Thursday, 13 February 2014

To Russia with Love!

Due to the missed deadline and the inability to reach reach Lorraine Terry so that she could claim her prize, I have had to re-draw. The NEW WINNER of " I Dream of Chocolate" is
                                 ALEXANDRA of THUMBNAILS 1:12!
All of the pictured chocolate treats will be on its way very soon
                                                         TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE!
                                                            Congratulations Xan! :D

 How I made the bowl for the chocolate....  So Stay tuned,.... you won't want to miss it!



  1. To bad for Lorraine and (поздравление) congrats to Alexandra.

  2. Congratulations ALEXANDRA !!!

    It is a gorgeous piece. I know she will be thrilled to bits.

  3. On another note: Elizabeth and friends from here forward - I will be singing in to your blog (Studio E) as beauxminis. Yep...just launched and ready to go. Please bear with me as I may have to go through some website growing pains for the first while. Don't be shy and please tell send me your thoughts and critiques. happy to have this done....

  4. Congratulations to Alexandra!

  5. Oh so unlucky for Lorraine Terry, but great for you, Alexandra, congratulations with your gift.

  6. Congratulations Alexandra! And also to Fatima da Ponte for her new website!

  7. Congratulations to Alexandra, enjoy this beautiful prize!
    Hugs, Ilona

  8. Complimenti alla fortunata vincitrice!
    un caro saluto.Manu

  9. yummy chocolate ! it's a delicious gift

  10. Felicidades Alexandra, un regalo precioso va para Rusia:-)

  11. Hello everyone ...ran into difficulty getting my correct avatar for the blog log in.. So here I am as "beauxminis" Will chat as beauxminis from here onwards. fats

  12. Ах, Элизабет! Я счастлива, что победила Александра!!!!!
    Поздравляю Александру с победой!

  13. Too bad for Lorraine...but yeah! Alexandra! Enjoy your beautiful prize!

  14. Hello Elizabeth,
    A big congratulations to Alexandra!
    Have a great weekend and happy Valentine's day,
    Big hug,

  15. Happy Valentines Day Elizabeth!!!
    To Russia with Love's Daniela Bianchi is one of my favorite Bond girls! she was tall and beautiful and I wanted to be just like her (of course my mother would have none of it cause we only get to see the bond girls kiss James Bond..the screen goes black for the other part and that part would set off my Mom's virgin alert alarm *that's from spaceballs*) sorry I went off on a tanget ..Im staying tuned for the "How to" part :)


  16. Congratulations for Alexandra!
    And Happy Valentine's day!

  17. I am just glad someone will be enjoying these amazing beauties, I might be a tad jealous of them ;P

    Happy Valentines day!

  18. Happy Valentines to all.

  19. Congrats to the new winner! I'm very curious to see how you made the bowl of chocolate! Enjoy your weekend :-).

  20. Спасибо большое вам за подарок!!!!!!! Это шедевр!!!!! Все ваши работы сделаны с любовью и профессионально!!!!!! Спасибо!!я очень счастлива!!!!

    1. Hi Alexandra! Just to let you know, that the box of chocolates was mailed to you on Friday the 14th! Happy Valentines Day to you Xan! :))


  21. Congrats to the new winner, Alexandra.
    Bye, Faby

  22. I wouldn't want to miss any of your items for no reasons.....I wouldn't like to be in Lorraine's situation!! Congratulations to the new winner! Alexandra, I'm sure you will enjoy Elizabeth miniatures!!

  23. Hi Elizabeth,
    It was great to hear from you this morning. A very warm surprise!
    Thanks as always for your sweet comments, and so glad you draw inspiration from my
    TT post. I really loving doing it. Yes, it sounds like spring is on it's way to Canada,
    and I am sure you are probably very happy about that, if you have had the Winter
    we have had in the Northern and midwestern U.S.......I live in the south, so wasn't bad
    her at all.........
    These adorable giveaways are just darling...........and know the recipient will be
    delighted with them.................they are s cute and so authentic looking..........
    Bought my hubby a dollhouse kit to make for my grand daughter for christmas, as
    he had said he might like to try that some far, he hasn't, might not
    happen until he retires, which will be a few years yet. lo9l
    Well, you have a sweet day hon and thanks for dropping by.
    Blessings for a lovely Spring,

  24. Hi Nellie! Nice to see you here once again and Thank You for your comments! :))
    I have enjoyed making these mini sweets and also the other 2 Giveaways that preceded it. I would encourage your husband to go ahead and make the doll's house for your grand daughter only make sure it will be sturdy enough for her to play with. I saw a You tube video recently where a Dad, video taped the entire process making of a very sturdy doll's house on casters. From start to finish it was a Big surprise for his little girl on Christmas Day. His daughter Loved it and received her new doll's house with great joy! I really believe he became the "Dad of the Year" because of it.
    ( I just love that kind of stuff! ) :D


  25. Hey Elizabeth,
    Beautiful work as usual! I've stuck it out through thick and thin in the day program and I only have about 5 weeks left! Then I'll get back to blogging in earnest!!

  26. HELLO RUTH! It is such a great Pleasure to hear from you again! I am cheering you on towards the finish line Ruth, but I am Delighted that you took some time to leave a comment here! :D and....
    Your hard work will very soon, pay off! :D