Friday, 10 January 2014


Back in October 2013, I told you the story of "How Arthur took a Bath" At that time I believe I mentioned that the story would no doubt have a sequel as the room was probably only the first draft and I have been known to fiddle with stuff until I feel that it is finally right.  Well, I was right and no sooner did the bathroom hit the air waves that I immediately set about revamping it.   By the beginning of November the bathroom was re- done, but I didn't want to over-load you with more of the same stuff, so I have left it until now for more show and tell.

  This is how the bathroom in #43 Green Dolphin Street, reads now.
THE New and Improved Victorian style Bathroom!
and below is how the Old bathroom
use to look

Do you see the differences
in the "After"?

One of the questions that I regularly ask myself when composing a room in miniature is-
"Would I like living in this space?"
To be honest, the bathroom shower curtain was not working for me, especially after I installed the side chair and used the bolder toile print on the seat cushion.  Once I gave that seat cushion the "2 thumbs up", then the old shower curtain had to go!  The original toile fabric was white with a black print.  To make the curtain more harmonious with the chair upholstery, I stained the cotton with 'Oak' Decorator's Glaze.  I used all the original steps from my 

"BED CURTAINS" tutorial,
 lusing the gel glue as directed.  Then I added to the wet fabric, a small amount of the gel Decorator's Glaze and smooshed it all through the gluey fabric and then when I was satisfied with the color concentration, I proceeded with the Pretty Pleat directions as I outlined previously.  The final results are as you can see. I now have a brighter and prettier shower curtain and valance, that perfectly matches the chair seat in the bathroom. 
 This makes me much happier! :D

This is the first time I have used this product to dye fabric and so it was experimental but it works!
I also use this to add aging to the walls and the floors as well as add the toasted, golden brown accents to miniature baked goods. 

 It is very versatile.
Another change was to add the BULL'S EYE MIRROR (using my tutorial) over the tub.   I used the second mirror that I had left over after doing the original tutorial and by mounting it over the tub on the ceiling slope, it allows a better look at the "water" inside the tub.  It also eats up an otherwise 'dead zone'  space on the wall, and reflects more light.
Just as a side note: 
 I often am very grateful for blogging my own tutorials because believe it or not, I forget how I did stuff and this gives me the opportunity to try it out again to see if they really work! :D 
In this photo, you can see the "steam" (diluted white glue) on the mirror and the reflection of the water inside the tub.

The sink has now been semi- affixed to the wall and I have added a few more items to the ledge around the taps.  On the chair I laid a towel and on top of the towel is a blow dryer, made from a phone charger plug and a bit of black coated wire.  I guess I will now have to make a wall- socket for it around the sink, but that I can do a little later.  
The brassier that Janine made, is draped over the edge of the sink.
( I really like this little bit of lingerie. )

This is Porcelain touch up paint that is meant to be used to  fix nicks and chips in Real Life porcelain fixtures.  I used it to paint over my miniature toilet tank and the plastic toilet bowl.  It gave the finished piece a bit more depth.  I continued to fiddle around with the toilet and cleaned it up a little so it wasn't quite so derelict looking.
 I still wanted it to look old and dated, but a little more "user friendly" so to speak.

( hahaha )

The revamped toilet
Keeping true to form, I added "water" to the bowl using the same melted gel candle that I had used in the tub.  The funny thing was that, as I was pouring the water in, it was "Flushing" out of the bottom of the bowl!  Yikes!! 
 I had forgotten to seal up the base.
I corrected the problem right away by gluing some aluminum foil to the underside with Quick Grip glue and then trimming away the excess.  I was then able to pour the "water" back into the bowl without any further leaks.  
Water in the toilet bowl, and it looks pretty good
 I changed out the old long rectangular framed painting  for this more compact model
Remember the radiator that I mounted with wax directly to the wall under the window?
I had wanted to make the unit appear as if it was anchored to the walls by actual pipes and plumbing, and not sticky wax.
 The radiator was to stand out and away from the wall without intruding into the bathroom any more than was necessary.  I solved this problem with the help of grommet heads.
You can just see the silver toned metal grommet heads that I inserted between the grill to move the radiator forward and into the room.
 Since the grommet heads are flanged and flat, I could use the wax ( undetected) to hold the unit in place on the wall.  It is positioned where it can effectively circulate the heat into the room and yet not take up any more physical space than it has to.

Between the sink and the chair is a metal waste basket that Janine gave me a long time ago.  It use to be a lipstick holder and by adding a gold filigree bottom and some bead feet it is now a  miniature waste bin.  Perfect for this bathroom in shape, size and color.

And finally a
 basket of clean and fluffy towels that are filled with 
the sweet fragrance of the summer sunshine. 
Line dried and standing at the ready.
So there you have it.
The bathroom for #43 Green Dolphin Street is done.
 Of course that doesn't mean that I have stopped fiddling with it entirely ...

But I think I will have to stop...

Well at least, for Now!



Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy Birthday to "Studio E" and Welcome New Followers!

Studio E is one year old!

As of December 26th 2012, my baby blog was launched out into the big wide world!  I was so nervous and I thought that no one would like my work or care to become a follower.  The first few months were full of "hand-holding" by Janine and Fatima, encouraging me and giving me good advise and helping me take my first tentative steps towards trying to navigate my way through Blogland.   I have come full circle now, and find myself with new objectives, and a desire to push myself to making my work better than it was before; even though it is not YET, as good as it could be. 
So, although I'm not 100% satisfied with this tea tray, ( I still keep messing with it! ) I am celebrating my blogs' FIRST BIRTHDAY, by offering it as a gift to all of my followers!  I hope that you will enjoy it and know that I have been blessed by each and every one of you over the past year.  Blessed by your Support, your Amazing Talents and Inspiration, as well as your Unfailing Kindness and Thoughtfulness!
So here's to you my dear followers
old and new
Happy new year and Thank You one and all!

To enter the draw: you must be a follower
then leave a comment saying that your in!
if you join, but don't leave a comment
here on the blog, (not Google +),
 then you won't be counted
as that is I how I will be numbering the entries,
 if you want the chance for the tea tray,
 don't forget
to do BOTH

I have include some additional photos to show some of the details of this very "Romantic,"
 (thank you Ludmilla )
 'shabby' style tea tray.
( I hope you like it )

There are chocolate truffles and a maraschino cherry along with loose pearls and rose petals scattered throughout
(Yes, it is very busy I know! ) 

 oh,by the way,
 the cup has since been filled with herbal, rose hip tea, with a slice of lemon on the saucer
(I've gotta stop messing around with this!)
Here is the back side of the tray
A view from the top 
Rose petals and a picture of  "mother dear!"
A pedestal tray with 4 cupcakes iced and decorated with pink flowers and sugar crystals
There is also a bowl of cherries just below the cake stand.  

Here you can see the cherries a lot clearer. 

The teapot with dragonflies!
The draw will take place on the 31st of January 2014!

( and now back to blog business )

I would like to officially welcome all my new followers to my blog,
 before this list gets any longer!!!

GREETINGS to: Pedrete, beatrice, Mirel Korhonen, las miniatures y el vintage, Josey, Mis minipekes, Marie-Laure, Catherine (ninette and co. ), Gee, Simon, Jackshouse, Mary Welsh Hubbard, Corly, Christine Zurouwski, Sara Christina, La Belle Brigante, Sheri-Lee lavender, Mi mundo de miniatura, Amary, Xisca, wolfangeleyes, ANDA, Beatrice Fernandez, Catherine (Kilmouski and me), Jocelyne Levesque, De, Veronique Blommaart, Marisa, Mokiba, Dollhouse Decorations, Dollhousehobby, Deanna, Morena Ciambra Dreamartdolls, Marja-Leena, Paivi Vento, Matha Mclean, Christelle De Ruyek, and
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