably my least favorite holiday event and probably because it 'Just Ain't What it Used to Be'!  I remember it as being way more fun, ( once upon a time, a long time ago) but maybe it's because I'm not a kid anymore and neither are either of my two children.
Having said that I really have NO excuse for this post, other than that I wanted to experiment a little.     I'm about to show all those into Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc. and those who like to dally in the dark, a new way of entertaining dinner 'guests' ..... 

Heads Up! 

I picked up a string of skull beads at the thrift store last summer and decided to unstring them and fill the holes in the skulls to make them 'skulls' not skullbeads.  I used car putty which is red and dries pink.  You can see some of the residue on the top of the heads.  I left it to look a bit like earth.

One day,while walking my dogs up and down an alley, I chanced upon an old tennis ball that had been split in half and that I thought looked like a cauldron and so I picked it up and put it in my pocket and brought it home with me.  I decided to see if it could be made to look old and ratty fit for the skulls that I wanted to put in it.
I glued on some bead feet and began to coat the exterior of the ball with putty and paint until I had enough layers to make it look like roughly cast iron.  
My original idea was just to load the skulls into this soup bowl and have that, be that!
However, after making the tutorial of "I'm in Hot Water" where I used gel candles to create a boiling water effect, I was curious to see what else could be done with that medium

What is this you ask????? This is the sooty gel from the candle that  I was burning to try to get boiling water.  After reading the book that I had purchased on Gel Candles, I was in the mood to make something else and I decided to reuse the wasted gel to see if it would translate well as dirty water for the cauldron
I popped the dirty gel into a glass dish and headed for the kitchen

Into the microwave

Set the timer for 4 minutes to melt the gel 
I took the gel out, 15 seconds too soon and the gel is still a bit jellied in the middle but it  liquified  with a bit of toothpick encouragement 
Some of last night dinner!  These are chicken bones that I  cleaned and washed and got ready to place inside the cauldron.  The book said that anything WET would cause air bubbles and that is just what I was hoping for..... okay, let's see whatcha got....
The book was right, .... BUBBLES!!!.
Stirring the pot, AGAIN

LOOK at all the tiny bubbles, WhooHoo!

NOW JUST ADD A SKULL TO THIS EVIL BREW!  When I got to this stage, I  melted some more gel and just before I poured it I added some water on top of what you see in the photo above, to activate more BUBBLES!
After the initial success, the water had to make its way out and that led to a separation of the layers along the edges of the gel water.  I had to pour the water off and  then remelt more gel to correct the mess I made. ( rats!   It was so perfectly horrid too) ... Well, cross(bones)that one off.  Back to the drawing board and then,
A deep and  murky pot of skeletal remains

                                                                                     Rest in Pieces




  1. Elizabeth,
    This is way too scary for me.... Please return to more mundane subject matter. Great pics!!!
    Cannot imagine what your next post may be.

  2. Hi Janine, It won't be like this! hahah This creeped me out too!


  3. How devilishly goulish.. a most macabre scene.. haunting to my thoughts..

    I like it *muhahahaha* ;P

  4. Jane is that you!!!??? Or am I addressing your evil twin?

  5. Reminds me of those scary comic books I used to read as a kid! Amazing the things you come up with.

  6. I enjoyed your narration, Elizabeth! You are entertaining!

    1. Hi Amber Dawn! I am Always happy to entertain you! Even though I am not a big fan of halloween, it still gave me a good chuckle while writing this post. I am very pleased that you have enjoyed it! :D


  7. Hey, thanks for comming into my blog, and I am very happy I came to see yours :).

  8. Hi CinnamonCat! Thanks for the visit and I enjoyed myself at your blog too! :D


  9. Ghastly :D That was a funny tutorial, I liked the NO, DON'T ADD MORE WATER bit best :D Been in situations like that myself when trying to achieve more of something :D I can't believe you have been waiting all year to post this, I myself have been working on Christmas for ages now :D Got a head start this year!

  10. Hi Sarah! Such a pleasure to see you here! Thanks for the comment and the cute compliment! hahahha You know that it was a hoot resurrecting this tutorial after all the time that has gone by, but I almost forgot about it. I was looking through some back posts for some information and then I saw it and remembered it and thought that it was either NOW or NEVER. I was going to take some additional photos of this but then I remembered that I sold this piece back in June, so this was it baby!!! You know blogging is really good for when you are documenting the experiments because if you are at all like me, I forget how I've done something not long after I've done it! I have to read my own blog to teach myself what I did 2 months ago!!! Now THAT is Seriously Creepy! :((
    I want to see your Christmas project. I'll be right over!