Friday, 20 December 2013

"Pillow talk" ( and a couple of new rugs)


Last November, shortly after my birthday, I received a small package in the mail.  It was from Margaret of "Petite Parterre" in Australia!  I had been long awaiting the arrival of this Givaway and eagerly opened the parcel only to find not Just the Giveaway prize but TWO additional floral pillows and a lovely Christmas card from Margaret!

These are the mini pillows by Margaret, tied so prettily with a wide pink silk ribbon!

I had to try them out on the bed of #43
Here is the square pale blue floral cushion, I love it but I decided to try out the pink ones, too!

 Uh oh, now I love these ones also!
(which ones to choose??)
A little step, further back and I love the look!

And now a closer look at the delicate floral  prints

Such a lovely collection of cushions and such a generous gift!

now for 

(one for the bedroom)
                                  I decided to up-grade the bedroom area rug and the rug in the parlor. 
above and below photos, are the old "BEFORE" area rugs
just before I installed the bed curtains

And here is the "AFTER"
I chose a more subtle pattern of toned down color so that it would not compete with the abundance of  new drapery surrounding the bed.  The ground color is a near perfect match with the 'metal' bed frame of the single bed.  
I also decided to increase the size of  the area rug to cover more of the floor space which made the room look bigger!

And this is what the bedroom looks like now
Much better!

 and now I need a new rug for the Parlor...
this was the very beginning of the Parlor when I was still experimenting with the floor plan but right off the top I had chosen an area rug and used it for determining the color scheme that I would eventually use.  
The rug had a coral/ pink back ground color that was bordered with some greyed blues.
( above and below are the "befores")
Here the old rug is a little more visible
( oh, hello Nate!)

and here is the new one!
I found an oriental area rug with more burnt orange tones and some blue in the pattern
I like the way it fills up the floor and carries all of the colors of the furniture and accessories so easily, and Nate seems even Happier than before, in his spot by the fire!

A picture of contentment

And one of repose!


Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My little brother

Last night just before midnight, my "little" brother, Gregory, went to meet Jesus.  My family are Firm believers in Jesus Christ as the Son of God made flesh.  We also believe that Christ was crucified as a sacrifice for our sins and that he took away our eternal punishment by dying on the cross himself, and that He was raised to life again through the power of God, and that One Day the same will happen to us and all those who die before Christ returns again.  In other words, I know that physical death is not the end of my little brother and that I shall see him again.   Greg battled cancer for nearly 2 years and for awhile he was in remission.  Only last Tuesday, after finding out the month before, that they didn't expect that he would live another 6 months, he was admitted to the hospital where he died a week later.  He was a good man with a wife and 2 children, and he lived for Jesus.  He didn't understand why he had the cancer he had but, he didn't blame God or turn his back on Him.  Greg said that there was a reason and that God would use it for His purpose.   His final week was filled with physical pain which was greatly alleviated by the pain-killers that he needed to take just to get through the days and the nights, but through it all, he remained cheerful and with a smile on his face, because he believed that whatever God had decided for him would be the Best and if he was able to survive the cancer, he would be happy but if not, he could die happy because he knew that This life was not the Only Life.  I believe this too as does all of my family.  I weep and grieve for my beloved little brother but I can rejoice and thank God that because Christ was raised from the dead, one day I will be too, and so will anyone who puts their faith and trust in Him.  So truly, though right now, my heart is breaking over and over, I can still with confidence say to anyone who reads this that whatever happens to us, whatever pain and grief we have to go through, whatever situation seems hopeless and unfair, God can comfort and sustain you, God can encourage and keep you and give you hope, God can save you because He loves you, because GOD IS GOOD.