Sunday, 22 September 2013

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I would like to take this time right now to WELCOME all my New Followers of Studio E!  This blog is what it is, because of all of you!  So thank you to......

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Friday, 20 September 2013

Je t' a Door

Pardon my french!   ( hee hee) I chose to deliberately misspell the title to this posting.  A little play on words, if you will.  I can't truthfully say that I 'ADORE' this door, but  I sure Do Like it a Lot!  

I found that I had A door in my " Tickle Trunk" of wood scraps that is parked outside in my garage.   Unfortunately, it was a door without the door frame and without the jamb so I would have to make that part myself.
( uh oh )
I'm not good with wood.
The door was a standard size and once installed, it used up all the available wall space!   I squeezed out the frame to the door( only just barely) and had to reenforce the wall in the upper corner to keep it stable.  As you can see, the door is hung and will even swing.  Yay.
(whew! )
In this photo you can see just how close to the top edge of the wall, the door is.  You can also see how close it is to the fireplace.  I decided to in-fill the narrow strip of wall  between the door trim and the fireplace panel,with some additional wood trim.  Visually, it now looks like a wall of wood panelling.  The fireplace blends into the door surround, so it all evens out to appear as a single unit.    In the previous post of 'Hal Yay You Yah', the final picture is of what I had expected the size and shape of the door would be.  It now looks very different from what I had originally planned.  I stained and aged the surface of the door so that the wood looks old rather than new and I also added a metal plate ( an English feature) just above the latch handle, which I have painted a flat black.
 and as usual, Everything was a big struggle to install.
As a carpenter;
( Thankfully, I didn't quit my day job! )

Here is how it all appears with the door to the bathroom now in place.
To the left is the narrow stairwell with the light installed.
Looking to the left, I decided that the walls needed  switch plates.
I placed one just above the foot of the bed and then another on the exterior  window wall. 
The exterior window wall 

I decided that I didn't like the placement  of the switch plate and moved it to here instead.  I have it Blue Tacked on for now 'just to see'.  This makes more sense to me to have the switch plate at the top of the staircase under the light, wouldn't you agree?  The switch for the bedroom lights is on the opposite side of this wall.  
So here is what it looks like now
I just HAD to include this photo again.   It is soooo pretty!

Another overview of the entire bedroom.
I have also aged the linoleum with some gel wood stain which has toned down the bold pattern.

An overview of the entire house on Green Dolphin Street.
(  By special request, from Janine. )
  The Parlor and the bedroom are "Finished", ( I keep saying that and then do something else to them, perhaps I should say then, " maybe finished"? )
and the bathroom and the kitchen with the missing staircase, are still, yet to be done.

Je t' adore!