Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Night Gardening

It is no secret that I do most of my miniature making under the cover of darkness.
Maybe because at night the house is quiet and I have begun something that I don't want to stop and/ or I just don't know when to go to bed.   Whatever the reason, I choose to work mostly at night.
I have been working steadily on the garden border at the left side of the front door and I FINALLY think that I have it finished enough to show you.  However, I haven't completed the garden along the front retaining wall to be able to show you that section yet.  Nevertheless, I thought that I would treat all of you to a little teaser in the meantime.
So here is

My miniature garden at night.

Looking down from the pink climbing rose and onto the purple clematis and the euphorbia
growing next to the front step
Ah ha,... the cat is on the prowl again as he patrols the garden that he thinks, is his.
A shaft of moonlight highlights the flowers

And there is just enough light to see what has been busy growing
since your last visit here
To the extreme left is a Japanese Berberis (and very prickly too, I might add). Tucked in beside it is a tall, lone purple Foxglove towering over the white Queen Anne's Lace and the yellow Dill Weed that would soon take over this bed, if it wasn't still contained in a pot.
A border of white Heather fronts the planting bed and growing just behind it is a small patch of purple chives.
New stepping stones run along the length of this border, but already they are looking like they have been around nearly as long as the house itself.

And what do we have here!?
Tucked in within the forest of chives and heather, is a tiny fairy house!
I wonder if there are real fairies fast asleep inside?

The Moonlight and the Fairy House

The Clouds have shifted the light.
Here's that tiny house again, but it is even harder to see.
Let's look instead at the purple clematis and the very healthy euphorbia growing next to it.
The euphorbia was made using the flower kits I purchased from
(from the U.K.)
I combined the kit with some of my own materials to get 2 different varieties of euphorbia.
Probably the trickiest part of assembling it was the attachment of the leaves to the stem.  I found later, that the best glue to use for this kit and the clematis and the climbing roses, was
It worked better than all of the other glues I tried, for enabling the foliage to adhere and then,
stay stuck!

But returning again to the garden;
 the purple clematis flowers came off of my abandoned doll's house, currently residing in my garage.

Here they are in close up

the clematis is climbing up the sturdy canes of the ancient climbing rose
 the cat comes back into view
the dill, the chives and the heather, next to the white
Queen Anne's lace

The night wears on, 
and the garden is ready for bed, even if I am not.

 but that is all I can show you for now, and you must wait until morning.

The cat has done his prowling for the evening and is satisfied that all is well.
But now that darn cat, is at the front door again!

which translated means:
"I want to come back in!"

goodnight garden