Friday, 28 December 2012


I found some additional country pieces in the box I stored them in. The blanket box 1860 is signed       'S S'96.  I placed some more of Pam Grant's cushions within.  The braided rug is signed Sadie Ludicke.
The mini "Old Glory' flag, was a label from a piece of clothing.  The eagle wall plaque was cut from a magazine and glued to cardstock and aged by me. The tea towel was made to drape by lining it with tin foil.  I have used this method several times and it works a treat, as the British say.  You don't have to use mountains of glue or hairspray to get the folds to stay put and if you don't like the way it looks you can easily change and redo with a gummy mess.  I haven't applied this yet to drapes but I don't see why it couldn't work there too.  It would depend on the weight of the fabric of course but the results especially for things like polyesters and other synthetics that fly away and are difficult to use, are tamed,by the foil lining.  It works for me and I have told both Janine and Fatima" Fats' to give it a try too.
Silver service by Ken Chellis .  It is just sooo elegant, wouldn't you agree?

This chicken started life at the top of a pencil.  It reminds me of the Kelloggs' corn flake rooster.  It is sitting beside the Barely Big Enough painted table.  I love the Grandma Moses style painting on the door front.  I find it charming. The other cupboard is signed SS 1996 'and depicts the sun, moon and stars and I had forgotten I even had it so it was like Christmas all over again.  The green sideboard that it sits on looks to be Shaker in design and has a 'R B' scratched on the back side.  The 2 drawers are very delicate and beautifully crafted.

The photo to the left is composed of what I've already talked about in isolation.  The cow picture is also by 'Deb' 1993. The tulips look so cheery to me.
My favorite flowers are roses, pansies and tulips; in that order.  I can see that I'm a little out of focus.  I need to do better.  You know I discovered by accident that I didn't need to have the teeny tiny captions that I started the blogs with?  It was frustrating to do all that typing and then squint to try to read it.  I wish my daughter had told me that I could make the print bigger.  Bless her heart she has helped me so much, but I wish she had told me that!  There is just so much hesitation with me.  I am fearful of messing up, erasing Boy! that I've done 2 times already.  Practice makes perfect. And I'm working at it.
I found this arm chair that you can only see part of, in the box and although it looks worse for wear now, I have plans for its future.  I have already started a inspiration board and one of the photos I've settled on has a winged back chair pulled up next to the fireplace.  I am going to be really short of space in using the Arthur to showcase this collection.  I don't think it will all fit, neither do I want all of it to.  It is supposed to be a home and NOT a museum.  Anyway, I'll worry about all of that tomorrow at Tara. After all.,tomorrow is another da....oh, sorry....hehehe.  The yellow tulips are more painted seed pods and the throw cushions by cushion queen, Pamela Grant.  A slice of the chocolate cake I made sits on mini 'Val Dor' china plate.
Oh, wow! I chopped the chicken's head off. Nothing to Crow about.  Forgive me for I have punned.

Some how I have attracted another font and the pictures have moved out of order!  What is  going on here?  This is soo not funny, Mr. Apple!

Well, it seems I have reached the end of the line and I'm almost back where I started from.  I have been
trying to load these pictures in order and No Luck.  They are all over the place and it is annoying me. Another thing is really bugging me, is the type... All the captions in my earlier posts are soooo tiny!!!
Who can even read them without straining their eyes?  I wasted all that time typing for so little reward,
even I can't be bothered reading it.  This is NOT how I wanted to begin.  Sorry folks! Eyy Yah!!  Wait a minute.....There is No folks; there is only Me.  Talking and typing to myself and wondering if I will ever be any good at this. No problem, no one is going to look at any of this.  I'll just pretend that nothing has happened.  Now I feel better.  Starting over, as of now.

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